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AMERICAN EXPRESS now offers you the opportunity to view your UBC/AMEX account
               on-line and receive your statement via e-mail.

UBC/AMEX Corporate Cardmember
Dear Cardmember,

You have been granted the option to now view your American Express Corporate Card
Billing Statement online. Also included with this option is a new feature which permits you to
set up “statement-ready email notifications” in order to be advised when your online electronic
statement is ready for viewing. The online electronic statements will be delivered through
American Express’ secure Web-based application, My Account. As with the previous paper
based statements, the new online electronic statements may be submitted for expense

Once you have performed a few simple steps in My Account, you will be notified via email each
month when your statement is ready. Each email notice will provide a link to the My Account
login page to make the process of accessing your statement easy and seamless.


To enroll in MY ACCOUNT:
1. Log-in to MY ACCOUNT at
2. Click on right hand side “Corporate Card/Gold Cardmember”
3. Select “I am a New user” and click Continue
4. Follow the simple enrollment instructions. Note – To make enrollment easier – please have
   your Corporate Card immediately available to provide your account number and other
   information required to enroll; you will also need to know the last statement amount for your
   card account.
Once you enroll in MY ACCOUNT (or if you are a previous user), follow the instructions
below to select your statement delivery method and turn on statement-ready email
1. Log-in to MY ACCOUNT at
2. Click on right hand side “Corporate Card/Gold Cardmembers”
3. Select your Corporate Card from the list of available accounts in the card type dropdown
4. Click on the button titled “Statement Delivery/Email Notification Options”.
5. Select Continue – as a default, the following 3 options will appear on the first screen: “(1)
   Online only statement delivery with statement ready email notification; (2) Paper statement
   with email notification; (3) Paper statement without email notification”
6. Click continue to go to the next screen and to select your desired option by clicking the
   appropriate radio button
7. Please read the online Terms and Conditions and ensure you fully understand this document
   as it relates to the statement delivery method you have selected. Check the radio button to
   advise that you have read and agree with the Terms & Conditions (if this box in unchecked
   you will be unable to proceed).
8. Click continue to go through ALL SCREENS until you have finalized each step and see the
   button titled “Submit Changes” (**Note – if you DO NOT continue through each screen
   and submit changes, you will have NOT activated your selected statement delivery method
   and/or turned on email notification.
9. Use the links provided to review your options and review your online statement.

In addition to accessing your current online electronic statement, you can use MY ACCOUNT
for a variety of online services, including:
 Viewing, printing and downloading billed and unbilled charges
 View up to 13 months previous billing statements (but please note that 13 months of
    statement billing activity will only be presented if there has been sufficient time to BUILD
    UP TO 13 months of activity since initial launch date of January 24th, 05).
 Completing a standard expense report
 Initiating charge inquiries

I am confident that you will enjoy the convenience of MY ACCOUNT and online statements!

If you have any questions, please contact American Express Corporate Services at 1-800-716-
6661 or My Account at 1-800-869-3016


Connie Fabro
UBC Travel Manager

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