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									                            Hercules Quarterly
                            Hercules Real Estate Services, Inc.                                            Volume 4, Issue 1

January 1 , 2010           A Note From Ken Lambert, Director of Compliance
                                                            in 1986. The IRS has recently        tiny in all aspects of program
                                                            provided an update to the 8823       compliance. File reviews and
                                                            Guide giving way to more con-        physical inspections by State
                                                            tinuity between the many State       Housing Agencies, Contract
                                                            Housing Agencies that monitor        Administrators, Local Housing
 Inside this issue:                                         tax credit compliance.      The      Agencies and Syndicators have
                                                            guide also provides answers to       increased. And through it all,
    Note from Ken     1                                     the major IRS issues that face       Hercules Real Estate Services,
                                                            tax credit owners today and          Inc., RST Development and
                                                            helps us as managers of the          Triangle Construction continue
  Presidents Corner   1                                     program to better understand         to meet the challenges head on
                                                            how to avoid 8823s (notice of        while providing excellent prod-
                                                            tax credit non-compliance).          ucts and services throughout
   Recognizing You    2                                     The HUD Handbook used to             our communities and to our
                           Welcome to 2010! Believe it      manage our HUD portfolio, as         residents.
                           or not, we have just wrapped     well as income calculations for      One would argue that it is dur-
   Corporate Office   3    up the first decade of the new   both HUD and Tax Credit, has         ing times like these that we
                           millennium.                      seen several recent updates.         truly discover who we are as
    Shining Star
                           In the many years that I have    And internally, we have gone         individuals and as a group of
  Amber Commons,      4    been associated with prop-       through many changes.         In     people that make up a team.
                           erty management and tax          2009, we combined the HUD            2010 is yet another excellent
   The Beginning,
                           credit compliance, there have    and Tax Credit Compliance            opportunity for us to discover
   Middle and End          never been more recent           responsibilities into one group.     and continue success individu-
                           changes and challenges. In       The Compliance Department            ally and as a team. One way to
  Human Resources     5    2008, the Housing Economic       now oversees all aspects of          accomplish this is to embrace
      Corner               and Recovery Act (HERA)          compliance for both housing          challenges we don’t yet see in
                           was signed into legislation      programs.                            order to ensure continued lead-
    Healthy Living    6    which brought about the big-     With all of these recent up-         ership and success in the fu-
                           gest changes in the tax credit   dates, we have nevertheless          ture.
  Featured Benefit    7    industry since it’s inception    seen an increased level of scru-     Happy New Year!

                          Presidents Corner, A Message from Curt Carter
                                                             bring to mind the importance        New Year and we will be
                                                             of the three “R’s”. No, not the     looking for those properties
                                                             ones you learned in grade           that do the best job of reducing
                                                             school. These are the ones          consumption. Wasting energy
                                                             that get us through tough           is just like a vacant apart-
                                                             times and help us be more           ment…once it is gone, there is
                                                             successful. They are Respect        no getting it back. Let’s all
                                                             for each other, Respect for         make an impact together.
                                                             yourself and Responsibility for     Lastly, in addition to getting
                                                             your own actions. I have of-        greener, we are going to work
                                                             ten said that tough times really    together on improving our
                          We are all in the process of       reveal a person’s true charac-      sales abilities. There are sev-
                          wrapping up another year and       ter. We have all had plenty of      eral new initiatives planned
                          I am sure that as we say good-     opportunities to do that re-        that will help us sharpen our
                          bye to 2009 we are all looking     cently.                             skills and capture more cus-
                          forward to 2010. I finally feel    One of our key initiatives in       tomers. We will also concen-
                          that the worst may be behind       2010 will be a new focus on         trate on being one of the best
                          us and better times are ahead.     being more energy efficient.        in the business at customer
                          While there will be some im-       Yes, Hercules is going              follow up. Stay tuned, these
                          provement, many challenges         “green”. We asked everyone          exciting projects will be start-
                          still face our business. It has    at the properties to make it a      ing soon.
                          been a difficult year in so        habit of cutting off electric hot   I wish each and every one of
                          many ways but I am hopeful it      water heaters and keep the          you the best and look forward
                          has taught all of us a new re-     heat on low. There is going to      to great things from all of us.
                          solve. These difficult time        be much more to this in the
             Hercules Quarterly                                                                                      Page 2

                   Recognizing You
                                               Cindy Scanlan, Regional Director recognizes… Margaret Poitras, Regional
“You are at
                                               Manager. At a time when the economy is down Margaret has lead the Fredericks-
the top of my                                  burg market to 95% occupied and a lease up to 80% and climbing. Margaret’s
list as well                                   most recent recognition came from our VHDA partner in the form of a glowing
                                               letter. To quote a section of the letter: “Margaret is one of the few regional man-
                                               agers who takes the time and makes the effort to be with me throughout my in-
all the char-                                  spections. This speaks volumes to me about her dedication to her employer, her
acteristics                                    interests in the condition of her properties and her professionalism.” Margaret is
Hercules                                       extremely knowledgeable about her portfolio and cares about her employees al-
                                               ways making sure she let’s me know they are shining stars. I call on Margaret all
wants in an                                    of the time for special projects and no matter how busy she is or what she is doing
employee.”          she handles my request quickly and efficiently. Thank you Margaret for all of the hard work and dedication,
                    and as our partner stated “You are at the top of my list as well exemplifying all the characteristics Hercules
                    wants in an employee.”
                      Sara McLaughlin, Director of Training and Transition/Regional Manager recognizes… The Maintenance
                      Staff at Century Plaza. . Mo and Jay took the wind out of the November nor’easter that blew in. When the
“The residents        storm dumped buckets of water, it was no match for Mo and Jay. They jumped into action with waders and
were back in          rain coats. They moved resident’s furniture to protect from the rising waters, checked on the residents over
their apart-          the weekend to make sure that the carpet was drying and removed carpet in 5 units on Monday. The resi-
                      dents were back in their apartments in 5 days. Thank you Mo and Jay for protecting both the resident’s items
ments in 5
                      as well as the company’s apartments.
                                                   Joyce Kitzmiller, Regional Manager recognizes… Rhonda Babb, Community
                                                   Manager and Ben Simmons, Service Manager both of Spring Valley in Colum-
                                                   bia South Carolina. The first of October I found myself without a Community
                                                   Manager at St. Andrews Pointe the sister property to Spring Valley. Given that
“...this team                                      both of these properties are 3+ hours away from me and I was in the throes of
has gone                                           finishing budgets for 6 properties it was not possible for me to be on site at St.
                                                   Andrews every day during the time I was seeking a new manager. Well I
above and be-                                      shouldn’t have worried as in came “Rhonda to the Rescue”! For approximately
yond to help                                       2 weeks Rhonda hit the road and travelled between both properties effectively
wherever they         managing both, and I must say neither property skipped a beat!! Rhonda also assisted with the hiring proc-
                      ess. The new manager began October 14th, but that did not end Rhonda’s commitment to helping, she just
can their             switched from her “managers hat” to her “training hat” and helped Danon our new manager feel comfortable
“Whatever It          and bring her up to speed on Hercules policies and procedures. You would think that all was now well in
Takes” atti-          Columbia but along comes the month of November and St. Andrews Pointe found itself with no maintenance
                      staff. Ben Simmons, Service Manager at Spring Valley and Rhonda by his side again assisted with no hesita-
tude is as asset
                      tion. They immediately jumped into action sending their Service Tech Wayne Evans over to St. Andrews to
to the com-           help out. While Wayne was still very new with the company because of the great training he received from
pany”                 Ben along with the skills he possessed, we were able to permanently move him from Spring Valley and pro-
                      mote him to Service Manager at St. Andrews. Ben and Rhonda continue to assist with two Service Tech’s, so
                      they get the word out to everyone they know and begin the search to find new Service Tech’s for both proper-
                      ties with Rhonda scheduling interviews and Ben conducting them. Ultimately, we find qualified Service
                      Techs for both properties, while Ben and Rhonda ride off into the sunset after a job well done!!!! This is only
                      one example of the many times that this team has gone above and beyond to help wherever they can. Their
                      “Whatever It Takes” attitude is as asset to the company and I am thrilled to have this team in my portfo-
“Thanks to            lio!!!! Way To Go Rhonda and Ben!!!!

all, I look
forward to a        Margaret Poitras, Regional Manager recognizes… The Fredericksburg Team. Both the office teams and
wonderful           the maintenance teams have worked incredibly hard over the past few months. The region has gone from
                    90% occupied at the first of October to 95% in December making the third quarter our best quarter for the
2010.”              year. Thanks to all, I look forward to a wonderful 2010.
  Volume 4, Issue 1                                                                                                             Page 3
                          Corporate Office Shining Stars by Richard McGilvary
                                                      Together Everyone Achieves More

                         Richard McGilvary Rec-           osity in taking time to help  less to say, if it weren’t for her
                         ognizes… Usually this            others. Thank you Chessie     attentiveness and excellent
                         time is taken to recognize       and Melanie for your excel-   work ethics, many of us
                         people on properties who         lent work ethics that impact  would be unhappy on pay-
                         have accomplished a con-         us and the atmosphere of the  day. She’s a one-man-band
                         sistent effort of excellence     workplace.                    whose willingness and cheeri-
                         throughout the year but I                                      ness never cease to exude in
                                                          Next I would like to applaud the workplace and for this
                         found this year it was ap-
                                                          Lisa in Payroll whose job is and how she does her job, we            Karen Whetsel,
  Chessie Warren,        propriate to recognize a
                                                          imperative in keeping us all are very thankful!                     Accounts Payable
 Director of Human      certain few in the corporate
     Resources                                            happy when it comes to the
                        office that help make my
                                                          many details of receiving our Lastly, I’d like to give much
                        job a little easier.
                                                          pay. Lisa is great at making credit to Gigi and Karen in
                       First off, I’d like to recognize   things right so it all goes Accounts Payable. These two
                       Chessie and Melanie in our         smoothly and is willing to keep a large amount of pres-
                       HR department who do a             take on last minute changes sure off of me by constantly
                       wonderful job of communi-          that need to be made. Need- doing time consuming re-
                       cating with Hercules prop-                                       search, keeping vendors cur-
                       erty personnel, resolving                                        rent, keeping up with past-due
                       employee issues from small                                       items, keeping information
                       to large and being adamant                                       accurate and consistently fol-
                       that proper procedures are                                       lowing up with vendors.
                       followed throughout. These                                       Their willingness and abilities
                       two are always pleasant to                                       coupled with their kind per-
                       work with and shine with                                         sonalities make my job a lot
                       their willing attitudes in the                                   easier! Thank you Gigi and
 Melanie Haller,                                                                                                              Gigi Kirchberg,
Human Resources        office as well as their gener-           Lisa Harter, Payroll    Karen for a job well done.
                                                                  & A/P Manager                                              Accounts Payable

                      Amber Commons: The Beginning, The Middle, The End
                                          Amber Commons Apartments,              of moving from a trailer with no
                                          Hercules’ newest property began        running water to our beautiful
                                          their transformation in February       clubhouse with state of the art
                                          2009.       With a new name            kitchen and business center.
                                          (previously know as West Deer          With team work, dedication and a
                                          Park) and everything on site com-      commitment to this property, all
                                          pletely renovated to include, new      parties involved have accom-
                                          floor plans, new kitchens with clean   plished our goal in opening Am-
                                          touch stainless steel appliances and   ber Commons. With much appre-
                                          22 linear feet of countertop space,    ciation to our leasing staff, Trian-
                                          bathrooms which include new over-      gle Construction, all management
                                          sized luxury soaking tubs and add-     and maintenance, we are proud to
                                          ing washer and dryers in every         say that as we enter 2010 Amber
                                          unit. The property transformed         Commons has achieved 82% oc-
                                          from an abandoned property to the      cupancy and 84% leased. The
                                          newest Luxury community in             property looks forward to achiev-
                                          Gaithersburg. Let the leasing be-      ing 95% occupancy in the first
                                          gin. On May 27th the property wel-     quarter of 2010. Amber Com-
                                          comed their first residents in over    mons has proven that with team
                                          three years. Every week we wel-        work, marketing and hard work
                                          comed a new accomplishment             we are able to put the puzzle to-
                                          from the refinishing of the swim-      gether and open this beautiful
                                          ming pool, adding a fitness center     property.
                                          with the newest technology in fit-     Margaret Poitras, Regional Man-
                                          ness equipment, new property ID        ager
                                          signs and the most exciting addition
      Volume 4, Issue 1                                                                                                           Page 4

And The Winner Is...
 This past spring the 8 Atlanta properties got     operation is and how humbling to realize the
 involved and participated in this years’ an-      number of meals they provide to all walks of
 nual Atlanta Apartment Association food           life on a daily basis. Everyone left the meet-
 drive. For more than 20 years the Atlanta         ing with their “collection barrels” and a fired
 Apartment Association has held an annual          up attitude and headed back to their proper-
 food drive to help support the Atlanta Com-       ties to set up their display area and get the
 munity Food Bank. As a result of the asso-        word out that we were collecting food dona-
 ciation’s contributions from Atlanta area         tions. Over the next 2 + months while still
 apartment communities and the apartment           keeping up with day to day operations of           From right to left: Joyce Kitzmiller, Re-
 residents the Atlanta Apartment Associations      each of their properties the teams at these 8      gional Manager, Pat McAuliffe, Regional
 food drive is the largest source of meals do-     properties put forth tremendous effort to col-     Manager, Susan Tate, Community Man-
 nated to the food bank annually with over 4       lect food donations in the hopes that our first
 million meals provided in 2008.                   time out as Hercules representatives would        ment Associations annual “star” awards where
 Later, the evite came out from the apartment      provide a good showing of our commitment.         it was announced and we were presented with
 association asking for two representative vol-    On October 8th all food donations were            the 2009 First Place Rookie of the Year
 unteers from each management company I            counted and decorated displays were viewed        Award! This means that out of all the other
 asked Susan Tate our Community Manager            to determine the Hercules winners. And the        companies who also gave it a shot for the first
 at Arbor Lake if she would like to assist me in   winners were:                                     time and entered into the efforts of collecting
 this endeavor and she jumped at the chance.       Most Food Items Collected for a large prop-       for this very worthy cause we came out on top!!
 So off to the “kick off” meeting on June 17th     erty – The Reserve at Ivy Creek (280 units)       I had the honor of accepting the trophy and
 we were. There we were provided with the          with 895 items                                    plaque in front of a room filled with no less
 materials we would need to get started and        Most Food Items Collected for a smaller           than 750 of our peers. I must say that I was
 found out that this years theme was western       property – Magnolia Village (192 units) with      overwhelmed with pride hearing Hercules Real
 in nature and would be called “Outlaw Hun-        763 items collected                               Estate Services announced as the winner of this
 ger”. After that we rustled up the Commu-         Best Decorated Display – Magnolia Village         award!
 nity Managers and Service Managers from           So you would think that after we delivered all    This is an accomplishment that as a company
 Amal Heights, Arbor Lake, Ashley Woods,           of the food donations during the annual pa-       we should all be very proud of….WE ARE
 Cherokee Summit, Cobblestone Landing,             rade to the food bank on October 9th that         THE BEST!!!
 Magnolia Creste, Magnolia Village and The         would be the end of the story. But as I found
 Reserve at Ivy Creek to attend a meeting and      out the evening of November 19th the best         ~ Joyce Kitzmiller, Regional Manager
 tour of the Atlanta Community Food Bank.          was yet to come…that evening Pat Mcauliffe,
 Words cannot describe how impressive this         Susan Tate and I attended the Atlanta Apart-

News From Office Management from Carie Norwood                                                                    Inspiring You
 We are sad to announce that Kenny Montgomery, Administrative Assistant is no longer                         “Simplicity is the ultimate sophis-
                                     with us.                                                                  tication.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

                     If you need administrative assistance, please contact:                                    “Today I will do what others
Carie Norwood, Office Manager                             Terry Johnson, Executive Assistant                  won't, so tomorrow I can accom-
                                                                                                                plish what others can't.”
         757.473.3709                                              757.473.3718                                          ~Jerry Rice
      carie@hre-rst.com                                        tjohnson@hre-rst.com
                                                                                                               "Feeling gratitude and not ex-
                                                                                                              pressing it is like wrapping a pre-
News From Payroll from Lisa Harter                                                                                 sent and not giving it."
                                                                                                                      ~ William Ward
You asked and we listened!
As you may have noticed when you view your paystub in HH2 the Hercules logo is now
printed on the stub. We are still working with HH2 on the vacation and sick balances to be
included as well. Please note the current balances are not accurate but we hope to have these
balances up and loaded very soon.
If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact Lisa Harter at 757.473.3733
Hercules Quarterly                                                                                                                                  Page 5
                                         HUMAN RESOURCES CORNER
                                              From Chessie Warren, Director of Human Resources
       Open Enrollment
       Open Enrollment for 401K, UNUM, and 125 Cafeteria Plan has concluded. All changes and new enrollments were effective January 1, 2010
       401K Notification
       2010 Please note: The 401K employer match contribution has been temporarily suspended; the company does still offer our employees a 401K
       Retirement benefit and we encourage you to utilize it. We will notify you with any upcoming changes to this benefit.
       Evaluation time is approaching and this is a time where you and your manager are able to dialogue about your goals with the company and your
       job performance.
       Why is this important?
       • During this time you are given a summary of your performance over the last year.
       • You are able to speak openly about your goals and objectives that you have for yourself.
       • Request needed training to help you develop in your career.
       This process also assists in building a line of communication between you and your manager
       Announcement for 2010– Holiday Change
       We have made a few alterations to the holiday calendar and we would like for you and your staff to be made aware of the changes effective January 1,
       2010. This change will allow us to focus more on customer service, while observing the standard holidays within the property management industry. Effec-
       tive January 1, 2010 Hercules will observe the following holidays:

                                                                            Observed Holidays:
                                                               New Year’s Day        Labor Day Thanksgiving
                                                                      Memorial Day         Christmas Day
                                                                  Independence Day Christmas Eve
              The company will also observe one floating holiday of your choice, please contact your supervisor or Human Resources for further information

       NEW Benefit ~
       Identity Theft
    Volume 4, Issue 1                                                                                             Page 6

                                                 Healthy Living
Paprika Shrimp and Green Been Sauté
                                             •   1 pound raw shrimp, (21-25 per pound;    2. Meanwhile, heat oil in a large skil-
                                                 see Note), peeled and deveined               let over medium-high heat. Add
                                             •   2 16-ounce cans large butter beans, or       garlic and paprika and cook, stir-
                                                 cannellini beans, rinsed                     ring constantly, until just fragrant
                                                                                              but not browned, about 20 sec-
                                             •   1/4 cup sherry vinegar, or red-wine
                                                 vinegar                                      onds. Add shrimp and cook until
                                                                                              pink and opaque, about 2 minutes
                                             •   1/2 teaspoon salt                            per side. Stir in beans, vinegar and
                                             •   1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley, divided       salt; cook, stirring occasionally,
                                             Ground pepper, to taste                          until heated through, about 2 min-
Ingredients                                  Preparation                                      utes. Stir in 1/4 cup parsley.
•     4 cups green beans, trimmed (about     1. Bring 1 inch of water to a boil in a      Divide the green beans among 6 plates.
      12 ounces)                                 large saucepan. Put green beans in       Top with the shrimp mixture. Sprinkle
•     3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil       a steamer basket, place in the pan,      with pepper and the remaining 1/4 cup
•     1/4 cup minced garlic                      cover and steam until tender-crisp,      parsley. Serve with Brown Rice.
                                                 4 to 6 minutes.                          For more healthy and budget friendly
•     2 teaspoons paprika                                                                       recipes visit eatingwell.com

                                   Ten Tips For Eating Healthy On A Budget
 In these troubled economic tights we are all tightening our belts and watching where we spend our dollars. This is par-
ticularly true with our food budget. Many people are limiting the amount they eat out at restaurants and being more fru-
                                       gal with what they buy at the grocery store.

Here are ten tips to help you eat healthy on a budget:
1. Make up a weekly menu and a shopping list – using a list helps you buy only the essentials and helps prevent those
impulsive purchases for items you probably don’t need. Look at the store flyers before making up your menu to incorporate any
items on sale. It goes without saying –don’t shop on an empty stomach either.
2. Stick to the perimeter of the store – the produce section, meat and poultry area, dairy case, and bakery. Make brief for-
ays into the middle to get items such as frozen foods or canned fruits and vegetables.
3. Avoid pre-packaged, processed foods – not only are these more expensive, they are usually higher in sodium and fat.
Try and make more items from scratch. Home cooking is not only healthier, it’s also cheaper.
4. Your protein tends to be the most expensive part of your grocery bill – aim for at least one meatless meal
each week (pasta with marinara sauce, bean soup, vegetable stir fry with brown rice, etc). You can also stretch your protein by
mixing in beans, legumes, or grains. For example I make meatloaf by adding oatmeal to my ground meat. It’s healthier to make
meat a side attraction to your meal versus the main star.
5. Use unit pricing – compare what the cost of an item is by weight. The lowest priced product may not necessarily be
the cheapest.
6. Buy items in bulk when possible and then repackage into smaller portions at
home. This only makes sense if you know your family will go through the item before it spoils.
Most meats and poultry items will last 3-4 months in your freezer, eggs up to 5 weeks in the refrig-
erator. Bulk dried grains, beans, and legumes will typically last a year.
7. Pack snacks with you when heading out of the house. Nothing can ruin your budget
faster than being so starved the drive through becomes your only option. Items such as homemade
trail mix with dried fruits, nuts and seeds; whole grain crackers and cheese; and a peanut butter
sandwich are easy to keep on hand and hold hunger pangs at bay.
8. Frozen fruits and vegetables can often be less expensive than the fresh alternative,
plus they are picked at the height of ripeness and flash frozen so the flavor and nutrients are pre-
served. Keep these stocked in your freezer for an easy addition to a meal.
9. Try growing your own small garden, even if it’s just a few pots for fresh herbs, lettuces,
and strawberries. For just a few pennies you can harvest fresh produce all summer long.
10. When cooking make a double batch and freeze half so you have a meal already pre-
pared for another time when you’re just too tired to cook.

Information received from examiner.com
                                                                                                                             Page 7

          Hercules Real Estate Services, Inc.

                                                                  Founded in 1995, Hercules Real Estate Services is a family
                                                                 owned and operated business with headquarters in Virginia
          168 Business Park Dr. Suite 103
          Virginia Beach, VA 23462                              Beach, Virginia. Starting with just seven properties, Hercules
          Phone: 757.473.3700                                   now owns and manages over forty properties including more
          Fax: 757.473.3712
          E-mail: comments@hre-rst.com
                                                                than 7,000 apartments in seven states. In little over a decade,
                                                                Hercules has emerged as one of the leading companies of its
                                                                kind in the mid-Atlantic and southeast regions. Hercules Real
         It is with great pleasure that we release the fourth
          edition of the Hercules Quarterly. We look for-
                                                                 Estate Services emphasizes reliability and trustworthiness as
           ward to 2010 and as always we hope you have           bedrock values that influence every company interaction, no
             enjoyed this edition of Hercules Quarterly.         matter how large or small. We’ve found that, while this may
                     Human Resources Department                 not always be the easiest way to do business, it’s the approach
                                 Melanie Haller
                                                                               that results in long-term success.

                                                                                             We are on the web!


                                                           Featured Benefit
         This Quarter we will feature the companies 125 Café Plan Many recognize this plan as Flexible Spending Account.

What is a 125 Café Plan and how does it operate? Before the start of each Plan Year, you will be able to elect to have some of your up-
coming pay contributed to the Plan. These amounts will be placed in special funds or accounts which must be set up for you in order to pay
for the benefits you have chosen. The portion of your pay that is paid to the Plan is not subject to Federal income or Social Security taxes.
In other words, this allows you to use tax-free dollars to pay for certain kinds of benefits and expenses which you normally pay for with out-
of pocket, taxable dollars. However, if you receive reimbursement for an expense under the Plan, you cannot claim a Federal income tax
credit or deduction on your return.
What Benefits are available under the Plan? Health Care Reimbursement Plan. The Health Care Reimbursement Plan enables you to pay
for expenses which are not covered by our insured medical plan and save taxes at the same time. The expenses which qualify are those per-
mitted by Section 213 of the Internal Revenue Code. A list of covered expenses is available from the Human Resources Department. In
order to be reimbursed for a covered medical expense, you will need to submit a claim form to the HR Department with documentation of
the expense. Dependent Care Assistance Account The dependent care assistance account enables you to pay for out-of –pocket work related
dependent day care cost with pre-tax dollars. An eligible dependent is any member you can claim expenses on Federal Income Tax Form
2441 “Credit for Child and Dependent Care Expense”. Qualifying dependent Care arrangements include: A dependent (Day) Care Center,
provided that if care is provided by the facility for more than six individuals, the facility complies with applicable state and local laws. An
educational institution for pre-school children. For older children, only expenses for non-school care are eligible. An “individual” who pro-
vides care inside or outside your home. The individual may not be a child of yours under age 19 or anyone you claim as a dependent for
Federal tax purposes.
When can I participate in the plan? You are able to participate in the plan after 90 days of hire, during an entry period. Our entry periods
are twice a year, in June and November. You will also be required to complete certain application forms before you can enroll in the Plan.
How much can I contribute annually? You may contribute up to $2000.00 annually; however, if all claims are not
submitted by year end, the remaining balance is forfeited. The company does not contribute anything additionally to
this benefit.
What do I do to enroll? Simply contact Human Resources and ask for the 125 Café Plan package and we will send it
to you. You will need to complete the appropriate forms and send them in during one of the entry periods.
Please contact HR for more Plan details! *Information included is only a summary of the Plan.

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