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Llc Percentage Agreement by qxf11691


Llc Percentage Agreement document sample

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									                                                                                                                                                          Version 2.3

                                                                                                                                TALLY TOTAL
Issue: Motion to approve
draft NPRR for Standard
Form MP Agreement and                                              Tally Votes
Registration corrections
as modified at TPTF
040207                                                                                                Voting Structure          Motion Carries
                                                                                                           TPTF          2/3 of TPTF Votes = 4.67 Votes

                                                                                                                             6.000            1.000             2
Date: 4/02/07                                                                                        Segment Vote:
                                                           Clear         Record Vote
                                                                                                                            85.7%            14.3%
Prepared by: Carrie Tucker                                                                       Percentage Vote:

Sector / Entity                                                             Representative               Present             Yes                 No         Abstain

Brazos Electric Power Cooperative                                  Eddie Johnson                             y               0.500
MEC                                                                L. Oelfinger
LCRA                                                               Naomi Richard                             y               0.500
STEC                                                               Mike Troell

                                                                                     Segment Vote:           2               1.000            0.000             0
Austin Energy                                                      Stacey Woodard                            y               0.250
GEUS                                                               Dan Bailey                                y               0.250
Bryan Texas Utilities                                              Ray Schwertner
City of Denton                                                     Sharon Mays - Bob Wittmeyer (A)*
City of Garland                                                    Ronnie Hoeinghouse                        y               0.250
CPS San Antonio                                                    Leonard Stanfield                         y               0.250

                                                                                     Segment Vote:           4               1.000            0.000             0
Investor Owned Utilities
CenterPoint Energy                                                 Manny Munoz                               y                                                  a
First Choice Power                                                 Steven Moss
TXU                                                                Michael Greene - Bob Spangler (A)*        y               1.000
AEP Corporation                                                    Ryan Aldridge

                                                                                     Segment Vote:           2               1.000            0.000             1
Independent Generator
NRG Texas, LLC                                                     DS Mai                                    y                                                  a
Suez                                                               Cesar Seymour                             y               0.500
Topaz                                                              Robert Prentice
FPL Energy                                                         Mark Bruce
Calpine                                                            Brett Kruse                               y               0.500
ANP                                                                Bob Helton
Formosa Plastic Company                                            Eric Woelfel
Dynegy                                                             Ward Oldner
PSEG Texgen I                                                      Rafael Lozano

                                                                                     Segment Vote:           3               1.000            0.000             1
Consumers                           Divide Subsegments?            Consumer Vote Total                       1
City of Dallas                                            Comm     Nick Fehrenbach                           y               0.500
City of Allen                                             Comm     Stephen Massey - C. Brewster (P)*
City of Eastland                                          Comm     Don T. Wilson - C. Brewster (A)*
Town of Flower Mound                                      Comm     Melanie Harden - N. Fehrenbach (P)*       y               0.500
OPUC                                                      Resi
Occidental Chemical Corporation                           Indu     Alice Jackson

                                                                                     Segment Vote:           2               1.000            0.000             0
Independent REP
Stream Energy                                                      Mike Rowley - J. Reynolds (A)*            y                                0.167
StarTex Power                                                      Marcie Zlotnik - J. Reynolds (P)*         y                                0.167
Strategic Energy                                                   Read Comstock - J. Reynolds (P)*          y                                0.167
Direct Energy                                                      Vonzie Fore (A)*
Accent Energy                                                      Kim Bucher - J. Reynolds (P)*             y                                0.167
Cirro Group                                                        Shannon Bowling - J. Reynolds (P)*        y                                0.167
Green Mountain Energy                                              Robert Thomas - J. Reynolds (P)*          y                                0.167

                                                                                     Segment Vote:           6               0.000            1.000             0
Independent Power Marketers
Coral Power                                                        Jeff Brown                                y               0.500
Exelon                                                             Kristy Ashley

         bad365ec-804f-40f5-a2a5-19bf3fede223.xls                                                                                     6/27/2011       6:03 PM
Reliant                                             Floyd Trefny                        y        0.500
BP Energy                                           Judy Briscoe

                                                                   Segment Vote:        2        1.000         0.000             0
All Sectors Voting Totals
                                                                   Segment Vote:       15        6.000         1.000          2
                                                                                   TALLY TOTAL   85.7%        14.3%

         bad365ec-804f-40f5-a2a5-19bf3fede223.xls                                                        6/27/2011     6:03 PM

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