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The Official Publication of Nibbi Brothers General Contractors | SUMMER 2009                

                                                                                  Madison Apartments
                                                                          High-quality, Eco-friendly Structure
                                                                                Built in Downtown Oakland
The Official Publication of Nibbi Brothers
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                                                                                 build and on the construction experience for our customers. Recent
(415) 863-7488 fax                                                               Nibbi Brother projects that have the potential to change the social and                                                                    economic landscape of the Bay Area include the St. Anthony Foundation
               On the cover: Located one block                                   Social Services Building, the first green building in San Francisco’s
               from Lake Merritt in Oakland, Madison
               Apartments is an eight-story concrete
                                                                                 Tenderloin District; and the Porziuncola Nuova, a reproduction of St.
               building with 79 units of affordable                              Francis of Assisi’s church in Italy, located in the North Beach District.
               housing complete with ground floor
              Madison Apartments
      High-quality, Eco-friendly Structure
                                                                                 Both structures already have become an integral part of the social fabric
               commercial and retail space. The
            Built in Downtown Oakland

building has photovoltaic panels on the roof in order to
                                                           of San Francisco. Similarly, the award-winning Madison Apartments, also a sustainable
provide power to the common areas of the building.         building, is providing affordable and transitional housing for residents of downtown Oakland.
Twenty of the units are set aside for youth who are        Nibbi is proud to be part of such life-affirming projects.
aging out of the foster care system with supportive
services provided by First Place Fund for Youth.
                                                           We also are happy to share with our readers the opinions of the owners, architects and
            designates a sustainable project
                                                           tenants of these projects. By working closely with all project stakeholders, we strive
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                                                                                                             Nibbi gets historic Hotel Abri
                                                                                                             back in business quickly

                                                                       High-quality, eco-friendly
                                                                       structure built in downtown
                                                                       Oakland on a budget

                                                                                                             New technique used to
                                                                                                             complete aggressive five-day
                                                                                                             schedule ahead of time
                                                                       Green committee grows
                                                                       Nibbi’s sustainability

                                                                       Intricate reproduction of St.
                                                                       Francis of Assisi’s chapel built
                                                                       in North Beach

                                                                       St. Anthony Foundation
                                                                       Social Services Building
                                                                       becomes first green structure
                                                                       in S.F.’s Tenderloin
                                                                                                                                                     news 3
           Keeping an Eye on the
           Green at Madison
           Apartments Project
           Nibbi brothErs hElps AffordAblE housiNG AssociAtEs build A
           hiGh-quAlity, Eco-friENdly structurE iN dowNtowN oAKlANd oN A budGEt
           When Nibbi Brothers began work on the                through affordable housing. “Nibbi also really
           Madison @ 14th Street Apartments project in          understood our aggressive goal of no delays,
           Oakland, owned by Berkeley-based Affordable          no extra cost,” said AHA Senior Design and
           Housing Associates (AHA), the company knew           Construction Manager Teresa Clarke. Two ways
           it would be working with an immovable budget.        in which Nibbi met the AHA’s tight schedule
           But Nibbi not only built Madison Apartments          and fixed budget were through preconstruction
           within AHA’s budget; it also built a structure       services that aligned seamlessly with the
           that has real value — not only to the owner/         owner’s objectives and expectations, as well as
           developer, but also to its occupants, the            utility design/build MEP systems.
           surrounding community and the environment.
                                                                “I think Nibbi’s main strength is in
           Madison Apartments is a mixed-use, transit-          preconstruction,” said Clarke. “Our budget
           oriented, infill development with 79 units of        was really tight, but we wanted exceptional
           permanently affordable rental housing for            value for our tenants. Nibbi did some great
           low-income families. Twenty of those units           value engineering for us and helped us
           are set aside for youth transitioning from           figure out solutions before we committed
           foster care to independent living. The building      anything to paper.”
           consists of 16 studio, 36 one-bedroom, 21
           two-bedroom and 6 three-bedroom units                The Nibbi team consisted of Joe
           complete with a German car-stacking system           Mazzetti (Project Executive), Greg Rock
           providing 48 spaces of parking under the             (Superintendent), Valerie Adler (Assistant
           structure, allowing for street-level retail space.   Project Manager) and Neil Knowles (Assistant
           The housing includes support services for all        Superintendent). “Every time a new situation
           tenants, with a special focus on the youth.          came up,” said Mazzetti, “Greg Rock
           Multi-purpose rooms and a computer room              would go out to the subcontractors and pull
           provide space for tutoring, counseling and           everyone together. He kept everyone moving
           various meetings and after-school activities. A      in spite of the rain and other delays.” The
           landscaped courtyard, a community room and           team recouped lost time, he said, through
           a shared kitchen provide safe and comfortable        “cooperation, coordination, working overtime,
           places for activities and gatherings.                working weekends and overlapping work.”

           Challenges: Having recently worked with              Sustainability: Working closely with Leddy
           the AHA on the Ashby Lofts project in                Maytum Stacy (LMS) — an architecture firm
           Berkeley, Nibbi had a solid understanding of         that Nibbi recently worked with on the San
           the organization’s mission — Strengthening           Francisco Redevelopment Agency’s award-
           individuals, families and communities                winning Plaza Apartments — the Nibbi team

4   news
                                                                                      Takes Root
began work on the intensely green $21.6 million           Green committee grows Nibbi’s sustainability
project in June 2006 and completed it in April 2008.
                                                          practices in its corporate office and on its jobsites
“AHA wanted the best building for their tenants
                                                          In Nibbi Brothers’ 59 years of business, the company has infused life into its core
that they could get within their budget,” said LMS
                                                          value of social responsibility through its deep involvement in organizations that benefit
Project Manager Claudia Merzario. “Both LMS and
Nibbi remained flexible during design, pricing and        the communities in which it works and builds. Nibbi also considers environmentalism
construction and worked very closely with AHA to          a powerful form of social responsibility. In 2008, Nibbi formed          ,a
achieve those objectives.”                                cross-functional committee of employees, who meet monthly to outline the
                                                          company’s sustainability objectives and to ensure their implementation. Led by Nibbi
The end result? A vibrant, eight-story, 88,000-sq.-ft.    Concrete Project Manager Chris Grimmer and Nibbi Project Manager Sean Cavin,
development that provides a model for sustainable                    now is proud to announce that it has achieved several of its green goals this
and green development in Oakland. The building’s          year for its corporate office and jobsites.
green strategies include a rooftop photovoltaic
system that generates 30 to 50 percent of the             Below are some of the things the              Office Practices
building’s common electrical load; the use of             company has done (and continues to do)        •	 Eliminated	plastic	water	bottles	and	
recycled, recyclable and natural material products;       this year to reduce its office and jobsite       handed out reusable water
exposed concrete ceilings and columns that                carbon footprint:                                bottles companywide.
eliminated the need for additional finish materials;
                                                                                                        •	 Double-sided	printing	at	all	print/copy	
the use of low-VOC adhesives and paints to improve
                                                          Jobsite Sustainability                           stations on 100 percent
indoor air quality; windows that provide abundant
daylight and maximize views; a high-efficiency            •	 Employ	Dash	Environmental	to	                 post-consumer recycled
hydronic heating system; 100 percent high-efficiency         properly dispose of any hazardous             paper companywide.
lighting; and low-volume ventilation in each                 waste discovered.                          •	 Commuter	check	program	
residential unit with fans or Z-ducts that continuously   •	 Recycle	(with	the	help	of	Norcal	             encouraging employees to use
provide healthy outside air while reducing indoor            Waste Systems) at least 76 percent            pre-tax dollars for public transportation.
humidity and mold. In addition, the project recycled         of construction waste – often more.        •	 Unneeded	office	equipment	and	
75 percent of its construction-site waste.                •	 Separate	jobsite	materials	into	              supplies are donated to non-profits
                                                             dedicated containers to be recycled           and schools.
The project recently received the 2009 Special               and/or reused.                             •	 Secure	bike	shed	for	employee	bicycles.
Housing Award from the AIA – East Bay Chapter, as
                                                          •	 Use	of	bio-diesel	in	equipment	to	help	    •	 Streamlined	subcontract,	change	
well as the 2008 Exceptional Bay Area Residential
                                                             reduce air pollution caused by CO2            order and job status review
Design Award and is one of the finalists for the 2009
Gold Nugget Awards for Outstanding High Rise                 emissions.                                    processes to reduce
Apartments (over six stories of housing) for Rent.        •	 Mitigate	storm	drain	contamination	           duplicate copies.
                                                             through Nibbi’s Storm Water Pollution      •	 Training	conducted	to	educate	
Social Responsibility: Rents at Madison Apartments           Prevention Plans (SWPPP).                     employees on proper usage of trash,
range from $350 to $1,200. That works for Corey           •	 Refurbish	fire	extinguishers	instead	of	      recycle and compost bins.
Clark, a Madison tenant who recently aged out of             buying new. Recycle those no longer        •	 Identified	bins	clearly	with	
the foster care system and needed a place to live            able for reuse.                               proper signage.
independently. Clark, who works at Whole Foods in         •	 Water-based	cleaners	to	clean	tools.       •	 Compost	bins	in	the	bathrooms	for	
Oakland and is attending Berkeley City College to         •	 Donate	leftover	jobsite	materials	            used paper towels.
get a degree in American Indian studies, loves his
                                                             and resources to organizations             •	 Require	all	project	managers	to	become	
new green digs. “I have awesome windows, natural
                                                             such as Building Resources (www.              LEED®-Accredited Professionals.
sunlight, and everything is eco-friendly,” he said. He
added that he’s grateful for the opportunity to live in, instead of         •	 Using	100	percent	post-consumer	
the development. “You have no idea how hard it is to         sending them to the landfill.                 recycled content paper for
find an apartment at these rates.”                                                                         Nibbi News.

                                                                     Nibbi Facts
                                                                     24 LEED®-Accredited Professionals
  Madison @ 14th Street Apartments
  Affordable Housing Associates                                      4 Certified Green Associates
  Oakland, CA                                                        More than 20 sustainable projects that have been completed
  $21.6 million                                                      or that are in preconstruction/construction
  88,000 sq. ft.                                                     New             website,
  Leddy Maytum Stacy Architects

                                                                                                                                               news 5
    God Is in the Details
                  Nibbi brothers creates
                  reproductioN of st. fraNcis
                  of assisi’s iNtricately
                  crafted chapel, la
                  porziuNcola Nuova

                  They say God is in the details.
                  Nowhere is that phrase more
                  evident than in “La Porziuncola
                  Nuova” in San Francisco’s
                  North Beach, constructed by
                  Nibbi Brothers with painstaking
                  attention to detail as a
                  reproduction of the 13th-century
                  structure located in Assisi, Italy.

                  The original Porziuncola, the little
                  church that St. Francis of Assisi
                  began rebuilding in 1206 to
                  honor the Virgin Mary, is where
                  the Franciscan friar began his
                  mission to follow the Gospel,
                  live a life of absolute poverty,
                  pray and advocate for peace
                  and care for the poor, the sick
                  and, of course, the animals. St.
                  Francis called the Porziuncola the
                  “source of his inspiration in his
                  adoration of God.”

                  Millions visit the Porziuncola in
                  Italy each year and are inspired by
                  both its spiritual significance and
                  its intricately detailed design
                  elements. San Francisco trial
                  lawyer and former President of
                  the Board of Supervisors Angela
                  Alioto, a devout Franciscan, was
                  equally inspired after touring

the tiny chapel when she was 14 years
old. Having gone back to the Porziuncola
every year since then, Alioto in 2005 was
inspired to create a reproduction of the
Porziuncola in the heart of St. Francis’ city,
San Francisco.

Alioto, whose family has had a long-
standing relationship with the Nibbi
family, contacted Nibbi Chief Estimator
John Kugler about the idea, after forming
a partnership with Cardinal William
Levada. “[John] felt the strength of
Angela’s vision,” said Project Executive
Mike Nibbi. “In fact, he believed in
her enough to accompany her to Italy
with a pack of dental floss.” Kugler and
others involved in the project went with
Alioto to Assisi to “get a real feel for the
Porziuncola,” explained Nibbi, as well
as to get the structure’s dimensions.
The dental floss was used to covertly
measure the little chapel.

Upon	hearing	of	Alioto’s	plan,	as	well	
as her clandestine use of dental floss,
Assisi’s Provincial Minister Massimo
Reschiglan gave her the structure’s actual
dimensions (13 feet by 37 feet) and his
official permission to take hundreds of
photographs of the chapel’s intricate
frescoes and materials — including
sandstone, rock, wrought iron and marble.

Immediately after returning from Italy,
Alioto went about convincing the                 Peninsula. “The Archdiocese is great to     passion for San Francisco, for North Beach
Archdiocese of San Francisco to build            work with,” said Project Manager Hunter     and for the Church,” said Nibbi. “We
the replica of the Porziuncola in the gym        Browne, “so we were excited to be           knew he’d be as passionate as Angela
adjacent to the St. Francis of Assisi Church     working with them again. Especially on      about the project.”
in San Francisco’s North Beach.                  such a significant project.”
                                                                                             Preconstruction began prior to the trip to Italy
Nibbi Brothers has worked on several             With the Archdiocese’s blessing for the     and continued for nearly a year while Nibbi
projects for the Archdiocese, including          project, which it called the “Renaissance   Brothers and Alioto worked out the project’s
seismic work on St. Paul’s Church and Old        Project,” Nibbi Brothers immediately        details. “Angela sweated every detail,” said
St. Mary’s Cathedral, the gymnasiums at          mobilized retired Superintendent Alfonso    Nibbi. “She wanted everything to be perfect,
St. Stephen’s and St. Thomas Moore, as           Rocciola to lead the project’s complex      down to the last stone,” added Browne.
well as work on Serra High School on the         construction efforts. “Alfonso has a        “Everyone had to be onboard with that to
                                                                                             make the project a success.”

                                                                                                                                        news 7
    Actual construction began in October
    2007 and was completed in July 2008.
    Challenges included the nine-month,
    fast-track schedule (the project had
    to be done before the Sept. 24 grand
    opening), scaling the project 22
    percent smaller than the original and,
    of course, ensuring that everything
    was absolutely flawless — from the
    formwork to the stonework to the
    structure’s frescoes handpainted by
    Stefano Lazzari in Citta del Costello,
    Italy. “Our goal was to create a
    realistic feel,” said Browne. “When
    completed, we wanted people to feel
    like they were visiting the real thing.”

    The original Porziuncola structure is
    made of stone; the San Francisco replica
    is designed using modern-day codes
    incorporating a concrete structure
    with stone cladding. “The Nibbi
    Concrete team did an exceptional job
    of providing an accurate structural
    concrete skeleton to work off of,” said
    Browne. “3-D computerized modeling
    was used to aid in the formwork
    design for the compound radius dome,        the construction here in San Francisco          Kugler and Alfonso Rocciola, and the
    vaulted roof and niches.” The team          testifies to the skill and foresight of all,”   rest is history. Larry, John, Alfonso and
    carefully matched the stone cladding to     said Bruce Bengston, Project Architect          Hunter understood immediately what
    the original stone, ultimately deciding     at Taylor Lombardo Architects. “The             needed to be done. They tolerated my
    on Wisconsin sandstone. The façade          coordination necessary between trades           sometimes difficult personality and,
    stone is from the mountain behind           was especially critical with this project.      with their hearts, built this little jewel.
    Assisi that Alioto and friends, including   That the building turned out so beautifully     They are my heroes! The Porziuncola
    Rocciola and West Coast Production          is a testament to the dedication of Angela      is a monument to not only perfect
    Manager Monty Montgomery gathered           Alioto, the Archdiocese and the entire          craftsmanship and a love of our great
    last Easter. Limestone plaster was          team. It was a pleasure to work with            city but also to the love of St. Francis’
    used for the door and window                Nibbi Brothers on the Porziuncola project;      compassion, strength and serenity.”
    moulding, and the floor’s marble            everyone was top-notch.”                        Photos by Tom Tracy
    was purchased and cut in Italy, then
    shipped to California, along with the       “I knew that I needed to build the
    woodwork and frescoes. Rocciola also        Porziuncola in Francesco’s American city,
                                                                                                  Archdiocese of San Francisco
    accompanied Alioto to a Nevada quarry       San Francisco,” said Alioto, “but who
                                                                                                  San Francisco, CA
    to select the two altar boulders.           could I turn to? I immediately thought of
                                                                                                  $2.5 million
                                                my old friend, Larry Nibbi. He, already
                                                                                                  2,600 sq. ft.
    “The fact that doors, frescoes and          understanding that this was a somewhat
                                                                                                  Taylor Lombardo Architects
    other custom pieces, all fabricated by      out-of-the-ordinary request I was making,
                                                                                                  Murphy Burr Curry, Inc. Engineers
    the artisans in Italy, actually fit with    immediately put me in contact with John

8   news
A Breath f
St. Anthony Foundation
                                o Fresh Air
                                   Social Services Building

         Clients and staff appreciate Foundation’s new LEED®-certified
        building, which provides free medical services in an atmosphere
                 that has abundant fresh air and natural daylight

                                                                          news 9
                                                                      Foundation Social Service Building is a showcase of
                                                                      sustainable construction and design. The building, awarded
                                                                      LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
                                                                      Gold certification, is located near the population it serves
                                                                      and is also close to city bus lines and underground light
                                                                      rail, reinforcing the use of public transit. Green features of
                                                                      the five-story, 47,169 sq. ft. structure, designed by HKIT
                                                                      Architects and built by Nibbi Brothers, include natural light,
                                                                      a “cool roof,” energy-efficient lighting and an evaporative
                                                                      cooling system, regionally harvested and manufactured wood
                                                                      doors, low-flow water fixtures that reduce water usage by 37
                                                                      percent, walls painted with warmly colored and low-VOC
                                                                      paints and abundant fresh air. The improved air quality in the
                                                                      building is important for neighborhood clients and
                                                                      patients, for whom asthma is a common illness.

                                                                      The site’s previous building, a five-story structure that was
                                                                      owned but never occupied by the St. Anthony Foundation,
                                                                      was demolished prior to construction of the new building.
                                                                      “The demolition was particularly challenging because of
                                                                      the old building’s proximity to adjacent buildings,” said
                                                                      Newdoll. “We had to take it down by hand with 30 people on
                                                                      scaffolding.” Demolition, while difficult, was executed with
                                                                      respect to nearby occupants and to the environment as well.
                                                                      Nearly 97 percent of the demolished building materials were
                                                                      diverted from landfill and recycled.

                                                                      Budget and schedule solutions. “St. Anthony is a dynamic
                                                                      organization,” said Benjamin Steingart, who provided
     For nearly 60 years, the St. Anthony Foundation has been         construction administration for HKIT. “Nibbi and HKIT worked
     providing very low-income people in the working-class            together to provide timely and economical solutions to work
     neighborhood of San Francisco’s Tenderloin with free             within the complex building systems without delaying the
     medical services, job training and hot meals. In the new         tight schedule. The best thing I found about working with
     Social Services Building, the Foundation is providing those      Nibbi is their professionalism throughout the organization.
     services in a setting that maximizes its clients’ well-being     Everyone I worked with was very competent, and good at
     and minimizes its impact on the environment.                     identifying potential problems before they arose. The folks
                                                                      on our team were committed to doing quality work, and I
     “Everyone loves the positive energy in this building,” said      really appreciated working in that environment. The owner
     Nibbi Project Manager Bobby Newdoll. “From the start of          appreciated it too. I think the project was a success on
     the project, people would walk by and ask us what we             many levels.”
     were building, and the responses we got when we told
     them we were building a new St. Anthony’s building were          Being a non-profit, the St. Anthony Foundation naturally was
     really touching.”                                                “under a lot of cost constraints for this project,” said Linda
                                                                      Pasquinucci, the foundation’s deputy director. “Having the
     The new steel-frame building at 150 Golden Gate Ave.             design/construction team operate with dignity and respect
     houses temporary food service and dining facilities with         for each other was a plus. We had a lot of preconstruction
     seating capacity for 200, a free medical/dental clinic, social   meetings with Nibbi, HKIT and a lot of subcontractors —
     services, vocational training (including classrooms and          including the HVAC, plumbing and electrical contractors — to
     computer labs) and administrative and support space.             carefully go over the plan and to control change orders. Nibbi
                                                                      and HKIT were able to keep change orders to 3 percent and
     First green social services building in the city. As the         were especially helpful in value engineering the project.”
     first green structure in the Tenderloin and the first green      “During preconstruction, we worked with the subcontractors
     direct social services structure in the city, the St. Anthony    to provide complete scopes of work,” said Newdoll. “Our

10    news
preconstruction was well thought out and helped the team to         Nibbi and HKIT will be working with the St. Anthony Foundation
minimize change orders.” The St. Anthony project also was a         to tear down the old two-story social service building across
safe one, with zero lost-time safety incidents reported.            the street from the new one and build a new, green structure
                                                                    that will house food services in the basement, the new dining
“Nibbi also worked closely with us in our fundraising efforts,”     room on the first level and low-income senior apartments (in
said St. Anthony Foundation Capital Campaign Director Eric          collaboration with Mercy Housing) on the upper levels.
Dumbleton. “Bobby [Newdoll] worked with us in terms of
getting potential donors while the project was still a              “This building is such a contrast to our old building,” explained
hard-hat scene. Our job was to articulate to donors the scope       Pasquinucci. “The old building had no heat, no AC, and the
of the project, that it would be a LEED®-certified building, what   air was horrible and dirty. Now, when people come to this
programs would be moving in and how this new structure              building, their attitude is so different. The new environment
would increase efficiencies.” Dumbleton added that the new          is clean, open, airy and quiet, with a lot of natural light. It’s so
building’s annual inpatient capacity has increased 40 percent,      healing for people.”
“based solely on efficiencies of design and decreased costs.”

Post-closeout partnership. “Nibbi has a great deal of
integrity,” said Paula Lewis, Director of Operations for St.          St. Anthony Foundation
Anthony Foundation. “They were honest, transparent and                Social Services Building
neutral. It was an easy relationship, and we had the feeling          St. Anthony Foundation
they had our best interest at heart. Recently our neighbors           San Francisco, CA
complained that the compressors on the roof deck for the              $15.8 million
dining room were too noisy. Quickly, Nibbi worked with us to          47,169 sq. ft.
mitigate the noise by installing sound barriers, even though the      HKIT Architects
project was completed.”

                                                                                                                                     news 11
                                                         When it comes to constructing and renovating
                                                         hotels, speed is everything, as available rooms
                                                         represent revenue. With that goal continually
       The Need for Speed                                at the forefront, Nibbi Brothers last spring
                                                         completed the complex seismic upgrade of San

       Exceeding Schedule                                Francisco’s Hotel Abri two months ahead of
                                                         schedule and the tenant improvement project
                                                         by the established substantial completion date.

       Demands for SF Hotel                              Phase I: The seismic upgrade. The five-story
                                                         Hotel Abri (formerly called the Monticello Hotel)
       Retrofit and Remodel                              was built in 1907, the year after the big San
                                                         Francisco earthquake and fire of 1906. “The
                                                         building’s mortar was made of beach sand,”
       Nibbi gets historic Hotel Abri back in business   said Project Executive Mike Nibbi, “and, over
       quickly by completing seismic upgrade             time, mortar joints lose their cohesiveness.
                                                         When that happens, nothing holds the bricks
       two months ahead of schedule and tenant           together, and in an earthquake, they tumble
       improvements by the established substantial       like a kid’s set of blocks.” The building
       completion date                                   survived the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake,
                                                         but when Larkspur Hotels and Restaurants
                                                         purchased the Monticello, the company decided
                                                         immediately to have the structure made more
                                                         seismically safe.

                                                         The Hotel Abri seismic upgrade included the
                                                         installation of shotcrete, shear walls, perimeter
                                                         angle iron ties, soil anchors and large concrete
                                                         footings and other mechanical and rough

12   news
carpentry connections. Nibbi was selected        without compromising the work on the floors       the project was the architecture and interior
by Larkspur to do the seismic upgrade and        above,” said Browne.                              design for the lobby and guest room floors]
preconstruction. “We told Larkspur what we                                                         communicated with Nibbi almost on a daily
were going to do, and we did it,” said Nibbi.    Working collaboratively. “This was the first      basis in order to respond immediately to
“We were budgeted for five months, but we        hotel our company closed during renovation        questions and RFIs (requests for information).
beat the schedule by two months.”                because the work was so invasive,” said           With such an aggressive schedule, it was
                                                 Larkspur Hotels and Restaurants Executive         important that communication was constant.”
Addressing challenges. Seismic projects,         Vice President Jim Hansen. “Getting the
by their nature, are challenging, Project        hotel back online as soon as possible             “Our expectations were high, given Nibbi’s
Manager Hunter Browne said. “You come            was a must. From the very start, Nibbi’s          long history of building in San Francisco and
across millions of unknowns. How you             team took this goal seriously and provided        its reputation for quality work done on time,”
handle those unknowns either makes or            aggressive schedules that were pushed             said Hansen. “The Hotel Abri renovation
breaks the project.” Challenges on the Hotel     throughout.” Hansen said Nibbi held weekly        was a complex project, and we expected it
Abri project included a conflict between the     project meetings to make sure road blocks         would be managed with the highest level of
building’s existing infrastructure and the       were removed and to update the schedule           construction management professionalism.
seismic design. The team had to reroute          accordingly. “The team worked together            From the very invasive seismic retrofit to
the electrical systems through a concrete        to find alternative means and methods to          the transformation of a historic hotel, this
beam in order to maintain headroom. The          achieve the desired outcome but in less           was by all accounts a very difficult and
electrical work was also done at night so as     impactful ways. In the end, the scheduled         sensitive project. The Nibbi management
to not interrupt operations of the businesses    substantial completion date was achieved,”        team met all challenges exceedingly well,
below the hotel.                                 said Hansen.                                      with professionalism and, maybe even more
                                                                                                   importantly, a caring, cooperative approach.
Phase II: The tenant improvement.                Situated on a corner lot, bounded by Ellis        Larkspur is very happy with the outcome.”
Larkspur was in charge of building out the       and Cyril Magnin, there was little lay-down
guest rooms and provided the light fixtures,     area, and no crane access, so materials were
millwork and furniture for the lobby that        delivered in a just-in-time manner.
Nibbi was contracted to build. Some of the                                                           Hotel Abri
lobby subcontractors worked directly for the     At 102 years old, Hotel Abri also is a historic     Larkspur Hotels
owner, which made the project a blended          landmark. “The biggest design challenge,”           San Francisco, CA
effort and which made communication              said GGLO Design Inc.’s Kimberly Frank,             $1.9 million
among the stakeholders essential. “We had        “was developing a design that successfully          57,982 sq. ft.
to work closely with all the subcontractors to   celebrated the old and meshed with the new;         GGLO Design, Inc.
coordinate work scopes and make sure that        and doing this while responding to budget
they had the resources to complete the lobby     and schedule. GGLO [whose involvement in
     Nibbi Tests Its
     Mettle (and Its
     at Avalon
     Mission Bay
      Using a new technique,
      Nibbi Concrete completes
      an aggressive five-day pour
      schedule ahead of time
     For Nibbi Concrete, the Avalon Mission Bay Phase III project              successfully complete a difficult project as well as, or better than,
     represented a true challenge. To begin with, at 18 stories of             anyone else in the business.”
     suspended slab, the project was the tallest structure Nibbi had ever
     built. It also was the first job in which Nibbi Concrete used a placing   Nibbi Concrete began working on the project in January 2008. Nine
     boom (or stationary pump). But the real adrenaline pumper was             months later, the team had finished the project ahead of schedule,
     the column-hung, flying form truss system the project employed            within budget and with zero lost-time safety incidents.
     — also a first for Nibbi Concrete — coupled with an aggressive
     five-day pour cycle.                                                  “I cannot be more proud of what our construction team did,”
                                                                           said Byles. “We did something we’d never done before, and
     “Column-hung, flying form systems are a way to form horizontal we did it flawlessly.” He added that Chris Grimmer (Project
     decks,” explained Nibbi Concrete Division Manager Doug Byles. Manager), Don Peterson (Superintendent) and Rick Gile (Assistant
     “Using	this	system,	you	build	a	form	that	is	set	on	hardware	cast	 Superintendent) “were the guys that drove the engine. They not
     into the structure’s columns. The                                                                         only met, they exceeded
     system eliminates the need to                                                                             the project challenges — an
     reshore newly placed slabs. It’s also “Nibbi did the job as well or better than anyone amazing accomplishment.”
     fast and allows other crews to come else, and they exceeded our schedule demands.”
     in and get to work immediately.”                                      — Bryan Moore, AvalonBay Said AvalonBay Senior
                                                                                                               Project Manager Bryan
     “Fast” is the operative word. The                                                                         Moore: “This was the first
     system required Nibbi Concrete to maintain a five-day pour cycle, time Nibbi Concrete had used this technique. They also had the
     pouring a floor every Friday. “That’s pretty fast,” said Byles. “From added pressure of working under an aggressive schedule. But Nibbi
     the minute we started the project, and really until we were off the did the job as well or better than anyone else, and they exceeded
     critical path (finished with the exterior envelope and the mechanical our schedule demands. We’re very excited to bid to them again.”
     trades), it was all speed.”

     Nibbi Concrete is accustomed to working within aggressive
                                                                                         Avalon Mission Bay
     schedules, but the project’s five-day pour cycle required the team
     to work 10- to 12-hour days, as well as Saturdays and holidays. “A
                                                                                         San Francisco, CA
     major effort,” said Byles. What the company was not accustomed
                                                                                         $11 million (Concrete Package)
     to, of course, was the column-hung, flying form truss system. “We
                                                                                         407,804 sq. ft.
     had to get 50 guys to execute a new system on a project with
                                                                                         1st Tower - 18 stories
     a fast-track schedule and a tight budget,” Byles added. “But the
                                                                                         2nd Tower - 12 stories
     guys here exhibit great professional pride. They want to prove that
                                                                                         3rd Tower - 8 stories
     they are better than anyone else in the marketplace, so this project
                                                                                         Arquitectonica Architects
     was seen as a big, fat challenge; an opportunity to prove they could

14    news
                                                                                                    Recent/New Projects
                        Inside                                                                      •	 6th & Oak Senior Housing, Oakland
                                                                                                       Affordable Housing Associates
                                                                                                       6-story, steel-stud-frame structure with
Company                                                                                                70 units of affordable housing

Nibbi Awards and Honors:                            •	 SPUR	(SF	Planning	&	Urban	Research)          •	 Lion Creek Crossings, Oakland
               2008 CEA Safety Award in             •	 St. Anthony Foundation                          The Related Companies of California
               honor of Jim Girk.                   •	 Toys for Tots                                   East Bay Asian Local Development
               Recognized for outstanding                                                              Corporation (EBALDC)
               contribution to Nibbi’s              Nibbi Brothers Helps Clean Up Ocean Beach:         Oakland Housing Authority (OHA)
               commitment to safety, which                                   Nibbi Brothers,           4-story, wood-frame structure with 72
               is an integral part of the                                    the Nibbi Green           units of affordable housing
               company’s culture.                                            Committee, and         •	 474 Natoma, San Francisco
                                                                             friends and family        Bridge Housing Corporation
Cal OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program –                                    volunteered in            9-story, concrete structure of 57
Construction (VPP-C)                                                         cleaning up Ocean         homeownership units
Nibbi Brothers receives VPP-C recognition,                                   Beach with the San     •	 Maritime Center, Richmond
among a select few in the state, by                                          Francisco Surfrider       The Related Companies of California
demonstrating a comprehensive and rigorous                                   Foundation.               Renovation of historic childcare facility
safety program. To date, Nibbi Brothers has                                                         •	 Lawrence Berkeley National
worked over 500 days injury free.                   Nibbi Makes Dreams Happen:                         Laboratory, Berkeley
                                                                                 Nibbi Brothers        Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Nibbi in the Community:                                                          participated for      Seismic and structural upgrades to
Nibbi believes in giving back to the                                             the 9th year in    	 buildings	50	&	74
communities in which we do business by                                           Dreams Happen,
                                                                                                    •	 Old St. Mary’s Cathedral – Phase II,
supporting charities and non-profits. Below is                                   benefiting
                                                                                                       San Francisco
a representative list of organizations to which                                  Rebuilding
                                                                                                       Archdiocese of San Francisco –
Nibbi has made recent contributions.                                             Together
                                                                                                       Real Property Support
                                                                                 Peninsula, which
                                                                                                       Seismic upgrade of church’s clock bell
•	   AHA (Affordable Housing Associates)                                         helps raise
                                                                                                       tower, elevator and staircase upgrades
•	   Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco           money to build volunteer partnerships that
•	   Boys Town of Italy                             rehabilitate homes and community facilities.    •	 St. Stephens Parish and School,
•	   City of Hope                                   Nibbi designed and built the 2009 Celtic Club      San Francisco
•	   LEAP Sandcastle Classic                        Playhouse, which was auctioned off                 Archdiocese of San Francisco
•	   Rebuilding Together                            for $9,000.                                        New construction of 2-story building
•	   San Francisco Food Bank                                                                           complete with gymnasium, assembly
                                                                                                       area, office spaces, storage, kitchen
                                                                                                       and restrooms

Nibbi Employee News                                                                                 Recent Project
Recent Accreditations and Certifications                                                            Madison Apartments, Oakland
LEED®-Accredited Professionals                                                                      AIA East Bay Chapter
Nibbi Brothers currently has a total of 24 LEED® Accredited Professionals. Congratulations          2009 Special Housing Award
to our most recent accredited employees.
                                                                                                    Affordable Housing Finance
                                                                                                    Reader’s Choice Award
Jill Brown                        Heather Gilbert                 Grace Nicer
                                                                                                    2009 Finalist
Hunter Browne                     Andrew Kent                     Jose Nunez
Jordan Drake                      Nick Misakian                   Phillip Raymann                   Pacific Coast Builders Conference,
                                                                                                    Golden Nugget Awards
Erick Rodriguez, Site Safety Coordinator                                                            2009 Award of Merit
•	 Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) Certification
                                                                                                    St. Anthony Social Services Building,
                                                                                                    San Francisco
Dr. Kendon Dressel, Director of Environmental Health and Safety
                                                                                                    LEED® Gold Certified
•	 Construction Health and Safety Technician (CHST) Certification
•	 Occupational Health and Safety Technologist (OHST) Certification                                 SPUR Urban Center, San Francisco
•	 Certified Safety Professional (CSP)                                                              LEED® Certified

                                                                                                                                            news 15

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