Limited Liability Company Articles of Organization


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									This document provides for the formation for a limited liability company (LLC). An LLC
combines the tax advantages of a partnership with the limited liability feature of a
corporation. The articles must contain the name, purpose, duration, registered agent,
and principle office of the LLC, and must be filed with the secretary of state. This
document in its draft form contains numerous of the standard clauses commonly used in
these types of agreement, as well as optional language to allow for customization to
ensure the specific terms of the parties’ agreement are addressed.
                  Articles of Organization of a Limited Liability Company

       The undersigned, (Name of Member Alpha), hereinafter called Alpha, and (Name
of Member Beta), hereinafter called Beta, both being natural persons of at least twenty-
one years of age, are acting as the organizers of the limited liability company (the
Company) by these articles being formed under (citation of statute), hereinafter called
the Act, and do hereby certify as follows.

Article I.  Name of Company
The name of the Company is (Name of Company).

Article II.   Purpose of Company
The purpose of the Company is to engage in any lawful act or activity for which limited
liability companies may be organized under the Act.

Article III. Principal Office
The principal office of the Company shall be located in (Name of City, County and

Article IV. Dissolution
The latest date on which the Company may dissolve is (date).

Article V.    Agent for Service of Process
Alpha, who resides at (street address, city, state, zip code), is hereby designated as the
agent of the Company upon whom process against the Company may be served.
Article VI. Registered Agent
The name and address of the registered agent for service of process on the Company is
Alpha whose address for process is (street address, city, state, zip code).

Article VII. Management
The Company is to be managed by the Members.

Article VIII. Liability of Members
All Members who shall be liable for the Company, in their capacity as members of the
Company, shall be liable for all debts, obligations and liabilities of the Company
pursuant to Section (e.g., 303 of the Uniform Limited Liability) of the Act.

Article IX. Liability of Managers
A member acting in his, her or its capacity as a Manager of the Company shall not be
personally liable to the Company or to its members for damages for any breach of duty
in such capacity as a Manager, except for damages resulting from actions or omissions
by such Manager, as to which there shall have been a judgment or other final
adjudication that establishes that such acts or omissions were in bad faith, involved
intentional misconduct or a knowing violation of law, or that such manager personally
gained a financial profit or other advantage to which he, she or it was not legally
entitled. Neither the amendment nor the repeal of this Article shall eliminate or reduce

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the effect of this Article in respect of any matter occurring, or any cause of action, suit or
claim that, but for this Article, would accrue or arise, prior to such amendment, repeal or
adoption of an inconsistent provision. This Article shall neither eliminate nor limit the
liability of a Manager for any act or omission occurring prior to the adoption of this

Article X.  Classes of Members
The Company may, from time to time, establish classes, or series of classes, of
members with such relative rights, designations, qualifications, preferences and duties
as may be adopted as set forth in the Company's Operating Agreement.

Article XI. Operating Agreement
These Articles shall be deemed to be the Operating Agreement of the Company, unless
and until the Members shall have otherwise adopted additional or inconsistent
provisions in connection with any matters permitted to be addressed in an Operating

These Articles of Organization have been subscribed by the undersigned, who affirm
the foregoing as true, this (date of execution).

                                                            (Signature of Organizer)

                                                            (Name of Organizer)


                                                            (Address of Organizer)

                                                            (Signature of Organizer)

                                                            (Name of Organizer)


                                                            (Address of Organizer)


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