MEMORANDUM by chenmeixiu


									Department of Public Safety             Town of Nags Head                                Charles L. Cameron
        Division of Police                Post Office Box 99                         Director of Public Safety
Division of Fire and Ocean Rescue       Nags Head, NC 27959
                                       Telephone (252) 441-6386                            R. Wayne Byrum
                                          Fax (252) 441-7335                           Deputy Chief of Police
                                                                                               Kevin A. Zorc
                                                                                            Deputy Fire Chief


       TO:       Mayor and Board of Commissioners

       FROM: Public Safety Director

       DATE:     June 24, 2003

       REF:      Request and recommendation for an amendment to the Town’s Traffic Control Map
                 authorizing a "No Parking Tow-Away” zone in the E. Ocean Watch Court in the Ocean
                 Watch subdivision in the Village at Nags Head.

       The Town’s Department of Public Works has advised the Police Division that due to numerous
       vehicles parking on the street and in the public right-of-way on E. Ocean Watch Court that Town
       sanitation trucks have been unable to pickup and empty some of the automated trash
       containers in the subdivision. The Department of Public Works further states that this is an on-
       going problem on E. Ocean Watch Court. Based on this complaint the police division has
       conducted an investigation. In addition Asst. Chief Byrum and myself have personally visited
       this subdivision.

       E. Ocean Watch Court is a dead end street from its intersection with N.C. Route 12, South
       Virginia Dare Trail that curves to the north with a cul-de-sac located at the western terminus. In
       this subdivision the spacing between the predominately rental houses is the minimum that still
       meets Town of Nags Head setback and side yard requirements. As a result there is limited
       spacing between the rental housing driveways that permits vehicles to pulled off of or to be
       parked off-street.

       Another finding is that as a result of these mostly rental houses in the Ocean Watch subdivision
       we a finding the many of these rental houses have numbers of vehicles staying at these rental
       properties that exceeds on-site parking.

       As a direct result of what I have documented in this memorandum the Town’s automated
       sanitation trucks have been limited in the number of automated trash cans that they have been
able to pick up on E. Ocean Watch Court on regular pick-up days. In many instances they have
also been unable to make trash receptacle pick-ups due to vehicles parked on the roadway or in
the public right of way.

Our sanitation workers have also experienced that there is not sufficient road surface, due to
parked vehicles, in the cul-de-sac to permit a safe turn around to exit E. Ocean Watch Court.

I have now determined that that there is a lack of sufficient off-street parking spaces in the
public right-of-way between the majority of the driveways in the Ocean Watch subdivision. In
addition due to the narrowness of E. Ocean Watch Court there is insufficient road surface to
permit parking on the paved portion of this street. To permit the continued parking of vehicles in
the public right-of-way or on the street will not only continue the negative impact on the Town’s
Public Works’ vehicles but may also prevent the safe ingress of public safety vehicles in the
event of an emergency.

I am therefore requesting and recommending to the Board of Commissioners that the Town’s
Traffic Control Map be amended by authorizing, by ordinance, the establishment of a 24-hour
"No Parking Tow-Away” zone on both sides of E. Ocean Watch Court from the intersection with
N.C. Route 12, S. Virginia Dare Trail, to the street’s western terminus and inclusive of the cul-

As the Board of Commissioners may recall the Town had to take a similar action in the Seven –
Sisters subdivision and did establish, by ordinance, a 24-hour “No Parking Tow-Away” zone on
both sides of E. Katie Court.

The Town Manager and the Director of Public Works are also aware of this problem and
they concur with the finding, request and recommendation of the Police Division.

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