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									                                                                                                  72 Oak Street, P.O. Box 272

                      Boothbay Region                                                                Boothbay Harbor, ME

                                                                                                             Contact Us

                           Historical Society                                                        Phone: 207-633-0820

Volume 20, Issue II                                                                                          Fall 2007

                                                                                     BRHS Has New President;
              BRHS Celebrates                                                         Elects Officers, Trustees
          40th Anniversary In Style                                                                        Doreen
                                                                                                                    elect ed
     Our 40th anniversary was cele-      The Shackletons permitted the his-                                BRHS president
brated in style – in the historic set-   torical society to use part of the                                at the society’s
ting of the 1768 Nicholas Knight         house and barn for its first museum.                              40th      annual
house, the first home of the BRHS        In the mid-1970s the Shackletons                                  meeting, May
shortly after its founding in 1967.      sold the property and Frank Lenthall                              15. Dun led a
     Melinda and Jeff Browne, who        and Jim Wilmot operated the                                       slate including
own and maintain the house as a pe-      Boothbay Theatre Museum there.                                    Richard Hodg-
riod showplace, led tours through the    The Brownes bought the house 13             don, vice-president; Sally Bullard,
home’s interior while guests mingled     years ago.                                  secretary; and Sarah Giles, continu-
in the barn, enjoying wine, light bev-        Doreen Dun, BRHS president,            ing as treasurer. Elected to three-year
erages and an elegant array of hors      welcomed the 60 guests attending            trustee terms were Bullard and Doro-
d’oeuvres. Les Fossel, house restora-    the event on a perfect September            thy Gregory. Don Soler was elected
tion specialist, provided insight into   day.                                        to a one-year term. Re-elected to
some of the details of the house and                                                 three-year terms were John Heyl,
barn. Musical background was pro-                                                    John McKown and Faith Meyer.
vided by Arthur Webster and his sis-                                                      The new president, taking over
ter, June Rose, whose aunt and un-                                                   from outgoing President Cathy
cle, Birdene and P. Wentworth                                                        Sherrill, is an Ocean Point resident,
Shackleton, restored the house to its                                                who has volunteered at the historical
original 18th century appearance                                                     society since 2001 and has served as
during the 1950s and 1960s.                                                          a board member, secretary and vice-
     The house, at Boothbay Center,                                                  president. Dun is also a board mem-
is named for Nicholas Knight, who                                                    ber of the Boothbay Harbor Memo-
acquired the house in 1804. It was                                                   rial Library, trustee of UCC Congre-
originally the “session house” for the                                               gational Church in Boothbay Harbor
meetinghouse next door. It had been                                                  and a board member of the Boothbay
owned by the Knight, Corey and                                                       Region Food Pantry. She continues
Giles families until the Shackletons                                                 to work as a consultant to the Ford
bought it in the 1930s.                                                              Foundation in New York.
                                                 Trustee Emerita Bea Walker
                                                 cutting the anniversary cake.       (Continued on page 2)

                               In each newsletter we focus on a particular room in the museum, hoping you will consider a
   Rooms in Time               visit to the Boothbay region’s “Rooms in Time.”

                                             The Nautical Room
                             Seafaring business is tough and demanding work, requiring a
                             keen sense for detail and superior technical skills. The Nauti-
                             cal Room showcases tools that made it possible to navigate
                             the waters: sextants, compasses, charts, taffrail logs, a course
                             corrector, just to name a few. Flotsam and jetsam also have
                             their place among the currents. Past and present, it’s always
                             interesting to sift through what comes back to the shore.
   2                                          Boothbay Region Historical Society
Boothbay Region
                              PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE
Historical Society
                              This is a particularly healthy and active moment in the life of the historical society. You will read
                              elsewhere in this newsletter about the numerous programs that we have held in recent months, capped
Doreen Dun
                              by two special events to mark the society’s 40th anniversary: a community day at the museum in Au-
Vice President                gust featuring a variety of culinary and educational activities and a festive birthday party in September
Richard Hodgdon               at the 1768 Nicholas Knight house, barn, and grounds, courtesy of its current owners, Jeff and
Secretary                     Melinda Browne. We are grateful to all whose vision and hard work made those and other events
                              successful. In addition, the society is focusing on a number of improvements to the museum building,
Sally Bullard
                              including thoroughly scraping and repainting its front side with assistance from the Lincoln County
Treasurer                     Prisoner Release Program and projected work to rid the museum cellar of excess moisture. None of
Sarah Giles                   this would be possible without the energy and dedication shown by many of our members – volun-
                              teers who contribute their talents and many hours of their time, trustees who take on special jobs and
Trustees                      responsibilities, and generous donors.
Steve Alley                   Underpinning everything we do are Barbara and Laurie. As we had foreseen, Laurie is a quick study,
Roger Duncan                  and her computer and people skills, coupled with innovative approaches to administration and pro-
Dorothy Gregory               gramming, are valuable assets to the society. Barbara continues to do much to safeguard the region’s
John Heyl
                              heritage through research and writing and helps many visitors and correspondents with research-
                              related questions. As someone new to the job of president, I am particularly grateful for the wisdom
Jim Hunt
                              and experience she brings to every issue.
John McKown
                              A significant share of credit for the historical society’s current strength and vitality goes to former
Faith Meyer
                              president Cathy Sherrill, whose good will and good sense guided us well during her two years at the
Cathy Sherrill                helm. We are fortunate that Cathy will continue to serve on the society’s board as we take on new
Don Soler                     challenges during the coming year.
Ronald Spofford
Margaret Voight

Trustees Emeriti
Alden Stickney
                             (Annual Meeting, con’t. ) Newcomers to the board bring a variety of expertise and talent.
                             Sally Bullard, a 25-year East Boothbay resident, has been volunteering at the BRHS for three
Bea Walker
                             years. A wedding planner by profession, Sally volunteers at the Boothbay Region Humane
                             Society and travels to Guatemala as a volunteer for Safe Passage, a group that seeks to assist
                             impoverished children and families living on the Guatemala City dump. Dorothy Gregory, of
Barbara Rumsey
                             Sawyers Island, who has a B.S. in music and an M.S. in library science, worked for the Li-
                             brary Development Division of the Maine State Library from 1972-2000, providing consultant
                             services to schools and public libraries statewide. She is an active member of the Friends of
Laurie Green
                             the Boothbay Harbor Memorial Library and the St. Andrews Hospital Auxiliary and serves on
                             the Opera House board of directors. Don Soler, raised in East Boothbay, left in 1960 for col-
Newsletter Committee
                             lege and professional life as a high school science teacher and science department chair in Old
Doreen Dun
                             Town, Maine, retiring 11 years ago. He now lives in East Boothbay again in the family’s reno-
John McKown                  vated summer cottage. He volunteers as a docent for Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens and is
Margaret Voight              a member of the Lions Club.
Laurie Green, Editor
                                 The meeting was topped off with a talk by BRHS trustee and author Roger Duncan, who
                             brought to life for the audience some past and recent history: the 1813 capture of the British
Museum Hours of Operation:
                             brig Boxer by the USS Enterprise off the shores of Boothbay and the 1992 loss of the tug
Wednesday through Saturday
10 a.m. - 2 p.m.
72 Oak Street
Boothbay Harbor, Maine

                                                  Sally Bullard         Dorothy Gregory           Don Soler
                                   Boothbay Region Historical Society                                                      3

     MEMBERSHIP MATTERS                                               VOLUNTEERS IN ACTION
                                                                                              Thanks to the kindness of our
We currently have a count of 657 members. Member-
                                                                                              wonderful volunteers, the society
ship dues are largely allocated to operating expenses                                         was well represented in area
and we sincerely thank you for your continued gener-                                          events and here at the museum
osity in supporting our organization.                                                         this spring, summer and fall. A
                                                                                              Volunteer Recognition Recep-
                 NEW MEMBERS                                                                  tion was held in September to
Angel Boord, Boothbay Harbor, Maine                                                           celebrate their great work this
Tom Cornell, East Boothbay, Maine                                                             year. (Photo at left).
                                                                                             In late spring and again this fall
Stanley & Lorraine Hodgdon, Trevett, Maine                                                   we conducted our usual mailings
Ellen Corbett Jones, York, Maine                                                             and had an enthusiastic turnout
                                                          from volunteers including: Eleanor Alley, Marcia Soler, Lynne
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Haggett, III, Boothbay Harbor, Maine   Nicoletta, Pat Waldman, Judy Burgess, Jane Cowley, Alice
Phyllis Kenney, Farmingdale, Maine                        Minto, Ann Sutter, Angel Brood, Judy Cook, Judy Dunsford,
                                                          Anne Butler, Alice Fossett, Debbie Mullen, Paul Adams, Lucy
Bea King, East Boothbay, Maine                            Marlowe, Sue Stevens and Gertrude Tibbetts. You wouldn’t get
Tom Tavenner, Sawyers Island, Maine                       this newsletter without them. Thanks to them all!
                                                          To celebrate our 40th anniversary with the Boothbay region commu-
Peter Hunter, East Boothbay, Maine                        nity, we held a festival day here at the museum in July, with a wildly
Suzanne Colburn, Boothbay Harbor, Maine                   successful bake sale coordinated by Eleanor Alley. There was a
                                                          bountiful spread of goodies from bakers A-Z among our members.
Donna & Jerry Closson, Boothbay Harbor, Maine             A chock-a-block roomful of students learned various knot-tying
Merry & Mark Knowlton, Newagen, Maine                     skills taught by Ret. USCG Commander and volunteer Bill Wilson,
                                                          and the busy day was capped off by a talk from author Colin
Janice Gower, Raymond, Maine                              Woodard, a perennial favorite here at the museum.
Christa Elwell, Tenants Harbor, Maine                     Museum sitters and administrative volunteers have been busy, too.
                                                          Many thanks go to: Anne Butler, Judy Dunsford, Judy Davidson,
Anthony & Trudy Hodgdon, Auburn, Maine
                                                          Judy Cook, Barbara Bush, Judy Burgess, Eleanor Alley, with
Douglas A. Shepardson, III, Northport, New York           additional help from trustees, Faith Meyer, Dorothy Greogory,
                                                          and Doreen Dun.
Philip G. Wright, Palm Bay, Florida
                                                          On a gorgeous summer’s day at the annual Boothbay Region Land
Charles & Susan Sorrentino, Marblehead, Massachusetts     Trust’s Boat Builders Festival held in the heart of East Boothbay,
Kenneth W. MacCormac & Family, West Boothbay Har-         BRHS president Doreen Dun ably captained our ship with volunteer
bor, Maine                                                Alan Fisher. Doreen reports that, as expected, maritime-related
                                                          books sold particularly well that day and many of our members
Colleen Gaffey, Nashua, New Hampshire                     stopped by our display to chat. Coincidentally our good friend, au-
                                                          thor Colin Woodard, was two booths away promoting and signing
Robert D. Barton, Washington, DC
                                                          his latest work.
Bob and June Campbell Rose, Edgecomb, Maine               At the Fall Foliage Festival at the Railway Village our annual tradi-
Robert and Ruth Zollinger, Hunting Valley, Ohio           tion of selling Grafton Village Cheddar Cheese continued. Participa-
                                                          tion in this event truly is a cooperative effort beginning the Friday
Heather Buck, New Orleans, Louisiana                      afternoon before the fair when the museum transforms into a mini-
Henry Vess, Boothbay Harbor, Maine                        assembly line populated by folks carving, wrapping, weighing and
                                                          labeling the tangy cheese. Most trustees and their spouses joined in
Pat & Bob McKee, West Boothbay Harbor, Maine              with help from Ken and Nancy Hanson and Bruce Wood. Early
                                                          the next morning, volunteers carted it up to the booth, where it was
Robert Freeman McKown, Wayland, Massachusetts
                                                          marketed and sold by our loyal staff of merry cheesemongers, in-
Gloria Knapp, East Boothbay, Maine                        cluding: John McKown, Peggy Voight, Jane Cowley, Anne But-
                                                          ler, Judy and Chuck Davidson, Judy Cook, Judy Dunsford,
Rev. Nancy McMillan, Marlboro, Massachusetts              Holly Fulmer, her cousin Debbie, Ron Spofford, Barbara Rum-
Edward A. Sprague, Palo Alto, California                  sey and Debbie Mullen. A special tip of the hat is extended to our
                                                          trustee and “Big Cheese” Ron Spofford, who has organized our par-
Jack L. Nisbet, Boothbay, Maine                           ticipation in this event for several years, and to trustee Richard
                                                          Hodgdon, who helped set up and take down the display tent.
   4                                                        Boothbay Region Historical Society

  Notes from the Director                                    Collections and the Building by Barbara Rumsey
Collections Our group of collections volunteers expands in the summer, and this summer Alan Fisher, Holly Fulmer, and Judy
Davidson came in regularly. Alan cataloged some Little Theatre Group papers; Holly sent numerous items to more appropriate re-
positories, wrote thank-you notes, and checked the order of files; Judy did all the document and photo filing and helped with the per-
ennial checking of the file order. Ken Hanson accessions artifacts and catalogs collections on a year-round basis, but he focused for
some time on the Greene collection this summer.
Bill Wilson also helps out year round improving the looks of the displays; recently he clipped articles of local significance from
many years of the periodical "Maine Coast Fisherman-National Fisherman," donated by Marion Dash. Kay Wilder has been devoting
her time, both here and at home, on the Hodgdon shipyard collection. Many of the volunteers spent much of a day at tables outside
sorting and cataloging all our town report sets. The volunteers keep the reference room ship shape!
The Building Bill Wilson and Don Soler dug and filled near the foundation to prevent some runoff from leaking into the cellar, part
of a larger project to make the cellar a little less wet. In mid-October the Lincoln County Sheriff's Correctional Work Crew came to
scrape and paint the front of the building, work a little in the cellar, and pick up debris in the yard. They've done a terrific job, strip-
ping all the paint right down to the old hemlock clapboards.

Recent Acquisitions                                                                                      Articles and Photos
Loraine Nickerson: chairs for the public                                                                 As has been the case since 1988, the
John Gordon: images of Bernard Rice and Steve Thompson                                                   society's "Out of Our Past" column, con-
Evelyn Sherman: 1923 Boothbay Register, 1940s aerial photos, Gus Pratt 1920s and 1940s store receipts,
                                                                                                         sisting of articles on historical subjects,
straight razor                                                                                           has appeared approximately monthly in
                                                                                                         the Boothbay Register. Since the last
Southport Historical Society: postcards and photos, bait bag
                                                                                                         newsletter, article subjects by Barbara
Edith Tauber family: Anderson & Gaw promotional mirror
                                                                                                         Rumsey have included:
Jim Fossett: still photos of historical society artifacts
                                                                                                         —   Black Spanish-American War
Larry Crane: transfer of five videos to DVD                                                                  Veteran Reunions at Ocean Point
Tom Cornell: Charlotte Beath Brown poems, Labbie Picture Shop promotional soap box                           in three installments (Close-up
Bea Walker: Pastor Clifford card and church service schedule, ham radio postcard of F. C. McKown to          photo below, circa 1900)
Wales, Pinkham Bros. 1935 calendar, clapper for bell from fraternal organization, postcards
                                                                                                         —   the Alewife Run at West Harbor in
Sarah Duggan: tape of Rusty Court telling Tall Tales at the Fisherman’s Festival                             three installments
Elizabeth Kiehn: Boothbay Medicinal Spring bottle
                                                                                                         —   Preparing for the Fourth of July
Alton Swett: Mass. Volunteer Militia button
                                                                                                         —   Moving a Mast at Goudy's
Peggy Powis: DVD interview Eliot Winslow “An Evening with Eliot”
Barbara Gray: many children's books, puzzles, and toys                                                   —   the Nicholas Knight House
Tom Tavenner: tape of Harold Clifford, 1979 Rotary Club talk                                             —   the Marr-Paine Store
Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club: a 2007 book of the history of the club                                       Since 1999, photos with extended cap-
Cathy Rouse: a monograph on the Jeffcott family                                                          tions have appeared about monthly as
Bruce Lewis: half model of the “Sunny South” made by Don Kenniston, Sr.
                                                                                                         well. Since the last newsletter:
Barbara Rumsey: netting needle                                                                           —   Boothbay Center, Circa 1900
Sprucewold History Committee: a 2007 book “Rusticators in Sprucewold. Preserving the Legacy.”            —   The West Side Cold Storage
John G. Wilson family: 1957 version of the 1795 Boyd map
Bob Barton: 1930s Girl Scout uniform of Nancy Whitten Barton
Nancy Morris: razor handler, Rice Bros. builders plate, tray, hat pin, whisk broom
Elizabeth Brown Paradis: Chester Brown service and life DVD
Betsy Kristl: Dorothy Abbot memorabilia
David Patch: ice saw, timber saw
Kay Wilder: 1984 elementary school booklet "Behind the Door"
Joanne Brown: Sidney Baldwin printing block, "Sanibel Sands" manuscript
Rose LaVoie: Boothbay Harbor Yacht Club paperweight, postcards
Friends of the Library: Conley's garden book
Linda Giles: 1950 East Boothbay School photo
                                             Boothbay Region Historical Society                                                                      5

                                                                                                        The society sometimes finds the need for
                                                                                                        particular items to make the museum run
                                                                                                        more smoothly. If you have or can do-
                                                                                                        nate to us the following items, we will
                                                                                                        put them to quick use! Thank you.
                                                                                                        T     Small “dorm” refrigerator
                                                                                                        T     2 soft-filled easy chairs
                                    ITEMS FOR SALE
                                                                                                        T     Floor lamp adjustable for reading
                         (Members receive a 10% discount off these prices.)
                                                                                                        T     Area rug (no greater than 5’x7’)
                                                                                                        T     DVD Player
History of Boothbay, Southport, and Boothbay Harbor, Maine, Francis B.
        Greene, 1906 (reprinted 1984, 1986, 1999)                                              $63.00
                                                                                                        T     DVD Holder (20+ slots)

Family History of the Boothbay Region, Francis B. Greene, 1932                                 $26.25               THANK YOU!
        (This 1932 book duplicates the genealogies in the last 185 pages of Greene's 1906 history)
                                                                                                        We are grateful to our neighbor, Philip
Shipping Days of Old Boothbay, George W. Rice, 1938 (reprinted 1986)                           $47.25   Haselton, who this past summer under-
The Boothbay Region, 1906-1960, Harold B. Clifford, 1961 (reprinted 1982)                      $13.60   wrote installation and long-term mainte-
                                                                                                        nance of a DSL high speed internet con-
Reminiscences of a Boothbay Shipbuilder, James P. Stevens, 1993                                $10.50   nection for the society, a nearly indis-
Boothbay Region Historical Sketches, Vol. I, Barbara Rumsey, editor, 1995                      $14.70   pensable tool in today’s business and
Boothbay Region Historical Sketches, Vol. II, Barbara Rumsey, editor, 1999                     $15.75   nonprofit environment. Philip also has
                                                                                                        voiced his intention to materially assist
Boothbay Region Historical Sketches, Vol. III, Barbara Rumsey, editor, 2006                    $16.80
                                                                                                        with the cellar project.
Hodgdon Shipbuilding and Mills, A Documentary History of the First Hundred
                                                                                                        A special thank you as well to Frank
        Years, 1816-1916, Barbara Rumsey, 1995                                                 $15.75   Luke of P.E. Luke Inc. who had his
Colonial Boothbay, Mid-1600s to 1775, Barbara Rumsey, 2000                                     $16.80   machine shop weld the stair railing as
                                                                                                        part of the maintenance of the building
Boothbay Region Revisited, Boothbay Region Historical Society, 2004                            $21.00
                                                                                                        this October.
I'm Different, A Biography of Ethelyn P. Giles, Carl R. "Chip" Griffin, 1999                   $14.70
Coming of Age on Damariscove Island, Maine, Carl R. "Chip" Griffin, 1980                       $10.50
Boothbay, Maine Marriage Intentions, 1766-1904, Fred Bennett                                   $21.00

Shipping for the books is $2.50, except for Greene's 1906 history, which is $3.50.
Price includes 5% sales tax; deduct the sales tax for out-of-state purchases.

"Researching Your Old Boothbay Region House," Barbara Rumsey                                   $ 3.68
"Early History of Barters Island," Barbara Rumsey                                              $ 6.30
1948 Rockwell Map (shows the harbor and surrounding communities)                               $12.60
1885 Boothbay Harbor Map (names local businesses and shows house locations)                    $ 5.25
1815 Map and Key (shows land ownership at the time)                                            $ 7.35       Frank Luke (left) with his father Paul
                                                                                                            Luke at their East Boothbay shipyard,
Shipping for the monographs is $1.50.                                                                       circa 1985.

Shipping for the 1815 map, folded, is $1.50. The 1885 and 1948 maps are packaged in a tube and              GIFTS IN MEMORIAM
cost $5.00 to ship.                                                                                     Memorial gifts were given to the society
                                                                                                        in the name of:
We have gone almost entirely to scanning in order to reproduce photographs in our collection.
                                                                                                        ò     Gwendolyn Gordon
As a rule, copies of existing prints cost $10. Scans may be printed on matte or glossy paper.           ò     Dr. Frank Farmer
                                                                                                        ò     Robert Holbrook
Please visit for a complete listing of our items for sale.                   ò     John Gregg (Jack) Wilson
                     BOOTHBAY REGION HISTORICAL SOCIETY                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                     P.O. BOX 272                                                                                                        PAID
                     BOOTHBAY HARBOR, ME 04538-0272                                                                             BOOTHBAY HBR., ME
                                                                                                                                    PERMIT NO. 1

                               Boothbay Region Historical Society
                               72 Oak Street, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
                               Open: Wednesday through Saturday
                               10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
                               Phone: 207-633-0820

The museum is open year round. Please stop in for a visit. Barbara Rumsey is in on Wednesday afternoons and all day on Saturdays
and is available for research-related help on those days.
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       MARK YOUR CALENDAR                        Help your society and increase our support—these memberships make
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       Plunkett, Quilt Raffle Drawing and           Town__________________________ State______ Zip____________
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  T    December 1 from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.             Telephone___________________ Email _______________________
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       antique appraiser Richard Plunkett.           __ Individual                    $ 10.00          Please send checks payable to:
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       speaker Bette Finocchiaro of Bette’s
                                                     __ Other Amount                  $ _____          Boothbay Harbor, ME 04538-0272
       Famous Fish Fry will speak about her
       fishing boat and restaurant businesses.      Do you have a particular interest?________________________________________
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  T    March 23, 2 p.m. Winter Series
                                                     Membership entitles you to a biannual newsletter and a 10% discount on items in the museum shop.
       speaker Cathy Sherrill will talk about
       her sailing adventures to Labrador.                             The BRHS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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