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									    New Century Trading Subscribers
   Subscribers to a Technical System that Recommends Specific Stock Purchases

                        Updated Counts!
                 98,895            Buyers         Call for pricing!
                                                                                                       Source            Direct mail and
                 21,459        Last 12 Months                                                                            Internet
                             Non-Financial Offers
The New Century Trading list comprises high-risk stock traders who rely on                             Gender            $7/M
technical analysis systems to tell them exactly what stock to buy or sell.                             Geo               $7/M
                                                                                                       Keying            $5/M
Investors are upper-middle to upper income individuals, mostly men, who make
frequent trades in hopes of generating a high return from their own portfolios. These                  Unit of sale      $39 per month
are investors who want the analysis work done by the experts – they simply want to                                       $395 per year
make the trades and watch their earnings grow.
                                                                                                       Email             $65 Flat
New Century Trading ( brings subscribers                              Fulfillment
profound insights, trading techniques, and innovative thinking for making trades in                    A signed List Rental Agreement is
the stock market. Their proprietary trading system is based on specific market                         required for all test orders. Sample
indicators which are analyzed to yield buy and sell decisions. The analysis provides                   mailing piece is required for List Owner
buy and sell decisions so that investors can profit in bull, bear, or sideways market                  approval. All rentals are for a one-time
conditions.                                                                                            usage only.

Investors using the New Century Trading system are informed that the algorithms                        Cancellations after processing will incur
used “shoot for the stars and isn’t fearful of losing unrealized capital.” This is a                   a $50/F fee, $10/M running charges
high risk investment system that is designed for those who can sustain a loss and                      and applicable shipping costs.
stay with the system, which, based on historical data, has shown overall gains
                                                                                                       Re-uses must be cleared by the List
despite market conditions. Subscribers can opt to pay $39.95 for a monthly                             Owner prior to mailing.
subscription or $395 for the entire year. Minimum requirements for subscribers are:
an online brokerage account, $5,000 minimum investment, high-speed internet                            Rev 07.15.10
connection, a few minutes daily to obtain the current buy/sell recommendation and                      Names through June 2010
to execute the trade. Subscribers enjoy online access to tutorials on how to use the
New Century Trading system, tutorials on investment concepts, historical
performance of the system, historical trade data, and more.

The New Century Trading list reaches aggressive traders who are willing to take a
risk for big returns on their investments. They are receptive to a wide range of
financial, technology, and home office direct mail offers.


All Financial/Investment Offers, Health/Fitness Offers, Small Office/Home Office
Offers, High-Tech Products & Services, Computer Hardware, Software, Office
Supplies, Personal Digital Assistants, Internet/Communication Offers, Cell Phone
Offers, Online Banking/Online Investing Offers, Catalogs Offers, Books,
Magazines, Newsletters, and More!

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