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					                                            Treatment : Recovery : Alcohol : Kirklees

Treatment : Recovery : Alcohol : Kirklees

                                                          Information for
                  Treatment : Recovery : Alcohol : Kirklees                                       Treatment : Recovery : Alcohol : Kirklees

On-TRAK is committed to providing a wide range of services for people               Information for Referring Agencies and Professionals
experiencing and affected by alcohol misuse. We provide information to help
people find out what options are available and make informed choices about their    On-TRAK will be accessible to people with alcohol problems residing
treatment.                                                                          within Kirklees and can be accessed via self-referral. The service will
                                                                                    be delivered out of two central sites, via alcohol shared care GP
We are committed to effective inter-agency working to maximise treatment            practices and from other locations where appropriate. Service users
outcomes, eg Domestic Violence services, Housing and Drug Intervention              will be either moderately or severely alcohol dependent adults
Programmes. We also deliver the treatment element of the Alcohol Treatment
                                                                                    requiring structured treatment. Hazardous and/or harmful adult
Requirement with Probation.
                                                                                    drinkers can be offered alcohol focused interventions
The service aims to be accessible to the diverse communities in Kirklees and to
individuals who find it hard to access services eg prisoners, street drinkers. We
have skilled workers who provide support to diverse communities and have access     What On-TRAK can offer:
to translation and interpretation requirements. We offer out of hours opening
times and our buildings are fully accessible.                                       Open access times, walk -in provision and telephone support
                                                                                    Holistic screening and assessment which focus on the service user's wider
If you would like to make a referral or require advice about supporting someone     needs not just the alcohol use
into the service please contact the relevant number below and a member of the       Individual
                                                                                    ? care planned and co-ordinated treatment
team will be able to assist you.                                                    1 to 1 keyworking appointments
                                                                                    Psychosocial interventions
Please contact us for further information:-                                         Specialist
                                                                                    ? groupwork
                                                                                    ? detox; access to in-patient detox and rehab
                                                                                    ? service
2 St Peter's Street      Tel: 01484 437907
                                                                                    Harm minimisation and blood borne virus screening
Huddersfield             Fax: 01484 432999
HD1 1RA                                                                             Access to
                                                                                    ? GP prescribing in local areas
                                                                                    Access to
                                                                                    ? clinical prescribing treatment
Dewsbury:                                                                           Aftercare
15 Union Street          Tel: 01924 486170                                          Relapse prevention
Dewsbury                 Fax: 01924 486171                                          Assertive
                                                                                    ? engagement team
WF13 1BG