New Hire Information and Helpful Resources for Graduate Students

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					      New Hire Information & Resources for Faculty

    Complete new hire paperwork
    Set up your UW Net ID and UW email account
    Update address in MyUW’s ESS
    Pick up Husky Card
    Enroll in health insurance

Paydays and Check Distribution:
Paydays are on the 10th (for work performed between the 16th- 31st) and 25th (for work performed
between the 1st-15th) of each month. Checks are available for pick up by 11:00am on payday at the EE
front desk. Please bring picture ID when you come to sign for your check. Even if you sign up for direct
deposit (takes two pay periods to go into effect), you will still have at least ONE paycheck pick up.

UW NetID and UW Email Account:
Once your payroll appointment has been entered, you will be given a sheet that has your Employee ID#
(EID) and a Private Access Code (PAC). You will need this information in order to obtain a UW NetID.
If your own birth date doesn’t work, please use the default date of 01/01/1900.

The Employee Self Service (ESS) link within MyUW provides personal information regarding your
paycheck, taxes, withholding allowances, deductions, address changes (both campus and personal), and
employee ID number. You WILL NOT be able to enter the ESS link until you are placed on payroll.
   1. Paycheck information –
      Employees can log on to ESS to view their paycheck information at anytime. For those receiving
      direct deposit, this will be the source you should use to verify that you were paid correctly and
      on time.
   2. Address changes –
      It is the responsibility of the employee to ensure that accurate and up to date addresses are
      entered into the University systems. If you do not enter your current address by December 1st of
      each calendar year, you may not receive important yearend tax forms. To update your address,
      follow the steps below:
           o Using your UW NetID and password, log into
           o Click on the Employee Self Service (ESS) link, enter your password, and log on
           o Click the address tab
           o Click the Change button, make the appropriate changes and click save
Husky Card:
The Husky Card is your official UW identification card, and it must be obtained in person.
   1. Obtaining a Husky Card –
         o Go to the Husky Card Account Office on the ground floor of the Odegaard
             Undergraduate Library (open: M-F 8-5; phone: 206-543-7222).
         o Bring your EID# and a state or federally issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or a

   2. What a Husky Card can be used for –
        o Accessing campus buildings
        o Library card
        o Bus/train pass (a.k.a. UPASS)
        o Husky Card Account for purchasing food and coffee on campus
        o Free admission to Henry Art Gallery and Burke Museum; discounts on tickets at the UW
             Arts Ticket Office
        o Admission to recreational sports facilities such as the IMA or the WAC

Health Insurance:
Please note – you will have 31 days to after your employment start date to enroll into a benefits plan.
Otherwise, your coverage will be defaulted to the standard plan. All additional questions regarding
benefits should be directed to the Benefits Office (206-543-2800).

Nonresidents of the United States:
  1. Social Security # -
     Please make sure that the name on your SS card is the same as the name on your passport
         a. How to obtain a SS card: See instruction form
         b. Once you have SS card: Take the card into the EE payroll office AND to the Registration
             Office so that it can be entered into their databases
  2. Tax Treaties –
     Check the front page of the coversheet to the new hire packet to see if your home country has a
     tax treaty with the United States. You CANNOT turn in the tax treaty forms until you have a
     social security number. These forms must be filled out at the beginning of each new tax year
     (January) in order for you to continue to be exempt from federal withholding taxes.
  3. I-20’s –
     Your work authorization is verified through the I-9 form and the work expiration date comes
     from your I-20. Anytime that you extend the end date of your I-20, you must also update your I-9
     form through the EE payroll office so that you can continue to work. Failure to do so can result
     in termination.