Hospitality Industry and Zappos

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					Hospitality Industry and Zappos

Hospitality Industry Can Learn From Zappos' Core Values and Energy

Tony Hsieh, founder of Zappos is a pretty amazing guy.

Recently, Zappos sold to Amazon for @$1.7 billion.  Tony's new (and
first ) book, "Delivering Happiness", has risen to the top of the NYTimes
bestseller list in record time.  Yet, this young billionaire drivers a car
than many would consider a "beater", owns five pair of shows that are
worn until the pavement emerges through the soles, and focuses 100%
on the individuality of people - and the efforts a business should make
to keep those individuals happy, fun-loving and satisfied customers who
can't wait to share their Zappos experiences. Is it any wonder that he
also loves In n Out burgers (another exemplary business role model),
shops at Trader Joes, embraces the brevity of Twitter and and
appreciates quality in all things?

Since Zappos first came on the national scene several years ago -  their
"can do" attitude, energy, ethics and incredible customer service have
been an inspiration to many.

Often, when I'm speaking to business groups, I use Zappos as an
example of many things: intensely user-friendly, ever-growing,
ever-changing, unparalled customer service, return policy, free shipping
to and fro and the willingness of their team to find whatever you're
looking for - even if Zappos is out of stock and needs to put you in
contact with their competition. 

The Very Clear Zappos Ten Core Values - now featured prominently on all their packaging and

Hospitality Industry and Zappos

shipping materials are:

1- Deliver WOW Through Service 

2- Embrace and Drive Change 

3- Create Fun and a Little Weirdness 

4- Be Adventurous, Creative and Open-Minded 

5- Pursue Growth and Learning (S-T-R-E-T-C-H)  

6- Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication 

7- Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit

8- Do More With Less

9- Be Passionate and Determined

10- Be Humble

Is there anyplace on the planet that couldn't or wouldn't benefit from embracing the same Core
Values?  Is it any wonder that zany Zappos has a business culture that WORKS and has FUN

Hospitality Industry and Zappos

and retains and rewards employees.  Is there any doubt what Zappos expects, reinforces and

Thanks, Zappos.  Thanks for being an excellent model for business' of all kinds. 





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