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      TAMPA, FL
PRICE: $6,600,000                              FOLIO: 0038130000
USE:   Car Wash, Gas Station,                  ACRES: 2.2 +/-
This One-of-a-kind Gas Station/ C-Store with Car Wash at a corner lot and a signalized
intersection located on 2 Acres +/-. Car Wash and Gas Station/C-Store are on separate lots and
can be purchased separately.

Car Wash is listed for $3,800,000, Gas Station/C-Store is listed for $2,800,000. Current product
sales are gasoline, food-mart, Subway deli-restaurant, Super touch-free car-wash, misc. income,
and rental income.
                                         Sheldon Plaza

An excellent business in an excellent location. Located on busy Sheldon Road in the city of
Tampa located in the Westchase Neighborhood. Built in 2006 and in operation since. Business is
surrounded by many other businesses. No more room for any more Gas stations.

The current owner operator owns the real estate, all existing business's including all equipment &
machinery with the exception of the Pizza business. If you are serious and have the means and
can show proof please contact us. Serious inquiries only. Please sign the Confidentiality
Agreement at the end to receive all financials.

Facilities: This newer Shell Gas Station is open 20 hours a day. 8 gasoline pumps totaling 16
fueling stations with 40,000 gallon capacity. A 2 Acre +/- lot with a 5,400 square foot Mart with
a Subway, a 750 square foot retail shop, and a 3500 square foot Car Wash (100 ft tunnel). Was
built new in 2006 so everything is in excellent condition and shows pride of ownership. Volume
is over $6 million/year.

Location: Location fronting busy street corner. Year round traffic. Located 3/4 mile from
Westfield Mall on busy Sheldon Rd.. This development is located in the center of a rapidly
growing area on busy 4 lane Road.

                            SHELL GAS STATION, CAR WASH
                           LARGE FOOD-MART, SUBWAY DELI
                                AND RENTAL INCOME
                               ABREVIATED NUMBERS

Gasoline                       Selling Average at approx per
                               gallon profit.                               $282,000
Merchandise Sales              Selling Average of $92,000 at
                               33% profit.                                  $364,000
Car Wash                       Average Sale $50,000 at 90%
                               profit or 6,750 cars.                        $540,000
Subway Deli                    Selling Average of $21,750 at
                               57% profit.                                  $148,770
Miscellaneous Income           ATM, Vendor Rebates,
                               Average of $5,205 per month.                  $62,464
Pizza Store Rent               $1,800 NNN.                                   $21,600

Yearly Gross Profit                                                       $1,418,834

Gas Station
Electric/Utilities                                   $60,000
Insurance                                            $24,000
Real Estate Taxes                                    $32,000
Payroll and Taxes (Est.)                            $240,000
Misc and CC Fees                                    $104,000

Car Wash
Electric/Utilities                                   $52,000
Real Estate Taxes                                    $20,000
Payroll and Taxes                                    $36,000
Misc and CC Fees                                     $12,000

Total Yearly Expenses                              $580,000                 $580,000

Yearly NOI (Est.)                                                           $838,834
                                   SHELDON PLAZA, LLC


SHELDON PLAZA, LLC proposes to furnish you with materials concerning:

                      Sheldon Plaza, LLC 11203 Sheldon Road, Tampa FL

You shall receive from SHELDON PLAZA, LLC certain and/or proprietary information, data
and documents concerning the property, and/or may be involved in related
discussions/negotiations (collectively, the “Information”) all of which may not be publicly or
otherwise disclosed or discussed. SHELDON PLAZA, LLC does not make any representation or
warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided
and no legal liability is assumed or to be implied with respect thereto.

Except as otherwise required by law, the undersigned agrees to hold all information as strictly
confidential, and agrees not to use, disclose, or discuss the information for any purpose or with
any other person and further agrees not to permit anyone else to disclose the information to any
person without the prior written consent of SHELDON PLAZA, LLC; provided this information
may be disclosed to the undersigned’s directors, members, officers, accountants, partners,
financial advisors and legal counsel.

The undersigned will not contact any representatives, officers, employees, or affiliates of the
seller, JV Partner, Contract Vendee/s or any of their representatives/agents/attorneys
(collectively, the “Seller”) regarding the contemplated acquisition or any transaction involving
the Property (the “Acquisition”), without prior written consent of SHELDON PLAZA, LLC. It is
agreed that the undersigned will work with SHELDON PLAZA, LLC exclusively on the
acquisition or leasing and not attempt to pass or circumvent SHELDON PLAZA, LLC in
dealings with the Seller, JV Partners, Contract Vendee/s or other parties, prospective investors,
lenders, etc.

The undersigned agrees to use the Information solely and entirely for the purpose of a potential
investment in the Property, outright purchase of the Property, or lease of the Property. On
termination or expiration of discussions or upon the sole discretion of SHELDON PLAZA, LLC
and at the request of SHELDON PLAZA, LLC , the undersigned shall surrender all originals of
the Information to SHELDON PLAZA, LLC within two (2) calendar days of such request
without retaining any copy, extract, or other reproduction (in whole or in part) of the
Information. The obligations of the Agreement shall expire two (2) years from the date of the

The undersigned agrees to indemnify SHELDON PLAZA, LLC against all losses directly or
indirectly associated with any breach by the undersigned, any members of the undersigned’s
Company (including affiliates) or advisors to the undersigned’s company of the Agreement, and
further agrees to reimburse SHELDON PLAZA, LLC for all costs and expenses, including
reasonable attorney fees incurred by SHELDON PLAZA, LLC , in successfully enforcing your
obligations under the Agreement.

Acknowledged, Accepted and Agreed to by:


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