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									    Here’s an opportunity to learn about the practice issues and
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                              Hospital, physician and independent practice
                              Marketing for the RNFA
                              Business Formation: Tax Benefits & Liability Issues
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Rita Griffith and Milha Skelton

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This five DVD set was made at RNFA Ventures conference on
business practice for the RNFA.
Rita Griffith, RN, MS, CRNFA
Independent Practice and Billing issues
Rita has been in independent practice since 1994, and has been
active in AORN on the local, state, and national level. She formed
First Assistants, Inc in 1994.

Vincent A. Griffith, Jr. MD, JD, MBA
 Business Formations: Tax, Benefit & Liability Issues
After19 years as an obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. Griffith obtained a
law degree and practiced in the area of medical malpractice
defense. In 2004 he formed VA Griffith, LLC and acts as a

Denise Jackson, RN, MSN, CNS, CRNFA
The Physician Employed RNFA
Denise has championed legislative issues in Texas, and was an
integral part of passing a bill for RNFA reimbursement in 2001. She
has practiced independently, and is currently physician employed.

Marlene Craden, RN, BSN, CNOR, CRNFA
The Hospital Employed RNFA
Marlene developed the policies and procedure to establish the RN First
Assistant Service Program at Milliard Filmore Hospitals, and has served as a
consultant to numerous hospitals for the same purpose.

Milha Skelton, RN, CNOR, CRNFA
Marketing the RNFA
Milha has practiced independently as an RNFA since 1991, and has learned
valuable marketing techniques first hand. She has been active in AORN at
the local and national level, and worked with Denise Jackson on
reimbursement for the RNFA at the state level.

Comments from those who have purchased the DVD set

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Thanks for providing RNFA related courses in this format. It’s a great help.
I have been in practice as an RNFA in Ca. since 1993, and this was a good
review for me. LS- Ca.

Vincent Griffith, MD, JD, MBA – His lecture was most beneficial to me as I
am beginning an independent practice. K.W. Wa.

Great speakers- good info. Excellent method to get info across if not able to
attend conference. MM Wy.

This was great for me, because it is hard to find the time to take off and go to
I thought all the speakers were good! Keep them coming! (B.F. –

Very well put together. Thanks for your effort in the presentation of the
course. All the speakers were good. A+ (W.F. - Texas)

Well planned, well delivered, pertinent to all RNFA needs. (J.P. - Ga.)

The portion of the handout on legal issues was worth the cost of the course.
(J.S. - NV)

Faculty was well rounded, each bringing a different perspective to RNFA
practice. DG. Al.

Scroll down to following pages for more info on speakers & topics!

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