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					Global LNG – the UK Supply Chain Conference
       25 October 2005 at One Whitehall Place, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HD
                             in the Gladstone Library

UK Trade & Investment in conjunction with Faraday Management Solutions has organised this conference for
UK supply chain companies on the subject of the 'Global LNG Market'.

The conference is aimed at helping the UK supply chain learn about how they might benefit from forthcoming
international projects in this growth sector. A number of expert speakers from LNG operating companies,
consultants and contractors will participate in the event.

Speaker Highlights
Martin Houston                                               Eddie Walshe      OBE
  Executive Vice President & Managing Director                 Senior Adviser, Poten & Partners and
  N. America, Caribbean and Global LNG, BG Group               Conference Chairman

Andrew Jamieson                                              Dr Peter Christie
  Vice President Gas and Projects Shell Global                 Deputy Director, Dti Energy Industries
  Solutions International BV                                   and Technology Unit



                                     Supporting organisations:

  www.faradaymanagementsolutions.com                                   Facilitated by
                                               Morning Programme
 08.30 Registration and Coffee                                        SESSION 2 NATURAL GAS
                                                                                TREATMENT, LIQUEFACTION
 09.00 Chairman’s Opening Remarks                                               & STORAGE
         Edward Walshe, OBE, Senior Adviser, Poten & Partners
                                                                      11.00   Natural Gas Treatment
                                                                                Current state of market
 SESSION 1 CURRENT AND FUTURE                                                   Main trends in development
           OUTLOOK FOR LNG                                                      Challenges ahead

 09.10 Keynote Speaker: Global LNG
       – What does it mean for all of us?
           LNG business today
                                                                      11.25   Natural Gas Liquefaction
           What is driving the growth and what are the                          Existing technology
           implications                                                         State of the market
           BG’s LNG business and future opportunities for suppliers             Future Developments

         Martin Houston, EVP&MD, N.America, Caribbean                         Martin Josten, Business Development Manager
         and Global LNG, BG Group                                             BP Technology

 09.40 World Energy Supplies                                          11.50   SEGAS – Case Study
           Future Energy Makeup                                                 Project overview
           Increasing role for Natural Gas                                      Involvement of UK Supply Chain
           UK’s potential supply/demand gap                                     Challenges Ahead

         Dr Peter Christie, Deputy Director Energy Industries                 Andy Shaw, LNG Process Manager, MW Kellogg
         and Technology Unit, DTI

                                                                      12.25 Current Trends in LNG Storage
 10.10 Worldwide LNG Ventures                                               and Marine Facilities
           Supply and Competition                                               Current technology
           Atlantic LNG Market                                                  Coping with bigger trains
           Rest of World LNG                                                    Creating deepwater facilities

         Dr Duncan Clarke, Chairman and CEO                                   Paul Sullivan, Business Development Director,
         Global Pacific and Partners                                          Whessoe Oil and Gas Ltd

 10.40 Coffee                                                         12.50 Lunch

This conference has its origin in a Dti publication "UK Capability in the LNG Global Market" URN 05/1016.
It was produced for the Energy Industries and Technology Unit by Faraday Management Solutions and may
be downloaded from their website www.faradaymanagementsolutions.com

In addition a brief questionnaire should be accessed for completion and return.

The returns will be entered to the UK Trade & Investment Data Base of UK Supply Chain Companies for
industry sector measurement.
                                             Afternoon Programme

                                                                           THEIR IMPACT ON THE
 14.00 LNG Shipping                                                        UK SUPPLY CHAIN
            Fundamentals of the market
            Move to bigger vessels                               15.50 Financing LNG Projects
            Future Opportunities                                          LNG financing model
          Nigel Gardiner, Managing Director, Drewry Shipping              Role of ECGD
          Consultants Limited                                             Case study from ECGD

                                                                        Mike Brown, Director, ECGD
 14.30 Regasification Terminals
       – What the future holds                                   16.15 How to penetrate Global LNG
            Where are the terminals going?                                Traditional approach to Supply Chain practice
            Economy of scale                                              Size of the market
            Technology changes and challenges                             New technology and new markets
          Marc Sculthorpe, Project Director, South Hook                 Tony Heath, Director, Faraday Management
          LNG Terminal, CBI

                                                                 16.40 Atlantic LNG – Case Study Involving
 15.00 New Concepts in Offshore
                                                                       UK Supply Chain
       LNG Terminals
                                                                          Atlantic LNG Plant
            Environmental Challenges
                                                                          Project Delivery
            New Designs and Technology
                                                                          Accessing the UK Supply Chain
            Case Study
                                                                        Sergio Buoncristiano, Business Development
          Jan-Diederik Advocaat, Vice President of Marine               Manger, Bechtel
          Concrete Structures

                                                                 17.05 Shell’s experience with LNG
 15.30 Coffee
                                                                          Shell’s worldwide LNG portfolio
                                                                          Previous experience with NLNG
                                                                          Shell’s view of where UK can add value

                                                                        Andrew Jamieson, Director, Shell Global Gas and Power

                                                                 17.30 Chairman’s Closing Remarks and
                                                                       Questions and Answers

                                                                 18.00 Cocktail Reception
                                                                        Sponsored by Poten & Partners

                                                                 19.30 Close
Gladstone Library – Conference Room

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Global LNG – the UK Supply Chain Conference
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