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					Michael W. Smith Concert Parking Tifton - Google Maps   htlp://,

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          Michael W. Smith Concert Parking Tifton
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           9        Back Parking Lot (6th St)

       2. ^ East Parking Lot (8th & Baldwin Dr)
            Handicap and General

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Michael W. Smith Concert Parking Tifton - Google Maps                     ht^)://

         3 W     Bus Parking Only (8th St Middle School Bus Drive)

                 Reserved Parking (Between 8th St Middle School and Stadium)

                 Old Theater Grass Parking (Virginia Ave & 8th St)

                 Winn Dixie Parking (Virginia Ave N)

          "7 9 VFW Parking (Victory Dr N. Across from Rec Dept)

          O W Behind Turner Furniture Parking (Dixie Ave & 4th St)

         9 Q South Georgia Bank Parking (4th St)

         lOW Ameris Bank Parking (4th St)

         11 V Ameris Bank Parking (4th St & Magnolia Dr)

         )2-W Ameris Bank Parking (2nd St)

         |3 $ Elk's Lodge Grass Parking Lot (6th & Victory Dr N)
              Next to Elks's Lodge

                 Tift Co. Rec Parking North (Victory Dr N & Baldwin Dr)

                  lift Co. Rec Parking West (Victory Dr N & 2nd St)

                  Tift Co. Rec Parking South (2nd St

                  Tift Co. Rec Parking East (Baldwin Dr)

         JS W Tift Co. Rec Parking (4th St.)

         I*") W Tift Co. Rec Area Pool (2nd St & Baldwin Dr)

                  Tift Co. Family & Chidren Services Parking (2nd St)

         2.\ W Tift Co. Family & Children Services Grass Parking (Between 2nd St & Morgan Dr)

         22- V West Railroad Grass Parking (Between Baldwin Dr & Railroad tracks

                  East Railroad Grass Parking (Between Forest Ave & Railroad track)

                  First Baptist Church (N Central & 4th)

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