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EIGHTEEN by zhangyun


What does it mean to be an
                As an Adult
   You are held legally responsible for your
   What are your rights?
   What are your responsibilities?
   Are all responsibilities legal?
   What about morals?
   What about values?
   You can get medical treatment without
    parental consent.
   You can get married.
   You can join the armed forces.
   You can get tattoos and piercings without
   You have a whole new world opening up.
    Consent wasn’t needed but these
     people could have used some
   Some decisions last a lot longer than you
    want to admit.
     Does Health Insurance Cover
     Tattoo Removal? Know this…
   Currently, health insurance is not a right but a
    personal responsibility that not everyone can
   On a lot of policies minors are covered under
    parent policy until age 19 it really depends on
    your parents insurance.
   As an adult, you must purchase your own:
    unless you are a full-time student (until age 23),
    then can remain on parents’ policy.
     (tattoo removal is generally not covered by insurance policies)
     Legal Sexual Responsibility
   Age of consent (sexting/posting)
   Statue of limitations
   Legal responsibilities
   Harassment
   HIV
    (covered by Sexual Assault Presentation)
    What is Sexual Harassment?
   Unwanted touching, photographs, jokes, emails,
    screen savors and/or offering special treatment
    for sexual favors.
   It is helpful for the victim to directly inform the
    harasser that the conduct is unwelcome and
    must stop. The victim should use any employer
    complaint mechanism or grievance system
    available. (An employee’s position/job is
    protected even if a Sexual Harassment complaint
    has been filed)
             HIV and the law
   Depending on state laws, it is illegal for
    someone to knowingly transmit the AIDS
    virus to another person.
   It is illegal to discriminate against an
    employee diagnosed HIV positive
       What about sexual morals and
   If you have an STI do you need to share
    with any partner before engaging in any
    sexual activities?
   What if you do not even know if you have
    an STI?
   If you are entering into a sexual
    relationship are you morally responsible
    for getting tested?
      What did sexual law mean to
           Genarlo Wilson?
   Genarlo Wilson      At age seventeen
                         Genarlo had
                         consensual sex with a
                         fifteen year old. He
                         was later charged
                         with a felony and
                         faced time in prison.
                        Genarlo had a full
                         scholarship he was
                         never able to use.
               Family Law
   Legally your parents are no longer responsible
    for you at age 18.
   If you have children you have to support them.
    You have the legal right to determine parentage
    and enforced support.
   The state collects child support. Eith you pay
    directly or if support is not paid the state can
    garnish your wages. The state can collect back
    child-support for a child you have never seen
    and did not know that you had even if the child
    is now eighteen.
       Marriage 3 things to know
   Must be 18 or have legal consent to marry.
   Must pay a fee for a license and wait three days
    after to marry.
   Washington is a community property state,
    everything you earn while married belongs to
    both. The only property separate is that which
    you owned prior to marriage, as long as it is
    kept separate.
   All of your estate will go through probate unless
    you have a will that names benefactors.
    Consumer Rights/Responsibilities
   Your Responsibility: To become an informed consumer
    and know what your legal rights are.
   Warranties: A guarantee that an item will be useable for
    a fixed amount of time
   Basic Warranties – Implied the items shall work as they
    were intended. (a ball should bounce…)
   As Is – No legal recourse if product is defective.
   Lemon Law-When purchasing a new (up to first Year
    old) you have recourse if the car has multiple problems
    that the dealer can not fix
              Renter’s Rights and
   Tenant Rights/Landlord Responsibility
       Keep the property fit for humans to live in.
       Make repairs to keep the property in good
        shape and in working order.
       Disclose information concerning fire and
        safety protection and contact information.
       Provide locks and keys that work
   Tenant Responsibilities
   HELP
       If your rights are neglected,
         agencies for you to seek

   FTC (Federal Trade Commission)

   BBB (Better Business Bureau)

   State Attorney General’s Office
               Credit & the Law
   There are 5 Consumer Laws that help
    protect you:
       Fair Credit Reporting Act - add 1 page
        explanation to your Credit Report
       Truth in Lending Law -requires lenders to
        provide complete account of costs & terms
       Equal Credit Opportunity Act -protects
        you against discrimination when applying for
             Credit & the Law
   Fair Credit Billing Act - You have 60 days to
    report a billing error
   Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
    – applies to collection agencies not generally
    your creditors.
      40 billion dollars are collected by collection agencies
       each year.
      States that harassment is illegal.

      Collection agencies can only call from 8am-9pm your
       Credit & the Law Cont.

   Not to call relatives but they do so. If your
    relative know why they are calling then they
    have gone beyond the law.
   Allows you to insist in writing that no calls are
    to be placed at your place of employment.
   Allows you to insist that not contact be made
    until lawsuit is pending (last resort this
    destroys all chances of negotiation)
     Credit & the Law Cont
   Always send correspondence Certified Mail
    with Return receipt requested. This proves
    your mailing was received and when it was
   Do not allow anyone access to your account
    to automatically withdrawal money. IRS can
    do such without permission everyone else
    would need legal proceedings to do so,
    along with wage garnishing.
        You credit it, you pay for it
   Bankruptcy
       Chapter 7 – liquidation bankruptcy where all non
        exempt items are sold by a trustee to pay creditors
       Chapter 11 – reorganization plan to pay creditors with
        out a trustee but one may be requested.
       Chapter 13 – wage earners bankruptcy that shows a
        reorganization of bills to be paid and how they will be
        paid, includes all of your assets you then pay checks
        to the trustee
    But I Filed Bankruptcy?!?...
   If a person files for bankruptcy they will not
    get out of paying…
      Child Support
      Spousal Maintenance

      Student Loans

      Fines

      Family Court Orders

      Secured Loans

      Personal Injury Fines

      Fraudulent Debts

      Criminal Court Debts
             Your Day in Court?
   Remember:
       You are now 18 you can sue or be sued.
           Your Day in Court?
   Trial Court
   Appellate Court/State Appellate Court
   Small Claims – any money claimed $4,000 and
    under this is an informal court system and a
    lawyer can not represent you here. You
    represent yourself. (i.e. Judge Judy)
   Municipal Court – deals mostly with traffic
    violations and civil infractions
   County District Court – deals with claims
    $50,000 and below it is recommended a lawyer
    help with proceedings
            Day in Court Cont.
   Superior Court - $50,000 and above and
    involves wanting someone to do something
   District Court – Federal level that hears cases
    dealing with tax evasion and other Federal
   Appeals Court – Appeals for judgments in the
    western US are seen in the ninth circuit
    headquartered in San Francisco
   United States Supreme Court – Generally deals
    with court cases that have the greatest public
       Did you know you are held
       responsible for any law in
      Washington even if you do not
            know it exists ?

   In Washington state, it's against the law to sleep
    in an outhouse without the owner's permission.
   In the state of Washington, it's illegal to catch a
    fish by throwing a rock at it.
   In the state of Washington there is a law against
    having sex with a virgin under any
    circumstances (including the wedding night).
           Did you know cont.
   In King County, Washington, it is illegal
    for any woman to sit on a man's lap on a
    bus unless they are married.

   In Washington State, you can't carry a
    concealed weapon that is over 6 feet in
               Lets Find Out
   Task:
   Go to the website click on documents find
    the one titled Eighteen. Do a save as
    function. Then go to Links and click on
    the Rights and Responsibilities link. Read
    through the pamphlet and answer the

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