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					                                Shirley Temple                                     Article Written

                                                                                  Blanca Zapien

                                           ~Child Star~
Child Star              1

Shirley’s Life         1-3          Who knew a
                             three year old little   that listening to       some dance les-
Time Line               2

                             girl, would become      loud music and          sons, she figured
                             a legend during         reading aloud           they’d be good for
                             the Great Depres-       would influence her     all of Shirley’s en-
                             sion? Shirley Jane      unborn child.           ergy to be put on.
                             Temple (Black)                As soon as
                             was the little girl     Shirley was born,
                             putting a smile on      Gertrude continued
                             one’s face!             singing and danc-
                                    Her great tal-   ing to her little in-
                             ent all started         fant.
                             when she was in                Shirley soon
                             her mother’s stom-      cached on, when
                             ach (literally).        three years of age,
                             Shirley’s mother,       her mother decided
Special points of
                             Gertrude , believed     for Shirley to take
                                                                                   Shirley Temple. bmp
 1930’s The Great
 April 23, 1928                 ~SHIRLEY’S LIFE~
   Shirley Temple is                Shirley’s fa-    Shirley’s mother,        wish finally came
                             ther, George, was a     was a talented           true after having
                           high school drop-       mother whom al-          two boys, George Jr.
                             out who worked          ways wished for a        and Jack, whom
                             hard to become a        daughter.                were a few years
                             banker. Gertrude,             Gertrude’s         older than Shirley.
         ~ SHIRLEY’S                TIMELINE                     ~
               June 21,1928     ~
           Shirley Jane Temple is
           Born.                    ~ 1930’S Many Americans
                                      Were in a difficult time
             1931 Starts taking ~
                                      Due to the Great Depression.
           classes at the Ethel
           Meglin Dance Studio.
             1935 Shirley is    ~   ~ 1930’s After the Great
         awarded “Special Oscar”
                                      Depression the World War
            1945 Marries John ~
            1948 Linda Susan ~
           Is Born!                 ~ July 23, 1999 ANA flight
           1949 Divorces John ~       Is hijacked in Tokyo.
           1950 Marries Charles~
                                    ~ September 11, 2001,
                                      World Trade Center is
           1950 Retires from ~
           Making movies.
           1954 Lori Alden is ~
           Born!                    ~ September 11, 2002,
           1972 Diagnosed with~       Twin Towers are destroyed.
           Breast cancer but

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(CONTINUED)                                               nation and natural
      Gertrude gave                best known studio      rhythm that when
birth to Shirley on                but it was the least   after ten months of
April 23, 1928 in                  expensive. However     lessons, her skills
Santa Monica Cali-                 Shirley was lucky      were noticed. Shirley
fornia.                            that the studio was    got hired from Uni-
                                   regularly visited by   versal Studios, not
      At age three she             people from Holly-
started taking                                            only her but Gertrude
                                   wood who were 10       as well. Shirley was
classes to dance at a              miles away.
studio named the                                          the actress and her
Ethel Meglin Studio.                      Shirley was     mother was her se-
The studio wasn’t the              blessed with coordi-   cured services for an