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									                                            Margaret L. McKenna
            171 Rogers Ave. #3C, Brooklyn, NY 11216 | +1 860 805 2662 |

A Masters candidate at the Interactive Telecommunications Program, NYU, I am a designer and programmer who
seeks to adapt new technologies to problems of information access, accountability, and data analysis.

•   “Reading the News Anew”: a new interface for accessing and quantifying International news coverage in The
    New York Times. Shown at the ITP Winter Show 2010. Uses Processing.js, AJAX, PHP/MySQL.
•   360-degree Mouse: hardware and software to improve the physical ease of image editing. Uses Arduino-Firefox
    serial communication, JavaScript, PHP.

IBM Research, Visual Communication Lab                                                               Cambridge, MA
Research Intern                                                                                   June 2011-Present
•   Developing and leveraging visualization techniques for analyzing geo-temporal data

CATER Lab, NYU                                                                                        New York, NY
Research Assistant                                                                             January 2011-Present
•   Developed a text-mining tool that analyzes search results for trends in term frequency to determine the onset of
    climatic and agricultural changes in highly localized areas globally.

ChoiceStream, Inc.                                                                                    Cambridge, MA
Senior Implementation Consultant                                           July 2008-July 2009; Mar. 2010-Aug. 2010
•   Served as the Technical Lead on software implementations with major clients, including AT&T, Borders and
•   Responsible for designing, developing, and testing all online advertising solutions
•   Developed a business metrics reporting web application used by Marketing, Product Development and
•   Advocated customer-driven feature development in advisory role on three different Product Development teams

Quality Assurance Engineer                                                                     Oct. 2007-June 2008
•   Designed and executed functional and automated testing for all five APIs of the ChoiceStream RealRelevance
•   Developed ChoiceStream’s first mock customer website to allow for easy cross-browser and integration testing
•   Supported the Professional Services team in the form of pre-go-live documentation, production support, and

Retail Analyst                                                                                 Jan. 2007-Sept. 2007
•   Contributed domain expertise to the development of ChoiceStream’s retail-focused software
•   Created centralized merchandising taxonomy database that became a component of ChoiceStream’s Retail
Talbots, Inc.                                                                                          Hingham, MA
Merchandise Distribution Analyst                                                                Apr. 2006-Dec. 2006
•   Worked with Buyers and Store Planners to maximize sales through inventory analysis and assortment planning
•   Designed and built an automated sales and inventory forecasting application to analyze 500+ stores nationally

JPMorgan Chase                                                                                         Boston, MA
Fund Accounting Associate                                                                      Aug. 2005-Mar. 2006
•   Wrote and implemented Excel Macros for increased efficiency across the Capital Stock team

PerfectSight, Cambridge, MA (Feb. 2010-May 2010), Co-Founder. Lead in-country partner development for mobile
application startup focused on developing world eye health. PerfectSight is a winner of the 2010 MIT IDEAS
competition and was a semi-finalist in the 2010 MIT $100k Entrepreneurial Competition.

1ViLLAGE, Winneba, Ghana (Nov. 2009-Present), Strategic Partnerships Officer. Guide the transition and
communication strategy for 1ViLLAGE as it moves from non-profit to for-profit ICT consultancy for entities operating
in rural Africa.

Meltwater Entrepreneurial School for Technology, Accra, Ghana (Oct. 2009-Dec.2009), Consultant. Advised
students in a business plan competition on the technical and business requirements for developing personalization

Ikando Foundation, Accra, Ghana (July 2009-Oct. 2009), Web & Database Designer. Provided on-site IT support in
process automation, network maintenance, and website upgrades.

OS: Mac, Linux, Windows. Languages: Java, PHP, JavaScript, HTML4/5, CSS, Processing, XML, Perl, SQL, Bash.
Frameworks: jQuery, Processing.js. Tools: Photoshop, Firebug, Eclipse.

New York University, Interactive Telecommunications Program                                           New York, NY
Masters of Professional Studies                                                                  Sept. 2010-Present
•   Tisch School of the Arts Fellowship

Microsoft Research, Summer School on Computing for Socio-Economic Development                        Bangalore, India
Participant                                                                                              June 2010

Columbia University, Columbia College                                                                 New York, NY
Bachelor of Arts in English and Creative Writing                                               Sept. 1998-May 2002
•   Dean’s List, all semesters

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), Semester in the Southwest                                     Tucson, AZ
Student                                                                                        Sept. 2000-Nov. 2000

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