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					                                     Project Objectives:
The target audience for my WebQuest is a fifth grade regular education. The WebQuest can be
modified to fit the needs of all fifth grade students

The overall objective of this project are to increase students’ understanding of our solar system
as well as a better understanding of several constellations. Students will learn about the
different changes that have occurred over the years in models of the solar system. Students
will also learn and identify different stars and different constellations. Students will create a
model telescope to show how humans were able to see the stars and planets. In studying
astronomy students will gain a better understating of the vast universe that surrounds us.
Students will accomplish the following objective by creating a Power Point, poster of a
constellation, and a model of a spectroscope.

      Students will explore the relative sizes of the different planets of the solar system
      Students will students will discover what planets are like
      Students will learn about other objects in the solar system and how they affect Earth
      Students will demonstrate the orbits of the planets around the sun
      Students will describe how the sun compares with other stars
      Students will dramatize how scientists measure distance in space by using a telescope
      Students will explain how telescopes work
      Students will create a model of a spectroscope
      Students will define what constellations and galaxies are
      Students will identify and explain the different types of stars and constellations.