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									                            Introducing The
                            New Standard Of

                        In Real Estate Service
         Bob Jordon Delivers
       Satisfaction Guaranteed
That’s right, when you employ Bob Jordon to buy or sell your
home, if you do not feel that you want Bob to represent you he
will gladly release you from your contract with him and you will
be assigned another representative by his Broker or totally
released from the Agency Agreement.

No hassles, no questions asked.

Bob believes that his real estate knowledge, outstanding
marketing skills and a total commitment to service will
convince you that he has indeed earned his commission
and will represent you to the best of his ability.

The problem with selecting a real estate agent today is that
you usually don’t find out how good or bad an agent is until
the transaction is over. Bob takes the risk out with his
innovative Satisfaction GuaranteedSM program.

If you are considering a real estate move call Bob today and ask for a copy of
Satisfaction GuaranteedSM and his personal brochure that introduces you to Bob and
highlights what he can do for you.

Call Bob today. You’ll be glad you did, it’s guaranteed.
                Thanks for calling!
I appreciate the effort you made to call and find
out more about my real estate services. I want to
be your real estate representative because your
business is important to me. It doesn’t matter if
you are ready to buy or sell today, next month,
next year or ten years from now. If you have any
real estate questions, give me a call and I will be
happy to answer them.

The most important selection you will make in
buying or selling a home is selecting the right
real estate professional to represent you. That
selection will determine the quality of your real
estate experience.                                               Bob Jordon
                                                      100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
That’s why I offer a Satisfaction GuaranteedSM             484-686-2003 (cell)
program. If you are not satisfied with my service,
I will release you from representation by me. No
hassles, no loopholes, simply satisfaction

Before you make your next real estate move, I         Keller Williams Real Estate
would like the opportunity to explain how my              910 Harvest Dr, Suite 100
                                                             Blue Bell PA 19422
unique real estate service and performance                215-646-2900 (office)
program combine to produce outstanding
                                                           Each Keller Williams Realty Office is
results.                                                    independently owned and operated

Call today and set up a free, no-obligation
consultation to discuss your real estate needs.
You will be glad you did. It’s guaranteed.
Did you know?
                                                            What to do?
          “For Sale” Signs & Advertisements
I can show you any property, in any area, listed by any Real
Estate company (not just Keller Williams Real Estate). For
example, if you see a “For Sale” sign or an advertisement on a
property listed by another agency, write down the address and
call me. I can get you all the information you need and/or take
you to see the property.

                     New Construction
I need to accompany you on any visit to a new construction
site or you will end up without representation. The Realtor
hosting the new construction site represents the builder and
cannot also represent you. I will not be allowed to represent                    Bob Jordon
you if I am not present during the initial visit.                            100% Satisfaction
                        Open Houses                                 or you will be released from representation by me!
I need to accompany you on (or personally pre-register you                  484-686-2003 (cell)
for) any visit to an open house or you will automatically be
represented by the Realtor hosting the open house who will
obviously be a stranger to you.

                  “For Sale By Owner”
If you see a “For Sale by Owner” sign, write down the phone
number and call me before you call the owner, or you may end           Keller Williams Real
up without representation. Most “FSBO’s” will allow Buyers
to have representation if their agent makes the first phone call.         910 Harvest Dr, Suite 100
                                                                             Blue Bell PA 19422
           Across the Board Representation                                 215-646-2900 (office)
I can represent you in the purchase of any kind of property,
including single family homes, townhomes, condominiums,
twins, duplexes, multi-family homes, farms, commercial
properties, land, any real estate!

                 Mortgage Pre-Approval
You should be pre-approved for a mortgage before you begin          Each Keller Williams Realty Office is independently
                                                                                   owned and operated
your home search – because a written pre-approval always
strengthens your offer and may give you the upper hand in a
multiple offer situation. I can provide some mortgage
company referrals if you need them – without cost or

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