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                                                                         Judge puts TRO on Walker’s budget bill
                                                                     Last Friday, a week after           didn’t give proper notice about       the lawsuit that Judge Sumi
                                                                 Wisconsin Gov. Walker signed            it. Any financial bill is sup-        ruled on.
                                                                 it, Dane County Circuit Judge           posed to have a quorum, which             “Judge Sumi confirmed
                                                                 Maryann Sumi issued a tempo-            the Senate fell one short of          what we knew all along – that
                                                                 rary restraining order (TRO)            because Democratic senators           the bill stripping hundreds of
                                                                 blocking the implementation of          were still in Illinois to avoid the   thousands of Wisconsinites of
                                                                 his bill that strips hundreds of        vote. That move caused law-           their union rights was rammed
                                                                 thousands of public employees           suits to occur even though            through illegally in the dark of
                                                                 of collective bargaining rights.        Senate Majority Leader Scott          the     night,”     said     Phil
An Injury to One is an Injury to All!                                Republicans in the state sen-       Fitzgerald said he had removed        Neuenfeldt, President of the
WEDNESDAY                                               VOL. 116 ate rammed the bill through 18-         all fiscal aspects of the bill.       Wisconsin State AFL-CIO on
                                                                 1 with no Democrats in cham-            That runs counter to what             March 18. “Today justice pre-
MARCH 23, 2011                                           NO. 18 bers March 9 and Walker                  Walker had stated all along –         vailed. In Wisconsin and in
                                                                 signed it March. 11. This               that he needed to end collective      America, we have a democrat-
                                                                 Friday will be the 10th day             bargaining because of its fiscal      ic process for passing legisla-
                                                                 since Wisconsin Democratic              implications on the budget.           tion. Judge Sumi has ruled that
                                                                 Secretary of State Doug                     Judge Sumi ruled the bill         Scott Walker’s under-handed
                                                                 LaFollette received Walker’s            was pushed through illegally          attempts to harm Wisconsin’s
                                                                 signed “budget repair bill.”            because conference committee          middle class will not stand.”
                                                                 That’s as long as he could hang         meetings must be called with a            Another lawsuit had been
                                                                 on to it before making it offi-         24 hour notice unless there is        filed by Democratic Dane
                                                                 cial by publishing it. But the          an emergency. The conference          County Executive Kathleen
                                                                 TRO will delay it even longer           committee for Walker’s bill           Falk to stop the publication of
                                                                 but doesn’t have much of a              had less than two hours notice        the bill also saying it was
                                                                 chance of stopping it.                  with no proven emergency.             passed unconstitutionally by
                                                                     The Senate used a question-             Dane County District Attor-       the state senate. Dane County
                                                                 able tactic to pass the bill and        ney Ismael Ozanne had filed           Circuit Judge Amy Smith was
                                                                                                                                               hearing that case.
                                                                       Keeping track of Wis. recalls                                               The bill will have to go back
                                                                          A website has been created to begin the process of recalling         to the legislature and be ush-
                                                                       Wisconsin Republican Gov. Scott Walker. Actual recall petitions         ered through properly. It is
                                                                       cannot be circulated until November, but the website asks voters        unlikely Democratic senators
                                                                       to sign a pledge to recall him when the official process begins.        will try to stop the process
Just two hours after returning home March 10 after a 3-                Over 170,000 Wisconsinites have already taken the “Recall               again. Senator Tim Cullen says
week exile in Illinois, Fab 14 Democratic Senator Bob Jauch            Walker” pledge, which will make the signature gathering process         he will not flee, which will give
was on Superior’s Belknap/Catlin rally corner to chants of             easier and more efficient in seven months. The website is               the Senate a quorum.
“Thank you!” Kathy White was one of the first to greet and   , which has links to other sites.                    Visit or
thank him for what he did for democracy. “I’m not union,                  There is an official Wisconsin website for state residents, and to
but I’m a grandmother,” White said of her concerns.                    others, to keep track of what is happening with all the recalls         join the fight.
                                                                       occurring in the state.
Fab 14’s Jauch comes home a                                            will answer many of the questions of who is being targeted and
reluctant hero to constituents                                         the complicated process involved.
   Senator Bob Jauch finally       reclaiming the Wisconsin val-         Douglas Co.’s Andy Lisak
got to come home March 10          ues Walker has violated by
after leaving Wisconsin Feb. 17    ending 52 years of collective       playing Walker’s game for him
with his 13 Democratic col-        bargaining for public employ-          All across Wisconsin local units of government and school
leagues. Republicans in the        ees in the state where they first   districts have been taking advantage of the delays that are keep-
Senate had passed Gov.             began.                              ing Republican Gov. Scott Walker from implementing his dra-
Walker’s budget repair bill            From that street corner         conian “budget repair bill.” By extending existing contracts
without them, apparently ille-     Jauch and his wife, Cecelia,        those local governments can keep collective bargaining agree-
gally on March 9.                  went to the Old Town Bar &          ments with their employees that have been in place in some
   “That was one of the worst      Restaurant for a meeting of         cases for over 50 years. The City of Superior and the Superior
nights in Wisconsin history,”      People First, a coalition that      Public Schools have done just that.
Jauch said.                        has formed to work against             In Douglas County, however, it’s a completely different story
   Within an hour of touching      Walker’s agenda. It was the         as many on the county board and administrator Andy Lisak are
down at the airport Jauch was      second meeting of the group         doing everything they can to make sure Walker’s agenda is car-
meeting with the Superior          and its numbers went from 55        ried out.
Federation of Teachers and         the first night to 85 the second.      AFSCME has been unable to get a deal for its members in six
then was on the Belknap/Catlin         Jauch told those gathered       bargaining units who work for Douglas County in spite of hav-
corner with protesters, who like   that he and his colleagues left     ing a tentative agreement back in January. The Teamsters Local
Jauch, are committed to            the state in order to allow         346 was also shut out by the administrative committee on March
                                   democracy to work. The bill         3. Both units hoped for a better outcome when the board met in
                                   would have passed immediate-        a closed session March 17, but they were again stifled by Lisak
                                   ly if they had not given citizens   and his partners.
                                   the time to see what was in it.        “At that meeting Lisak told us they wouldn’t extend the con-
                                   What’s in it has stirred the peo-   tract but would address it again March 28,” said Teamster 346           With his homemade sign
                                   ple to protest and to fight back.   Secretary-Treasurer Pat Radzak, “but at that time March 25 was          David Thomas was one of
                                   It goes far beyond ending col-      the end date to extend.”                                                250 who showed up at March
                                   lective bargaining for public          It was obvious that Lisak, who worked in workforce devel-            10 at 7 a.m. at the Superior
                                   employees, it would sell off        opment in the past, wasn’t interested in extending the contract         courthouse on 10-hour
                                   public utilities without bids,      that the 34 highway department Teamsters had ratified Feb. 14.          notice to protest the senate’s
                                   decimate pubic education,              “We had some board members on our side knowing our guys              passing of Walker’s bill.
                                   health care for children, the       would eat eight percent on health and welfare, twelve percent on        “I’m not union, but my wife
                                   poor, and elderly and so many       their pensions, and have no wage increase,” Radzak said. “We’ll         teaches,” he said. “I’d be out
                                   more things that are counter to     see how it plays out now if the March 25 deadline is extended by        here even if she didn’t. This
                                           See 5          the lawsuit and temporary restraining order.”                           is ridiculous!”
Area labor joins nat’l Day of Action April 4                                                                  Madison Troublemakers’
   The AFL-CIO has planned a
national, mass mobilization
                                    bargaining as a right of workers
                                    whether they are in the public
                                                                       ronmental groups as supporters
                                                                       of the action day.
                                                                                                             School in session April 1, 2
Day of Action to take place         or private sector. The general         Walker has won with his             Union busting, Gov. Walker’s attack on public employees,
Monday, April 4, which is the       public has sided with public       “budget repair bill” with the       concession demands, layoffs, threats to Social Security and pen-
43rd anniversary of Dr. Martin      employees and labor on the         Republican-controlled legisla-      sions, increased health insurance costs, contracting out, fur-
Luther King’s assassination.        issue in Wisconsin and most        ture, and that’s also happened      loughs, wage freezes, free trade deals, tax giveaways to the rich,
   King was in Memphis sup-         other states where the attacks     in other states, but labor feels    tuition increases, wars, charter schools, sustained high unem-
porting striking public sanita-     are occurring by a nearly two to   the next phase of the battle is     ployment, right to work bills...did anything get left out?
tion workers when he was mur-       one margin. That has not           just beginning.                         Working people are under assault and it will continue until
dered. Labor will use the           caused Republicans like                “This is a fight for workers,   you put an end to it. National protests are showing what working
anniversary to frame today’s        Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker        this is a fight for the middle      people are made of. That’s the idea behind the Madison Labor
fight on behalf of public           to deviate from their union        class, this is a fight to try to    Notes Troublemakers School. How to build on the protests, pro-
employees as a civil rights         busting agenda. So labor will      stave off the shift in power and    tect what you have--and lay the foundation to fight for more?
issue. Conservatives are accus-     ratchet up their backlash with     wealth that is starting to          Led by experienced labor activists, workshops will talk strategy
ing public employees nation-        the Day of Action in the hopes     become gross,” said Harold          for fighting back and give hands-on skills to make it happen.
wide of busting state and local     of drawing more folks into         Schaitberger, president of the          The idea is not just to talk about problems for a day and then
budgets because of their wage       their corner. The Day of Action    International Association of        go home, but to come up with specific plans in some areas, so
and benefit package even            has the NAACP, and other           Fire Fighters.                      that you can go out Monday, April 4 and get to work organizing.
though many barely make a           civil, human rights, and envi-                                             Workshops include Public Sector Workers: What's Next?,
middle class living. The Mem-                                                                              Labor’s Electoral Strategy: We getting our money’s worth?,
phis workers were so poorly
paid that they qualified for wel-
                                         Hibbing rally this Friday                                         Organizing Strategies, Protecting Immigrant Workers, Art for
                                                                                                           Mobilization, Media Outreach, Contract Campaigns, Labor-
                                        Workers across the country in both the public and private sec-     Campus-Community Solidarity, Racism: History of Divide and
fare as full time employees.        tor are under attack. Whether it’s the Republican-controlled leg-
   “We’re going to have a                                                                                  Conquer, Is Capitalism Working for Us? Saving the Social
                                    islature’s “cuts only budget”, the do nothing Congress, or             Safety Net, Know Your Workplace Rights, Up Your Union: Get
noon rally at Duluth’s city hall    employers who try to balance their budgets on the backs of their
on April 4,” said Chad                                                                                     Involved and Revitalize It.
                                    employees, working families are getting the short end of the               Don’t miss the opening session Friday at 5 p.m.: labor poet-
McKenna, Field Organizer for        stick.
the North East Area Labor                                                                                  ry, cartoons and photos, followed by “State of the Unions” with
                                        Minnesota is no exception and an Iron Range Solidarity Rally       Macalester labor historian Peter Rachleff, Labor Notes founder
Council. “For those that can’t      has been planned for this Friday, March 25th at 5:30 p.m. at the
make that we’ll have an after                                                                              Jane Slaughter, author Joe Burns, SCFL President Jim
                                    Hibbing Memorial Building to call attention to the fact that           Cavanaugh, and journalist Steve Early.
work vigil at the Clayton           workers will not take being blamed for every economic crisis.
Jackson McGhee Memorial at                                                                                     A subscribing registration fee is $45 (includes Labor Notes
                                    Join workers from every sector – union and non-union alike – to        subscription), regular registration is $25
5:30 p.m. followed by a silent      help send the message and rally the troops on the Iron Range.
march to the federal building.”
The CJM Memorial is on the
corner of 2nd Avenue East and                 I.U.O.E. Local 70                                              Sheet Metal Workers’ Local 10
First Street. For more informa-
tion visit       Monthly Arrowhead Regional Meeting                                         Retirees’ Luncheon
or contact Chad McKenna at             Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 5:00 P.M.                                      Tuesday, April 5, 1:00 p.m.
218-310-8412        or     email          Duluth Labor Center, Hall B
   In rallies in Wisconsin and        Dave Monsour, Business Manager, (651) 646-4566                           China King (West Duluth Mall)
the rest of the nation against
Republican leaders’ attacks on

public employees, many pro-
testers have been displaying
“Workers Rights Are Human
Rights” signs. The Day of
Action will portray collective
Solon Munger
    Save the date of Friday
evening, April 15, when the 7th
                                              LUNG CANCER
Senate District DFL will host
their annual Solon Munger

Dinner. Cost is $35.
    Gov. Mark Dayton is trying
to clear his schedule. Will you?
    Contact John Schwetman,
Senate District 7 Chair at,                 The nationally recognized attorneys
                                     The nationally recognized attorneys atat
(218) 343-7409 for more.
                                     Paul & Hanley have been fighting for the
                                      Paul & Hanley have been fighting for the

                                                                                                           PAUL & HANLEY LLP
 IBEW 31 & 242                       health and safety of union members and
                                      health and safety of workers and their
                                      families since 1985. Jon Jon R. Neumann,
                                     their families since 1985. R. Neumann,
   Retirees’                         managing attorney of our Milwaukee
                                      managing attorney of our Milwaukee
  Luncheon                           office, has worked on behalf of asbestos
                                      office, has worked on behalf of asbestos
                                      victims for nearly decade.
                                     victims for nearly a a decade.
Tues March 29                                                                                                250 EAST WISCONSIN AVE., SUITE 1800
        1:00 p.m.                    If you or a loved one has been injured by asbestos, call
                                      If you or a loved one has been injured by asbestos, call                     MILWAUKEE, WI 53202
       Dry Dock                       us today for a free and confidential consultation. Our
                                     us today for a free and confidential consultation. Our
   Members & Their                    experienced attorneys and investigators will personally
                                     experienced attorneys and investigators will personally
   Guests Welcome!                    meet with you to discuss the merits of your case.
                                     meet with you to discuss the merits of your case.                    
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PAGE 2                                                                                                      LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2011
                                                                                                                  Step back Gov. Walker
                                                                                                               In some African countries freedom and democracy are final-
                                                                                                           ly beginning after only being dreams for those people.
    It’s March, a blizzard is on                                                                               In Wisconsin, tyranny at the hands of Gov. Walker and his
the way, and the world is mak-                                                                             political agenda begins. It is not the agenda he used when he
ing us scared with everything                                                                              campaigned to be elected. If Wisconsin falls to the dictator-like
that’s happening to people. For                                                                            Walker the domino theory begins, one union after another will
those of you who can it’s a                                                                                fall. Stand strong in your belief and let your voice be heard for it
good time to take a vacation. If                                                                           will be everyone if he succeeds! This fight is not over by any
you can’t a gin and tonic can be                                                                           means, it is just beginning!
like a little vacation in a glass.                                                                             We all need to read our Declaration of Independence. Our
It’s a good thing March is also                                                                            forefathers lived and survived a time like this and wrote the most
when we can forget about                                                                                   powerful words known to man. I say believe in America and our
things by escaping to college                                                                              American way of life, and revisit these words before it’s too late!
and state high school hockey                                                                                   ...We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are
and basketball playoffs. That                                                                              created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with
won’t work if you’re a Gopher        about Minnesotans joining Wisconsin’s open for business               certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty
fan, but for Bulldogs and            them for hoops. If a kid has a according to Gov. Walker, who          and the pursuit of Happiness. – That to secure these rights,
Badgers you can find a niche.        choice between Madison, will do anything to attract busi-             Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just
    My Gopher men’s basket-          “Madtown” and the Twin ness, but he drove 14 senators                 powers from the consent of the governed, – That whenever any
ball team fell through the floor     Cities it isn’t much of a choice. to hotels in Illinois. And an       Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is
again. They didn’t even get             Besides we don’t need pass- assistant Douglas Co. attorney         the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute
invited to the NIT “toilet bowl”     ports. It’s an open border. If left for the same office in St.        new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and
so my rooting interests are          you’re a working stiff just be Louis Co., where those work-           organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most
focused on the Badgers. Funny,       ready to get hosed on your ers are unionized and better               likely to effect their Safety and Happiness...But when a long
but their two best players are       income taxes because our state compensated. You can expect            train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same
from Minnesota and there may         governments can’t agree.           the same from teachers now         Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despo-
be a couple more on the roster.         Do you remember all those too. Free trade, stateside,              tism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Govern-
Those opposed to the protests        arguments in years past when JOBZ, public employee style.             ment, and to provide new guards for their future security.
in Wisconsin claim it’s outside      we were told our Minnesota            I’m all over NCAA hoops             Unalienable rights are those which cannot be taken away
agitators but they don’t bitch       business climate was driving so I say “Go Badgers!” But I             from or given away by whomever possesses them.
                                     companies to Wisconsin? Tax like my Governor Dayton bet-                  Read our Preamble to the Constitution, the law of the land,
  ~NOTICE~                           and workers’ comp debates ter than their Governor Walker
                                     always brought that up. And so I say, “Come Badgers!”
                                                                                                           governed by and from, for the good of all, not just one.
                                                                                                               The greatest American Republican President, Abraham Lin-
Next issues of Labor World: those talks about losing all our We’re open for your best and                  coln, once cautioned that if any man tells you he loves America,
April 6, 27 Workers’ Memorial; best young minds and bodies to brightest because your govern-               yet hates labor, he is a liar! So I say “STEP BACK!” Governor
May 11, 25;           June 8, 22; areas with better economies? ment doesn’t value its citizens.            Walker, for you are seeing Democracy in action! Who are you to
 July 6, 20;        Aug. 3, 31;                                                                            stop it!?
 Sept. 14, 28;          Oct. 19;       LCP settlement serves all                                               R. James Syria, AFSCME Local 695
Nov. 2, 16, 30;           Dec. 21        Editor:
     LABOR WORLD                         It's a testament to the hard work and perseverance of every-          Let’s just do it...positively
  (ISSN#0023-6667) is published      one involved that employees of IBEW Local #31 and the leader-             Editor:
 semi-monthly except one issue in    ship of Lake Country Power were able to find ways to hold down
       December (23 issues).         costs for members of the cooperative. To do so, the LCP Board             My husband and I have attended rallies in Madison, Superior
 The known office of publication is                                                                        and Washburn and such collective action is inspiring. We have
 Labor World, 2002 London Road, and IBEW #31 had to address modifications to the existing                  seen wonderfully creative signs and listened to recently com-
  Room 110, Duluth, MN 55812.        Collective Bargaining Agreement. Admittedly, it was a difficult
  Periodicals postage is paid at     process, but we are pleased to report an outcome that “works”         posed songs. But these rallies are just a brief moment in time. If
       Duluth MN 55806.              for both employees and members of the cooperative.                    we are going to change what is happening in Wisconsin and the
        POSTMASTER:                      As in any negotiation, there was serious give and take on both    nation, we must make our beliefs visible all the time. We must
     Send address changes to:        sides of the table and, in the end, we reached an agreement that      keep energy levels high and individual participation active.
Labor World, 2002 London Rd., protects and balances the interests of Lake Country employees                    My suggestion is to place all those beautiful signs out where
 Room 110, Duluth, MN 55812 and members.                                                                   they can be seen by the public. And then create new ones,
           6                       7     Ultimately, the employees’ willingness - union and non-union      depending on the most recent issue. For example, in a couple of
                                     - to make concessions will help the board reduce co-op labor          hours we created a 3’ x 4’ sign for Jo Anne Kloppenburg who is
         (218) 728-4469
      FAX: (218) 724-1413            costs in 2011 and hold the line on electric rates for co-op mem-      running for Wisconsin Supreme Court (election April 5th). We         bers. In addition to labor costs, Lake Country Power has also cut     used some scrap lumber and leftover paint and put it up at the             $3 million in capital projects, deferred fleet replacement, cut the   edge of our busy county highway.
   ~ ESTABLISHED 1896 ~              tree-trimming budget and reduced the operating margin.                    So keep action happening at the grassroots. Don’t wait for
 Owned by Unions affiliated with the
                                         Co-op members are concerned about rising electric rates -         someone else to make a sign or a song. We can all funnel our
Duluth AFL-CIO Central Labor Body
                                     they’ve been clear about that in their communication with the         frustration into positive, creative and inspiring channels. Just do
   Subscriptions: $22 Annually
                                                                                                           it. Now. I created a poem and a song, inspired by the Washburn
 Larry Sillanpa, Editor/Manager LCP board and employees. Going forward it’s important both                 rally, which I would like to share. (Variation on “Ride a Cock
 Deborah Skoglund, Bookkeeper parties continue their belief that all member-owners should have             Horse,” a bouncing rhyme done by adults with small children.)
    Board of Directors               access to affordable, reliable, and safe electric service and we
                                     recognize our responsibility in working together to find solutions        Ride a cock horse to Wisconsin state
Pres./Treas. Mikael Sundin,                                                                                    To help Weasel Walker discover his fate.
Painters & Allied Trades 106; that ultimately work for the cooperative’s member-owners.                        He’s got tea bags in his pockets and Koch up his nose
V.P. Paul Iversen, BMWED                 Sincerely,                                                            So we shall make music wherever he goes.
1710; Sec. Larry Anderson,               The Lake Country Power Board of Directors: Richard
Laborers 1091; Al LaFrenier, Wallin, President, Robert Bruckbauer, Vice President, Carter                      To the tune of “I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of My
Workers’ United Midwest Bd; Pettersen, Secretary, Don Simons, Treasurer, George Harvey,                    Hair” from South Pacific.
Mike Kuitu, Operating Engi-          Jack Huhta, Jim Huhta, Sherman Liimatainen, Donovan Strong                 We’re gonna wash that Gov right out of our hair,
neers 49; Jayme McKenna,                                                                                       We’re gonna wash that Gov right out of our hair,
AFSCME 66; Dan O’Neill,                  IBEW Local #31 Stewards: Wade Gould, Brian
                                     Grondahl, Carmen Haglund, Connie Mitchell, Don                            We’re gonna wash that Gov right out of our hair,
Plumbers & Steamfitters 11;                                                                                    And send him on his way .
Steve Risacher, Carpenters           Rosemore, Peggy Smith; IBEW 31 Business Manager Mark
361; Dan Leslie, IBEW 31.            Glazier and Assistant Business Manager Dick Sackett                       Valerie Kozlovsky, Maple, WI, Retired Wisconsin Teacher
LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2011                                                                                                                          PAGE 3
                                                  Wisconsin focuses on electing Kloppenburg
 Your Wisconsin                                       Polls say Wisconsinites are
                                                  opposed to the Republican
                                                                                      prosecutor at the Wisconsin
                                                                                      Department of Justice. She has
                                                                                                                           is in need of donations and you
                                                                                                                           can email them at the above
   AFL-CIO                                        agenda playing out in their
                                                  state by a 2–1 margin. If you
                                                                                      served under attorneys general
                                                                                      from both parties: Don
                                                                                                                           address to arrange a donation.
                                                                                                                               • They are encouraging

 Endorsements                                     don’t believe polls a true indi-
                                                  cator of how residents feel
                                                  about the fight going on over
                                                                                      Hanaway, Jim Doyle, Peg
                                                                                      Lautenschlager and JB Van
                                                                                                                           Wisconsin residents to make
                                                                                                                           their own yard signs with slo-
                                                                                                                           gans like “A vote for
                                                  there will be the Tuesday, April        Kloppenburg is running           Kloppenburg is a Vote Against
              Wisconsin Supreme Court             5 elections, especially one         against a very conservative          Walker”, or “Stop Walker, Vote
                                                  statewide race.                     incumbent. Her supporters are        Kloppenburg” or any other
             JoAnne Kloppenburg                       The Wisconsin State AFL-        defining the contest as a vote       ideas that you might have.
               Voting for her opponent is         CIO has endorsed JoAnne             for or against           People First will also be
               voting for Governor Walker         Kloppenburg to be the next          for Kloppenburg is a vote            working to help Superior
                                                  Justice of the Wisconsin            against Walker.                      Federation of Labor-endorsed
                                                  Supreme Court. Although it is a         For the next few weeks           City Council District 4 incum-
                                                  non-partisan race getting her       People First, the coalition that     bent Greg Mertzig with his
                     Superior Mayor               elected will consume the time       formed two weeks ago to fight        write-in campaign. If you
                                                  and energy of trade unionists       back in Superior in Douglas          would like to canvass for
                    Bruce Hagen                   and others who are angry with       County, is focused on con-           Mertzig contact Tracey Ramey
                                                  the direction the state has taken   tributing to the campaign to         at or on
                                                  under the leadership of Repub-      elect Kloppenburg. Among the         facebook.
                                                  lican Gov. Scott Walker and his     activities they’ve pursue are:           You can access People First
                                                  party’s control of the state leg-       • A phone bank which start-      at http://peoplefirstsuperior.
                 City Council District 2          islature.                           ed Monday at VIP Pizza from          com or join them on Facebook
                                                      “JoAnne Kloppenburg is          5:00-8:30 p.m. will continue
                   Marty Curtiss                  the best candidate to represent     throughout the campaign. If          / P e o p l e - F i r s t -
                                                  Wisconsin’s working families,”      you are able to help any day         SuperiorDouglas-
                                                  said Phil Neuenfeldt, President     contact      Peggy      Nichols,     County/190529987647058.
                                                  of the Wisconsin State AFL-
                 City Council District 4          CIO. “She has the judicial              • They have banners that
                                                  demeanor, temperament, inde-        will be displayed at Belknap/
                    Greg Mertzig                  pendence and integrity to
                                                  ensure that the law is applied
                                                                                      Hammond, Hwy 2/28th Street,
                                                                                      Tower/21st Street, and Belk-
             Please write in his name             fairly to all Wisconsinites. We     nap/Catlin and need 4 people to        Flood Insurance?
                                                  believe she will be an ethical      hold each of them from 5 to 6            Now’s the time to
                                                  and impartial judge bringing        p.m. every day. Contact them at           think about it.
                                                  needed balance to our courts.”      peoplefirstsuperior@gmail.
                 City Council District 6              Assistant Attorney General      com or Elizabeth Johnson at                Wade Smith
                                                  Kloppenburg has 22 years of         218-590-5158.                            (218) 724-4507
                   Leonard Joyal                  experience as a litigator and           • A direct mailing campaign

                 City Council District 8
                    Mike Herrick                                                               low rates.                             free hat with a
                                                                                                                                     recreational loan
                                                                                            fast approvals.
                                                                                               no hassle
                City Council District 10
                                                                                          218-729-7733 •
                    Bob Browne                                                                          Member eligibility required. Member NCUA.

          Superior School Board                                                
  Mary Klun & John Hendricks

These Labor-endorsed candidates                                            

need your vote Tuesday, April 5th!                       

 Paid for by the Superior Federation of Labor &
                                          $$ %!#$
 Northern Wisconsin Building Trades Council
PAGE 4                                                                                 LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2011
      March 8 was the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day
     By Glenda Holste                        women’s power. If they get the                     of State, County and Municipal     the march toward equality.                    bicentennial of International
   Quick quiz about what con-                unions, they can reduce                            Employees, 61 percent of           “Join the union, girls,” she                  Women’s Day, the events will
servative ideologues hope to                 women’s pay, which can accel-                      members are women. In the          said. “Equal pay for equal                    celebrate victory over injustice
accomplish in their war on                   erate the race to the economic                     Minnesota Association of           work.”                                        based on gender.
public employee unions.                      bottom for all workers. The                        Professional Employees, 52             Today, the rallying cry must                 Holste is a member of The
   Choose the answer that best               irony is inescapable.                              percent of members are             remain: “Hold on to the union,                Education Minnesota Profes-
describes what the anti-worker                   International Women’s Day                      women. Figures for the Service     girls. Hold on for yourselves,                sional Organization.
politicos want:                              officially began 100 years ago                     Employee International Union       your brothers.” If we do, on the
                                             with rallies to support the rights                 workers in Minnesota weren’t
   a. To redistribute the wealth
from the undeserving middle                  of women to gainful employ-                        readily available, but their              Jauch returns...from page 1
                                             ment, education and to vote.                       members are concentrated in            a progressive state.
class to the deserving rich                                                                                                            “When I was in northern Illinois watching the assault on
   b. To suck the political and              Long before it went interna-                       health care and other service
                                             tional, March 8 marked impor-                      jobs that traditionally skew       workers’ right, union rights and citizens’ rights, I told a radio sta-
economic stuffing out of folks                                                                                                     tion that asked where we were, that I can see the Soviet Union
who aren’t their kind                        tant risings by women. This                        toward women.
                                             first we know of was on March                          Nationally, we know, thanks    from here,” Jauch said. “Scott Walker gave you your voice back.
   c. To show off for the clue-                                                                                                    You are now empowered to stand up to those who don’t care
less Tea Partiers who think the              8, 1857, when women textile                        to public workers at the Bureau
                                             workers in New York took to                        of Labor Statistics, that the      about the Wisconsin we love. What happened to it? It’s wherev-
money conservatives are on                                                                                                         er you are working for the commonwealth of this state. We won’t
their side instead of the Koch               the streets to demand better                       median wage last year for
                                             wages and safe working condi-                      women working full time who        give up. Just look at the unity in this room.”
brothers’ side in the class battle                                                                                                     An emotional Cecelia Jauch told of all the threatening, hate-
   d. To push women back                     tions.                                             belong to a union was $856 a
                                                 On this March 8, think                         week       while     non-union     ful calls she had taken while her husband was in Illinois.
down where they belong                                                                                                                 “An event like this makes taking all those calls worthwhile,”
   e. All of the above                       about this: If the attempts to                     women’s media wage was
                                             devalue public work succeed,                       $639. We also know because of      she said. “I never thought I’d use words like ‘safe house.’ I start-
   “e. all of the above” is the                                                                                                    ed as a teacher during the strike in the 1970s and I told the teach-
“right” answer.                              women in these unions will                         the White House’s new, com-
                                             take a disproportionate hit.                       prehensive report "Women in        ers today, ‘you’ll come back as a union. We’ll do it again.”
   On this 100th International                                                                                                         Rallies continued the next morning in Poplar, where the
Women's Day (March 8), let’s                     In Minnesota, the gender                       America", that in 2009, one-
                                             demographics in our public                         fifth of women workers were        Jauchs live. A rally of a few thousand met Walker in Washburn
examine why the war on public                                                                                                      that Saturday. On Sunday a few hundred heard from Jauch, and
employee unions in the U.S. is               employee unions tell the tale.                     employed in just five job cate-
                                             In Education Minnesota, the                        gories—secretary, elementary       reps Nick Milroy and Janet Bewley at UWS’s Old Main.
an assault on women. The                                                                                                               Jauch has held ten town hall meetings throughout his district
obvious answers are women                    union of 70,000 educators, 70                      school teacher, registered
                                             percent of members are                             nurse, nursing aide and cashier.   and beyond to help educate the public about Walker’s attack on
constitute the majority of mem-                                                                                                    unions and the middle class. At the Old Town meeting a chant of
bership and have proven diffi-               women. Of Minnesota Nurses                             The suffragist Susan B.
                                             Association members who                            Anthony, more a political than     “hero!” started that Jauch quickly squashed.
culty in achieving equal pay                                                                                                           “We (Fab 14) were called cowards a lot when we left the
without a union contract. So if              work in the public sector, 88                      economic feminist, did under-
                                             percent are women. In Council                      stand that working women’s         state, but don’t call me a hero,” Jauch said. “I was just in the right
the rightist ideologues destroy                                                                                                    place at the right time to use my skills for fairness and justice.”
the unions, they reduce                      5 of the American Federation                       collective action mattered in
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LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2011                                                                                                                                                                   PAGE 5
Workers more productive, but not paid for it Minnesota’s “angel investments”
    By Tula Connell                 and private-sector compensa-       whether they work in the pub-
    Opponents of working fam-       tion has seen comparably mod-      lic sector or private, than they      cost taxpayers $148,936 per job
ilies and their unions have tried   est growth: up 20.5 percent in     do with the wealthy elite. But                              By Kris Jacobs
to pit public workers against       the state/local sector, up 17.9    it’s in the interest of corporate              Executive Director, JOBS NOW Coalition
those in the private sector, by     percent in the private sector,     CEOs and their lawmaker pup-            Last year the state of Minnesota responded to the pleas of
fomenting an internal class         according to a new study by the    pets like Wisconsin Gov. Scott      those who call themselves fiscal conservatives and doled out $7
warfare centered on disparate       Economic Policy Institute. In      Walker and Ohio Gov. John           million in tax credits to wealthy investors to encourage them to
wages and benefits.                 contrast, hourly productivity      Kasich to sow seeds of resent-      create jobs by investing in new business ventures in Minnesota.
    One of their real goals is to   grew 62.5 percent between          ment and deflect the real issue:    These “angel investments” have created, statewide, 47 jobs so
hide the uniting factor of both     1989 and 2010 — more than          The haves are getting rich and      far. That’s a cost to taxpayers of $148,936 per job created. In
groups: Compensation has            three times as fast as compen-     fat at an enormous rate, at the     fairness it should be pointed out that this tax break for wealthy
stagnated for ALL working           sation grew in either the public   expense of the rest of us.          investors has only been in effect since last summer, about half a
people even as they produce         or the private sector.                 Forbes’ 2011 Billionaires       year.
more.                                   Working people have more       List released last week breaks          By comparison, from 1983 to 1987 the Minnesota Emer-
    In fact, both public-sector     in common with each other,         two records: total number of        gency Employment Development or MEED program put 7,400
                                                                       billionaires (1,210) and com-       people to work in its first six months and more than 42,000 in
     Jobless rate drops again                                          bined wealth ($4.5 trillion). As
                                                                       Forbes writes, “This horde sur-
                                                                                                           three years. A 1989 state economic analysis report estimated the
                                                                                                           program’s ten-year return on investment was 11.9 percent per
    WASHINGTON (PAI)—The nation’s unemployment rate                    passes the gross domestic prod-     year, 80 percent higher than the Minnesota bond rate at the time.
declined for the third straight month in February, down 0.1% to        uct of Germany….”                   There are now calls for a renewed MEED program to meet
8.9%, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said. Private businesses              The reality is, public-sector   today’s job loss crisis, and estimates are that $200 million a year
claimed they created 222,000 jobs, but strapped state and local        workers make somewhat less          would generate 12,000 jobs a year, at a cost to taxpayers of
governments cut 30,000 workers, for a net 192,000-job gain.            than those in the private sector    $16,000 per job.
    The number of unemployed declined by 190,000, to 13.673            when education is factored in.          Tom Stinson, Minnesota’s state economist, was quoted in
million, while the number of employed people rose by 250,000,          As EPI points out, the real         the March 17 Minneapolis Star Tribune, saying of the angel
BLS said. The recent trend of hundreds of thousands of people          issue for workers in this nation    investments, “It’s nice that 47 jobs were created, but 47 jobs
dropping out of the labor force did not occur in February.             is that neither public- nor pri-    aren’t very many jobs for a state as big as Minnesota.”
    The jobless rate and numbers in February were both still far       vate-sector employees “have             Good point. We think Stinson is very Minnesota nice to say
above the 4% rate and 5.956 million jobless when former GOP            seen their pay grow in tandem       what he said so politely. And we think the fiscal conservatives
President George W. Bush took office in Jan. 2001. By the time         with the increase in the eco-       had better hire some new accountants to check out their policy
he turned over the presidency to Democrat Barack Obama eight           nomic output that has been pro-     proposals. That could be an extra five jobs or so, right there.
years later, two Bush crashes had pushed joblessness above 8%          duced, a reflection of the con-         To learn how to give small employers capital to expand
and it was rising.                                                     tinuing erosion of good jobs        while creating real jobs for Minnesota, read our policy brief on
    AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka welcomed the positive             and the downward pressure on        the new MEED Wage Subsidy Program at www.jobsnow
numbers, but worried the state and local government cuts, which        wages from globalization, 
could be copied at the federal level – thanks to GOP politicians       deunionization, an eroded min-
– could halt the slow recovery.                                        imum wage, high unemploy-
    “The last thing we need right now is for misguided politicians
to cut off the recovery before it can take hold,” he said. “To sus-
                                                                       ment, and other factors.”            Support your local pharmacy
tain growth, politicians around the country need to come togeth-     Tula Connell writes for the           Tell your union, health fund, and employer
er to invest in creating good jobs and solving real problems, not AFL-CIO news blog, where
slashing the federal budget, laying off workers or attacking the this article appeared.                         you want local pharmacy services
programs essential to middle class families.”
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                                       (800)783-0081                         Allen D. Vaughan, Esq.        Store hours: Mon-Fri 9am - 8pm • Sat 9am - 5:30pm • Sun 11am - 5pm

PAGE 6                                                                                                      LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2011
MN is also undermining public employees                                                                      Road trip to fascism...from page 8
    Everyone is hearing the hor-     cialist with the Minnesota          ment can’t be reached.                  Canadian populist
ror stories about bills in other     Nurses Association, has a simi-         Republicans have intro-         who brought univer-
states that attack unions and        lar complaint about an inter-       duced more than 50 bills in the     sal single - payer
thinks Minnesota is safe             state nurse compact that will       legislature that attack public-     health     care      to
because DFL Governor Mark            bypass this state’s licensing       sector workers and put public       Canada, had a say-
Dayton is there with a veto pen.     requirement and allow nurses        services at risk. “They are gut-    ing, “You can beat or
    Don’t tell that to Education     from other states to just come      ting jobs, wages, health insur-     even kill a man, but
Minnesota school teachers who        in and go to work. Eric Lehto       ance, pension and collective        you can’t beat or kill
saw Dayton, who started his          agreed.                             bargaining,” says Michael           an idea !”
career as a teacher, sign a bill         “That’s how Nurse America       Kuchta, AFSCME Council 5                Many of you are
that opens up their profession       and other union-busting nurs-       Communications Coordinator.         already doing a lot to
to business people without           ing companies get their scabs       “What they’re not doing is ask-     protect democracy
Bachelor of Science degrees.         in,” said the AFSCME Council        ing the rich to make a similar      and the middle class. Mike Kuitu was one of the first to
    “Alternative licensing is a      5 Organizing Director.              sacrifice.”                         The ghosts of those greet Sen. Jauch on his return home.
kick in the teeth,” said Beth            Teachers are also watching          State public employees are      who resisted before
McCuskey, a member of the            a bill in the Minnesota Senate      keeping an eye on a bill that is    you applaud you. The unborn future wage slaves thank you.
Duluth Federation of Teachers.       that aims to take away their        seeking to cut their pay signifi-       Some of you are blissfully ignoring what is going on around
She compared it to ending            right to strike. It also would      cantly. Leading the Wisconsin-      you, content to listen and read what the for-profit, news media
apprenticeship that makes            prohibit contract negotiations      style attack on public employ-      decides to tell you. Do you have any idea how they are manipu-
workers prepared for their jobs.     while school is in session and      ees is first term Senator Steve     lating you? For instance, Sec. 44 of Walkers “budget repair” bill
    Marie Pechek, a labor spe-       force arbitration if an agree-      Parry (R-Waseca), who is a for-     sells off publicly owned assets such as power plants, in secret
                                                                         mer police officer. He has a bill   “no-bid“ contracts. My own wife, who reads the daily paper
  Missouri GOP ends R-T-W                                                that asks public employees to       front to back every day, and at least an hour and a half of TV
   By Mark Gruenberg, PAI Staff Writer                                   pick up a significant share of      news a day, did not know this. It wasn’t until I told her that she
   Lobbying by union leaders and a mass rally in St. Louis               their pensions as well.             knew.
helped convince the Republican-controlled Missouri senate to                 “Senator Parry should know          You see folks, things are not going to go back to normal, if
sidetrack a “right-to-work” bill March 14. Missouri, Ohio,               that Minnesota public employ-       more of you don’t change your expectations. Things are going to
Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan conservatives are strongly               ees already pay a significant       get worse. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer, because we
pushing a corporate-driven, anti-union agenda. The Missouri              share of their pensions out of      let them.
GOP holds a 26-8 edge in the senate, but was split over the bill.        pocket,” said Minnesota AFL-            Demand that state and federal politicians raise taxes on the
   Democratic Sen. Victor Callahan of Independence – Presi-              CIO President Shar Knutson.         wealthy and safe guard collective bargaining. Bring back a max-
dent Truman’s hometown – vowed to talk “ad nauseam” to kill              “The Senator should also rec-       imum tax rate of 90%. Pass the employee free choice act. Back
the bill. The 1947 Taft-Hartley Act, passed by a GOP-run Con-            ognize that the average public      only candidates who publicly express that intent.
gress over Truman’s veto, lets states have right-to-work bills.          employee makes around                   Educate yourself, refuse to be divided and distracted by the
   Missouri Republicans’ next move may be to try to stick                $38,000 a year and retires with     media. What is reported and how it is presented generally has no
approval of right-to-work onto the Nov. 2012 ballot as a referen-        an average annual pension of        importance.
dum. They tried a right-to-work referendum in 1978, got clob-            $13,000 a year.”                        YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO A THING
bered, and Democrats rode that vote to a legislative majority that           Dayton has stood firm on        ABOUT JAPAN AND LIBYA! Fighting fascism at home is
year, retired GOP Gov. and Sen. Kit Bond has noted.                      other issues saying right-to-       something you can actually impact. YOUR MONEY IS BET-
   State AFL-CIO President Hugh McVey said he was heartened              work legislation would not          TER SPENT FIGHTING FASCISM TOO!
by both the cross-section of workers from all professions and            pass and that bill was squashed         Paul stayed behind in Madison and was going to stay until
trades who turned out in St. Louis – and by their vigor.                 last month.                         Sunday. The last I talked to him, the guy with the bullhorn was
                                                                                                                                              still talking to Walker through
                                                                                                                                              the wall.

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LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2011                                                                                                                                  PAGE 7
 The “We Got Solidarity Anti-Fascism Tour” travels to Lansing, Michigan
  By Mike Kuitu, Member             ets. Corporations can be ap-          since I HAVE THE BIRTH            It was an 11 hour trip.            I’d estimate 20,000 attended.
Operating Engineers Local 49        pointed emergency managers.           CERTIFICATE TO PROVE                  Wednesday the local paper          Thursday afternoon found
    Film maker Michael Moore        Any contracts with employees          IT, going to Lansing was good.    had a story about even worse       us in Madison, the new cradle
put out an appeal for all           can be voided. This does not             I posted Moore’s appeal on     class warfare there. Michigan      of American Democracy. It
Michiganders to rally at their      bode well for democracy, the          Facebook seeking interest.        was going to raise taxes on        looked like rain, but 100 folks
Lansing Capitol March 16 to         middle class, or unions.              Allen Richardson said he’d like   pensioners by $900 million and     were milling around. Several
protest in particular, the emer-        I live in Duluth but have         to go, soon Emily Flesch was      cut taxes on corporations by       couples make it part of their
gency manager bill that was         been spending an awful lot of         on board and The We Got           $700 million. How wrong is         daily exercise to walk briskly
being passed in the legislature.    time in Wisconsin lately, basi-       Solidarity/Anti- Fascism Tour     that? Think about those mil-       around the Capitol with signs.
That concept is just as outra-      cally at the invitation of Gov.       was underway.                     lions of dollars those CEOs are    The “we got solidarity/anti-fas-
geous as the crap coming out of     Walker who in his domino dis-            Traveling across the Upper     making. Holy reverse Robin         cism tour” went for a lap.
Madison. Emergency man-             cussion with the faux “David          Peninsula the ghosts of miners    Hood! Obviously, too few in        About half way round, I spot-
agers will be appointed by the      Koch,” let the GOP conspiracy         and loggers cheered us on from    their legislature know tax cuts    ted a guy with a bullhorn
state to replace elected city,      against the entire American           both sides of Highway 2. A        for the wealthy do not create      addressing the Capitol. What
county, or school board offi-       working class out of the bag. I       state employee shook our          jobs. As we have seen with 10      he was saying went something
cials that don’t balance budg-      was born in Michigan, and             hands near Mackinac Bridge.       years of the Bush Tax cuts, they   like this “...and like I told you
                                                                                                            actually lead to less jobs.        yesterday, Governor Walker,
                                                                                                                When we arrived at the         and the day before, and the day
                                                                                                            Capitol Paul St. Ores, one of      before that…That this was
                                                                                                            my union brothers from             going to get ugly…that the vio-
                                                                                                            Hudson, WI who drove all           lence was going to be started
                                                                                                            night joined the tour. We min-     by you neo-cons…Now I don’t
                                                                                                            gled some, met a university        know why you sent someone to
                                                                                                            teaching assistant originally      try to run me over, I am just a
                                                                                                            from Minneapolis, who said         peace loving Wisconsinite….”
                                                                                                            spring break explained the lack        A flood of emotions over-
                                                                                                            of students. He said to FB         came me, here was this guy,
                                                                                                            friend Irate Irene for news.       basically all by himself taking
                                                                                                                The crowd swelled to over      on the fascists, oblivious to
                                                                                                            10,000 just after noon when the    everything except his own out-
                                                                                                            speakers started. The good peo-    rage, speaking truth to power.
                                                                                                            ple that were there were very          Brothers and Sisters, this
                                                                                                            boisterous. Signs...“Proud to be   lone individual, is what it’s all
                                                                                                            everything the right wing          about. Sure, it’s much better
                                                                                                            hates,” “Governor Snyder, can      and easier to have a large group
                                                                                                            I call you ‘dick’?,” “Recall       behind you, but sometimes you
                                                                                                            Rick,”      “foam board-$3.95,     end up going and doing alone.
                                                                                                            gas to get here and park-          It’s important to remember at
                A                                                                                           ing_$23, Solidarity and stand-     those times that you are not
                    n accident can rip apart the fabric of your life. Not only do you                       ing up to Fascism–Priceless,”      truly alone, that resistance
             have to suffer the painful effects of the injury, but there are financial                         and numerous “Tax the rich”        against greed and stupidity is
                                                                                                            and “General Strike!’ signs.       not futile, that throughout his-
             pressures, too. Then, there's the concern for the family situation.                                Speakers were great includ-    tory, peace loving people
             Help is needed in many ways.                                                                   ing the Michigan AFL-CIO           fought against slavery and for
                As one of Minnesota's busiest and most successful injury law firms,                          president, Lansing’s mayor, a      freedom in many ways. There
                                                                                                            kickass minister, lots of great    were wars, there were many
             we've helped thousands of accident victims get fair compensation for                           union officers. “Charles and       sacrifices. Some died on a cru-
             their injuries, pain and suffering.                                                             David Koch” were even there,       cifix, some stared down tanks
                It is only when these worries are relieved that a person can start                          Moore wasn’t.                      in Tiananmen Square, some
                                                                                                                In mid afternoon a bunch       died in a plane crash in a wet
             stitching their life back together.                                                            occupied the Capitol. I don’t      woodland near Eveleth, MN.
                                                                                                            know how long they stayed.             Tommy Douglas, the great
              Call our Experienced Team for a FREE consultation!                                                The rally lasted until 5:30.
                                                                                                                                                   See Road 7


                                                                                                            Protesting in Michigan last week were Paul St.Ores (IUOE
                                                                                                            49), Emily Flesch (Workers United 99), Allen Richardson,
                                                                                                            and Mike Kuitu (IUOE 49), who took this photo.
PAGE 8                                                                                                       LABOR WORLD NEWS, WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23, 2011

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