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					                                        Providence Alaska Learning Institute

                            Clinical Excellence Track

                              PHSA 90127

     In collaboration with Parish Nurses of Alaska
        And Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries

Parish Nurse-Health Ministry
     Preparation Course
      Whole Person Health Care:


                  Physical                              Social


                  January 10, 15, 17, 24, 31
                  February 5, 7, 12, 19, 26
                        March 4, 6
                      5:00 - 9:00 PM

               Providence Alaska Medical Center
                   Lower Level Willow Room
               3200 Providence Drive, Anchorage

           Early registration is encouraged as class size may be limited.
    For more information, contact Providence Alaska Learning Institute 261-3011.
Keynote Speaker: Carol Bagley, RNC, BSN, MAT, Parish              our health care system. Parish nurses provide information
Nurse Faculty, Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries,                 about health care, support those with chronic illness and
Anchorage, Alaska.                                                encourage healthy lifestyles. They serve as the connection
                                                                  between the members of the faith community and health
Carol Bagley is the Parish Nurse Educator based in Alaska         care services in the area.
and affiliated with Northwest Parish Nurse Ministries.
Carol received her faculty training through the                   The American Nurses Association recognizes parish
International Parish Nurse Resource Center and also               nursing as a unique nursing specialty and independent
serves as a parish nurse at Amazing Grace Lutheran                practice of professional nursing with its own Scope and
Church in Anchorage, Alaska. Carol has an extensive               Standards of Faith Community Nursing. There are over 8,000
nursing background, serving as a staff nurse in Adult             parish nurses in the United States and their numbers are
Critical Care and as a leader in staff development and adult      growing fast. Communities are realizing the benefits of
education for over 35 years.                                      licensed registered nurses who are trained and prepared to
                                                                  serve as a parish nurse.
Guest Faculty: Speakers form the Alaskan nursing and
faith community.                                                  Course Objectives: At the completion of this class,
Target Audience: Anyone who is interested in                      participants will be able to:
developing a health ministry team within their                    1. Explore the concepts of health, healing and wholeness
congregation is welcome to attend. However, the focus of              and how it relates to the philosophy of parish nursing.
this course is on the role of the Parish Nurse. Registered        2. Examine professional ethics and accountability in
Nurses are members of the health ministry team and                    parish nurse practice.
function as Parish Nurses through their licensure.                3. Describe approaches to spiritual assessment and
Participants who complete the course will receive a                   interventions for spiritual care giving.
                                                                  Credit: Providence Alaska Learning Institute, Providence
Course Description: This course, in collaboration with            Health System Alaska, is an Approved Provider of
Parish Nurses of Alaska and Northwest Parish Nurse                continuing education in nursing by the Alaska Nurses
Ministries, is designed to provide the basic knowledge and        Association, an accredited approver by the American
skills needed to initiate a parish nurse/health ministry          Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on
program. Participants will explore the history, philosophy        Accreditation.
and ethical practice of parish nursing as well as legal issues,
accountability and documentation. The seven functions of          Course Content
the parish nurse will be presented through experiential           A. Health, Healing and Wholeness in the Faith
hands-on learning opportunities. In addition, the role of            Community
the parish nurse in promoting health and wellness                 B. History and Philosophy of Parish Nursing
throughout the lifespan will be presented. Lastly,                C. Ethics in Parish Nursing
participants will recognize their role in facilitating prayer,    D. Legal Issues and Accountability in Parish Nursing
worship and functioning within a ministerial team.                E. Documentation
                                                                  F. Assessment: Individual, Family, Congregation
What is a Parish Nurse?             Parish nursing is the         G. Health Promotion and Wellness
professional practice of whole     person care focused on         H. Functioning Within a Ministerial Team
assessing and addressing the        spiritual, physical and       I. Prayer and Worship
emotional needs of individuals     and families within the        J. Grief and Loss
context of a faith community.                                     K. Family Violence
                                                                  L. Serving the Undeserved
Faith communities are places of hope and love. People             M. Self Care for Parish Nurses
turn to them for an ongoing connection and                        N. Functions of the Parish Nurse
encouragement. A parish nurse/health ministry focuses on                  a. Integrator of Faith and Health
the needs of the people it serves, both members and the                   b. Personal Health Counselor
community at large.                                                       c. Health Educator
                                                                          d. Health Advocate
In today’s society, health care is growing more and more                  e. Referral Agent
complex. We are observing an increase in chronic health                   f. Coordinator of Volunteers
conditions and decrease in available support systems.                     g. Assessing and Developing Support Group
Parish nurses are trusted health professionals, practicing
within a familiar setting, who can help bridge the gaps in
                                                                                  Providence Alaska Learning Institute

                                                                Registration Information
Early registration is requested as class size is limited to 25. The registration deadline is Monday, January 7, 2008. Registrations
will continue to be accepted up to the date the course begins, provided space is available.

Registration: You may register in person at the Providence Alaska Learning Institute 7:00am - 4:30pm Monday through
Friday. You may fax your registration form to (907) 261-4911. Fax registrations for non-employees require a 16-digit credit
card number, expiration date and signature. Make checks payable to PAMC. No telephone registrations will be accepted.

You may mail your registration form to
                                                     Providence Alaska Learning Institute
                                                  PO Box 196604, Anchorage, Alaska 99519-6604

Registration Fee: There is no fee for employees of Providence Health System Alaska.
The registration fee for nonemployees is $250.00. No Purchase Orders will be accepted.

Cancellation Policy: The non-employee course fee includes a $25.00 non-refundable charge, which reflects administrative
costs in producing the course. The remainder of the course fee is refundable if cancellation notice is received by calling the
Providence Alaska Learning Institute (907) 261-3011 up to one working day before the program.
For more information, contact Linda Shepard, RN, Community Services, Providence Alaska Medical Center 907-261-5053.

Course Location
                                 Providence Alaska Medical Center, PAMC, Lower Level Willow Room
                                           3200 Providence Drive, Anchorage, Alaska 99508

Your Name                                                                                                           Required: PHSA Employee # (on back of badge)

PHSA Facility or Employer                                Your Department/Ext                                        Your Job Title/Credentials

Mailing Address                                                                  City                                          State                  Zip

Work Phone
#                              Fax #                           Home Phone #                   Cell Phone #                     email address

         90127 ~ Parish Nurse-Health Ministry Preparation Course ~ January 10 to March 6, 2008~5:00-9:00 PM

Non-employee fee $250.00                                                         Check                                     Pali use only

Visa/MC 16-digit credit card #                                                                                             expiration date

Print Name on Card

Signature (name printed on card)
        Payment must accompany this completed registration form (if applicable). You may fax your registration form to (907) 261-4911. Fax registrations require a
               16-digit Visa or MC #, expiration date, and signature. Make checks payable to PAMC. You may mail your completed registration form to

                                              Early registration is encouraged as class size may be limited.
                                       For more information, contact Providence Alaska Learning Institute 261-3011.

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