MONDAY, AUGUST 13, 2007
                                       6:30 PM

** Note – Due to problems with the recording of the meeting, these minutes are not complete and do not reflect
                                      the actions of the entire meeting.

   1. Call to order – Mayor Gall called the meeting to order at 6:33 PM.

   Members Present:            Tom Gall
                               Nancy Bauman
                               Annie Brannan
                               Bill Reding
                               Sarah Leitzen

   Others Present: Lyle and Theresa Hoaglund, Will and Mary Lou Lambert, Andy Nelson,
   Cresta Melcher, Robert Lermon, Joe Waugh – Safeway Insurance, Randy Carlson, Dale
   Brannan, Dave Leth, Matt Brekke and Karen Khavari.

   2. Additions/Deletions to the Agenda – Member Brannan asked to be able to speak on
      the boardwalk pictures, Member Bauman will be updating the Council on EDA
      Finances and Mayor Gall will add a request for a camp site from the MRA.

   3. Consent Agenda – Motion made by Member Leitzen, second by Member Brannan to
      approve the consent agenda with the following changes and/or comments made; On
      the EDA minutes, Jen Gall is the President, not the chairperson; the bill for the DCI is
      listed under miscellaneous instead of publishing; add a budget line item for food under
      the FD budget; comment made on the number of certified letters that went out;
      comment on the amount of the warrant list and if the City has enough of a cash flow to
      cover it. A cash flow statement should be provided to the Council. Motion passed

   4. Correspondence – FYI

   5. Public Comments – Lyle and Theresa Hoaglund gave an update on Marigold Days.

   6. Old Business/New Business
         a) Inspection of rental property at 600 Washington, Unit 5 – Information was
            provided to the Council on the inspection of 600 Washington Street, Unit 5 after
            receiving complaints from the previous renters. Per CMS, everything looks ok
            and only minor repairs need to be done. Mr. Brown sent an additional letter and
            pictures of the property as it appears now. The picture’s look quite different
            from the ones submitted by the previous renter. The Council asked staff to
            check with CMS in one month to make sure that all the fixes were done.
         b) Conditional Use Permit Recommendation from P/Z for Lyle and Theresa
            Hoaglund – Motion made by Member Brannan, second by Member Reding to
            approve the recommendation of the Planning and Zoning Commission in
            regards to the Conditional Use Permit for Lyle and Theresa Hoaglund. As a
            friendly amendment by Mayor Gall, the motion will also include approving
     COMMERCIAL DISTRICT. Motion passed unanimously. The Council further
     discussed the buffer requirement that must be in place one year from the date
     of Council approval. If a garden type buffer will be put in, a plan showing such
     will need to be submitted for approval in lieu of the hedge buffering.
c)   Resolution 2007-22 – approved above in item b.
d)   Request for one water meter, Lyle and Theresa Hoaglund – the Hoaglund’s are
     requesting that the property that will house both buildings for the Art Guild,
     although separate, be connected by one water meter and not be required to put
     in an additional water meter in the building being put in. It was the consensus
     of the Council to have City Attorney Lee Bjorndal review the City ordinance and
     give his recommendation on this. No action will be taken until an answer from
     the attorney is received.
e)   Bookkeeping Quotes – Lost section of tape
f)   Dick Swenke, Mantorville Saloon, One Day Liquor License Application – Motion
     made by Member Reding, second by Member Leitzen to approve the one day
     liquor license for the Mantorville Saloon for Saturday, September 8, 2007.
     Clarification by Member Brannan to make sure that all paperwork, including the
     certificate of insurance states September 8 and 9, as liquor is sold past
     midnight on September 8. Motion passed unanimously.
g)   Water Sewer Forgiveness Policy – on hold
h)   LMCIT Insurance Presentation, Joe Waugh – Safeway/Waugh & Associates –
     Joe Waugh gave his annual presentation to the Council on the property
     insurance. Motion made by Member Reding, second by Member Brannan to
     approve the insurance as written with a tort cap at $300,000 and decline the
     excessive use coverage. Motion passed unanimously. Staff is to verify the
     items listed in the insurance documents and make sure that all property listed is
     corrected. Joe explained the bonding for the Relief Association and the Clerk.
     Relief is renewable every three years, Clerk is each year. Motion passed
i)   Park Board Budget 2008 – Cresta Melcher was present to present and discuss
     the requested 2008 Park Board Budget. The Park Board is asking for $56,405
     for various projects in each of the parks. Cresta went through each of the
     projects. The Council will take the request into consideration when looking at
     the budget as a whole.
j)   Budget Discussions – Missing from tape

5. TBD – Missing from tape

6. Executive Session – Personnel – OPEN MEETING - The council did not go into
   executive session as three staff members requested their pre evaluations be
   done openly. Dave Leth, Matt Brekke and Karen Khavari each received their
   mid year evaluations. Each was given a summary stating items that were
   commended on or items that needed to be worked on. Any issues or
   complaints that are received by a council member concerning staff will be
   brought immediately to the attention of that staff person and not held over until
   evaluation time. Discussion took place on the hours that staff works at City
   Hall. Does the Council want to offer more flexibility and allow staff to coordinate
   and work between the hours of 7am-4:30 pm but still keeping City Hall hours
   from 7:30 am – 4:00 pm? This would give staff additional uninterrupted time to
   get work done. The Council was in consensus that this could be put into place.
   Staff will coordinate this and report back to the Council in a couple of months.

Items missing from tape and submitted by Council Members to Clerk for
addition to meeting minutes;

      Clarification from Member Brannan that the boardwalk in front of the
       Country Store be removed and the boards given to the Historical
       Center or the MRA.
      Motion made by Member Bauman, second by Member Leitzen to pay
       the EDA the sum of $25,751.68 which consists of costs on the lots,
       plus interest on their checking and investments and ½ of the 2007
       budget, less payments made the City made on their behalf of the EDA
       for web hosting costs and the welcome center. In return the City is to
       keep the reimbursement on the lots. Motion passed with Members
       Bauman, Letizen and Mayor Gall voting for and Members Brannan and
       Reding voting against.

Adjourn – Motion made by Member Brannan, second by Member Reding to
adjourn the meeting. Motion passed unanimously.

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