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Dear Friends of BIEM,                                                                                                       March 18, 2011

Incredible though it seems, we’re already through one-fourth of 2011. As the old saying goes, time flies. However,
time doesn’t fly so fast that we can’t see and count blessings from the Lord.
The enclosed issue of the Baptist International Challenger gives glimpses of both the blessings and challenges our
missionaries face on foreign fields. As you read the stories and ponder the pictures, join us in praising God for
victories, but also join in praying to the Lord for the salvation of many more souls still gripped tightly in the clutches
of sin.
Also, allow me to praise God for the fact that 2011 marks 30 years of BIEM’s ministry. We began this mission
primarily to preach the Gospel to the Soviet Union via shortwave radio, but our sovereign God overruled what we
thought was a large vision and ushered us into an even larger ministry in multiple nations. Praise Him! In
conjunction with this milestone, we’re planning a conference on September 14–16 in Kiev, Ukraine. This event will
allow our missionaries from various fields who rarely see each other to fellowship, to receive refreshing, and to
enjoy mutual encouragement in ministry. It will also be a prime opportunity to celebrate how far God has led us and
to praise Him for these three decades of ministry.
This anniversary can include you, too! We want to bring a delegation of BIEM-supporting believers from the U.S.
who will attend this conference. In addition to seeing interesting historical sites in Ukraine, during their missions trip
the group from the U.S. will join national workers in Bible distribution, visit churches where BIEM missionaries
serve, and gain a general survey of ministry in that land. We plan to host a 10-day trip leaving the U.S. Sept. 12 and
returning Sept. 22, and also a 14-day trip leaving the U.S. Sept. 8, returning Sept. 22. (If you would like more
information, please indicate this on the response card.)
In closing, let me add that our feature article discusses a Christian rehabilitation center near Moscow, but BIEM
missionaries also established a rehab center in Ukraine, and steps are underway to establish another in the nation of
Georgia. Alcoholism is a horrible problem in former Soviet lands, but such facilities, run by caring Christians, have
led many souls to freedom from sin and addictions. These are worthy outreaches. If God touches you to help, your
donation will be put to good use. Thank you for caring, and for sharing your resources for God’s work.
Sincerely yours,

                        Reaching Russia, Eastern Europe and Muslim Lands
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A publication of Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries                                                        Vol. 29 No. 1, 2011

                     Visiting a Rehabilitation Center
By Rick Barry                                   guitar appears and is passed to Pavel, who shelf and don’t benefit from it. I urge them

       astor Pavel Rumachik and I pull plays and sings well. The residents join in to both read and heed God’s message.
       into the driveway of the church- singing by following along in songbooks.                    Next Pavel opens his Bible and
       operated Rehabilitation Center                 After several songs, I’m invited to shares specifically about Jesus and what
in Rumyantsevo, Russia, on a snowy share from the Scriptures, so I talk about He accomplished through His life, death,
December morning. Nodik Mangasarov, the Bible itself—how it is God’s message for and resurrection. Pavel concludes with
one of the ministers who run the facility, mankind, how He recorded for us crucial the suggestion that perhaps this very day
                                                                                               someone present sees his need of salvation
                                                                                               in Christ and would like to pray.
                                                                                                   “I need to do that,” admitted one man
                                                                                               named Nikolai. “But I’ve only been here
                                                                                               for a week. I’m not sure how.”
                                                                                                    So Pavel explains that God doesn’t
                                                                                               require fancy, flowery prayers, only sim-
                                                                                               ple sincerity.
                                                                                                    Nikolai nods and agrees that, in that
                                                                                               case, he’s ready. We all stand and bow
                                                                                               our heads as Nikolai confesses to God
                                                                                               that he’s a sinner, helpless to save him-
                                                                                               self, and asks God to forgive him on the
                                                                                               basis of Christ’s taking the punishment for
                                                                                               his sins. After his “Amen,” Nikolai wipes
                                                                                               away a tear, and several men pat him on
                                                                                               the back. I reach across the table to shake
     The Rehab Center in Rumyantsevo. Nodik stands on the far right, Pavel is in row two
        (in a suit jacket), and BIEM’s Rick Barry is in the center (in a black sweater).       hands with my new brother in the Lord.
                                                                                                   “I need to repent too,” says another
greets us at the door with a cheerful smile details about the origin of our universe, the man. So once again we all bow and listen
and ushers us to the warmth inside.             beginning of life on earth, the first sin, and                               continued on page 4
     In the hallway, Pavel—son of well- how He sent Jesus to restore lost sinners
known pastor Peter Rumachik, who to fellowship with Himself. As an illustra-
spent 18 years in Soviet prisons for the tion, I hold up an envelope and ask them to
Faith—and I slip off our shoes and enter imagine that a famous millionaire mailed
the meeting room, where we take a seat at a personal letter to a poor man in feeble
the long table where residents of the rehab health, and the poor man was so thrilled
center hold their daily Bible studies. It’s that he displayed the unopened envelope on
my fourth visit to this center dedicated to a shelf in his hovel. Not until after the poor
redeeming lives of men gripped by bond- man perished from hunger did acquain-
age to alcohol and drugs. However, my tances open the sealed letter and learn that
last visit was over a year earlier, so the the wealthy man had sent a check for thou-
men now filing into the room and shaking sands of dollars, with a promise of more, if               The first to repent that day, Nikolai,
my hand are all new to me.                      needed. In conclusion, I explain how sad it     declared, “This was a new world for me. I’d
     Nodik introduces Pavel and me, and is that many people own a copy of God’s                  never been in a place where people didn’t
                                                                                                  smoke or drink or swear at each other.”
someone says, “Let’s sing a few songs.” A Word, but don’t open it. They leave it on a
Page 2                                                      Challenger                                               Vol. 29 No. 1                        Vol. 29 No. 1                                               Challenger                                  Page 3

      How Would You Respond?                                                                            “On the Fields with BIEM: Glimpses behind the scenes”
        or months undercover police in         which was followed. Then came the raid.
        Muslim Turkmenistan followed           No sooner had the pastor arrived at an                                                                               Thanks to friends of
                                                                                                                                                                   BIEM, we were able to
        and watched Pastor River. Their        apartment where 20 women had gathered                                                                              provide Kiddy Kartons at
surveillance was no secret: local authori-     to plan a ladies’ event than police arrived                                                                         Christmas for children
ties had already summoned him multiple         in full force and handcuffed everyone.                                                                               from disadvantaged
                                                                                                                                                                    homes in the Tabitha
times for questioning. They noted his          A crowd gathered outside, where the                                                                                   children’s ministry
car’s license and photographed the vehicle,    Christians—treated like criminals—were                                                                                in Lutsk, Ukraine.
                                                                 loaded into cars. After
                                                                 hours of interrogation,
                                                                 intimidation, humilia-                                                                              New Life Baptist Church
                                                                 tion, verbal abuse, mon-                                                                           in Kazan, Russia, held the
                                                                 etary fines, and two days                                                                          dedication service for their
                                                                                                                                                                    first-ever church building.
                                                                 in jail, everyone was                                                                               Such was the enthusiasm
                                                                 finally released.                                                                                       that the service last
                                                                      If you were Pastor                                                                               from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
                                                                 River, how would you                                                                                 and included preaching,
                                                                                                                                                                     historical slides, and gifts
                                                                 respond? Here’s what he                                                                               and good wishes from
                                                                 did next…                                                                                              other congregations.

                                                                          “After the police
                                                                    released me, I went home                                                                                                                                                       Rough waves on
                                                                    and opened my Bible                                                                           Church-planter Mikhail                                                          the Mediterranean
                                                                                                                                                                   Titarenko uses this new                                                     didn’t hinder former-
              Recent years have seen an increase in                 to read and find some                                                                           chain saw “to visit the                                                    Muslim sister in Christ
           persecution of Christians in Turkmenistan.               answers. I opened my                                                                          fatherless and widows in                                                     Aygyul from following
                                                                    Bible to I Timothy 2:1–4,                                                                      their affliction” (James                                                      Christ in believers’
                                                 which states, ‘I exhort therefore, that, first                                                                    1:27) and to render aid                                                          baptism. Pastor
                                                                                                                                                                   in the form of firewood                                                      Sasha says it was the
                                                 of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions,
                                                                                                                                                                     for heating homes in                                                       first time he baptized
                                                 and giving of thanks, be made for all men;                                                                          Fedorivka, Ukraine.                                                           while practicing
                                                 for kings, and for all that are in authority;                                                                                                                                                     “scuba diving”!
                                                 that we may lead a quiet and peaceable
                                                 life in all godliness and honesty. For this
                                                                                                                                                                                        In the planning stages… Kiev, Ukraine, is the site
                                                 is good and acceptable in the sight of God                                                                                           we’ve chosen for BIEM’s 30th anniversary conference.
   “Reaching the world for Christ since 1981”    our Saviour; who will have all men to be                                                                                              For mutual encouragement and edification, we hope
           Dr. Peter Slobodian, Founder          saved, and to come unto the knowledge                                                                                                  to bring together national coworkers of BIEM and
                                                                                                                                                                                       also an American delegation on September 16–18. If
   Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries of the truth.’”                                                                                                                        you’re interested in receiving more information on
          121 Commerce Drive, Suite 50                “As I read, the Lord showed me that I                                                                                            this trip, please check the box on the response card.
              Danville, Indiana 46122
                                                 needed to be giving thanks for the author-        ity over me, and that meant even the secret
           police! I realized that it was God who put
  • Church Planting • Bibles & Literature        them in power, that it was He to whom
  • Evangelism            • Training Nationals   they would have to answer, and that God
                                                 had brought them into my life and into
  Board of Directors
                                                 the lives of these others to accomplish His
  Dr. Sam Slobodian – President
  Dr. Greg Wahlberg – Chairman                   own purposes.
  Dr. Andy Counterman – Secretary                     “Since that day I’ve made a point to
  Rev. Kevin Gaugler – Treasurer
  Rev. Jason Grubbs         Mr. Terry Minton
                                                 pray specifically for the judge, the police,
  Dr. Tim Jordan            Mr. Gerald Nystrom   the imam, mullahs, the village elder, and
  Dr. W. Ralph Martin       Rev. Jack Walker                                                       Praise the Lord, BIEM was able to donate $5,000 to this fire-damaged
                                                 the secret police. When I pray for them, all     church in Troyeschina, Ukraine; plus we couriered to them additional
  Field Directors                                my animosity and all hatred that creeps          offerings of $2,000 from Russian churches. Pastor Mikhail Stakhursky
  Mr. Rick Barry – Church Planting Ministries    into my heart melts away as I begin to            estimates that about $12,000 is still needed. If you would like to help,
  Mr. David Cateam – Central Asia                                                                   our mission will forward all gifts designated “Troyeschina church.”
  Dr. Andy Counterman – Latin America            view them through Christ’s eyes. They, too,
                                                                            continued on page 4
Page 4                                                      Challenger                                                    Vol. 29 No. 1

…How Would You Respond? continued from page 2   shock them, but better still will be when
were created in the image of God. Without       they come to know my Jesus.”                         Coming soon!
Christ, we were the same as them. We like-                                                        The year 2011 marks BIEM’s 30th
wise breathed threats, hatred, and murder           BIEM maintains a list of email                anniversary. What better time to
to those who shared the Gospel with us.         addresses of friends willing to unite             publish the life story of our founder,
    “My prayer now is one of thanks that        quickly in prayer for special needs like          Dr. Peter Slobodian? Giving God the
God has put these men in power, and that        the raid mentioned above. (When we                Glory is the fascinating true story
I have the opportunity to have such close       requested urgent prayer for Pastor River,         of how the Lord plucked one man
contact with them. I now pray that through      God replied in a dramatic way: two out-           from a poor Ukrainian family and
my life these men will hear the plan of         spoken critics who publicly called for the        an obscure
salvation and come to Christ in faith. I        death of this pastor experienced heart            backg rou nd
can’t wait for the next time I am called in     attacks.) If you would like to be added           to touch souls
to speak with the secret police. I will tell    to that urgent-prayer list, email us at           on multiple
them, ‘I thank God for you.’ I’m sure I will                continents
                                                                                                  with      the
                                                                                                  Gospel of
…Rehabilitation Center continued from page 1         Even better, pastors of churches in
                                                                                                  Jesus Christ.
to another soul doing business with God.        other cities have visited this house in
                                                                                                  If you love
     “Anyone else?” Pavel asks.                 Rumyantsevo and, impressed with what
                                                                                                  the Lord and
     A tall man from Armenia nods. “I’m         they saw, asked Pavel if his church could
                                                                                                  mar vel at
ready.” So within ten minutes a third man       help them to develop similar ministries.
                                                                                                  His works,
pours out to God his need and his request       As a result, responsible “graduates” of
                                                                                                  then this is
for salvation in Jesus.                         the program have been sent out to estab-
                                                                                                  the book for you. Suggested
      Referring to Luke 15:7, I comment on      lish and operate an additional seven such
                                                                                                  donation: $15.00
Jesus’ words that joy shall be in heaven        rehab centers. One center is staffed by
over one sinner who repents. “We’ve just        Christian ladies for women with addic-
seen three of you become children of God.       tions. Currently 19 former addicts labor            Are there challenges? Absolutely.
There is definitely joy in heaven today!”       full-time in these other rehabilitation cen-   Simply feeding the men who come in hopes
      On February 13, the Christian             ters. Churches in the Moscow area (10 of       of finding a new life requires plenty of
Rehabilitation Center in Rumyantsevo            which were planted by BIEM workers,            food. BIEM assists with a monthly gift of
celebrated its tenth anniversary. Although      and 7 of which have completed building         $250, but more funding is needed. We’re
it can’t be said that every person who has      programs) are blessed to have at least         praying for God to give us individuals, or
undergone the program has given his             30 families in which at least one of the       families, or churches that would like to
heart to Christ, the majority of those who      parents (and sometimes both) received          make a one-time donation for the reha-
apply find freedom from both their addic-       Christ through rehabilitation. Truly, God      bilitation center, or perhaps to commit to
tions and the yoke of sin. Afterward, most      is using the rehabilitation ministry to        monthly donations for one year. Is God
become active church members.                   redeem lives!                                  touching your heart to help?

  Rehabilitants who make
   the decision to accept
  Christ also learn how to
   share their faith, both                                                    In 2009, after much prayer, a women’s rehabilitation
    in group evangelism                                                      center was opened in the Tver region. Here, one woman
      and one-on-one.                                                            in that program takes a turn at preparing soup.

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