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									                                    SHIPPER'S DECLARATION OF ARTICLES NOT RESTRICTED

   Shipper                                                             Air Waybill No.

                                                                       Page of Pages

                                                                       Shipper's Reference Number


  Two completed and signed copies of this Declaration must             WARNING
  be handed to the operator
                                                                       Failure to comply in all respects with the applicable
  TRANSPORT DETAILS                                                    Dangerous Goods Regulation may be in breach of
                                         Airport of Departure          the applicable law, subject to legal penalties.
   This shipment can be
   transported on both
   passenger and cargo aircraft.

  Airport of Destination:

   ARTICLE AND DESCRIPTION, Number and type of packages, Net quanty per package, and Flash Point.
   List each article separately.

  Additional Handling Information

                                                                    24 hr. Emergency Contact Tel. No.
  I hereby declare that the contents of this consignment, in spite of product name or
  apperarance, are not Dangerous Goods restricted for air transportation according to        Name/Title of Signatory
  the applicable International and National Government Regulations.
                                                                                             Place and Date

                                                                                             (see warning above)

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