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					                   INVITATION TO TENDER
                    Arran Stalking Permission

Tender Reference:- DMO (S) 01/10

                                     CONTENTS                       Page
Section 1
Tendering Instructions

Section 2
Statement of Requirements

Section 3
Information required by the Forestry Commissions

Section 4
Terms and Conditions of Permission

Appendix 1: Information about your Business
Appendix 2: Further Questions
Appendix 3: Pricing Schedule
Appendix 4: Certificate of Bona Fide Tendering
Appendix 5: Declaration by Tenderer
Appendix 6: Scoring Matrix

2 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10


Completion of Tender
Your Tender must be submitted in accordance with the Statement of Requirements (Section 2) attached, and
must be submitted in line with the requirements at Section 3 – Information Required by the Forestry

Qualification of the Invitation to Tender
Tenderers shall include details of any areas where they will not be able to comply with the requirements of this
Invitation to Tender as set out in the Statement of Requirements.

If your Tender is qualified we reserve the right to reject it in total.

Pricing & Currency
A breakdown of all prices must be submitted in the format requested using the Pricing Schedule at Appendix 3.
Tendered rates/prices shall be exclusive of VAT.

Additional Costs
Once the Permission has been awarded, any additional costs incurred, which are not reflected in the Tender
submission will not be accepted for payment.

Enquiries concerning the Tender

Any query in connection with the Tender shall be submitted in writing, by email or by telephoning no later than
13 July 2010 to Evelyn Duffy or Margo McGinnies of the Deer Management Hub, at the Braidwood House
telephone on 01555 660190. email –

Queries received after this date will not be responded to.

If our response is applicable to all tenderers, the response as well as the nature of the query will be notified to
all Tenderers via email, without disclosing the name of the Tenderer who initiated the query. On no account
before the Tender Due Date is the Tenderer to contact or communicate with any other person involved in work
concerning this Invitation to Tender, unless the above named contact redirects the enquiry.

Modification of Tender
Any advice of a modification to the Invitation to Tender shall be issued as soon as possible before the Tender
Due Date and shall be issued as an addendum to, and shall be deemed to constitute part of, the Invitation to
Tender. If necessary, we shall revise the Tender Date in order to comply with this requirement. Under no other
circumstances shall an extension of time and date by which the Tender must be submitted be granted.

3 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10

Cost of Tender
Tender costs remain the responsibility of those Tendering. This includes any costs or expenses incurred by the
Tenderer in connection with the preparation or delivery or in the evaluation of the Tender.

Offering an inducement of any kind in relation to obtaining this or any other contract with FC will disqualify your
tender from being considered and may constitute a criminal offence.

All information supplied to you by FC must be treated in confidence and not disclosed to third parties, except
insofar as this is necessary to obtain sureties or quotations for the purpose of submitting your response. All
information supplied by you will be similarly treated in confidence except:

1.       Where references may be sought from banks, accountants, existing or past clients, or other referees
         submitted by companies.

2.       For the disclosure of such information with regard to the outcome of the procurement process as may
         be required to be published in accordance with the requirements of UK Government policy on the
         disclosure of information relating to Government Contracts, or in response to a question submitted to
         the Forestry Commission under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or the Environmental Information
         Regulations 2004.

Language of Tender
The Tender and all accompanying documents are to be in English.

Validity Period of Tender
All details of the Tender, including prices and rates, require to be valid for acceptance within a period of 90 days
from receipt of Tender.

Formatting of Tender
The tenderer shall provide his/her response to this Invitation to Tender in accordance with the structure as
described below:

    the tenderer is required to provide a formal response that complies with each requirement of this invitation
     to Tender.

    The tenderers proposal shall respond to all requests for information in the Invitation to Tender.

4 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10

Submission of Tender

One paper copy of your response should be submitted,.

The Tender must be parcelled, securely sealed and correctly addressed, marked “Forestry Commission Arran
Stalking Permission Tender”, and must be delivered no later than 1400 ON 23RD July, this date
being the TENDER DATE. Tenders received before this date will be retained unopened until then. Tenders
received after the deadline will not be considered.

No electronic tenders will be accepted by the FC as a substitute for the hard copy.

The envelope must bear no mark or name indicating the sender. This includes marks made by carrier labels or
franking machines.

Failure to follow these instructions may render the Tender invalid.

Alternative Bids
We will disregard any bids that do not comply with the Statement of Requirements, unless otherwise indicated
within this Invitation to Tender.

Conflict of Interest
You should advise us as soon as possible if you think that you may have a conflict of interest in respect of this

Accuracy of Tender
You should check the accuracy of your tender prior to submission. A tender containing errors or omissions
may, at our discretion, be referred back to you for correction or may be disqualified.

Permission Management
If we award a permission to you, you will be required to co-operate with us in our management of the
permission, and comply with our permission management requirements.

We and/or our agents or advisers accept no liability for the accuracy, adequacy or completeness of any of the
information provided or any opinions contained in this Invitation to Tender, or of any other information made
available during the tender process.

If you submit a tender, you will be deemed to have understood fully the requirements of this Invitation to Tender.

The submission of a tender will imply acceptance of this provision by you. Any attempt to qualify this provision
either expressly or implied, may result in your tender being disqualified.

5 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10

Tender Timetable

The following timetable allows time for required site visits to clarify any aspects of the work.

Event/Process                                                       Date

                                                                      th         th
Site Visit                                                          14 and 15 July by prior appointment
Tender submission deadline                                          23 July 1400
Tenders to be opened                                                23 July
Interviews (if required)                                            30 July
Tenderers to be notified of successful/unsuccessful tenders         30 July 2010
Contracts to be issued and signed                                   15 August 2010

Please note these dates are provided as a guide, and may be subject to change.

Duration of Permission
                                    th                                      st
Permission will commence on 15 August 2010 and expire on the 31 March 2011 with the possibility of
annual extensions up to 5 years.

Terms and Conditions of Permission
This Invitation to Tender, and any permission arising from it, shall be subject to the terms and conditions as set
out in Section 4.    The successful permissions holders‟ usual terms and conditions are not, and shall not,
become terms and conditions of any permission that may be awarded as a result of this Invitation to Tender.

Referees may be approached prior to award of the permission.

Treatment of Tender
By issuing this Invitation to Tender the Forestry Commission does not undertake to accept the highest priced
Tender, or part, or all of any Tender, and the acknowledgement of receipt of any submitted Tender shall not
constitute any actual or implied agreement between the FC and the Tenderer.

No part of the Tender submitted will be returned to the Tenderer.

The FC will consider all Tenders correctly submitted.      One or more will then be selected, with a view to
reaching a contractual agreement subject to clarification of any outstanding matters.

6 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10

Evaluation of Stages
Submissions will be evaluated according to the scoring criteria and weightings identified in the Scoring Matrix at
Appendix 6. Where a tender panel is appointed, the members of the panel will score the submissions against
all award criteria.

Where a large response to tenders is expected, the evaluation process will be broken into stages. Each stage
will be used to short-list, so potential permission holders who are unsuccessful at stage one will not progress to
stage two and so on. There are 2 stages in the scoring/evaluation process as follows:

   Stage 1 involves a gateway scoring method for all criteria contained within Appendix 1. Gateway questions
    relate to mandatory requirements of the FC. Potential Permit Holders will not progress further in the tender
    process where the responses to Gateway questions are inadequate. Please refer to Appendix 6 for the
    evaluation criteria.
   Stage 2 assesses the responses in Appendix 2 and Appendix 3. The 2 highest scores from this stage will
    go onto an interview. The criteria to be evaluated will be circulated to the interviewees. The evaluation
    criteria can be seen in Appendix 6.

To ensure the relevant importance of the categories in each stage are correctly reflected in the overall scores,
an acceptable score range and weighting system will be applied to each category as follows:

7 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10



The Forestry Commission is going out to competitive Tender for Arran Stalking Permission.

The permission will include a 1 year deer stalking permission for various Forest block on the Island of Arran,
which is part of Galloway Forest District. Annual extensions to the permission period, may be granted, subject
to the discretion of Forestry Commission Scotland ( FCS), to a maximum of 5 years. FCS reserves to hold the
rights to review all technical and commercial aspects with the permission holder, one calendar month prior to
the permission terminating.

This is a one off opportunity for an organisation/company to work with FCS in offering deer stalkers the
opportunity to gain experience in an upland, woodland environment .

Background Information

FCS own and manage approximately 11000ha of land on the Island of Arran. Of this land area, 7800ha are
planted, with the majority of this taking place in the 1960s, 70s and 80s. Harvesting of the crop started around
1999, with the programme increasing yearly. This has resulted in an increase over the last few years of a
number of new planting (restock) sites. Plant species used to restock the harvested sites vary from sitka spruce
to scots pine, larch and native broadleaf. This is in line with District Policy .

Normally in anyone year, there is a minimum of 3 active operational sites.

Permission Type and Term of Agreement

The Forestry Commission will be awarding this permission as a direct award to one Permit Holder. Annual
extensions to the permission period may be granted, subject to the discretion of Forestry Commission Scotland
( FCS), to a maximum of 5 years

It is anticipated that the initial permission period will run from 15th August 2010 to 31 March 2011

8 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10

Permission Requirements

The woodlands are predominately in the south of the island, with the open moorland within the blocks included
in the Arran Moors SSSI.

The Merkland block is situated on the lower east slopes of Goat Fell and the smaller North Sannox block, in the
northeast, lies close to the shore. Both these blocks are not included in the permission areas.

The main objectives of the Forest Districts District Strategy Plan for Arran are:-

       Mixture of production forestry and woodlands for amenity purposes.
       Continue to supply quality timber.
       Improve access.
       Develop high quality ‘Scotland in miniature’ landscape.
       Contribute to the Local Economy.
                                Deer Management Objectives and Key Issues
       Ensure sustainability of the Red Deer.
       Keep deer impact on commercial crops to acceptable levels.
       No requirement for deer fencing in the forest blocks in the south of the island.
       Contribute to the local economy.

The Island of Arran is major tourist attraction with the number of visitor per year estimated to be over 1.2
million. A high percentage of these visitors use the facilities on FCS land. These facilities consist of –

        4 car parks & 4 picnic sites
        30km of trails, walking & cycling
        55km of forest road,

Additional Information -

Culls will be set annually and will be at a level consistent with the Forest Districts deer management policy.

Stalking Access - There is good access for both stalking and subsequent carcass extraction, It is essential that
the successful permission holder and their assistants have been trained in and have access to ‘all terrain

Deer culled within the permission area by the permission holder will becomes the property of the FCS. It will be
the permission holders responsibility to fully comply with the WVQAS and FCS standards when culling,
extracting and lardering these animals.

9 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 10 -

Only the permission holder, those named on Schedule 3 of the permission agreement and those with joint
permission of both the permission holder and FCS are/ will be authorised to shoot in the permission area..

Forestry Commission Scotland reserves the right to exercise concurrent shooting rights as referred to in clause
7.1 of the permission and detailed arrangements will be outlined in the Deer Control Management plan, which
the permission holder will be obliged to enter into.

Guide Price = £9000        per annum plus VAT

Any yearly extensions to this permission will incur an increase in price of 2.5% plus vat on top of the
tenders/previous years price.

                                 Target Cull – 2010/11

                                  Stags               Hinds              Calves
                                   25                  25                 20

10 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 11 -

Permission Specific Requirements
People entering the land to shoot with the joint permission of FCS and the permission holder must:-

        Have DSC level 1 or equivalent qualification
        Hold „ Trained Hunter status‟
        Have £10m public liability Insurance
        Hold a valid British Firearms Certificate including authorisation to hold or purchase a legal calibre of
         firearm for controlling red deer.
        Be registered with an Assessment Centre for the DSC level 2 or equivalent award.
        Be skill tested to DMQ level 1 standard before any stalking commences

Prospective permission holders and any associated additional assistants must possess the following:-

   Deer Stalking Certificate Level 2 or equivalent qualification e.g. SVQ/NVQ level 2 units C49 and C50 in
    Game and Wildlife Management.
   Hold „Trained Hunter status‟
   Be an „Approved Witness‟ with an DMQ Assessment Centre
   Registered with DCS as being „Fit and Competent‟
   Valid British Firearms Certificate including authorisation to hold or purchase a legal calibre of firearm for
    controlling red deer.
   Valid Public and Employees Liability Insurance to the minimum value of £10 Million.
   Trained in the use of All Terrain Vehicles
   Road Legal Vehicle.
   First Aid Certificate
   Manual handling training
   Be fully equipped and trained to meet the Scottish Wild Venison Quality Assurance standards.

A copy of our Permission Agreement will be given out after viewing, to those persons/parties intending to
tender. It is the potential prospective permission holder‟s responsibility to read and fully understand the

All prospective permission holders submitting offers will be held to have satisfied themselves as to the precise
area and nature of the ground involved, access routes and the terms of the agreement to be entered into.
Before submitting a tender, it is strongly recommended that the ground should be visited and inspected in the
presence of a FCS member of staff. Persons who visit the ground prior to submitting a tender will score
additional points during the sift process.

11 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 12 -


The following information should be provided and will form part of an overall score to determine allocation of
work associated with this tender. Failure to include this information will automatically discount you from this

1 - Introduction
Provide an introductory letter giving some high level information about your organisation e.g. strategy, main
business activity etc

2 – Basic Details of your Organisation
Please complete and return the template attached at Appendix 1.

3 – Further Information
Please complete and return the template attached at Appendix 2

4 - Pricing Proposal
Please complete and return the pricing schedule attached at Appendix 3.

In your proposal you should ensure all costs and additional information requested are detailed. Please state on
this sheet, any further information that should be considered when analysing your costs.

5 - Certificate of Bona Fide Tendering
Please complete and return the certificate attached at Appendix 4.

6 - Declaration by Tenderer
Please complete and return the declaration attached at Appendix 5.

12 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 13 -

                                                                              Appendix 1


           Name of the organisation in whose
 1.1       name the tender would be

           Contact name for enquiries about
           this bid:

 1.3       Contact position (Job Title):

           Post Code:

 1.5       Telephone number:

 1.6       Fax number:

 1.7       E-mail address:

 1.8       Website address (if any):

           Company Registration number (if
           this applies):

           Charities or Housing Association
           or other Registration number (if
           this applies). Please specify
           registering body:

 1.11      Date of Registration:

           Registered address if different
 1.12      from the above:
           Post Code:

 1.13      VAT Registration number:

                                               i) a public limited company?
                                               ii) a limited company?
           Is your organisation:
           (Please tick one)                   iii) a partnership

                                               iv) a sole trader
                                               v) other (please specify)

13 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 14 -

           Name of (ultimate) parent company (if

           Companies House Registration number
           parent company (if this applies):

           Construction and related businesses
           Are you registered with
 1.17                                                 Yes/No
           If "Yes", what is your registration


          What was your turnover in the last          £ ............ for year   £ ......... for year
          two years (if this applies)?                ended --/--/----          ended --/--/----

          Has your organisation met the terms of its banking
 2.2      facilities and loan agreements (if any) during the past               Yes/No

 2.3      If "No" what were the reasons, and what has been done to put things right?

          Has your organisation met all its obligations to pay its
 2.4                                                                            Yes/No
          creditors and staff during the past year?

 2.5      If "No" please explain why not:

          What is the name and branch of            Name: N/A
 2.6      your bankers (who could provide a
          reference)?                               Branch: N/A

14 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 15 -

                                                     Contact details:


          If asked, would you be able to provide at least one of the

          A copy of your most recent audited accounts (for the last
          two years if this applies)

          A statement of your turnover, profit & loss account and
          cash flow for the most recent year of trading

          A statement of your cash flow forecast for the current year
          and a bank letter outlining the current cash and credit            N/A


          What are the main business activities of
          your organsiation?

           How many staff does your organisation have?
           (If you are a sole trader, please say so)


 4         Please provide details of 2 recent contracts that are relevant to the
           Authority's requirement. Where possible at least one should be from the
           public sector. If you cannot provide three references, please explain why.

                                      Reference I            Reference 2

 4.1       Organisation

15 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 16 -

           Customer contact
 4.2       name and phone

           Date contract

           reference and
 4.4       brief description:

 4.5                                           Value: N/A

           Date contract
           was completed:

           Have you had any contracts terminated for poor
 4.7       performance in the last three years, or any contracts where          Yes /No
           damages have been claimed by the contracting authority?

 4.8      If "Yes", please give details:

 5                                               INSURANCE

           Please provide details of your current insurance cover and the
           relevant certification

 5.1       Employer's Liability:                                            £

 5.2       Public Liability:                                                £

 5.3       Other (please provide details):                                  £

16 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 17 -

 6                                           QUALITY ASSURANCE

           Does your organisation hold a recognised quality
 6.1       management certification for example BSIEN/ISO 9000                      Yes/No
           or equivalent?

           If you have responded no to 6.1 please state how
           your organisation manages quality.

 7                                            HEALTH & SAFETY

           Does your organisation have a written health and safety
 7.1                                                                                Yes/No
           at work policy? (see notes at end of questionnaire)

           Does your organisation have a health and safety at work                  Yes/No

           If "No", to either of the above
           please explain why:

                              DIVERSITY/EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES POLICY

           Does your organisation have a written diversity/equal
           opportunities policy, to avoid discrimination?

                               PROFESSIONAL AND BUSINESS STANDING

           Do any of the following apply to your organisation, or to (any of) the
           director( s) / partners / proprietor( s)?

           Is in a state of bankruptcy, insolvency, compulsory
 9.1       winding up, receivership, composition with creditors, or                 Yes /No
           subject to relevant proceedings

17 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 18 -

              Has been convicted of a criminal offence related to
 9.2                                                                                     Yes /No
              business or professional conduct

              Has committed an act of grave misconduct in the course of
 9.3                                                                                     Yes INo

 9.4          Has not fulfilled obligations related to payment of taxes                  Yes INo

              Is guilty of serious misrepresentation in supplying
 9.5                                                                                     Yes INo

              Is not in possession of relevant licences or membership of
 9.6                                                                                     Yes INo
              an appropriate organisation where required by law

               If the answer to any of these is "Yes" please give brief details below,
              including what has been done to put things right.

 10                                  REQUIREMENT SPECIFIC QUESTIONS

              Do you hold all the required certification
 10.1         under PERMISSION SPECIFIC                      Yes/No

              Confirm the permission holder has direct
 10.2                                                      Yes/No
              experience related to this opportunity

NB: Failure to disclose information relevant to this section may result in your exclusion from this and/or
other competitions.

18 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 19 -

                                                                                                  Appendix 2

                          Details of the qualifications and experience of the proposed Permission Holder and
                          key team members ( eg DSC level 2, AW, Trained Hunter etc).Please provide
                   i.     evidence of these.
Permission                Details of how the proposed Permission Holder will monitor and evaluate the success
Management         iii.   of the permission .
                          Details of how the proposed Permission Holder will ensure effective customer liaison,
                   iv.    complaints and problem management.
                   v.     Details of what information will be provided to FCS to aid it's operations.
                   i.     Details of how the proposed Permission Holder intends to market the stalking.
Markets &          ii.    Details of current customer base.
Marketing          iii.   Details of how the company will promote its working with FCS.
                   iv.    Details of the companies 'competitive edge'.
                          Details of how the proposed Permission Holder will organise the deer stalking scheme
                   i      and achieve the set cull
Operational        ii     Details of contingency plan should cull/ deer damage targets not be met
Management         iii    Details of Equipment/ Infrastructe to ensure full compliance of the SWVQAS
                   iv     Details of Risk Assessments covering all aspects of this type of permission.
                   v.     Provide examples of an Emergency Plan, including lone working..
                          Details of how the proposed Permission Holder would bring benefits to the „local‟
Socio-Economic     i.     economy of the area.
                   ii.    Details of how many jobs would be secured/created as a result of Permission award.
Shoot Management
Plan               i.     Please provide your shoot management plan

19 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 20 -

                                                                                             Appendix 3


Please complete your tender offer on this form.

Having carefully read all the attached details, I hereby offer subject to and upon the terms of the
Forestry Commission‟s Permission Agreement, schedule and specifications for the sum of :

Forest Block                           Tender Price (£)             Tender Price in Words
                                       excl VAT per annum


20 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 21 -

                                                                                                        Appendix 4


Tender No: DMO (S) 01/10

Due for Return by: 23 July 2010 @ 1400

Subject: Arran Stalking Permission

The essence of selective tendering is that the AUTHORITY shall receive bona fide competitive tenders from all
those tendering. In recognition of this principle, we certify that this is a bona fide tender, intended to be
competitive, and that we have not fixed or adjusted the amount of the tender by or under or in accordance with
any agreement or arrangement with any other person. We also certify that we have not done and we undertake
that we will not do at any time before the hour and date specified for the return of this tender any of the following

         a)      communicate to a person other than the person calling for those tenders the amount or
                 approximate amount of the proposed tender, except where the disclosure, in confidence, of the
                 approximate amount of the tender was necessary to obtain premium insurance quotations
                 required for the preparation of the tender;

         b)      enter into any agreement with any other person whereby he will refrain from tendering or as to
                 the amount of any tender to be submitted

         c)      offer or pay or give or agree to pay any sum of money or valuable consideration directly or
                 indirectly to any person for doing or having done or causing or having caused to be done in
                 relation to any other tender or proposed tender for the said work any act or thing of the sort
                 described above.

In this certificate, the word “person” includes any individual, partnership, association, or body either corporate or
unincorporated; and “any agreement or arrangement” includes any such transaction, formal or informal, and
whether legally binding or not.

Signature:                                                                        Date:

Name:                                                                             BLOCK CAPITALS

Position in Company:

21 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 22 -

Signed for and on
behalf of:




22 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 23 -

                                                                                                      Appendix 5

    1. The undersigned, for and on behalf of …………………………..hereby offers the goods tendered for
    herein at the prices quoted, and subject to the conditions set forth herein.

    2. The offer contained in this tender remains valid for acceptance for a period of at least 90 days from the
    close of tenders.

Signature Date Official Position in the Company/Firm

Duly authorised to sign Tenders and Quotations for an on behalf of:

Registered Address                                         Postal Address

Telephone Number                                           Facsimile Number
Details of Point of Contact


Position in the Company:

Telephone Number: Facsimile Number:


23 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 24 -

                                                                                                   Appendix 6

Suppliers will be scored and short-listed according to the selection criteria detailed below. The
members of the panel will each score the bids submitted against all of the criteria. The panel will
meet to discuss their individual scores and arrive at a consensus team score.

To ensure the relative importance of the categories of services correctly reflected in the overall
scores, a weighting system has been applied to each category of both the Pre-qualification and
subsequent tender documents.

      1 - Low Importance
      2 - Medium Importance
      3 or more - High Importance


Some questions contained within the PQQ may require a “Yes” or “No” response. These questions are known
as gateways and are fundamental requirements of the contract. If any of these questions are answered “No”,
the Forestry Commission may reject your submission in full, ceasing to evaluate the remainder of the questions.

Business Specific Questions
These are the standard questions outlined in the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ). These
questions will be evaluated on the basis of an acceptable response being provided – further
details on what constitutes an acceptable response can be found in the “Guidance for Completion”
booklet. Tenders may not be fully evaluated if a supplier achieves a “no” against any of the
Business Specific Sections without a valid or acceptable explanation.

Requirement Specific Questions
This section allows the Forestry Commission to ask questions relating to specifically to the
requirements of the contract, and to help determine the suitability of the supplier. Note that if
any question receives a score of “0”, the remainder of your tender may cease to be evaluated,
dependent on the importance of the question.
These will be scored out of 10 on the following basis
8-10 Provides and excellent(8) to exemplary response (9 or 10) with all areas covered to a very
high standard
4-7 Provides an adequate response (4 or 5) with some aspects missing to good response (6 or 7)
covering all aspects.
1-3 Provides little or limited evidence.
0 An unacceptable or irrelevant response provided

24 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
    - 25 -

       Evaluation for Appendix 1 NOTE – Suppliers must pass all of these questions to be
    considered and scored in Appendix 2

Business Specific                  Scoring   Supplier    Agreed Marking Criteria
Questions                                    Pass/Fail
Receipt of all documents in        Yes/No                All documents returned on time as per
line with PQQ requirements                               requirements detailed in PQQ.
Acceptable Financial Status        Yes/No                Please highlight if any aspects of turnover/net
                                                         profit cause concern.
Business Activities relevant       Yes/No                Demonstrates that normal business activities are
to the contract                                          in line and relevant to the contract.
Adequate references                Yes/No                Relevant, adequate references have been
provided                                                 provided.
Adequate levels of                 Yes/No                Demonstrates adequate levels of Employer/Public
insurance                                                Liability insurance cover.
Adequate response                  Yes/No                Provides internal control systems associated with
provided regarding Quality                               Quality Management.
Adequate Health & Safety           Yes/No                Demonstrates level of compliance associated with
policies in place                                        Health & Safety at work.
Acceptable response                Yes/No                Demonstrates level of compliance with Diversity
provided to Diversity/Equal                              and Equal Opportunities legislation.
Acceptable response                Yes/No                Provides confirmation of applying a
provided to                                              Sustainability/Environmental Management
Sustainability/Environmenta                              System Policy
l Management
Acceptable Professional &          Yes/No                Provides positive declaration relating to
Business Standing                                        Professional Business Standing

Do you hold all the required       Yes/No                Confirm you have all the required certification
certification under                                      and documentation
Confirm the permission holder      Yes/No                Confirm the permission holder has direct
has direct experience related to                         experience of this type of work
this opportunity

    25 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
    - 26 -


 Requirement Specific      Weighti    Score out   Supplier    Agreed Marking Criteria
 Questions                 ng         of 10       Score       Will be scored out of 10 as
                                                  (Weighti    detailed above
                                                  d by

Permission Management      2

Markets and Marketing      5

Operational Management     4

Socio Economic             5

Shoot Management Plan      2

Price                      2

    26 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10
- 27 -

27 Forestry Commission – Invitation to Tender –24th June 2010 – DMO (S) 01/10

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Description: How to Reject a Business Invitation document sample