Lesson plan Habit 1 Be Proactive by wanghonghx


									                                 Decision 4: Dating and Sex

   Decisions about love, dating, and sex are probably the most important choices you will ever

Intelligent Dating

        Intelligent Dating - Dating successfully; being selective about who you date; hanging
         out and having fun; remaining steady through the natural highs and lows of romance;
         keeping your own standards.

        Brainless Dating – dating ineffectively; dating anyone who has a pulse; becoming
         centered on your girlfriend or boyfriend; having your heart broken repeatedly; doing
         what everyone else seems to be doing.

       6 Universal Dating Questions

              o   What to Expect? – Expect lots of drama
              o   Who Should I Go Out With? – Have a wish list of character traits and interests
                  they gotta have. They just do date anyone or just go out with someone because
                  they are attractive.
              o   What if I Never Get Asked Out? – Consider yourself lucky you haven’t had to
                  deal with the drama. There is plenty of time for dating. You have an entire
                  lifetime to date.
              o   What is the Biggest Mistake Teens Make When Dating – Becoming centered on
                  your girlfriend or boyfriend. It becomes unhealthy when your life revolves
                  around another person.
              o   How Will I Know When it’s Time to Break Up? – If your relationship is based
                  on anything else besides Win-Win (Habit 4) then you will need to fix it or break
                  it off. Win – Win relationships bring out the best in each other.
              o   How Do I Get Out of an Abusive Relationship? – No one deserves to be abused.
                  There are a lot of decent people that will not abuse you. This is not the way
                  everyone acts.

        6 Guidelines to Intelligent Dating
           o Don’t Date Too Young – Many people start too young dating. Many wish they
              waited because they run into problems, such as getting physical too soon. Waiting
              until you are 16 before dating is usually all good rule of thumb.
           o Date People Your Own Age – It is easy to get taken advantage of when you date
              older people.
           o Get to Know Lots of People – When you only date one person, you start to believe
              that the first person you fall for is your one and only love. Your middle – or high
              school years is not the time to settle into a serious relationship. This will keep you
              from getting wrapped up into just one person and missing out on so much of your
              teen age years.
           o Date in Groups – It’s more fun. There is safety in numbers. You will meet more
              people and there are fewer expectations.
           o Set Your Own Boundaries – decide the kind of people you will and won’t date.
           o Have a Plan – When you go out, have a backup plan in case things don’t work out.
       **** Synopsis – Verbatim or paraphrased from Sean Covey – 6 Most Important
       Decisions You’ll Ever Make .

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