musical theater_class 1_introduction by shuifanglj


									            Class #1
Introduction and Syllabus Review

       Search + “keith”

       “keith heimann”

   Add to your favorites for the semester.
   My office: PAC 117

   My office phone: 732 224-2603

   My e-mail:
   My Spring 2010 office hours

       Monday: 10-11 AM
       Tuesday: 9-10 AM
       Thursday: 9-10 AM
       Friday: 10-11 AM

       If my office hours do not work with your
     schedule, please let me know immediately and
        we will find a mutually convenient time.
   Librarian – Shay Delcurla

   Learning Assistant: Rachel Krupnick
    732/ 224-1935
You have a unique e-mail address which I will
  use to contact you. For Example:

     John Doe =

     Jane Doe =

           Double-check your e-mail address with me
                     before leaving today!
   Notices for upcoming events;

   Important announcements;

   Unusual, interesting (and maybe even fun)
   Only to/from Brookdale server;
   Your name in the “re” line;

 I will not read nor respond to any messages

  that are written in “text” language.

For Musical Theater:

   I am not responsible for vulgar, crude,
    childish comments that sometimes appear
    with the clips I have in my playlists.

   You do not need to scroll down and read
    any comments.

   Sound and video quality can vary wildly!
   Class Attendance/Participation/Etiquette *

           20% of your final grade
           15 three-hour classes (except Wednesday, March 17, 2010)
           Watch for college closing notices at

    More class room etiquette rules to follow…
   Sign in every week by your name.

   Find your tab and place all assignments behind it.

                 Your responsibility!
   Do…
      Observe start and stop times;

       Turn OFF all electronics*;

       Bring water (closed bottle) only;

       Take extensive notes*;

       Ask many questions!
   Use your cell phone or text message;
       Three strikes = one letter grade.

   Talk among or with yourselves during lectures;

   Bring any food or beverage other than closed
    bottle water into this or any other “Smart

   Use “Wikipedia”
   One Performance Review

                            Spring 2010: Great news!

                 Porgy & Bess
              Thursday, March 25, 2010 AD

   Alternate assignments
The average score of three tests

Week 5
Week 10
Week 15

Comprehensive review the week before.
   “Special Friend” Assignment
   “My Uncle Has A Barn!” assignment
   Will be primarily spent in discussion,
    observation and lecture;

   Your opinions, thoughts, observations and
    opinions are more important than mine!
   I don’t have any!
       Power Point is used to jog my memory and
        keep the main points of the lecture in order

   Therefore: take extensive notes!
   Read assigned pages;
   Visit
   Visit assigned links;
   Work on your assignments.
   If (and when) you need help, ask.

   I am here to help.

   My door is always open to you.

   Ask for the “good news” now.
   Take out a piece of paper
   Your name is optional
   Write out your expectations of me and this
   Information on ticket “deals” can be found

   New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
       “Class Pass”
       New! $25 STAR-LEDGER
        Class Pass Unlimited
   This campus and building;

   Emergency phones;

   BCC police.

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