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									Trip to the Zoo
 May 25, 2011
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•Lions weigh between 330 and 500 lbs
•They live an average of 13 years
•They are carnivores –which means they
only eat meat
•Male Lions tend to have a thick brown
or black mane of hair around their head
•Lions are found in savannas,
grasslands, dense bush and woodlands
•The females do most of the hunting for
food while the males guard the territory
•Lions are the laziest of the big cats
spending 16-20 hours a day sleeping or
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•Most penguins live in the sub-Antarctic's
and on Antarctica
•Unlike most other birds, penguins can’t fly.
•Penguins do something called porpoising
where every few meters the jump out of
the water, like dolphins
•Penguins use a method called
tobogganing where they glide on their
bellies, using their flippers to push
•Penguins have small, stiff feathers over
top of a layer of blubber that keeps them
warm in the Arctic temperatures
•All penguins have a black back and white
stomach to camouflage themselves
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•Lemurs are small primates, native
only to the island of Madagascar
•They are known as “prosimians”
which means “pre-primates” or “before monkeys”
•Lemurs have flexible toes and fingers
•They also have long tails and vary in many colors
•They range in size from 1 ounce to 15 pounds
•They use their sense of smell to communicate
with each other
•The have scent glands on their bottoms and on
their feet that leave odors on surfaces they walk on
•Most lemurs are arboreal, meaning they spend
most of their time in trees or bushes
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• Hippos are the third largest living land
mammal, after elephants and white rhinos
•Hippos hides can weigh up to a half a ton
•A hippo’s foot has four webbed toes that splay out
to distribute all the weight a hippo carries evenly
•The hippo has a very thick skin which doesn’t have
much hair on it
•They don’t have sweat glands, so they rely on
water or mud to keep it cool
•Hippos are found in parts of East and West Africa
•They are found usually in groups of 15 hippos with
one dominate male
•New born Hippos weigh around 55 to 120 pounds
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• Zebras have a very distinctive coat of
stripes – but no two stripes are exactly
alike – each animal’s stripes are as unique
as fingerprints
•Scientists believe that zebras have stripes
as some kind of camouflage – it is harder
for predators to identify a single animal
from a running herd
•Zebras are very social animals that spend
most of their time in herds, grazing
together on grass
•A zebra’s predator is the lions and hyenas and if an
animal is attacked, its family will come to save it and
circle around the wounded zebra to drive off predators
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• Giraffes are the world’s tallest
mammals with long legs, a long
neck and spotted patterns
•They have small “horns” or
knobs on the top of their heads
for fighting, that grow to be about 5 inches long
•Males weigh between 2,400 – 3,000 lbs and 19
feet tall, where as females weigh between 1,600
- 2,600 lbs and only grow to 16 feet tall
•Giraffes are found in central, eastern and
southern Africa and live for about 25 years
•Giraffes eat leaves from tall trees and if they need to
they can go days without water because they stay
hydrated by the moisture in the leaves they eat
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•Ring Tailed Lemurs have thick,         •Aye Ayes can ONLY be found on
woolly fur that is brownish gray with   the island of Madagascar
black and white ringed tails            •They weigh an average of 4 lbs
•They weigh between 5 and 8 lbs         or less and live for about 20 years
and live to about 30 years old          •They are nocturnal - sleep during
•They are found in southern             the day & are awake at night
Madagascar as well as SE Africa         •Aye Ayes are
•They eat fruits, leaves and insects    omnivores-they eat
•They are an endangered species         meat and plants
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• Monkeys or chimps are
intelligent animals that are
closely related to humans
•They are an endangered
species that lives in western and central Africa
•They have very long arms, shorter legs & short bodies
•They are hairy from head to toe except for their faces
•They are the only animals with opposable thumbs and
toes like humans and four fingers/toes
•They can grab things with both their hands and feet
•Females weigh between 57-110 pounds and males
weigh between 90-115 pounds
•They are omnivores which means they eat plants & meat
•Chimps love to groom (clean the hair) one another      Back to Main Screen
   Which animal uses their skin as
camouflage to make it harder for their
     predators to catch them?

            A. Monkeys
            B. Zebras
            C. Lions

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          Good try...
  Monkeys are the intelligent
animals that are closely related
    to humans. They have
opposable thumbs, but they do
  not camouflage themselves
        from predators.
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Congratulations! You got it.
Scientists believe that zebras
have stripes as some kind of
 camouflage. It is harder for
predators to identify a single
animal from a running herd.
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   Almost there, try again...
Male lions are usually the ones
who go out hunting for the prey.
 Many animals are afraid of the
 lion so the lion doesn’t have to
worry about camouflaging, since
       it won’t get attacked.
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