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									Society of General
Internal Medicine
                                                               Volume 23 • Number 12 • December 2000

                                              FROM DREAM TO REALITY:
                                              THE HORN SCHOLARS
                                              Carole Warde, MD

                                                    GIM is proud to announce the re-         only did she and her family benefit from
                                                    quest for applications for the first     her new position; so too did her patients,
                                                    Mary O’Flaherty Horn Scholar in          colleagues, students, hospital, and univer-
                                              General Internal Medicine. This new pro-       sity. Unfortunately, Mary was only able
Contents                                      gram seeks to create an alternative career     to live out her dream for seven years be-
                                              track for academic general internists. The     fore succumbing to ALS in 1998.
1   From Dream to Reality: The Horn           intent of the Horn Scholars Program is               Through the generous gifts of Mary
    Scholars Program                          to make it easier for busy physicians with     Horn’s family and friends, her dream and
                                              growing family needs to balance their          eventual reality of a balanced lifestyle as
2   SGIM Invites Applications for Research    work, family, and social responsibilities.     an academic general internist will live on.
    Mentorship Awards                         SGIM is seeking interested academic gen-       Since the spring of 1999, the SGIM
                                              eral internists who choose to work half        Council has been actively working with
3   President’s Column                        time in order to meet this frequently over-    Mary’s family and close friends to develop
                                              whelming challenge.                            the Horn Scholars Program. Recently,
4   Theme Plenary to Feature Research on           The dream began with a role model         Mary’s mother, Louise O’Flaherty, made
    Disparities in Health                     who had the courage to follow her heart.       a generous gift to the Program, enabling
                                              At one point in her full-time career as a      SGIM to award the first Horn Scholar at
4   One-on-One Mentoring Program              clinician-educator and director of the in-     our next Annual Meeting. The Selection
                                              digent outpatient clinic, Mary Horn came       Committee has been busy preparing the
5   Funding Opportunities in Substance        to the realization that she could no longer    application, which will be available online
                                              continue her busy work schedule and be         in mid-November at www.sgim.org.
    Abuse Research
                                              the mother to her three young children         Applications will be due by January 31,
                                              that she wanted to be. Her colleagues          2001. Please help spread the word!
5   Research Committee Seeks Nominees
                                              would not accept her resignation and in-             Our careers as academic general in-
    for Best Paper of 2000                    stead created a new position for her that      ternists are a blend of patient care, teach-
                                              allowed her to cut her work in half and        ing, and research. Our lives outside of
6   Getting the Most from National            share her full-time academic position.         medicine are similarly an intricate mix of
    Conferences                                    Mary lived her dream of a more bal-       core relationships with mates, children,
                                              anced lifestyle. In her half academic po-      parents, and friends. SGIM’s recent needs
10 New Members: Mountain West,                sition, she was able to participate actively   assessment indicates that the blending of
   Northwest, California, and International   in family activities, to continue her pro-     these two central aspects of our lives is a
                                              ductive career and her work with the           continual challenge for most of us. An
10 Classified Ads                             medically indigent, and eventually to ob-      important goal of SGIM is to help mem-
                                              tain academic promotion at UCLA. Not                                continued on next page

                                                   SGIM Invites Applications for
                                                   Research Mentorship Awards
PRESIDENT                                          P. Preston Reynolds, MD, PhD, FACP
Sankey V. Williams, MD • Philadelphia, PA
sankey@wharton.upenn.edu • (215) 662-3795

                                                         ast year SGIM launched a new            honorarium for the mentor.
PRESIDENT-ELECT                                          mentorship initiative to                   All applications must include a
Kurt Kroenke, MD • Indianapolis, IN                      strengthen the research skills of     letter from the mentor in support of the
Kroenke_K@regenstrief.iupui.edu • (317) 630-7447
                                                   junior faculty. Initial Mentorship          mentee and project application.
IMMEDIATE PAST-PRESIDENT                           Awards and Follow-on Awards support         Applicants and mentors should collabo-
C. Seth Landefeld, MD • San Francisco, CA          longitudinal relationships between          rate in developing the project proposal.
sethl@medicine.ucsf.edu • (415) 750-6625
                                                   mentors and mentees who live at some        Proposals should be sent to Preston
TREASURER                                          distance from one another. A detailed       Reynolds, MD, PhD, Chair, Selection
Brent G. Petty, MD • Baltimore, MD                 description of the research mentorship      Committee, Research Mentorship
bpetty@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu • (410) 955-8181
                                                   award program appeared in the October       Awards, c/o SGIM, 2501 M Street, NW,
SECRETARY-ELECT                                    1999 Forum. The first five Initial          Suite 575, Washington, DC 20037. The
Ann B. Nattinger, MD, MPH • Milwaukee, WI          Mentorship Awards were announced in         deadline for applications is January 15,
anatting@mcw.edu • (414) 456-6860                  the February 2000 Forum.                    2001.
                                                        The Selection Committee now                 For more information, contact
                                                   seeks applications for the 2001 Initial     Preston Reynolds, MD, PhD, at
Michael J. Barry, MD • Boston, MA
mbarry@partners.org • (617) 726-4106               Mentorship Awards. Applications may         preynold@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu or
                                                   be up to 10 pages, double-spaced.           (410) 955-3662. SGIM
James C. Byrd, MD, MPH • Greenville, NC
jbyrd@brody.med.ecu.edu • (919) 816-4633           Proposals should include several
Pamela Charney, MD, FACP • New York, NY            x Introduction—statement of the
charney@aecom.yu.edu • (718) 918-7463                                                          DREAM TO REALITY
                                                     research question(s) to be addressed.     continued from previous page
Catherine R. Lucey, MD • Washington, DC            x Methodology—description of the
crll@MHG.edu • (202) 877-6749
                                                     research methods to be learned or         bers incorporate their core values into
Susana R. Morales, MD • New York, NY
srm2001@mail.med.cornell.edu • (212) 746-2909        used.                                     their daily professional lives. The Mary
                                                   x Mentorship relationship—statement         O’Flaherty Horn Scholar in General
Harry P. Selker, MD, MSPH • Boston, MA
hselker@lifespan.org • (617) 636-5009                of the reasons for selecting a specific   Internal Medicine is an important first
                                                     mentor and previous experience            step in this direction. A new interest
EX OFFICIO                                           working with this individual.             group has been formed to address the
Regional Coordinator                               x Career development—description of         whole area of personal-professional
Bruce A. Chernof • Woodland Hills, CA
bruce.chernof@healthnet.com • (818) 823-4471         how this award will enhance the           balance in General Internal Medicine.
                                                     applicant’s career potential in           Please plan on attending the interest
Editor, Journal of General Internal Medicine
Eric B. Bass, MD • Baltimore, MD                     research.                                 group’s first meeting in San Diego.
ebass@jhmi.edu • (410) 955-9868                    x Budget—costs of travel for up to two      Bring your experience and ideas and
                                                     trips to work with the mentor, $1,000     help change our future. Follow your
Editor, SGIM Forum
David R. Calkins, MD, MPP • Boston, MA               for project costs, and $500 for           heart, live your dreams. SGIM
david_calkins@hms.harvard.edu • (617) 432-3666


Robert E. Blaser • Washington, DC
rblaser@mail.acponline.org • (202) 261-4551                                     Member News

David Karlson, PhD                                    If you have news to share about yourself, such as a
2501 M Street, NW, Suite 575                          career change, job promotion, new appointment, or receipt of an
Washington, DC 20037                                  honor, award, or grant, please let us know! Send your news by e-mail
(800) 822-3060                                        to Lorraine Tracton, Communications Director, SGIM, at
(202) 887-5150, 887-5405 FAX                          TractonL@sgim.org. Space permitting, a summary of member news
                                                      will appear in the Forum each month.

Sankey V. Williams, MD

          y wife is a politician. Yes,          me, and I                                                                           Association of Program
          I know. Thanks for your               wouldn’t be                                                                         Directors in Internal
          sympathy.                             surprised if she                                                                    Medicine (APDIM)
      She’s a member of the state               felt the same way                                                                   recently announced that
legislature. As I write this, it is two days    about my job.                                                                       the percentage of positions
before the election, and she’s running          That’s the point                                                                    in categorical internal
again. Until she ran the first time, I’d        of this column—                                                                     medicine programs filled
never been inside a campaign. It’s a            different strokes                                                                   by U.S. graduates de-
frenzy, at least toward the end.                for different folks.                                                                creased 3.2 percentage
      In this state, legislators like my wife         The reason                                                                    points. Moreover, the fill
are always running. It’s a full-time job        this idea is                                                                        rate by U.S. graduates in
with a two-year term, so the campaign           important now is that some of my                                      primary care internal medicine positions
doesn’t so much begin as it accelerates.        colleagues are worried about recent                                   decreased 1.5 percent despite a substan-
It’s hard to know what she likes best           information reporting who is not going                                tial decrease in the number of positions
about campaigning. One of her favorites         into primary care, and I think they’re                                offered. These changes are trends, not
is going door to door, because she talks        overreacting. Last week the Association                               simply one-year aberrations. Being a
with people who don’t show up else-             of American Medical Colleges                                          doctor, being an internist, and being a
where. Some are sick, others down on            (AAMC) announced that the number                                      primary care internist are not as popular
their luck, and still others are working        of individuals applying to U.S. medical                               as they used to be.
at home or have retired early because of        schools for the current school year                                        I think some of my colleagues are
good fortune. They tell amazing stories.        decreased 3.6 percent. Also, the                                                                            continued on page 8
      Another favorite is working with
the people in the district’s volunteer fire
companies, because it takes a special                                                           SGIM
kind of person to volunteer. I don’t
think she has missed the christening of
a single new fire truck, and last night
she was made an honorary fire chief.
      Still another is attending services
in all the churches, because the                 EDITOR                                                               Giselle Corbie-Smith, MD • Atlanta, GA
churches embody the district’s cultural          David R. Calkins, MD, MPP • Boston, MA                               gcorbie@emory.edu • (404) 616-7490
variety. She also says it brings her the         david_calkins@hms.harvard.edu • (617) 432-3666
                                                                                                                      David Lee, MD • Boise, ID
same peace she experiences when she              EDITORIAL COORDINATOR
                                                                                                                      lee.david@boise.va.gov • (208) 422-1102
goes to temple.                                  Stacy A. McGrath • Boston, MA                                        Mark Liebow, MD, MPH • Rochester, MN
      Campaigning is mostly hard work,           stacy_mcgrath@hms.harvard.edu • (617) 432-3667                       mliebow@mayo.edu • (507) 284-1551
                                                 (617) 432-3635 FAX
however. Raising money, constantly                                                                                    Valerie Stone, MD, MPH • Providence, RI
explaining issues in endless meetings,           ASSOCIATE EDITORS
                                                                                                                      Valerie_Stone@mhri.org • (401) 729-2395
talking with commuters on train                  James C. Byrd, MD, MPH • Greenville, NC                              Brent Williams, MD • Ann Arbor, MI
platforms before daybreak, and giving            jbyrd@brody.med.ecu.edu • (919) 816-4633                             bwilliam@umich.edu • (734) 936-5222
up family and social life are central to         Joseph Conigliaro, MD, MPH • Pittsburgh, PA                          Ellen F. Yee, MD, MPH • Los Angeles, CA
the campaign. Worst of all are the               joseph.conigliaro@med.va.gov • (412) 688-6477                        efyee@ucla.edu • (818) 891-7711 Ext. 5275
attack ads, which are emotionally
draining. They began last week and are           Published monthly by the Society of General Internal Medicine as a supplement to the Journal of General Internal Medicine.
the cause of the current frenzy.                 SGIM Forum seeks to provide a forum for information and opinions of interest to SGIM members and to general internists and
                                                 those engaged in the study, teaching, or operation for the practice of general internal medicine. Unless so indicated, articles do not
      My wife loves her job and especially       represent official positions or endorsement by SGIM. Rather, articles are chosen for their potential to inform, expand, and
                                                 challenge readers’ opinions.
the campaigns that make it possible.             SGIM Forum welcomes submissions from its readers and others. Communication with the Editorial Coordinator will assist the
Although I’m happy for her, there are            author in directing a piece to the editor to whom its content is most appropriate.
                                                 The SGIM World-Wide Website is located at http://www.sgim.org
not many jobs that would be worse for



Theme Plenary to Feature Research on Disparities in Health
Eliseo J. Pérez-Stable, MD, and Rodney Hayward, MD

        ll SGIM members, as well as non-        grounded theory,
        members, are encouraged to              phenomenology,
        submit abstracts for presentation       sociological case
                                                                        The Annual Meeting has
at our upcoming 24th Annual Meeting             studies, and medical    become the premiere place to
in San Diego, May 2–5, 2001. Address-           biography.
ing disparities in health by ethnicity,            Formats for presen-  present our scholarly work.
race, social class, gender, age, national-   tation at this year’s
ity, language use, education, and other      meeting will include:
factors is the theme of the meeting.         x Plenary Session Oral Presentations,        Medicine; about 50 percent will be
Generalists have been involved in               featuring six of the very highest-rated   presented at the meeting. This year,
research on health disparities for years,       abstracts.                                researchers are strongly encouraged to
and our work has led to major innova-        x Theme Plenary, featuring four of the       submit their abstracts via the Internet
tions in health policy, medical educa-          best abstracts consistent with the        (www.sgim.org). All abstracts must be
tion, and clinical services to address          theme of the meeting.                     received by 4:30 PM EST on January 8,
these disparities. The Annual Meeting        x Special Scientific Symposia, each          2000.
has become the premiere place to                featuring four to six related abstracts        We look forward to another great
present our scholarly work. We urge all         followed by a moderated discussion.       meeting of sharing our science! SGIM
members to submit their own work and         x Simultaneous Oral Abstract Presenta-

to encourage fellows and colleagues to          tions, featuring 10-minute oral                Editor’s note—Dr. Pérez-Stable
submit work to the upcoming meeting.            presentations followed by a 5-minute      (eliseops@medicine.ucsf.edu) is the
      In addition to the plenary session,       question and answer period.               Chair of the Abstract Selection Committee
we plan to have four simultaneous            x Poster Sessions, designed to facilitate    for the 2000 Annual Meeting. Dr.
abstract sessions at four different times       intense interaction between col-          Hayward (rhayward@umich.edu) is the
during the program. These sessions will         leagues in a relaxed, social setting.     Co-Chair.
be in larger rooms. We will invite senior          Submitted abstracts will be pub-
SGIM investigators to attend these           lished in the Journal of General Internal
sessions and stimulate discussion. The
popular poster sessions will continue
and be slightly expanded. Overall, we        One-on-One Mentoring Program
expect to accept an estimated 450
abstracts for presentation. We are           JudyAnn Bigby, MD, and Marshall H. Chin, MD, MPH
requesting abstracts in the following
                                                                                          Mentors and mentees are matched
x Patient-Centered Research, referring

   to work for which individual patients,
                                             V   ery few successful individuals limit
                                                  themselves to one mentor through-
                                             out their professional lives. It is better
                                                                                          based upon mutual interests and
                                                                                          expectations. The mentor-mentee pair
   people, or participants are the focus.    to build a personal mosaic of influences,    meets in person during the Annual
x Clinician/Organization-Centered            experts, and guides, as one can learn        Meeting, with the option of continuing
   Research, referring to work for which     different things from each mentor.           the relationship beyond that time.
   the focus is clinicians or health care    Mentors can serve as coaches, counse-        While mentoring is often viewed as an
   organizations.                            lors, sponsors, protectors, and role         ongoing relationship with an individual
x Learner/Teacher-Centered Research,         models and can provide friendship,           in close proximity, past participants in
   referring to work focused on learners     validation, and opportunities for            SGIM’s program have found this
   and/or teachers in a general internal     exposure.                                    opportunity to be worthwhile and
   medicine context.                               The One-on-One Mentoring               important in helping them sort out
x Medical Humanities and Qualitative         Program at the SGIM Annual Meeting           important career decisions and dilem-
   Research, to include history of           gives individuals the opportunity to         mas. The program can help students,
   medicine, literature, ethical analysis,   develop one of the many relationships        residents, fellows, junior faculty, or mid-
   political science, ethnography,           that can help shape their careers.                                   continued on page 9

FUNDING OPPORTUNITIES IN                                                                    Research Committee
                                                                                            Seeks Nominees for
SUBSTANCE ABUSE RESEARCH                                                                    Best Paper of 2000
Joseph Conigliaro, MD, MPH                                                                  Amy Justice, MD

T                                                                                           T
        his month’s Research Funding          able in two ways. Projects requesting             he SGIM Research Committee was
        Corner highlights opportunities in    under $100,000 will be accepted at any            pleased to initiate a new award this
        the study of substance abuse.         time. This option is for projects that are    past year: Best Generalist Research
Alcohol and substance abuse is a major        time sensitive, of shorter duration, and      Paper. The 2000 award recognized
public health problem and responsible         involve analysis of current or emerging       papers published in 1999. To be eligible,
for a significant number of preventable       policies or secondary data analysis.          the first author of the paper must have
deaths. The morbidity and mortality           Projects requesting $100,000–$400,000         been a member of SGIM. Nine very
from tobacco use, alcohol abuse, and          should follow the following timetable.        noteworthy papers were nominated1–9.
illicit drugs are staggering, as are the      x Letter of Intent Due Date: March 5,         As noted in the July 2000 issue of the
direct and indirect costs to society. The       2001                                        Forum, first place recognition went to
economic burden of substance abuse was        x Notification to Complete a Proposal:        John Ayanian and colleagues, who
estimated at $110 billion in 1995.              May 4, 2001                                 demonstrated that patient preferences
These costs include violence, crime,          x Proposal Due Date: June 29, 2001            explain only a small proportion of racial
reduced productivity, increased utiliza-      x Notification of Awards: October,            differences in access to renal trans-
tion of health services, and higher             2001                                        plant2. A close second-place recognition
health care costs. Two recent program             Additional information about this         went to Eric Thomas and colleagues,
announcements may be of interest to           program is available on the Robert            who described the substantial cost of
SGIM members.                                 Wood Johnson Foundation website               preventable medical injuries among
                                              (www.rwjf.org/grant/jgrant.htm).              inpatients in Utah and Colorado9.
Substance Abuse Policy Research                                                                   The Research Committee would
Program 2000—Robert Wood                      Economics of Drug Abuse Treatment             like to thank all those people who
Johnson Foundation                            and Prevention Services—National              nominated papers this past year and
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation            Institute on Drug Abuse                       encourage everyone in SGIM to
is requesting proposals for research on       This Program Announcement (PA-01-             nominate papers for next year’s prize.
public and private policy interventions       013), supported jointly by the Services       All papers published in 2000 for which
to reduce the harm caused by tobacco,         Research Branch and the Prevention            the first author is a member of SGIM
alcohol, and drugs, including the             Research Branch of the Division of            are eligible. To nominate a paper, simply
advantages, disadvantages, and poten-         Epidemiology and Prevention Research,         e-mail Amy Justice, Chair, SGIM
tial impact of these policies. This is the    encourages research on the economics          Research Committee, at
sixth round of funding for this program       of drug abuse treatment and prevention        amy.justice@med.va.gov. Include the
intended for experts in public health,        services. This research includes studies      full reference for the paper and your
law, political science, medicine,             of resource allocation and studies to         reason for nominating it. SGIM
sociology, criminal justice, economics,       enhance efficiency and equity of drug
and other behavioral and policy               treatment. The use of microeconomic             References
sciences. The total funding for this          principles in applied research involving        1. Ashton C, Petersen N, Souchek J, et
program is $54 million over 10 years.         alternative payment systems, public and         al. Geographic variations in utilization
      Projects will be funded in four         private financing systems, and the              rates in veterans affairs hospitals and
areas: tobacco, alcohol, illicit drugs, and   design of insurance are emphasized.             clinics. N Engl J Med. 1999;340:32–9.
combinations of tobacco, alcohol, and/        This is also an opportunity to build on         2. Ayanian JZ, Cleary P, Weissman J,
or illicit drugs. Projects can address        existing treatment and prevention               Epstein A. The effect of patients’
public-sector policies at the national,       effectiveness studies or on randomized          preferences on racial differences in access
state, or local levels or private-sector      clinical trials using cost-benefit, cost-       to renal transplantation. N Engl J Med.
policies within companies, associations,      effectiveness, and cost-utility analyses.       1999;341:1661–9.
unions, or trade groups. There is an          Finally, economic research on HIV/              3. Braddock C, Edwards K, Hasenberg N,
emphasis on collaborative research            AIDS as it relates to treatment and             Laidley T, Levinson W. Informed
projects including community organiza-        prevention of drug use, abuse, and              decision making in outpatient practice:
tions or policymaker organizations.           dependency is highlighted as a high             Time to get back to basics. JAMA.
      Funding for this research is avail-                             continued on page 9                           continued on page 8


Getting the Most from National Conferences
H. Liesel Copeland, PhD, J. Harry Isaacson, MD, Mariana G. Hewson, PhD,
Marie Budev, DO, and William Land, MD

      cademic medical conferences are       several objectives, which should be         think about old problems and provide
      a time-honored tradition in           prioritized. These may include increas-     insight into future directions. Make sure
      medicine, but their value has         ing medical knowledge, networking,          you obtain handouts, when available.
been questioned1 because of increasing      gaining exposure, and/or searching for a    Visit conference websites to read
budgetary constraints and because of        new position.                               abstracts and papers from the meeting
discouraging results in a few educational                                               sessions you may have missed.
outcome studies. Though conferences         Increasing Medical Knowledge                      Document and clarify ideas that
are expensive in both time and costs,1,2         If your goal is to get an update on    occur to you during a talk. These ideas
with planning they can be a rewarding       medical content, review the program in      may involve new directions for your
and positive experience. Physicians         advance for specific topics that interest   own research, different ways of handling
should be well-informed consumers in        you and can be applied to your practice     your existing data, people you would
choosing educational venues that best       setting. Helpful questions to ask in        like to contact, or publications you
                                                            focusing your efforts       should read. These notes can provide
                                                            include: are there any      you with an agenda for your own
Physicians should be well-                                  weak areas in my            research and teaching plans. Take time
                                                            knowledge base, are         on your return flight to record some
informed consumers in                                       there new or alternative    ideas from the meeting, lists of tasks to
                                                            techniques I’d like to      accomplish, and people to contact. It’s
choosing educational venues                                 learn or procedures I’d     beneficial to do this while the ideas are
that best promote their                                     like to review, and are     still fresh and there is a constrained
                                                            there any new educa-        time that can be used.
learning objectives.                                        tional techniques or              Ask yourself, “How can I apply
                                                            reviews from which my       material from this session in my home
                                                            teaching could benefit?     environment?” Consider applying your
promote their learning objectives.               Program guides for meetings often      new knowledge and skills by assembling
Conferences differ in objectives and        have different sessions coordinated by      a group of interested colleagues,
formats, requiring participants to          content area. Some meetings have            including residents and medical
critically assess which conferences will    coordinated sequential sessions that        students. Consider giving an update to
best match their needs. In this article     involve two or more parts and are best      colleagues at your home institution who
we share observations, suggestions, and     taken together to achieve the desired       have not attended the meeting. This
strategies to maximize the benefits of      goal. Conference attendance presents        can be a way of reinforcing what you
attending conferences. The conferences      opportunities to discuss and clarify        have learned and demonstrating the
we focus on are not continuing medical      information and new findings3–5.            value of attending conferences to your
education courses, but rather those         Additionally, conference presentations      department. Another option is to write
national meetings that offer a variety of   can offer you insight into whether or       a summary note to a colleague or for a
opportunities, such as to present and       not your own work is on track and in        department newsletter/update, outlining
learn research, improve teaching, and       line with developments in the field.        the “take home” points and “bottom
learn new clinical developments.                 Selecting sessions based on well-      lines.” The newly gathered information
      We will focus on planning before a    known presenters is often a good            can also be applied to updating or
meeting to enhance your overall             approach. For example, do the present-      developing a new curriculum or talk.
experience. To plan for the conference,     ers have a track record in the field? Do    You can also identify presentations or
it is helpful to decide on your primary     they have interesting publications?         presentation methods that did not work
purpose for attending the meeting. Most     Have you heard good things about them       well, thereby learning what pitfalls to
major medical meetings offer an             from other colleagues?                      avoid when you give a presentation.
extensive menu of activities from which          Take notes during or at the end of
to choose, and it is important to realize   the session. Presenters often provide       Networking
that one can seldom attend all facets of    novel summaries or succinct reviews of          Networking and gathering contacts
every meeting. Often attendees have         complex topics. These offer new ways to                         continued on next page

continued from previous page

for your own professional directory can      tion at the meeting. These proposals         meet this goal by the next national
be one of the most important aspects of      require planning and meeting deadlines.      meeting. This provides a working idea
a national meeting. If your priority is to   Many organizations now encourage             (concerning research, teaching, or
meet with colleagues with similar            participants to apply for workshops,         clinical practice) that evolves from
interests, seek opportunities during the     submit abstracts, and join interest          meeting to meeting and reflects your
conference for less formal sessions that     groups on-line.                              ongoing professional development.
enable such meetings. Personal interac-           For workshop or interest group          Additionally, be open to new ideas that
tions during conferences provide             submissions, consider collaborating with     occur to you during talks and informal
opportunities to compare your own            a senior mentor at your own or another       conversations. Be sure to write them
ideas and projects with those of others,     institution who has successful confer-       down.
receive feedback on your own work, and       ence experience. Regional meetings                 If other colleagues from your
try out new ideas2,6. Additionally,          offer a less formal atmosphere for           institution are attending the meeting,
networking can lead to collaborations        presenting workshops and abstracts and       consider traveling with them. Because
on future projects and may provide leads     are excellent venues to learn conference     of the pressure of clinical and academic
for funding2,3. Also, conference atten-      protocol. With every presentation,           duties, it is often difficult to find time in
dance presents an occasion for young         provide written copies or handouts that      your own institution to meet with
clinicians to meet leaders whose work        include your contact information.            colleagues. Shared plane flights offer
they have admired.                                                                                          uninterrupted opportu-
     Interest groups and task forces                                                                        nities for discussion,
usually welcome new participants and         National meetings and                                          which can allow
offer an excellent venue for meeting                                                                        remarkable progress in
colleagues with similar interests. Some
                                             conferences are a good                                         projects that may
meetings offer poster sessions with          resource for professional                                      otherwise be stalled.
receptions, or receptions for new                                                                           Often several members
attendees and new members of the             development that, when used                                    of the same department
organization. These settings can provide                                                                    attend the same confer-
access to and contacts with people in        well, provide value above the                                  ence. Planning ahead
organizational leadership positions.         cost and time requirements.                                    and selecting a “group
Opportunities to serve on working                                                                           topic” before leaving can
committees are invaluable, and business                                                                     be a valuable strategy.
meetings provide an opportunity to           Searching for a New Position                 This allows for wide exposure to the
volunteer your help. Consider volun-              Many meetings will have either job      topic and facilitates discussion and
teering for tasks such as working on         search forums or bulletin boards that        possible incorporation of that idea upon
program selection committees or              advertise available positions. They may      returning home from the meeting. For
helping to organize task forces or           also provide job seekers with the            example, at a conference on women’s
interest groups.                             opportunity to meet with potential           health, members of our institution
     Remember that networking may            employers in person. This can be an          selected domestic violence as the group
occur in an informal and unplanned           excellent way to explore potential job       topic of interest. Members of the group
manner simply by getting involved in         opportunities. You can pursue these by       attended various lectures and workshops
small groups whose members share your        seeking additional information or            on this topic. We reconvened upon
interests. The Internet and electronic       visiting at a later date.                    returning home and used our newly
mail facilitate easy communication with                                                   obtained ideas and information to
colleagues after meetings. Make sure to      Other Considerations                         revamp our resident curriculum on
bring and distribute business cards with          Plan to use some of your conference     domestic violence. The group topic not
your address, phone number, and e-mail       time to meet people or gather with a         only allowed us to concentrate on a
address. Make a point of contacting          group to advance your research or            common goal, but also enhanced and
people you have met within a few weeks       instructional planning goals. Be sure to     promoted collegial interaction in a
after the meeting.                           set up meeting times (breakfasts,            setting outside of the workplace.
                                             lunches, and dinners) well in advance              Although many meetings schedule
Gaining Exposure                             to ensure that the people you want to        events for up to 16 hours a day, partici-
    To gain regional and national            meet will be available.                      pants should not be tempted to “do it
exposure, submit proposals for work-              A beneficial strategy is to develop a   all.” The penalty is conference fatigue,
shops or research abstracts for presenta-    personal goal and set your deadline to                             continued on next page

                                                                                           BEST PAPER OF 2000
continued from page 3
                                                                                           continued from page 5
                                                               than short-term trends.        1999;282:2313–20.
Some of my colleagues are                                      In this case, a booming        4. Corbie-Smith G, Thomas S, Williams
                                                               economy is offering            M, Moody-Ayers S. Attitudes and beliefs
worried about recent                                           potential medical school       of African Americans towards participa-
                                                               applicants other choices,      tion in medical research. J Gen Intern
information reporting who is                                   and their numbers may          Med. 1999;14:537–46.
not going into primary care,                                   change once the                5. Dolan N, McDermott M, Morrow M,
                                                               economy does. And, as I        Venta L, Martin G. Impact of same-day
and I think they’re                                            constantly reminded            screening mammography availability:
                                                               myself in high school,         Results of a controlled clinical trial.
overreacting.                                                  popularity isn’t as            Arch Intern Med. 1999;159:393–8.
                                                               important as it appears,       6. Go A, Hylek E, Borowsky L, Phillips
                                                               even if it is real and         K, Selby J, Singer J. Warfarin use among
overreacting to this information for two     durable. I didn’t become a general               ambulatory patients with nonvalvular
reasons. First, the news is not all bad.     internist because it was popular, and I          atrial fibrillation: The anticoagulation
The number of current applicants to          don’t think you did either. Primary care         and risk factors in atrial fibrillation
medical school remains more than twice       doctors like us are needed, regardless of        (ATRIA) study. Ann Intern Med.
the number of available positions. Also,     our popularity, just as specialists and          1999;131:927–34.
the applicants’ grade point averages and     subspecialists are needed. No one,               7. Hamel M, Davis R, Teno J, et al.
Medical College Admission Test               whatever the discipline, can take proper         Older age, aggressiveness of care, and
(MCAT) scores are higher than in             care of patients without clinicians in           survival for seriously ill, hospitalized
previous years, so the quality of appli-     the other disciplines. So we’re in this          adults. Ann Intern Med. 1999;131:
cants probably has increased as the          together for the long run, and popular-          721–8.
number has decreased. Perhaps similar        ity has little to do with it.                    8. Shapiro M, Morton S, McCaffrey D,
changes are occurring among applicants            I like what I do. So does my wife           et al. Variations in the care of HIV
to categorical and primary care internal     and so do my specialist and sub-                 infected adults in the United States.
medicine residency programs. We              specialist colleagues. It’s OK that none         JAMA. 1999;281:2305–15.
simply don’t know.                           of us would be happy doing the other’s           9. Thomas EJ, Studdert DM, Newhouse
     Second, declining popularity            job and that the popularity of jobs              J, et al. Costs of medical injuries in Utah
doesn’t matter as much as some of my         waxes and wanes. That’s the way it is.           and Colorado. Inquiry. 1999;36:255–64.
colleagues think. When it comes to           Maybe that’s the way it should
medical manpower, the past suggests          be. SGIM
that long-term cycles are more powerful

continued from previous page

which reduces the effectiveness of the       further inspiration from role models.            3. Cutting W. How to do it. Participate
entire conference. It is important while     Conferences represent current work and           in an international conference. Br Med J.
attending a meeting to give yourself         theories and showcase the foremost               1995;310:49–51.
some time away from the meeting to           advances in medicine and education.              4. Ibarra H. Finding common ground at
relax and reinvigorate yourself. Meet-       National meetings and conferences are            conventions. Science Scope.
ings are often held in cities with outside   a good resource for professional devel-          1998;21:54–56.
attractions; allow some time to take         opment that, when used well, provide             5. Rogers S. The conference: an integral
advantage of these sites and attractions.    value above the cost and time                    part of continuing medical education. Int
     Though there can be many goals for      requirements. SGIM                               J Dermatol. 1997;36:575–6.
attending a meeting, to gain the most                                                         6. Pietro DC. What good are confer-
benefit it is imperative to prepare             References                                    ences, anyway? Principal. 1996;75:21–
carefully for the meeting, engage in the        1. Ausman J. Are our meetings of value?       22,24.
conference, and summarize one’s ideas           Surg Neurol. 1998;49:571–3.                   7. Davis D, O’Brien M, Freemantle N,
afterwards3,7,8. Attending national             2. Rubin B. Of no significant benefit.        Wolf F, Mazmanian P, Taylor-Vaisey A.
conferences provides an opportunity for         Chest. 1996;110:1379.                                              continued on next page

continued from page 4

                                                              current setting that an          Don’t be shy. Almost all of us can
                                                              outsider can evaluate       benefit from mentoring. Look for the
The One-on-One Mentoring                                      objectively? Are you at     One-on-One Mentoring materials in
Program…gives individuals the                                 one of the natural          the Annual Meeting program an-
                                                              transition points in your   nouncement package or check the
opportunity to develop one of                                 career and need some        SGIM website (www.sgim.org). Many
                                                              advice about which path     enthusiastic, generous mentors are eager
the many relationships that can                               to explore? What further    to get to know you! If you are interested
help shape their careers.                                     training and skills do      in being a mentor contact Sarajane
                                                              you need for your career    Garten (garten@sgim.org) in the
                                                              path? How can you           national office to receive the appropri-
life faculty looking for a new challenge      negotiate for the time and opportunity      ate materials. SGIM
or change in career.                          to pursue your interests? How can you
      Mentees should prepare for their        be more efficient? What academic goals
meeting with their mentors by develop-        should you establish as a clinician-
ing a clear agenda for the session.           educator? How can one raise a family                    V I S I T
Clarity will enable mentees to avoid          and achieve one’s professional goals? As                      T H E
vague, general responses to their             a person of color, how do you motivate
requests. Are you looking for someone
to review your CV in a constructive
way? Do you need help meeting key
                                              your institution to address some of your
                                              unique concerns? When is it time to                S G I M
                                              consider changing institutions? These                    W E B S I T E
individuals in your field of interest? Do     are the types of questions you can bring
you need advice on a specific project or
paper? Do you have a conflict in your
                                              to the SGIM One-on-One Mentoring              http://www.sgim.org

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                                                              Mary O’Flaherty Horn
     Applications will be accepted at                 Scholars in General Internal Medicine
the standard National Institutes of
Health (NIH) application deadlines.                        A Program of the Society of General Internal Medicine
Further information can be found on
the NIH website (grants.nih.gov/

     Please contact me by e-mail at                                              his is a new three-year career development
joseph.conigliaro@med.va.gov for any                                             award offered by SGIM to clinician-
comments, suggestions, or contributions                                          educators who want to fill half of a full-time
to this column. SGIM                                                    academic position. This program is intended to
                                                                        create a new career track for physicians centering on
                                                                        scholarship, advocacy, and creativity in the balance
GETTING THE MOST                                                        of work, family, and social responsibility. It will
continued from previous page                                            provide new role models, promote diversity, and
                                                                        strengthen generalist physician faculty in the
   Impact of formal continuing medical                                  nation’s medical schools and internal medicine
   education: do conferences, workshops,                                residency programs.
   rounds, and other traditional continuing
   education activities change physician                                The Call for Proposals will be available in November
   behavior or health care outcomes?                                    Application deadline: January 31, 2001
   JAMA. 1999;282:867–74.
   8. Swanson RM. How to do a confer-                                   Check the Nominations Packet and www.sgim.org
   ence. College and University.


New Members: Mountain West,
Northwest, California, and
International                                                                          CLASSIFIED ADS

Arizona                                    David A. Garcia, MD                       Classified ads are $100 per 50-word increment.
Dawn Lemcke, MD                                                                      SGIM members receive a 50% discount
                                           Oregon                                    (classifieds only). Display advertisements are
Farrell J. Lloyd, MD, MPH
                                           Imelda Dacones, MD                        $300 (1⁄4 page) and $500 (1⁄2 page vertical—9"
Kevin F. Moynahan, MD, PhD                                                           high x 3.5" wide or horizontal—4.5" high x
                                           Sima Desai, MD
                                                                                     7.25" wide). These fees cover one month’s
California                                 Elizabeth Haney, MD
                                                                                     appearance in the Forum and on the SGIM
Andrew Auerbach, MD                        Scott W. Marsal, MD                       Website at http://www.sgim.org. Contact
Alicia Fernandez, MD                       Ralph Weiche, MD                          SGIM Communications Coordinator, Lorraine
Ruth P. Hertzman-Miller, MD                Utah                                      Tracton at TractonL@sgim.org or 2501 M
Vivek Jain, MD                             Samantha Marshall, MD                     Street, NW, Suite 575, Washington, DC 20037
                                                                                     (800-822-3060) for more information, or to
Ross Pirkle, MD
                                           Washington                                place an ad. Electronic files in Microsoft Word
Glenn P. Shields, MD                                                                 are preferred. Requests to advertise must include
                                           Lydia Chwastiak, MD
Kaveh Shojania, MD                                                                   a contact name and telephone number, as well
                                           Sarah L. Clever, MD
Colin Thomas, MD                                                                     as the SGIM member sponsor’s name when
                                           Cheryl Jacobs, MD, MPH                    applicable. It is assumed that all ads are placed
LuAnn Wilkerson, EdD
                                           Yeong S. Kwok, MD                         by equal opportunity employers.
Elliott Wolfe, MD
                                           Johnathan Nguyen, MD
                                           Japan                                    FELLOWSHIP IN UNDERSERVED CARE—The
Robert Hill Harris, MD
                                           Tatsuo Ishizuka, MD                      University of Pittsburgh and the Program for
New Mexico                                                                          Healthcare for Underserved Populations seeks fel-
George D. Comerci, Jr., MD                                                          lowship candidates with a specific interest in un-
                                                                                    der-served populations to join its Fellowship Pro-
                                                                                    gram in General Internal Medicine. In addition to
                                                                                    learning advanced skills in clinical epidemiology,
                Calling All SGIM Members                                            statistics and health services research, fellows will
                                                                                    teach, conduct research, or participate in the de-
  Two “Calls” are coming to you by mail — Why answer these Calls?                   velopment and administration of programs directed
                                                                                    towards homeless care, victims of domestic violence
           Because they are QUICK, EASY ways to participate in SGIM                 and substance abuse. Fellows will work with an es-
                  and give colleagues well-deserved recognition.                    tablished network of clinicians who provide clini-

  1 Call for Nominations for Officers and Council
                                                                                    cal care, safety net, behavioral health, and addic-
                                                                                    tion and rehabilitation services to under-served
                                                                                    communities. Positions available for July 2001 and
  Nominating someone for Office (President-Elect and Treasurer-Elect) or            July 2002. Contact Mark Roberts, MD, MPP, Divi-
  Council (two at-large members) is a simple way to be involved in an important     sion of General Internal Medicine, 200 Lothrop
  Society activity—Elections—that requires very little of your time. Plus, the      Street, Room W933, Montefiore University Hos-
                                                                                    pital, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine,
  leaders you recommend are highly likely to reflect the scope of your interests,
                                                                                    Pittsburgh, PA 15213-2582; 412-692-4824.
  activities, and background.

  2 Call for Awards Nominations and Grant Proposals
  Recognizing your colleagues’ work and contributions to SGIM honors them,
                                                                                    ACADEMIC GERIATRICIAN/CLINICIAN-
                                                                                    EDUCATOR—The Department of Medicine at
                                                                                    Indiana University School of Medicine is currently
                                                                                    seeking an outstanding clinical geriatrician for full
  and inspires others to improve the profession and help fulfill the Society’s      or part-time faculty appointment. Potential oppor-
  mission. Awards nominations have been simplified this year to encourage           tunities exist in affiliation with an excellent public
  submissions!                                                                      teaching hospital, the only university hospital in
                                                                                    Indiana, and a VA medical center. The successful
  So Please…                                                                        candidate will possess leadership and teaching skills
                                                                                    that will allow him or her to make significant and
  ☛ Watch your mailboxes                                                            immediate contributions to our rapidly growing
  ☛ Submit your nominations                                                         geriatrics program. Practice and teaching opportu-
    These opportunities only come along once a year. Don’t miss your chance         nities exist in multiple settings and include primary
    to be involved in SGIM’s leadership and recognition programs.                   care and consultative geriatric medicine. Our clini-
                                                                                                              continued on next page

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cal faculty members provide training in geriatrics       patient and inpatient responsibilities. The nearly       two year fellowship designed to prepare academic
to medical students, residents, and fellows; and par-    new medical office building and hospital are fully       internists to conduct research and teaching in pal-
ticipate in clinical and health services research.       wired for telemedicine activities, currently func-       liative care. Clinical experience on a consultative
Candidates must be board certified or fellowship-        tioning. Call is shared with FPs. Contact: Gerald        service as well as community hospices is available.
trained in geriatric medicine. Send cover letter and     Tomory, MD, Regional Medical Director, 808-338-          Fellows will obtain strong research training through
curriculum vitae to: Steven R. Counsell, M.D., Di-       9424 or geraldt@hhsc.org                                 the Center for Research on Health Care and expo-
rector of Geriatrics, Indiana University School of                                                                sure and training in clinical ethics through the
Medicine, 1001 West 10th Street, WOP M200,               CLINICIAN RESEARCHER—The Section of Pal-                 Center for Bioethics and Health Law. Send CV to
Indianapolis, IN 46202 (phone: 317 630-6911, fax:        liative Care and Medical Ethics within the Depart-       Mark Roberts, MD, MPP, Fellowship Director, Di-
317 630-7066, e-mail address: scounsel@iupui.edu).       ment of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh is      vision of General Internal Medicine, 933W
Indiana University is an Equal Opportunity Em-           seeking a clinician-researcher with a career inter-      Montefiore University Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA
ployer.                                                  est in palliative care. Responsibilities include at-     15213; 412-692-4824.
                                                         tending on an in-patient palliative care consult ser-
ACADEMIC GENERAL INTERNIST—General                       vice, and developing an independent research pro-        AHRQ NRSA POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW-
Medicine Section, Department of Internal Medi-           gram in palliative care. Board certification is re-      SHIPS IN CLINICAL CARE/ HEALTH SER-
cine at Yale University School of Medicine seeks a       quired. Academic rank and salary will be commen-         VICES RESEARCH, TUFTS-NEW ENGLAND
Clinician Scholar at the Assistant Professor level       surate with qualifications. Send letter of interest      MEDICAL CENTER, BOSTON—New England
to join our Primary Care Faculty Group. Responsi-        and C.V. to Robert Arnold, M.D., University of           Medical Center invites applications for two-year
bilities include research in the field of general in-    Pittsburgh, 933W-MUH, 200 Lothrop Street, Pitts-         fellowship positions for physicians who have com-
ternal medicine along with teaching of house staff/      burgh, PA 15213 (412-692-4810)or e-mail                  pleted clinical training. This program aims to train
students, and patient care. Applicants should have       rabob+@pitt.edu. The University of Pittsburgh is         those who will be leaders and innovators in clini-
completed fellowship or equivalent training in ar-       an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity Em-             cal and health services research. Fellows are trained
eas related to academic general internal medicine        ployer. Starting date is July 2001.                      to evaluate, develop, and apply research methods
such as clinical epidemiology or health services re-                                                              to improve patient health and care. Fellows par-
search. Please send CV to: Patrick O’Connor, MD,         PROFESSOR AND CHIEF, DIVISION OF GEN-                    ticipate in our on-campus Clinical Research MS/
c/o Lisa Gray, Department of Internal Medicine,          ERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE—The Department                    PhD Program at Tufts University School of
333 Cedar Street – PCC, P.O. Box 8025, New Ha-           of Medicine, University of Oklahoma Health Sci-          Medicine’s Sackler School. Fellowships begin July
ven, CT 06520-8025, by January 1, 2001. Yale             ences Center, is recruiting an academic internist to     1, 2001. Contact: Harry Selker, MD, MSPH, Di-
University is an Affirmative Action/Equal Oppor-         lead the research, clinical and educational programs     rector: (617) 636-5009, hselker@lifespan.org.
tunity Employer. Women and minorities are encour-        in general internal medicine. We seek an accom-
aged to apply.                                           plished internist with experience in clinical re-        ASSISTANT PROFESSOR—The University of
                                                         search and education. The selected individual will       Kentucky Department of Internal Medicine, Divi-
RESEARCH SCIENTIST—The Department of                     possess accomplishments allowing for appointment         sion of General Internal Medicine, has positions
Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine is          at the Associate Professor or Professor level. Op-       available at the level of assistant professor. Post-
seeking a research scientist to join our Clinical        portunities exist to conduct research that comple-       residency training with experience is required. This
Research Unit in our Program in Primary Care             ments departmental programs in vascular and co-          position will focus on clinical and didactic instruc-
medicine in the Section of General Internal Medi-        agulation biology, immunology, congestive heart          tion in general internal medicine with our medical
cine. Ph.D. with training in epidemiology, health        failure, geriatrics and hypertension. Interested can-    students and residents. Protected time will be avail-
services research, medical sociology, behavioral         didates should submit their curriculum vitae to          able for educational program development and for
medicine, or a closely affiliated field required. Suc-   Michael S. Bronze, MD, Professor and Chair of            research Send CV to T. Shawn Caudill, MD, Divi-
cessful candidates will collaborate on and co-au-        Medicine, PO Box 26901, WP2080, Oklahoma                 sion Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine,
thor studies involving clinical epidemiology, gen-       City, OK 73190. E-mail: Michael-Bronze@                  University of Kentucky Medical Center, K512 Ken-
eral health services research, medical education,        ouhsc.edu. OUHSC is an equal opportunity insti-          tucky Clinic, Lexington, KY 40536-0284. (859)
health outcomes, quality management, and medi-           tution.                                                  257-5499. An Equal Opportunity Employer
cal decision analysis. Additional responsibilities
include design, implementation, and statistical          FELLOWSHIP IN MEDICAL ETHICS AND                         ACADEMIC GENERAL INTERNISTS—
analysis of research data, teaching of medical resi-     GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE—The Divi-                      Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Division of Gen-
dents and faculty in research methodology and sta-       sion of General Internal Medicine at the Univer-         eral Internal Medicine and Primary Care seeks aca-
tistics; training and supervision of research staff in   sity of Pittsburgh invites applications for a one or     demic general internists with interest in clinical epi-
data collection and data management; statistical         two-year fellowship designed to prepare academic         demiology and health services research. These po-
and methodological support to researchers, faculty       internists with research and teaching skills in clini-   sitions will be structured to provide 50-80% pro-
and research staff. Please send CV to: Patrick           cal ethics and general internal medicine. Applicants     tected time to conduct research. Academic rank and
O’Connor, MD, c/o Lisa Gray, Department of In-           will work closely with the University of Pittsburgh’s    salary will be commensurate with qualifications.
ternal Medicine, 333 Cedar Street – PCC, P.O. Box        Center for Bioethics and Health Law and may ap-          Review of applications will begin immediately and
8025, New Haven, CT 06520-8025, by January 1,            ply to the Master’s Program in Bioethics. Send CV        continue until positions are filled. Send letter of
2001. Yale University is an Affirmative Action/          to Mark Roberts, MD, MPP, Fellowship Director,           interest and CV to David Bates, MD, Division of
Equal Opportunity Employer. Women and minori-            Division of General Internal Medicine, 933W              General Internal Medicine, PBB-A3, Brigham and
ties are encouraged to apply.                            Montefiore University Hospital, Pittsburgh, PA           Women’s Hospital, 75 Francis St, Boston, MA,
                                                         15213; 412-692-4824.                                     02115. Brigham and Women’s Hospital is an affir-
INTERNIST FOR KAUAI, HAWAII—Rural                                                                                 mative action, equal opportunity employer.
Kauai has an opening for a second internist inter-       FELLOWSHIP IN PALLIATIVE CARE AND
ested in establishing a practice in a small oceanside    GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE—The Divi-                      CHIEF, INTERNAL MEDICINE—The University
community located on West Kauai. The position is         sion of General Internal Medicine at the Univer-         of California, San Francisco - Fresno is seeking a
with a general hospital-based clinic, with both out-     sity of Pittsburgh invites applications for a one or                                continued on next page

Society of General Internal Medicine
2501 M Street, NW
Suite 575
Washington, DC 20037

continued from previous page

Chief of Medicine for the Internal Medicine Resi-      and cover letter to: Joel Tsevat, MD, MPH Direc-        demic rank will be at the level of Assistant Profes-
dency Program in Central California. This is an        tor, Section of Outcomes Research Division of           sor of Medicine. Salary will be commensurate with
endowed chair position and as such requires a strong   General Internal Medicine University of Cincin-         qualifications. Please send C.V. to Michael Elnicki,
leader to ensure overall quality education, service    nati Medical Center Box 670535 Cincinnati, OH           M.D., UPMC Shadyside, S.O.N. Rm 309 5230
and research of the supervised faculty. The Chief is   45267-0535 e-mail: Joel.Tsevat@UC.Edu The Uni-          Centre Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15232 or email
responsible for faculty recruitment and development    versity of Cincinnati and the VA are AA/EOEs.           Elnickim@msx.upmc.edu. The University of Pitts-
for the provision of superior undergraduate, gradu-                                                            burgh is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity
ate and postgraduate medical education. Excellent      CLINICIAN INVESTIGATORS WITH FEL-                       Employer.
clinical and educational skills as well as demon-      LOWSHIP TRAINING—The Division of General
strated fiscal expertise and administrative leader-    Internal Medicine, Department of Medicine at the        FACULTY OPPORTUNITIES, GENERAL IN-
ship are essential. The position offers abundant re-   University of Pittsburgh is seeking clinician inves-    TERNAL MEDICINE—Mount Sinai School of
search opportunities as well as the opportunity to     tigators with fellowship training. Candidates’ re-      Medicine is a leader in medical education and re-
collaborate with other leaders in the medical com-     search focus should be racial disparity and             search. The Samuel Bronfman Department of Medi-
munity. The type of faculty appointment will de-       underserved care, studying errors in medical care,      cine seeks a limited number of M.D. faculty to join
pend on qualification and experience. Please send      decision science, primary care or other area of out-    the Division of General Internal Medicine. The
your cover letter and CV to: Search Committee,         comes and health services research. Academic rank       Division has benefited from strong institutional
UCSF-Fresno Medical Education Program, 2615 E.         will be Assistant or Associate Professor level in the   support and resources to expand academic general
Clinton Ave., Fresno, CA 93703-2223.                   tenure stream. Salary commensurate with qualifi-        medicine. The Division oversees a large primary
For more information about this position, please       cations. Send letter of interest and C.V. to Wishwa     care practice, training 110 Residents. Faculty are
contact Deborah Stewart, MD, Associate Dean.           Kapoor, M.D., University of Pittsburgh, 933W-           actively involved in medical education, evidence-
Email: deborah.stewart@ucsfresno.edu Phone:            MUH, 200 Lothrop Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15213           based medicine, clinical epidemiology, geriatrics,
(559) 243-3601                                         (412-692-4821) or email kapoorwn@msx.                   palliative care, home-based physician care,
                                                       upmc.edu. The University of Pittsburgh is an Af-        informatics, and health services research. The Di-
GIM OUTCOMES RESEARCH POSITIONS—                       firmative Action, Equal Opportunity Employer.           vision seeks faculty interested in academic careers
The University of Cincinnati Medical Center and                                                                as either clinician-educators or clinician-investiga-
the Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Hospital are seek-     MEDICINE PEDIATRIC-TRAINED PHYSI-                       tors. Candidates with training beyond residency are
ing general internists with clinical research train-   CIAN—The Division of General Internal Medi-             preferred. Academic rank will depend upon
ing in outcomes research, health decision sciences,    cine, Department of Medicine at the University of       candidate’s background. For consideration, please
clinical epidemiology, health services research, or    Pittsburgh is seeking a medicine pediatric-trained      send c.v. and letter of interest to Albert L. Siu, M.D.,
clinical practice improvement to conduct collabo-      physician. The applicant should be experienced in       Chief, Division of General Internal Medicine, Box
rative outcomes research with both internal insti-     teaching and curriculum development for a newly         1087, Mount Sinai School of Medicine. One
tutional and extramural grant funding. The VA          developed medicine pediatric resident training pro-     Gustave L. Levy Place, New York, NY 10029-6574.
position is a 5/8ths position, enabling the faculty    gram. Candidate should be board certified in Gen-       We are an equal opportunity employer fostering
member to be eligible for VA funding. Send CV          eral Internal Medicine as well as Pediatrics. Aca-      diversity in the workplace.

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