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					                  OTTAWA POLICE SERVICE
                     RIDEAU / GOULBOURN
           Weekly Activity Report: Nov. 5/10 to Nov. 11/10
Patrol Officers in the Rideau/Goulbourn area responded to 69 general calls for
service from the public for the reporting period of Nov. 5th to Nov. 11th. From the
69 service calls the following is a partial breakdown of incidents by Community:

      Manotick: 1 Fraud, 1 Impaired, 1 Suspicious
      Half Moon: 1 Traffic-Compl.
      North Gower: 1 Mischief
      Stonebridge: 1 Accident
      Richmond: 2 Theft

In addition to the calls for service, patrol officers are also proactively enforcing the
Highway Traffic laws, responding to false 9-1-1 and alarm calls, and assisting the
Ottawa Fire, Paramedics and By-law services.

GOT A BEEF WITH TRAFFIC? Then report it to the OPS Call Center by calling
613-236-1222 ext.7300; operators are standing by to take your call.
In addition to being the eyes and ears in your community you are also the voice. It
is important to speak up and report your concerns to police. Your input matters,
without it your concerns can go unnoticed and unaddressed.
When reporting a traffic complaint it is important to provide the operator with as
much detail as possible and be specific about the days and times of the traffic
offence or problems.
A complainant called the OPS Call Center on Nov. 8 to report a traffic complaint—
at the intersection of River Run Avenue and River Mist Road motorists were
ignoring the stop signs at all hours of the day and simply driving through without
stopping and or slowing down.
The complainant added that excessive speeding was also a problem and expressed
her safety concerns for the children in the neighbourhood.

UFO SIGHTING IN RURAL WEST! Or perhaps, it was just the bright lights of
Hollywood North? Shortly before 6 p.m. on Wed., Nov. 10, a 911-caller reported
seeing a UFO take up a hovering position somewhere between March and Vaughn
Side Roads. The object was hovering at an approximate altitude of 10,000 feet and
a very bright cone of light descended from the object to the surface of the Earth.
Certain that the UFO wasn’t an airplane, the complainant advised the 911-operator
that the UFO briefly dropped down to the Earth surface before returning to its
previous hovering station.
Air Traffic Controllers in Ottawa claimed that they weren’t tracking any UFOs or
airplanes on radar over the West Carleton area during that time period.
Police reports concluded that the UFO was the result of a film crew using a crane-
operated light in and around the Hollywood district of Ashton Village.
Could this be a response to Karen Carpenter’s 1977 intergalactic message, ‖Calling
occupants of interplanetary most extraordinary craft…‖

HIGH AS A KITE Shortly before 3 p.m. on Mon., Nov. 8, a mother called police
for assistance after her 19-yr-old son returned home flying high on marijuana and
          refusing to leave.
          At the request of the mother the male was escorted out of the area and warned not
          to return to the home without permission.

          DEER COLLISION COUNT CONTINUES TO FALL, but is this the calm before the
          deer storm? Autumn is the rutting season for deer and that means they will be
          flying high as a kite on hormones.
          This week, Rideau-Goulbourn drivers reported three deer related collisions while
          West Carleton only reported in two accidents. The total score, for the past three
          weeks, now stands at 14 to 12, still in favor of Rideau-Goulbourn; however, West
          Carleton is slowing closing the gap.
          As we entered the heady days of autumn please take extra care when driving along
          the rural roads of Ottawa and keep in mind that the deer have temporarily lost
          their minds. In pursuit of a collision free deer-year, continue on steering clear of
          the deer by: slowing down on rural roads and setting your headlights to high beam.
          Take extra care on roads that cross creeks, rivers, wooded areas, or run alongside
          of open fields; and avoid driving at dusk and dawn when possible.
          If you see an animal on the road honk your horn a few times and use four-way
          flashers headlights to warn other drivers. And, if a deer leaps into the path of your
          vehicle—brake hard but never swerve.


Nov. 6    Jockvale Road, Stonebridge: A driver was charged under the Highway Traffic Act
          for failing to stop for a red light after she drove through the Cambrian and Jockvale
          Roads intersection and T-boned a vehicle.
          The vehicle she stuck on the passenger rear corner was traveling southbound on
          Jockvale Road as it entered the intersection against a green light.


Nov. 9    Manotick Main Street, Manotick: Police were called out to the shopping plaza on
          Main Street at around 8 p.m. on Tuesday after a 25-yr-old male from Century Road
          jumped out of a cab he had picked up at the Scotiabank Place and left without
          paying for his $90 fare.
          As the male hung out at the pizza joint the cabbie watched on and waited for the
          arrival of patrol officers.
          After a brief conversation with the male, police convinced him to pay up; however,
          short on funds, the male’s dad ended up footing the bill.


Nov. 10   Bankfield Road, Manotick: A 19-yr-old male from North Gower was issued a three-
          day driver’s licence suspension after he registered an Alert on the Roadside
          Screening Device. His mother was called to the scene to drive him and his car
          At around 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday patrol officers initiated a traffic stop on a
          vehicle at the intersection of Rideau Valley Drive and Bankfield Road. The vehicle
          was stopped under section 48(1) of the Ontario Highway Traffic Act to check the
          sobriety of the driver.
          On conversing with the driver the officer immediately detected an odor of alcohol
          coming from the vehicle. When asked if he had consumed any alcoholic beverages
          the driver denied any consumption; however, his passenger admitted to consuming
          three beers.
          After the driver was given the roadside screening test and registered a warning, he
          continued to deny the fact that he had consumed any alcohol.
          Drivers under the age of 22 in Ontario must have a blood alcohol reading of
          precisely zero. This regardless of how many years of driving experience they have
          or what type of licence they possess.


Nov. 5    2300 Community Way, North Gower: A complainant called police to report a
          mischief to property that occurred on two separate occasions at the Alfred Taylor
          Community Center soccer field.
          The first incident occurred sometime between 10 a.m. on Fri., Nov. 5 and 4 p.m. on
          Sat., Nov. 6 while the second incident occurred sometime before Tue., Nov. 9.
          In both incidents unidentified persons smashed beer bottles in the parking lot and
          ran circuits on the soccer field with a vehicle.


Nov. 10   Manotick Main Street, Manotick: Shortly before 4 p.m. on Wed., Nov. 10, a
          complainant called 911 after she witnessed a van that she had been following
          swerve on and off the roadway several times as it made its way to the Manotick
          The complainant was concerned that the driver was impaired.
          Within minutes of receiving the call police stopped the suspect vehicle and spoke to
          the driver. It was learned that the male’s ability to drive wasn’t impaired by alcohol
          but by poor driving abilities.
          After a brief discussion and education session about the importance of good driving
          habits and skills, the male was sent on his way.


Nov. 9    Perth Street, Richmond: A U-Haul Auto Transport trailer was reported stolen from
          the Drummonds Gas bar sometime between 11 p.m. on Sept. 28 and 7 a.m. on Sept.
          The trailer is described as having grey steel with orange and black lettering on the
          sides and a U-Haul registration number of 4AG6336.

Nov. 11   Mary Hill Crescent, Richmond: A complainant called police to report the theft of
          eleven Beswick Horse figurines from her living room.
          The complainant believed that the pottery figurines were stolen sometime between
          Nov. 7th and the 11th.
          There were no signs of forced entry into the house and the neighbours’ were unable
          to shed any light on the incident.
Make the right Call:

          The Rideau/Goulbourn Police Centre is located at 1131 Clapp Lane in Manotick and
  can be reached at 236-1222 ext. 2314. The Centre is a ―community problem-solving
  centre‖ and is responsible for the delivery of the Ottawa Police crime prevention
          It is important to note that the Manotick CPC is not an emergency response centre
  and that we do not dispatch cars to complaints or crimes in progress. When these
  situations arise, it is important to know the numbers to call for an appropriate response:
       911 – for life-threatening emergencies or crimes in progress;
       613-230-6211 – other emergencies, i.e.: suspicious incident or disturbance;
       613-236-1222, ext. 7300 – the O.P.S. call centre, to report a theft, missing person
          or stolen vehicle; and
       311 – for Bylaw Dispatch Services.
  All of these numbers along with other useful information can be found in the red pages at
  the front of your residential directory.
  If you have any information regarding any criminal activity, call Crime Stoppers at 613-
  233-TIPS (8477), or toll free at 1-800-222-8477.
  Finally, if you are ever in doubt as to whether or not you should call police, or you cannot
  remember the non-emergency numbers, call 9-1-1. The caring and professional 9-1-1 Call
  Takers will steer you in the right direction.