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Moving In
    Moving In
    Opening Day: Fall 2011                                              WHERE TO CHECK IN
    Sunday, September 18 • 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                       Check-in stations are centralized within each residential
                                                                        community. Follow the signs to check-in and have picture ID
    WHERE TO PARK                                                       handy. Bed parts will be available in buildings with convertible
    Directions to campus are on page ten. Follow the signs to           bed styles, and ResTek staff will be on hand to help with Internet
    your hall’s staging area and get in line for a turn unloading. Be   connectivity.
    prepared to wait in your vehicle; you may want to bring a snack
    and something to read. When it is your turn, student volunteers     WHERE TO EAT
    will direct you to the appropriate loading zone and assist with     All food venues on campus accept Dining Dollars, Munch Money,
    unloading and checking in. As soon as you have unloaded, move       cash and credit cards. Dining Dollars for Fall meal plans start on
    your vehicle out of the loading zone and into a parking lot or      Friday, September 16, and meal service in the residential dining
    metered space. Parking is free on opening day only.                 commons begins with dinner on Sunday, September 18.

                   Dining Options,                     Friday 9/16                Saturday 9/17                     Sunday 9/18
             For Opening Weekend                       Early arrival               Early arrival                    Opening day

                      Viking Union Café             7:30AM – 5:00PM              7:30AM – 7:00PM                   7:30AM – 7:00PM

                    Viking Union Market             10:30AM – 2:30PM            10:30AM – 7:00PM                  10:30AM – 7:00PM

                           Miller Market            7:30AM – 3:00PM                   Closed                       7:30AM – 6:00PM

            The Haven Market & Lounge                    Closed                       Closed                      11:00AM – 11:00PM

               BT Station Cafe´ & Market                 Closed                  2:00PM – 7:00PM                   Noon – 10:00PM

                  Zoe’s Bookside Bagels                  Closed                       Closed                            Closed

                       Viking Commons                    Closed                       Closed                       5:00PM – 6:30PM

                    Ridgeway Commons                     Closed                       Closed                       5:00PM – 6:30PM

                    Fairhaven Commons                    Closed                       Closed                       5:00PM – 6:30PM

Early arrival OptiOns                                                   Opening Day: Winter 2012
If you need to arrive sooner than September 18, you may register        Monday, January 2 • 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
for one of the Early Arrival options. Please be aware most campus
services and facilities are not in operation until opening day,         Where to Check in
including the dining commons, Wilson Library, bed-parts check-          Go directly to the front desk of your residential
out, and the Wade King Recreation Center.                               community and show picture ID to check in.
                                                                        20-Minute loading zones are available near all of
   Arrive One Day Early: $25.51                                         the residential buildings. The dining commons
   Saturday, September 17 • 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                      open at 5:00 p.m. for dinner, the first meal of the
   Arrive Two Days Early: $51.02
   Friday, September 16 • 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.                        Moving in early
                                                                        New residents have the option of arriving on
Early Arrival Registration & Payment                                    Sunday, January 1 (New Year’s Day). Advance
Registration for Early Arrival runs June 1 to September 15. Charges     registration for early arrival is required at
are nonrefundable, billed to your WWU Student Account, and due Be aware that most
with your Fall tuition, room and board.                                 campus services will not be in operation due to the
                                                                        holiday; this includes dining, cafés, markets, ResTek
Early Arrival Check-In                                                  and administrative offices. Check in with picture
Go directly to the front desk of your residential community and         ID at the front desk of your residential community
show picture ID to check in. We are unable to accommodate               between 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.
students who arrive outside of the Early Arrival check-in hours
listed above.                                                           arriving after January 2
                                                                        If you plan to arrive after January 2, please send
Early Arrival Dining Options                                            advance notice to Check in
While dining commons begin serving on Fall Opening Day, some            with picture ID at the front desk of your residential
markets and cafés offer limited hours for Early Arrival. Meal plan      community between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. We
Dining Dollars activate on September 16 and may be used in              reserve the right to assign your space to another
available markets and cafés along with cash, credit or Munch Money.     student if you have not checked in by the third day
                                                                        of classes.

        Register for Early Arrival                                                Explore Bellingham                                        
lavirraylrae/ude.uww.gnisuoh                                                  gro.mahgnilleb.www

vOluntEEr tO HElp                                                       Opening Day: Spring 2012
When residential buildings open for Fall Quarter, a volunteer           Sunday, March 25 • 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
corps of 300 students will facilitate the arrival of 4,000 residents.
These volunteers are known as HELPs and their mission is to             Where to Check in
direct traffic, unload cars, haul stuff to rooms and point the way to   Go directly to the front desk of your residential
check-in. HELPs move in on September 15 and work September              community and show picture ID to check in.
16 - 18; in return they are compensated with free Early Arrival         20-Minute loading zones are available near all of
privileges, daily meals, and a team t-shirt. For more information       the residential buildings. The dining commons
contact or go to the Early Arrival webpage at           open on Monday at 7:00 a.m. for breakfast, the first                                           meal of the quarter.

arrivinG aFtEr sEptEMBEr 18                                             arriving after March 25
Please send advance notification to if you plan         If you plan to arrive after March 25, please send
to arrive after September 18. When you do arrive, you may check         advance notice to Check in
in with picture ID at the front desk of your residential community      with picture ID at the front desk of your residential
between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. We reserve the right to assign          community between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. We
your space to another student if you have not checked in by the         reserve the right to assign your space to another
third day of classes.                                                   student if you have not checked in by the third day
                                                                        of classes.

    Campus Living
    Furnishings in a Double room                                         WhaT To bring
    2 Extra-long twin beds         2 Internet ports
                                                                         bare necessities
    2 Desks with chairs            1 Cable TV jack
    2 Wardrobes                    Telephone capability                     Bedding sheets • blankets • pillow • mattress pad
    2 Trash cans                   Draperies or blinds                      Clothing warm layers • sensible shoes • rainwear • hangers
    1 Recycle bin                  Vinyl flooring or carpet                 Emergency Kit flashlight • batteries • water • energy bars
                                                                            Flu Kit thermometer • fever reducer • tissues • hand sanitizer
    Telephone services
    Students are encouraged to come to campus with their own cell           First Aid Kit antiseptic • bandages • pain reliever
    phone and service plan. Traditional telephone service (land line)       Cleaning Supplies broom • dust pan • spray cleaner
    is available by request for an additional quarterly fee. Telephone      Laundry Supplies basket • detergent • dryer sheets
    service includes local calling and voice mail; students must
                                                                            School Supplies pens • paper • stapler • calculator
    provide their own telephone. For more information, contact
                                                                            Telephone cell phone or land-line service
    Telecommunications at 360-650-3600.
                                                                            Toiletries soap • shampoo • toothbrush • toothpaste
    personalizing Your space                                                Towels hand towels • bath towels • paper towels
    Collaborate with your roommate to personalize your space and
    make it your home away from home. Most beds can be bunked            optional extras
    or lofted, and wall-safe adhesive products make organizing and          Fireproof Lock Box
    decorating easy and damage-free. You are responsible for leaving        Large Storage Containers
    your room in the condition described in the Room Inventory Form
                                                                            Room Décor
    at the start of the year.
                                                                             beanbag chairs • cushions • throw rugs • lighting • tool kit
                                                                             posters • artwork • wall-safe adhesive products
    sTuDenT properTY insurance
                                                                            Small Appliances
    The University assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to
                                                                             coffee maker • tea kettle • rice cooker • microwave oven
    any resident’s personal property from any cause. We strongly             mini fridge • durable dishware • utensils
    recommend residents obtain insurance coverage by verifying
    coverage under a parent’s homeowner’s policy, by purchasing a
                                                                              computer • Internet cable • wireless router • TV • coaxial cable
    renter’s insurance policy, or by purchasing coverage under the
                                                                              DVD player • game console • power strip/surge protector
    University’s Student Personal Property Insurance Program
    available at

                                                                           Explore Transportation Options
What NOt tO BriNg                                                       BedS & BeddiNg
                                                                        All beds on campus are extra-long twin. You must bring your
   Beds or Bed Parts                                                    own sheets (extra-long twin are recommended), along with
     non-university beds • bed modifications • waterbeds                blankets, pillow, mattress pad or foam topper. A limited number
   Hazardous Appliances
                                                                        of extensions are available for students 6’7” or taller. To reserve an
                                                                        extension, contact no later than June 15.
     toasters • toaster ovens • hot plates • electric blankets
     space heaters • halogen lamps over 300w
                                                                        Bed Configurations
   Open Flames & Combustibles                                           Beds in most residence halls can be reconfigured into bunk, loft
     candles • incense • fireworks • flammable liquids                  or captain styles. Depending on the set up you want, bed parts
   Pets of Any Kind                                                     may be needed and are available for check-out on opening day at
     fish permitted
                                                                        your residence hall; some students like to bring their own half-inch
                                                                        socket wrench. Beds in Ridgeway Gamma are fixed to the floor, so
   Weapons & Firearms
                                                                        they cannot be moved or reconfigured. Beds in Buchanan Towers,
     firearms • BB guns • pellet guns • paintball guns • airsoft guns   Buchanan Towers East and Birnam Wood can be bunked or un-
     toy guns that look real • knuckles • knives • clubs                bunked without additional parts.

Fire SaFety                                                             traNSPOrtatiON & ParKiNg
Protect your electronic equipment from fire and power surges with
power strips designed for heavy loads and sensitive electronics.        Community Transit
FireShield® products are uniquely equipped to sense leakage             All students taking six or more credits pay a mandatory Alternative
currents and disconnect power, thus reducing the potential for          Transportation Fee of $25 per quarter and have their Western ID
fire, ground faults, surges and overloads. Read more about fire         Cards encoded for use as a bus pass, good for unlimited rides on
prevention in student housing at             the Whatcom Transit Authority (WTA) system. In addition to its
                                                                        local routes, WTA has connections to Mount Vernon, Anacortes,
Flu PreveNtiON                                                          Oak Harbor, Everett, Seattle and Tacoma. See routes and schedules
The WWU Student Health Center recommends that students,                 at
faculty and staff get an annual flu shot. Residents should also
bring a flu kit containing a digital thermometer, fever reducer,        Bicycles
decongestant, tissues, antibacterial soap or hand sanitizer. Read       Bicycles are a preferred form of transportation in the University’s
more about preventing the flu at       Institutional Master Plan. All residential buildings provide some
                                                                        form of bicycle storage, and there are over 900 parking spaces
lauNdry FacilitieS                                                      within the academic core. Riders must dismount in designated
Self-serve laundry rooms are available in the residence halls and       walk zones, effective 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on regular class days
Birnam Wood. Washers and dryers operate on a coinless laundry           during the academic year. Bicycle headlight and rear reflector
card system: every student gets a laundry card at move-in; value        are required by law after dusk. A cable and U-lock secured to a
can be added with cash, credit or debit at the laundry card kiosks      stationary bike rack are the best defense against theft.
located in the dining commons and Birnam Wood.
BathrOOm FacilitieS                                                     Western recognizes skateboards as a legitimate form of alternative
Students must bring their own towels and toiletries; toilet tissue is   transportation. Riders must dismount in designated walk zones,
furnished in the residence halls. Residential bathrooms assigned to     effective 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. on regular class days during the
four or more residents are cleaned by custodial staff. Students in      academic year. Skateboards on city streets are prohibited by law.
apartments, and residence hall suites with three or fewer students,
are responsible for cleaning their own bathrooms.                       Private Vehicles
                                                                        Limited residential parking is available by permit and costs about
emergeNcy PreParedNeSS Kit                                              $275 for the academic year. Apply online at
The WWU Emergency Management Team strongly encourages
individual preparedness for natural disasters and campus-wide           aPartmeNt liviNg
emergencies. The WWU Emergency Preparedness Kit is available            In addition to the items on the What to Bring list (see page 4),
at the Student Bookstore and contains three days’ worth of the          apartment residents should bring their own cooking equipment,
following supplies: 84oz. water; energy bars; dust mask; 21-piece       eating utensils and cleaning supplies. Birnam Wood Apartments
first aid kit; battery-powered flashlight; personal hygiene kit;        are furnished; Internet access, cable TV service and utilities are
thermal blanket; whistle; lightweight poncho with hood; body/           included in the room rent. Parking permits are required.
hand warmers (2); 12-hour light sticks (2); medication storage
cylinder; nylon carrying case.

    Dining Services
    Residential Meal Plans                                                 Residential dining coMMons
    Choosing the meal plan that’s right for you will depend on how         Twenty-four meals a week are served among three dining
    many meals you typically eat in a day, your schedule throughout        commons, including breakfast, lunch, light lunch, dinner, late
    the week, and how often you eat in a dining commons versus the         night and weekend brunch. Students, faculty and staff may dine in
    retail markets and cafés. When you enter the dining commons,           any commons they wish, paying the entrance fee with a meal plan,
    a swipe of your Western Card deducts your visit from your meal         Dining Dollars, Munch Money, cash or credit card. Expect buffet
    allowance. You may upgrade your meal plan anytime you decide           style dining, comfortable seating and lots of natural light.
    you need more than your current plan provides. You may downsize
    your meal plan anytime by the second Friday of the quarter.              Viking Commons: North Campus
    Unused meals expire at the end of the quarter. Meal plans are            Ridgeway Commons: Ridgeway Complex
    required of all students living in residence halls, and optional for     Fairhaven Commons: South Campus
    those living in Birnam Wood Apartments.

      Unlimited Meal Plan: Maximum flexibility                             MaRkets & cafés
      125 Meal Plan: About 12 meals/week                                   We offer a wide array of retail locations ranging from convenience
      100 Meal Plan: About 9 meals/week                                    store to coffeehouse. All venues accept Dining Dollars, Munch
      75 Meal Plan: About 7 meals/week                                     Money, cash and credit. No matter where you are when you find
      Commuter Meal Plan: 5 meals/week                                     yourself hungry, one of our locations will be nearby to serve you.

    Dining Dollars                                                           Viking Union Market
    Meal plans include a quarterly allocation of meals for use in any        Viking Union Café
    commons, plus 150 Dining Dollars. Dining Dollars can be used
                                                                             Underground Coffeehouse
    with a swipe of your card in any of the cafés and markets across
    campus or to buy additional meals in the commons. Dining                 Zoe’s Bookside Bagels
    Dollars carry over from one quarter to the next and expire at the        Haggard Hideaway
    end of the academic year.                                                Miller Market
                                                                             The Atrium          Check Your Dining Balance
    Munch Money
    Munch Money is a prepaid debit account that allows you to buy            Rock’s Edge Café           
    food at any campus eatery with a swipe of your Western Card.             BT Station Café & Market             ude.uww.gninid
    Munch Money is used by students, faculty and staff, and residents        The Haven Market & Lounge
    who want to supplement their meal plans. Munch Money lets
    you buy food items tax-free and at a 10% discount. You can add
    Munch Money to your Western Card in person, by mail or online.

University Dietician
The University’s registered dietician can counsel students about
advanced sports nutrition, weight management, food allergies
and diabetes wellness. If you have a unique dietary need, Dining
Services can work with the dietician to offer or prepare the food
                                                                        sUpport services
                                                                        Residential Technology Services (ResTek) provides technology
you require. Contact the Student Health Center at                       education and support to campus residents. The ResTek staff
360-650-3400 for more information.                                      is composed of Western students who have been trained to
                                                                        assist residents by phone, email and room visits. Throughout
special Delivery: Gifts from Home                                       the year, ResTek consultants are readily available to assist you
Friends and family can send love from home through University           with virus and spyware infections, safe internet habits, and
Catering. Tell your student how much you miss them by                   troubleshooting problems with your internet connection. ResTek
requesting a custom care package or Viking sheet cake. Visit            provides guidance while you gain knowledge and confidence in                                                maintaining your own computer.

stUDent employment                                                      meDia connections
Each year University Dining Services has over 500 students              Wired internet access and basic cable TV service are provided
working on campus in various dining locations. Job openings             in every residential room, and the cost is included in the room
include cashier, espresso barista, dishwasher, janitor, food server,    fees. Wireless internet access (Wi-Fi) is available in many of the
food production, cook and more. Visit for                residential lounges as well. Some residence halls will be equipped
application information after July 1.                                   with wireless internet in each room by Fall 2011. In rooms
                                                                        where internet access is wired, residents may bring their own
fooD allerGies                                                          wireless routers and ResTek can offer assistance with setup. If
Food allergies, mild or severe, can be uncharted territory for          your residence hall provides Wi-Fi in its rooms, wireless routers
students heading to college for the first time. Here are some           will not be allowed (or needed) in your building. University
proven strategies for your allergy management plan:                     Residences will notify you of the type of internet access in your
                                                                        assigned building so you can prepare accordingly.
1.   Ensure you have a supportive roommate by requesting
     someone you know.                                                  network reGistration
2.   Request to live in Buchanan Towers, the residence hall where       Students must complete an online registration process to use
     every suite has a kitchenette.                                     the computer network provided in the residential buildings.
3.   Request to live in Birnam Wood Apartments where the units          Instructions for connecting your computer to the network will
     have full kitchens and meal plans are not required.                be posted on the ResTek Help Request Board located near your
                                                                        residence hall front desk. Your computer must have current
4.   Let the University Dietician help you navigate the dining
                                                                        antivirus software and be patched with the latest security updates
     system so it serves your unique needs.
                                                                        for your operating system.
5.   Introduce yourself to the chef manager of your preferred
     dining commons and work together to get the kind of food           resiDential compUter labs
     you need.                                                          Residential computer labs provide 24-hour technology access for
6.   Supplement your meal plan by bringing your own snack               residents. These labs are equipped with Microsoft Office, laser
     supply, mini-fridge and microwave.                                 printing, and Internet. Residential computer labs are located in:
7.   If you are prescribed medication such as epinephrine, carry it
     with you at all times and educate your roommate, friends and         Birnam Wood               Higginson Hall
     building staff.                                                      Buchanan Towers           Mathes Hall
                                                                          Edens Hall                Nash Hall
                                                                          Fairhaven Commons         Ridgeway Commons

                                                                        restek internsHips
                                                                        The ResTek internship program offers residents paid training
                                                                        and work experience as they help their neighbors connect to the
                                                                        internet during the first week of Fall Quarter. Interns get early
                                                                        arrival privileges free of charge, along with meals and a t-shirt.
                                                                        They launch the year in a leadership role and make friends with
              Get Technology Support or                                 their fellow interns and ResTek staff. After the first week of Fall
                                                                        Quarter, ResTek interns are encouraged to volunteer as liaisons
              Apply for ResTek Internship                               between their residence hall and ResTek by attending Hall
                                                                        Council meetings, and they receive early notification of openings
                                  ude.uww.ketser                        for paid ResTek positions.

    Official Business
    Housing Agreement                                                       Housing Assignment
    Housing applicants must endorse the Housing Agreement and pay           Priority consideration is given to students who applied for housing
    a $200 housing deposit to be eligible for a housing assignment. By      and paid their housing deposit on time. Housing applicants are
    endorsing the Housing Agreement, you promise to abide by the            then ranked in the order they applied for admission, giving highest
    following contractual terms and statutes:                               priority to those who applied early. Finally rooms are assigned
                                                                            according to roommate status, housing preference and gender.
    1.   The Housing Agreement
    2.   Residential Community Handbook                                     Roommate Assignment
    3.   Student Rights and Responsibilities Code                           Login to MyHousing to view contact information for your
                                                                            roommate(s) and suitemate, if any. You are encouraged to contact
    Length of Agreement                                                     each other to plan your space.
    Duration of the Housing Agreement is the full academic year or
    remainder thereof if you moved in mid-year. Moving out of the           Requesting Reassignment
    residential system before the end of the contract term may result in    Once the school year is underway, students may request to move
    a contract breakage fee up to $400. The housing contract term for       within or between buildings. Room transfers are coordinated by
    academic year 2011-2012 is Sunday September 18, 2011 through            building staff and may require a one-on-one with your resident
    Friday June 8, 2012.                                                    director and some time on the waitlist.

    Cancellation Prior to Arrival                                           Painting Rotation
    Housing cancellations must be submitted in writing to                   Residential rooms are painted on a rotating basis. If your room; please include your name, student ID, and a            is scheduled to be painted, you will be notified and invited to an
    statement cancelling your housing reservation. Refund of the $200       informational meeting. The paint used in student rooms contains
    housing deposit is determined by several factors and specified in the   no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and we ensure the best
    Housing Agreement (Section 7).                                          environmental practices in the maintenance of our buildings.

                                                                            residentiAl community HAndbook
                                                                            The Residential Community Handbook (RCH) is the official student
                                                                            manual for day-to-day campus living. As a member of the residential
          Check Your Housing Status                                         community, you are responsible for understanding and complying
                                                                            with the information, policies and procedures in the RCH. View the                                          entire RCH at

  Student AcceSS to technology,                                          pAperleSS billing & pAymentS
  librArieS, dining & trAnSit                                            Quarterly tuition and housing charges are assessed to your WWU
                                                                         student account before the start of each quarter and payment is
  MyWestern |                                      due by the first day of classes. Any additional charges incurred later
  MyWestern is the gateway to your student email account, Web4U          in the quarter (for actions like adding a class, increasing your meal
  and an array of computer services. You can access MyWestern from       plan or upgrading your room assignment) are due by 5:00 p.m. on
  any Internet-connected computer or mobile device. Before you           the third Friday of the month. Past due accounts are subject to a
  can log into MyWestern for the first time, you will need to activate   monthly $40 late fee and 1% interest charge. Access your student
  your Universal Login (username and password) at           account by logging into MyWestern and clicking on Web4U. Visit
  activate. If you need assistance, contact or          the Student Accounts website to learn how parents can participate
  360-650-3333.                                                          in the billing and payment process.

  MyHousing |                                  finAnciAl Aid & ScholArShipS
  View in real-time your housing application status, room                Quarterly monies for students with financial aid or scholarships are
  assignment, roommate profile, roommate contact information, and        applied to the student account for automatic payment of tuition,
  meal plan selection.                                                   fees, housing and dining charges. Funds in excess of current quarter
                                                                         charges are refunded to the student by direct deposit or check.
  Western Card |                                   Direct deposit enrollment forms are available online from Student
  The Western Card is your official student identification and           Accounts and from the University Cashier. Please note: financial
  transaction card for libraries, dining, rec center and bus. Valid      aid will not cover certain charges on your student account unless
  photo ID is needed to obtain your Western Card. Keep your card         you submit an Authorization for Miscellaneous Charges form to
  for the duration of your enrollment at Western.                        Student Accounts.

                                                                         releASe of finAnciAl informAtion
  emergency notificAtion SyStem
                                                                         The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prevents
  Students                                                               the University from discussing a student’s financial activity with
  University students, faculty and staff may sign up to receive a text   anyone (including parents, guardians or spouses) without the
  message in the event of a campus-wide emergency. Sign up for           authorization of the student. To enable your parents to discuss your
  emergency text messages by logging into MyWestern; click on            student account with University staff, you must submit a Release of
  Web4U and select Cell Phone View/Update.                               Financial Information form to Student Accounts.

  Parents                                                                building cloSureS during breAkS
  Friends, family and community members may also sign up to              All residential buildings are closed during quarter breaks except
  receive electronic notification in the event of an all-campus          Buchanan Towers, Buchanan Towers East, and Birnam Wood
  emergency. Official emergency notification is sent by University       Apartments. Residential dining commons are closed during
  Communications; registration is available here:                        Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Spring Break, but some cafés and                             markets remain open. Be sure to take everything you will need
                                                                         while away on break; access to your room during break will require
                                                                         an appointment and payment of a $35 access fee.
  Student employment
  Use this online resource to find part-time employment on or off
                                                                         Winter Break
  campus: If you are considering
                                                                         Halls close: 4:00 p.m. Friday December 9, 2011
  employment on or off campus, you will need to provide acceptable
                                                                         Halls reopen: 10:00 a.m. Monday January 2, 2012
  forms of original identification when you go through the hiring
  process. So you know exactly what documentation to bring with
                                                                         Spring Break
  you to campus, you are advised to review Form I-9, Employment
                                                                         Halls close: 4:00 p.m. Friday March 16, 2012
  Eligibility Verification:
                                                                         Halls reopen: 10:00 a.m. Sunday March 25, 2012

                                                                         your cAmpuS mAiling AddreSS
                                                                         Residence Halls                    Birnam Wood Apartments
                                                                         Student’s Name                     Student’s Name
                                                                         Residence Hall, Room #             2901 Bill McDonald Pkwy Apt. #
                                                                         516 High St.                       Bellingham, WA 98225
                                                                         Bellingham, WA 98225
Learn about Billing & Payments
     Driving Directions
     tO nOrth CaMpuS                                       Edens Hall • Edens North • Higginson Hall • Mathes Hall • Nash Hall

       northbound on interstate 5                                      Southbound on interstate 5
       1   Take Exit 253 (Lakeway Dr)                                  1   Take Exit 253 (Lakeway Dr)
       2   Turn right onto King St                                     2   Turn right onto Lakeway Dr
       3   Turn right onto Lakeway Dr                                  3   Continue on Lakeway Dr for .3 miles
       4   Continue on Lakeway Dr for .5 miles                         4   Veer right onto E Holly St
       5   Veer right onto E Holly St                                  5   Turn left onto Indian St
       6   Turn left onto Indian St                                    6   Continue on Indian St for .5 miles
       7   Continue on Indian St for .5 miles                          7   Follow signs to your building’s staging area
       8   Follow signs to your building’s staging area

     tO riDgeWay COMplex                                   Alpha • Beta • Delta • Gamma • Highland • Kappa • Omega • Sigma

       northbound on interstate 5                                      Southbound on interstate 5
       1   Take Exit 252 (Samish Way, W Wash University)               1   Take Exit 252 (Samish Way, W Wash University)
       2   Turn left at stop sign onto Samish Wy                       2   Turn right onto Samish Wy
       3   Turn left at light onto S Samish Wy                         3   Turn left at next light onto Bill McDonald Pkwy
       4   Turn left at light onto Bill McDonald Pkwy                  4   Continue on Bill McDonald Pkwy for 1 mile
       5   Continue on Bill McDonald Pkwy for 1 mile                   5   Follow signs to your building’s staging area
       6   Follow signs to your building’s staging area

     tO SOuth CaMpuS                            Birnam Wood • Buchanan Towers • Buchanan Towers East • Fairhaven Complex

       northbound on interstate 5                                      Southbound on interstate 5
       1 Take Exit 252 (Samish Way, W Wash University)                 1 Take Exit 252 (Samish Way, W Wash University)
       2 Turn left at stop sign onto Samish Wy                         2 Turn right onto Samish Wy
       3 Turn left at light onto S Samish Wy                           3 Turn left at next light onto Bill McDonald Pkwy
       4 Turn left at light onto Bill McDonald Pkwy                    4 Continue on Bill McDonald Pkwy for .5 miles
       5 Continue on Bill McDonald Pkwy for .5 miles                     to Birnam Wood
         to Birnam Wood                                                5 Continue on Bill McDonald Pkwy for another
       6 Continue on Bill McDonald Pkwy for another                      .5 miles to Buchanan Towers and Buchanan
         .5 miles to Buchanan Towers and Buchanan                        Towers East
         Towers East                                                   6 Turn right onto S College Wy and follow signs
       7 Turn right onto S College Wy and follow signs                   to Fairhaven Complex
         to Fairhaven Complex



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                  100% post-consumer waste fiber and wind-generated energy.
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