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									                                                           Where to Recycle?

Have you ever had an item that you wanted to recycle, but had no idea who       CDR is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday from
to contact? Look no further, the Center for Development of Recycling            10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
(CDR) at San Jose State might have the answer.                                  CDR can help with questions about the following:

The Center for Development of Recycling (CDR) is a non-profit, university-          Where to take or sell recyclables
based recycling resource for Santa Clara County. Staffed by faculty-                Where to take reusable goods
managed students, CDR is located at the Department of Environmental                 Where to find commercial recycling services
Studies at San Jose State University (SJSU) and is an administrative unit of        Sources of recycled-content products
the San Jose State University Foundation. CDR is funded by the County to            Information about city curbside recycling programs
operate its Recycling Hotline on behalf of the county's 15 cities and               How to do backyard composting
unincorporated areas.                                                               Where to recycle or donate appliances
                                                                                    How to reduce junk mail (we have a kit)
CDR can be found by visiting the following website:                                 Resources of information about recycling                                                     Copies of city contracts and policies related to recycling

There you will find a handy recycling search. Just tell it what you would       For further information on CDR, recycling questions or a free CDR
like to recycle and hit the "Find Recyclers" button and it will list several    publications list, call CDR at (408) 924-5453 or 1-800-533-8414 or e-
organizations/companies in the bay area that would be glad to take the item     mail us at
off your hands. This search is updated at least once a year to make sure it's

It also has city and county recycling information posted along with
publications, a proposal for a state wide recycling network, information
about composting and a junk mail reduction kit.
Eliminate the Junk                                         When writing to these organizations write your name in        Getting off of local mailing lists:
Fact: The average American adult is on over f if ty
  mailing lists.
                                                           every different spelling or address that you want removed
                                                           from their list. Be sure to include first and last names of   If you receive unsolicited flyers at your doorstep, call the
                                                           the person to be removed: avoid using titles such as Mr.,         responsible organization and request that delivery cease.
Commercial companies, charitable organizations, and        Ms., and Mrs. (Sample Letter that you can copy then fill in       Some cities have ordinances against leaving unsolicited
  political groups target mailings to people they          is included on the back)                                          materials. Many organizations will honor your request; they
  believe have an interest in a specific product or
                                                                                                                             do not want to spend money on someone who has no
  cause. If you buy from a company or donate to an
                                                            Some national organizations prefer to receive telephone          interest in their product or service.
  organization, you are likely to receive additional
                                                            calls. Make your request by calling the organizations'
  information about other similar products and
                                                            telephone numbers.                                           Remember: It will take time and effort to reduce your junk
  organizations because your name has been added
  to a mailing list which is traded, sold or rented to     Advo Systems                   Donnelly Marketing               mail. The removal of names can take up to one year! Be
  other groups. Companies exist (called mailing list       (510) 489-6577                 (888) 633-4402                   persistent!
  brokers) that are in the business of trading, selling    Delivery Services              Database Operations
  and renting mailing list information. As a result, you   6955 Mowry Ave.                416 South Bell Ave.            Continuing Your Effort
  may begin to receive mail not only from the original     Newark, CA 94560               Ames, IA 50010-7711
  business or organization, but from many others as
  well.                                                     The Polk Company               Metro Mail Corporation         Refuse getting on mailing lists~ Avoid having your name
                                                                                           (also Experient)                  sold to advertisers by specifically requesting that your
                                                           (800) 873-7655
                                                                                           (800) 228-4571                    name not be lent, sold or traded to any other organization
Interesting facts about the environmental impact of        26955 Northwestern Highway
                                                                                           901 West Bend                     for their mailing lists whenever you send a check for
   unsolicited "junk" mail:                                Southfield, MI 48034-4727
                                                                                           Lincoln, NE 68521                 donations, for mail order purchases, to renew subscriptions
                                                                                                                             or when returning a warranty card.
                                                           Carol Wright Gifts
Junk mail = Paper
 42% of timber harvested nationwide ends up as            (402) 474-5174                  Direct Marketing                 Reuse junk mail~ Use the back of junk mail for scratch
                                                           Customer Services               Association                       paper.
  pulpwood for paper.
  40% of Municipal Solid Waste is paper and                340 Apple Creek Road            (212) 768-7277 ext. 1888         Recycle junk mail~ Recycle "glossy" magazines, mixed
  paperboard.                                              P.O. Box 8502                   Mail Preference Service           paper junk mail, and newspaper at your curbside (if
 Americans spend over $275 million to dispose of          Lincoln, NE 68544               P.O. Box 9008                     available) or at a local recycling center.
  junk mail annually.                                                                      Farmingdale, NY 11735-
 Individually, an average of 41 pounds of junk mail       Potpourri Classifieds           9008                          Information was obtained at the following webpage:
  are sent to every adult each year, 44% of which          (800) 422-4116                                      
  goes to a landfill unopened.                             Circulation                     Val-Pak Coupons
                                                           2830 Orbiter St.                (800)825-7257
Junk Mail Efforts That Do Not Work                         Brea, CA 92821                  1840 Aerojet Way
                                                                                           Las Vegas, NV 89030
 Refusing Unsolicited Mail. Writing "RETURN TO            Certified Ad Services
                                                           (559) 233-1891                  Equifax, Experion, Novus,
    SENDER" or "REFUSED" on unsolicited mail and
    placing it in your mailbox does not work.              Mailing Department              & TransUnion
   Returning Unsolicited Mail Postage Due. Trying to      909 West Nielson Ave.
                                                           Fresno, CA 93706
                                                                                           (888) 567-8688 Opt-out
                                                                                           P.O. Box 740123
    get the attention of a company by returning your
    accumulated junk mail in an envelope with                                              Atlanta, GA 30374-0123
    insufficient postage does not work. Most likely, the   Stop sweepstakes mass
    US. Postal Service will return it to you.              mailings: Call the publishers   America Online Discs
                                                           at:                             (800)-827-6364
Junk Mail Efforts That Do Work
                                                           Publishers Clearinghouse:
Some organizations, such as mailing list brokers,          (800) 645-9242
  catalog companies, and credit card companies,            Reader's Digest: (800) 234-
  trade, sell, or lend mailing lists. If you want to get   9000
  your name off of these national mailing lists, you       American Family Publishers:
  must make individual requests to each organization.      (800) 237-2400

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