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					PRISM – Report for School Research Committee .. 23 November 2004
(Performance, Reliability and Integrity of Structures & Materials)

RESEARCH GRANTS (on-going projects and current applications)

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships
SMG: TCS4198 Plastech 3 (KTPA = Stephen Warden)
TJS/SMG: TCS4274 Dowty Propellers (KTPA = Robert Witik)
SMG: KTP0182 Kingfisher Boats (KTPA = Rupert Lorraine)
DJG/JS: KTP0401 Waveguide Solution: approved, but company have requested hold
DJG/JS: KTP0403 Lapmaster International (KTPA = Alex Ball recruited - induction on 15/11/2004)
JS:     KTP0561 Liquid Cargo Management: approved subject to caveats with start in 2005
DJG/JS: KTPxxxx Rigibore Limited (KTPA = Blake Crouch recruited pending formal grant offer letter)

Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council
MNJ: EPSRC CASE studentship with Corus R&D Rotherham (student = Sii-Pin Ting)
SMG: EPSRC CASE Studentship 04302190 with Plastech (student = Ross Pomeroy)
MNJ: EPSRC application: FaME38 - Exploitation and Development of the Joint Support Facility for Materials
        Engineering at the ILL-ESRF as a UK Collaborative Research Group, £2117K
Panina: EPSRC application (with JS, JB, MNJ): Novel sensing composites with magnetostrictive microwires for
        application to the remote imaging of stress in the microwave range, £350k (receipt 12/10/2004)

European Central Facilities (ESRF)
MNJ   European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Grenoble Experiment ME992 3 days of synchrotron beamtime on
      beamline ID31 “Process performance optimisation for friction stir welds using the force footprint and strain

Industrial Collaboration
SMG: DTI Technology Programme TP/2/MS/6/I/10414
       Continuous Production of off-axis Thermoplastic Prepregs, led by Integrated Materials Technology Limited
       Awarded £50K over two years, subject to conclusion of formal negotiations.

SMG: ALCAS (Advanced Low Cost Aircraft Structures).
       EU Framework 6 consortium (>60 partners!). €100k over 4 years for training and dissemination activities.

TJS      Enterprise 6402:           Alvis Vehicles Limited
The work on infused ballistic armour is nearly complete. Composites have shown small, but significant weight efficiencies over
metallic solutions. Coupled with the ease in which they can be moulded into structural vehicle shape they provide a viable future
for ballistic materials. Thick composite laminate of up to 40mm have been produced by ACMC and ballistically tested by Alvis.
The remaining work will focus establishing mechanical test data for future FEA.

TJS      KTP                        Dowty Propellers
This work continues to focus on the introduction of a broader range of composites fabrication techniques to the company.
Traditionally a company known for its expertise in Resin Transfer Moulding, the time is now right for the exploitation of new and
established composites manufacturing methods. Components other than the composite propeller, although a new design of
smaller propeller is being developed, are being used to establish new in house technology.

TJS      Enterprise 6463:           Smith & Nephew
Bioresorbable materials are a very significant development in the treatment of serious bone fractures. Having the clear
advantage over metallic that subsequent surgery is not required to remove the material once healing and recovery has taken
place. ACMC has played a key role for the client Smith & Nephew in producing and mechanically testing bioresorbable composite
material, with demanding structural requirements. The material will be used for screws and splints.

JSp/RC Enterprise xxxx:             Vestas Blades UK Limited (IoW) - large wind turbine blades

MNJ      International Lead Zinc Research Organisation, USA $24400

       Robert Blackburn (ex-TCA at GKN Aerospace)
       Richard Cullen (ACMC Research Fellow) .. expected to register shortly
       Chris Leavey (EPSRC DTA student)
       Hannalie Lombard (HEFCE QR/Port Elizabeth Technikon)
       Ross Pomeroy (ESPRC Plastech CASE student)
       Chengfei Sui (Guangzhou City)
       Sii-Pin Ting (HEFCE GR/Corus)
       Stephen Warden (KTPA at Plastech)
       Robert Witik (KTPA at Dowty Propellers)

James Brownjohn:
1.    Omenzetter P, Brownjohn J M W, Moyo P, Identification of unusual events in multi-channel bridge
      monitoring data‟ Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing 18(2), 2004, 409-430.
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3.    Pan TC, Brownjohn JMW, You X, „Correlating measured and simulated dynamic response of a tall building
      to long-distance earthquakes‟ Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics 33(5), 2004 543-668
4.    Zhang X, Brownjohn J MW, Effect of relative amplitude on bridge deck flutter. Journal of Wind Engineering
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5.    Xia P, Brownjohn JMW, Load-carrying capacity evaluation of damaged RC structure by dynamic testing and
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6.    Xia P, Brownjohn JMW, Bridge structural condition assessment using systematically validated finite element
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9.    Moyo P, Brownjohn J M W Omenzetter P, „Highway bridge live loading assessment and load carrying
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13.   Brownjohn JMW, Long-term performance monitoring of a tall building under wind and seismic excitation
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17.   Omenzetter P, Brownjohn JMW Application of time series and Kalman filtering for structural health
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Neil James:
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John Summerscales:
1.    J Summerscales, PM Russell, S Lomov, I Verpoest and RS Parnas, The fractal dimensions of X-ray
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4.    J Summerscales, Guest Editorial, Special issue of Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing
      dedicated to papers from the ACMC/SAMPE Conference on Marine Composites, in press.
ACMC SC on Design with Composite Materials     14-16 September 2004 05 delegates
ACMC SC on Resin Infusion                      12-14 October 2004   12 delegates

OTHER "INDICATORS OF ESTEEM" (JB and MNJ extended timescale, SMG & JS since last meeting!)
JB   Keynote lecturer, PSH04 Workshop of Design of Structures against Blast Loadings, Hotel New Otani –
     Singapore, 29 November – 01 December 2004
JB   Seminar: „Structural Health Monitoring Research Directions‟ to Infocom Development Authority and Building
     Construction Authority , Singapore , 28/5/2004.
JB   CPD course (IstructeE): Vibrations and vibration serviceability of Civil engineering Structures. surrey
     University 17/11/2004
JB   External PhD examiner, University of Sheffield, University of Bristol
JB   Invited to join International Society for Structural Health Monitoring of Intelligent Infrastructure council
JB   Conference committee memberships: EVACES, 2005, ICRR 2005, 5th shock and Impact Conference, 2005
JB   Conference session chairs: IABMAS04, SEMC-2000, ICEM2004, WES2004
SMG  Oct 2004          Aeronautics and Space Technology Panel of the Inspire SW programme (SWERDA/EU)
SMG  Nov 2004          Strategy Group of the industry/DTI-funded National Composites Network
MNJ  External Examiner PhD, Trinity College, Dublin (June 04), Sheffield University (September 04)
MNJ  LT Campbell-Pitt award of the South African Institution of Mechanical Engineering (2003) for the most
     meritorious paper published in their Research & Development Journal during 2002 (A Novel 8-Element
     Gauge for Residual Stress Assessment Using the High Speed Centre Hole Drilling Method)
MNJ  Invited Keynote lecture at the 5th International Conference on Fatigue Damage of Structural Materials,
     Hyannis, MA, USA, 19-24 September 2004.
MNJ  Invited Keynote lecture at the 1st International Conference on Engineering Failure Analysis, organised by
     Elsevier, Lisbon, Portugal, 12-14 July 2004. Invited to join the Editorial Advisory Board of the Elsevier
     publication Engineering Failure Analysis from September 2004.
MNJ  Invited Plenary lecture at the International Conference on Fatigue Crack Paths, Parma, Italy, 18-20
     September 2003.
MNJ  Invited (2004) to join the International Steering Committee of the International Fatigue Congress for
     Fatigue 2006 in Atlanta.
JS   Aug 2004          External Examiner: PhD at Universiti Putra Malaysia
JS   Sept 2004         Visit to Malaysia funded by British Council Higher Education Links (BCHEL)/
                       Committee for International Cooperation in Higher Education (CICHE)
JS   Oct 2004          Assessor for DTI Technology Programme full proposals

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