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                                 INTAKE SCREEN EQUIPMENT

   A.      Section Includes: Provision for intake system, consisting of stainless steel profile wire intake
   screens designed to maximum through screen velocity, air burst screen cleaning system, corrosion
   and zebra mussel resistant coating, and related equipment as shown on drawings and as specified
   B.      Related Sections:
           I.. Submittals: Section 01300.
           II.. Materials Handling, Storage and Protection: Section 01600.
           III.. Testing Process Systems: Section 01669.
           IV.. Structural Metal Framing: Section 05100.
           V.. Painting: Section 09900.
           VI.. General Equipment Requirements: Section 11000.
           VII.. Treatment Process Controls and Instrumentation: Section 13610.
           VIII.. Process Piping, Valves and Related Products: Section 15100.
   A.       American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) "Pressure Vessel code and
   Interpretations" as applies to specified products.
   B.      American Society For Testing and Materials:
           I.. ASTM A36, Structural Steel.
           II.. ASTM A167, Stainless and Heat Resisting Chromium Nickel Steel Plate, Sheet and Strip.
           III.. ASTM A276, Stainless and Heat Resisting Steel Bars and Shapes.
           IV.. ASTM A480, Flat Rolled Stainless and Heat Resisting Steel Plate, Sheet, and Strip.
           V.. ASTM A563, Carbon and Alloy Steel Nuts.
           VI.. ASTM A603, Zinc Coated Steel Structural Wire Rope.
           VII.. ASTM A668, Steel Forgings, Carbon and Alloy for General Industrial Use.
           VIII.. ASTM F436, Hardened Steel Washers.
   C.      National Electric Manufacturer's Association (NEMA) Standards as apply to specified
   A.      General: Provide intake screen(s) with corrosion and zebra mussel resistant coating, air
   burst screen cleaning system, and accessories of design and construction as fabricated, assembled,
   and tested by one manufacturer.
   B.      System Design: Provide ___________ ( __) screen assemblies for filtering raw water,
   corrosion and zebra mussel resistant coating on all surfaces of the screen assemblies, air burst
   screen cleaning system sized to meet site conditions as shown on the drawings and described in
   these specifications including air compressor(s), receivers, valves and actuators, mounting,
   interconnecting piping, pressure relief valves, and related controls. Air burst system to be (to the
extent practicable) factory assembled and tested prior to shipment to the job site.
1. Screens:
             I.. _____ (__) ___ diameter, tee (drum) type profile wire screens constructed of type 304
             (316L) stainless steel. Screens shall be of all welded continuous slot construction.
             Screen slots shall open inwardly from the surface. Upstream most screen to be equipped
             with a stainless steel debris deflector.
             II.. ______ inch slot opening
             III.. ______ pounds per square foot differential hydrostatic collapse strength.
             IV.. ______ feet per second maximum local through screen velocity as a result of water
             withdrawal at maximum design flow rate of ________ gpm, cfs, MGD.
             V.. Outlet connection shall be ____ diameter flange. Flange shall be standard AWWA C-
             207, Table 1, Class D (low carbon steel) or 3/4" type 304 (316L) stainless steel thick plate
             flange with other dimensions matching AWWA C-207, Table 1, Class D
             VI.. Minimum thickness of end plates and outlet pipe or tee body shall be 3/16".
             VII.. Head loss through the assembly shall be less than 3/4 feet of water for tee
             assembly. Head loss through the assembly shall be consistent with open pipe entry loss
             for drum screen.
             VIII.. All welding shall be performed by ASME certified welders.
             IX.. Screen shall be equipped with air burst screen cleaning pipe internal to the assembly.
             Air burst screen cleaning connection shall be through a ____ inch ANSI Class 150 raised
             face, slip on flange. Air burst cleaning flange and pipe material shall be the same as
             screen material.
2. Air Burst Screen Cleaning System:
             I.. Designed to meet site requirements including design submergence of screen ______
             feet below water surface, connecting line size of _____ inches, and distance from
             receiver to screen of ______ feet.
             II.. System has be designed for installation in a wather protective shelter which will
             exclude rain and excessive dust and will ensure the temperature range experienced by
             the system is between 40 degrees F and 110 degrees F.
             III.. Receiver shall be ______ gallon ASME Code Horizontal (Vertical) receiver with
             working pressure of 150 PSIG. Receiver outlet shall be same diameter or larger than
             connecting line size.
             IV.. Receiver shall be equipped with pressure relief valve sized to hand the full discharge
             flow and pressure of the compressor(s). Receiver shall be equipped with a float type
             auto drain.
             V.. Compressor(s) shall be 60% duty cycle splash lubricated (100% duty cycle pressure
             lubricated). Each compressor shall provide sufficient flow to recharge the receiver to 150
             PSIG in _____ minutes. Compressor shall be capable of flow delivery at 175 PSIG.
             Compressor shall be equipped with adjustable auto stop/start pressure switch, inlet air
             filter, and low oil level or low oil pressure switch.
             VI.. Each compressor(s) shall be equipped with _____ Hp open drip proof (totally
             enclosed, fan cooled) motor. If dual compressors are used control panel will be equipped
             with alternator to change lead / lag role at the end of each screen cleaning cycle [a cycle
             includes cleaning all screens in multiple screen systems]. Motor to be 460V, 3Ph, 60Hz.
             VII.. Valves shall be lug type butterfly valves with ductile iron body, 316 stainless steel
             stem and disc, and BUNA-N seat. Valves shall be rated for 200 psi end of line liquid
             service. Valve size shall be equal to connecting line size.
             VIII.. Manual valve actuators shall have 2 position handle. Automatic valves smaller than
             6" shall have spring return pneumatic actuator with 3 way solenoid or double acting
             pneumatic actuator with 4 way solenoid. Valves 6" or larger shall have double acting
             pneumatic actuator with 4 way solenoid. Automatic actuators shall have limit switches for
             use in indicating full open / full close status.
             IX.. A 10 gallon ASME Code Receiver with pressure relief valve, in tank check valve,
             pressure regulator and filter shall be provided for air supply to valves with double acting
             pneumatic actuators.
             X.. Air Burst Screen Cleaning System Controls to be in NEMA 4 enclosure with switches
                and lights as indicated on drawings.
                XI.. Panel will have 4" diameter pressure gage, lockable disconnect and power on light
                indicating power is engaged.
                XII.. A test - off - auto switch is to be provided to allow the follwing compressor
                operations. Off - compressor cannot be operated via control panel. Test - compressor
                can be operated as long as switch is held in test position. When switch is released it
                returns to off position Auto - compressor control is restored to control panel and auto
                stop/start switch is enabled.
                XIII.. Systems equipped with dual compressors will have lead/lag selector switch and
                auto/manual compressor switch.
                XIV.. Systems with pneumatic actuators shall include selector switch for auto/manual
                operation of valves. In manual mode valve actuation is through push buttons on panel -
                push open to open and close to close. Buttons illuminate to indicate valve at full travel.
                In automatic mode valve actuation is controlled by control circuitry. Buttons illuminate at
                full travel.
                XV.. Timer based systems include adjustable timer, timer/manual valve operation
                selection switch, automatic interlock to prevent automatic valve operation with inadequate
                air pressure, and sequencer for multiple valve systems.
                XVI.. Fully automatic systems include provision for remote cycle start and/or cycle
                initiation on differential pressure signal and automatic interlock to prevent automatic valve
                operation with inadequate air pressure, and sequencer for multiple valve systems.
                XVII.. Timer and fully automatic systems include cycle in progress indicator light.
                XVIII.. Fully automatic systems include compressor run on indicator light, fail to start
                indicator light, valve fail to open/close indicator lights, ready for backwash indicator light,
                automatic shut down and alarm with major fault and automatic alarm with minor fault.
   3. Coating
                I.. The coating shall be Jacquelyn as supplied and applied by Lee Cook Intake Screen
                Co. Cincinnati, Ohio. It shall be a non-ablative coating employing no binders or carriers.
                It shall resist zebra mussel attachment in all water flow conditions including low velocity
                or quiet waters. It shall have a nominal life expectancy in fresh waters of at least 15
                II.. Nominal coating thickness shall be 0.005 inches.
                III.. All surfaces of the intake screen assembly shall be coated except flange faces.
                Interior surface of the air burst screen cleaning piping need not be coated.
   A.      Shop Drawings for the intake screen system and all related equipment in accordance with
   Sections 01300 and 11000, demonstration compliance with specifications including:
              I.. Screen - Drawing showing interface dimensions, weight, a graph of local through slot
              velocity indicating maximum, average, and minimum through slot velocity, materials of
              construction, capacity, and slot opening size. Welder Certification to ASME Section IX.
              II.. Air Burst Screen Cleaning System - Drawing showing interface dimensions, power
              requirements, weight, and bolting requirements; Equipment literature on all major
              III.. Coating - Coating vendor shall supply verification that the coating has been tested by
              an independent U.S. EPA certified laboratory in accord with the National Sanitary
              Foundation protocol NSF 61 for leach testing and that concentration levels for copper
              using Certified U.S. EPA test procedures for measurement are below 0.05 mg/l. Coating
              vendor shall supply verification that the coating has been field tested in sites infested by
              zebra mussels and demonstrated resistance to the attachment of zebra mussels.
              Coating vendor shall supply a 5 year warranty against zebra mussel attachment on the
              coating that impacts flow passage through the screen.
   B.      Manufacturers descriptive literature for all system components indicating model numbers,
   dimensions, materials of construction, installation drawings, and mounting requirements
   C.      Written Installation, Operation, and Maintenance Instructions on screen. Owners manual on
   air burst screen cleaning system.
   A. General: Equipment to comply with all provisions of Section 11000 - General Equipment
   B.       Basis of Design: Specifications are based on Lee Cook Intake Screen Co. equipment. Bear
   all costs resulting from changes to structure, piping, electric work etc. required for approved equal
   equipment, in accordance with Section 01630 of these Specifications. Submit drawing to Engineer
   for approval, showing changes in equipment, piping, structure and electrical work.
   C.      To ensure that all equipment required for installation of screens and air burst screen cleaning
   system is properly coordinated and will function in accordance with intent of these Specifications,
   obtain all equipment specified under this Section from a single supplier. Supplier vested with
   responsibility for proper function of all equipment, regardless of manufacturer, as an integrated and
   coordinated system. Intent of this paragraph is to establish unit responsibility for all equipment by
   one supplier. Use of the word "responsibility" relating to equipment supplier does not relieve
   Contractor's ultimate responsibility for equipment coordination, installation, operation, and guarantee.
   A.     Deliver, store and handle equipment in accordance with these Specifications and
   manufacturer's instructions.


   A.      Acceptable Manufacturer:
           I.. Lee Cook Intake Screen Co., Cincinnati, Ohio

   A.      Site Tests:
           I.. Manufacturer's representative to check and verity that installation of equipment is in
           accordance with Drawings and manufacturer's installation instructions prior to operation
   B.      Manufacturer's Field Services:
           I.. Provide a minimum of one (1) day's services, by a fully qualified manufacturer's
           representative to inspect completed installation, start equipment and place in operation.
           II.. Manufacturer's representative to instruct plant personnel on use and care.
           III.. Provide installation certificate in accordance with Section 11000

                                         END OF SECTION