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									                                   Anthony Weiner's                                attention.... If I could demand
Releasing Palin's emails I paid attention.... photo scandal - I paidCoverage of these topics........ more coverage on a single topic it would be.....
                  This                           A fair amount.It's really hard to ignore a storythink we're only able toaof government, who e-mailsit it and who benefits.
                                                                                   up too the country - that MSNBC did real story usingamusing, but obtained through a public
                                                                                                   I about Weiner's weiner. The story was Palin
Less than average.was just a really big fishing expedition that didn't turnDivides much. The actual inner working discuss caricatures. influences really was a distraction. r
                  It was                         A a public figure and potential presidential Workers rights. Thedid lie in have offered he can lie her character and abilities a
                                                                                  Other             That said, Weiner media public. a shareholder view of one thing, who knows w
Less than average. potentially important. As fair amount.It was dumb but entertaining.candidate, her emails couldtends to And if insight intoabout the world, rather thanas
                  I hate Palin with all my soul.                                   a cheater and or unites merely entertains. he interesting but
                                                                                                  Health care. be topics above
A lot - this is interesting and newsworthy! A fair amount.He was clearlyNeither divides deserved -toThehounded until are came clean. only in moderation. Not as the pr
                  It is important as I should be informed and may be use it. Unites the country in important not be sure about tough issues.
A lot - this is interesting and newsworthy! A fair amount.It is a big scandal which caused scandal.I canconversationhe really did this or it was really hacker job.anyway it
                  i feel like alot               No is more about entertainment than education or raising awarenesscan ondays...
                                                                   had an interesting conversation about it with my co worker
                                                                                  Neither         how communities are and these the nature of politics,
What are you talking about?of media coveragemore than iany other news story. divides or unites - merely entertains. start creating changes mainstream media in the s
                  Palin                          No character politician caught doing something inappropriate - didn't commit a crime, beyond joining the
                                                                 any other on the oxygen of media to keep her entertains.
                                                                                  Neither         labour
Less than average. seems to me a very minor more than dependentnews story. divides or unites - merelyflame going - there's not much more to her. legion who don't qui
                  It truly
Less than average. isn't.                                        it - not worth my more importanttrafficking
                                                                                  Neither         sex writing merely entertains.
                                                 Tried to avoid There was sometime! divides or unites - comparing scandals between male and female legislators.
                                                 No more than Of through coverage waste of time.we're only able tothat the the test" you in,working — interviews withtake Gra
                                                                 any other them is a the country - It's as this is intriguing and draws is not view her think it should teachers
                                                                                                  Education further proof discuss caricatures.
No more than The other newsher emails and the need to sift course,news story.of a scandal such and how "teaching to media will neverbut I don'twith unbiased eyes. prec
                  any release of story.                                           Divides
                  any seems a little "teflon" -- like finding out dirtaon her willNeither divides or creation merelymen behaving badly. It also impacts Democratic politics.
No more than She other news story.                                                 not stick.     job unites -
                                                 A fair amount.It's scandal, and part of a pattern of powerful entertains.
                  it - not worth enough          A and I believed that didn't want to believeshed any light was entertains. and poor
                                                                                  Neither divides it. unites - gap between by Andrew Brietbart. Then when I became clear that he
                                                                                                     or thought it on her bizarre
Tried to avoid I have heard my time!about herfair first I the emails would not the Igrowing merely a trick richnature. But more importantly, it no longer want to par
                  it - should be engaging        Less than average.thing that Divides the country this is distractions like this. caricatures.
                                                                 The              is interesting about - giant only corporations and financial institutions
                                                                                                  Accountability by able to discuss
Tried to avoid Wenot worth my time! in discussion and coverage of real issues, rather than we'rethe ongoing campaign to bring Democratic politicians and "left" leaning
                  any other news story.          Tried to avoid we not worth my time! the country - we're only corporations and financial institutions
                                                                 it - should be talking about civic discourse by able to discuss caricatures.
                                                                                  Divides         Accountability affect people becomes.
No more than she's an idiot, and the more coverage she gets, the worse the state of real issues that in the country who are struggling in this economy.
                  any other news story.
No more than Doesn't affect me.                                  any humorous, but doesn't affect me. merely entertains.
                                                                                  Neither         health care
                                                 No more than was other news story. divides or unites - reform-real reform
                  it - important- there wasn't any actual reason to look because it was upsetting we're only able to discuss caricatures. and be a weirdo.
Tried to avoid Notnot worth my time!                             Important at them. Just an invasionto literature
                                                 Less than average.                               Arts - of privacy.
                                                                                  Divides the countryand see a respected Democratic rep lie
                  it - not worth my relevant to improving life of oursad commentary the individuals who only supposed to be caricatures.
Tried to avoid They don't seem time!                                               We have more important concerns! to discuss good examples to our communities. We deserve
                                                                                                  The - we're are able
                                                 A fair amount.It's a citizens. Divides on countryAmerican caste system
                  it - tired of her. time!       A fair amount.It was funny. The Daily Show'swe - we'rehilarious. to discuss caricatures.
                                                                                  Divides the If take was only able
Tried to avoid I'm not worth myShe seems self serving and she has no substance. country want better students, we need better parents. How can we help parents be th
Less than average.                               No more than More of the same. new and not unites - merely entertains.
                                                                 any other nothingNeither         rural broadband
                  Assuming they're more of what she says out loud, it'snews story. divides orworth spending much time examining.
Less than average.                               No more than Sad other news story. dividesvocally defended public media in the attempt to cut its funding.
                                                                 any to cover. Neither               or unites merely entertains.
                  Seemed more like gossip - not relevant to topics I see him go in that he successful-social change
                  It's not                       A fair amount.It's important to me, because publicdividepeople are going about tough issues. or any reason to pick you apart
                                                                                  Unites the country in important conversation to look for anything,
                                                                                                  wealth eye,
Less than average. that important to me because as anyone knows, when your in the as a public figure, he should have known that activity such as this would lead to b
                  any other news story.                          any other will Neither
                                                                                  be interesting Issues of unemployment
                                                                                                     or unites where he lands.
No more than the story is still developing. No more than because itnews story. dividesto find out - merely entertains.
                  It will                        Tried to avoid it didn't matterDivides           Issa - we're ATF
Less than average. be the detailed analysis that matters It - not worth my time! the countryand the only able to discuss caricatures.
                  any other news story.          A fair amount.Curious what people reactedRobertthere, it would take a lot of time to find it. The broke
                                                                                  Other             to: in Reich's analysis of the
No more than I knew that the volume was such that if anything of interest/importance was The pictures or the lying. economy--We are not"release of the emails" was an
                  it - not worth my time!          thing. But feeding how we pay attention Environment,thingsscience.
                                                                 its sad          media machine is also bad. arts, in to discuss caricatures.
                                                                                                   to the we're
Tried to avoid government secrecy is a badLess than average.the Palin Divides the country - wrong only able politics
Less than average.It's fun... I                                                   Other           campaign entertaining.
                                                 A fair amount.It wasn't technically important, just veryfinance reform
                  Her busy
Tried to avoid was views are not interestingTried toIt distracts from more relevant news.
                  it - not worth my time!                        it - not worth more importantEducation &pictures a guy unfortunately took.
                                                   to me. avoid Real news is my time!               than a few education funding.
                  it - hoping she is irrelevant Tried to avoid dudes do stupid stuff, even ifTheuniteselected. maybe more so.
Tried to avoid i'm not worth my time!                                             Neither            or widing merely entertains.
                                                                 it - not worth my time! divides they are - gap of our class structure.
                  it - not worth my time!        No real than because it's about a penis. energy
                                                                 any other news   Neither
Tried to avoid Palin isn't important. She has nomore power to do anything.story. divides or unites - merely entertains.
                  I think                        Less than average. herself makesdivides sexism, - merely entertains.
                                                                 It palin         Neither a mockery of politics
                                                                                                  health care
Less than average. the right wing overall is very just one more instance of or unitesmale supremacy and stupidity and i try to limit my intake of that info :-)
                                                 Tried to avoid I don't care about to see whator wars, the banksters
                                                                 it - not worth my time! divides a unites - merely entertains.
A fair amount.I want to see anything discredits Palin and want other people Anthony Weiner she is.the joke
                  I do not follow                Less than average.
                                                                 This             Other           Grassroots struggles issues corporate power
What are you talking about? mainstream news such as this. is unsurprising and a distraction from the realagainst in this country and worldwide.
                  any other news only important if it to avoid Scandals at mygovernment Pharmaceutical and other big corporations' lobbying power manner.
No more than Palin's e-mail is story.                            it - on worth Divides            offical we're and how that effects Americans
                                                 Tried sheds light notshe, as a time! the country - thinks only able to discuss caricatures. in a negative and influence over the
                  I have                                         the upper
                                                  wish than average.away.
                                                                 I go             Other           Oscar Grant
Less than average. no regard for her and Less she would expect all male politicians to exercise their power through sexist exploitation.
                  any other like we were         Less for a "smoking
                                                                 It seems like we're making up for not exposing already care system -- or rather our lack of care.
                                                                                  Divides rehashing - we're only faults discusspoliticians.
                                                                                                  the truth about our health knew caricatures.
No more than It seemed news story. searching than average. gun" and simplythe countrypositions we able to of past we had. It was also weird watching so many peopl
                  it - not worth my time!        A fair amount.I'm issues. Other                  transportation
Tried to avoid She's an embarrassing diversion from the real interested in what it takes to be a public servant, and it's important to consider what does and doesn't matte
                  any other news story.             garners average. embarrassing
                                                                 again,                           Real discussions media and public attention on
No more than she is embarrassing that sheLess thanso much attention Other what we choose to focus about education - best practices, ways to use precious resources
                  any not trust any media        No report fairly onother Inews do not care about -caughtonly able hisdiscussover young women in this fame-crazed world... *ya
                                                                 any her. alsoelected official gets we're abusing to power caricatures.
                                                                                    story.        intelligent discourse on any topic
No more than I do other news story. outlet tomore than Another male, Divides the country her private communications.
What are you talking about?                                     it - a distraction time!
                                                                                 Other          Libya
                                              Tried to avoid It's not worth my of the real issues.
               I prefer to disengage from electoral - not worthno surprise that an electedstories able to discuss caricatures. big deal.
What are you talking about?                                                      Divides        telling we're only is slimy. He the people in poverty, giving a voice to those who n
                                              Tried to avoid It comes as my time! the country - the official straight fromgot exposed. No
               it - not worth that anyone pays attention to what Palin was/istime!
Tried to avoid can't believe my time!                           it - not worth rather disappointed how much attention was given to such a trivial event, while ignoring importan
                                              Tried to avoid actually I wasmy saying            government/corporate ties
               I don't about?
What are you talking know who that is.                          any other very story. the country we're only able to Yemen
                                                                                 Divides        at
                                              No more than That's not newsnice. It's awful. the-moment Libya anddiscuss caricatures.
               "Nesnam koje                   What are you talking about? Neither dividesthisunites -in
                                                                Translator                         or Palin merely entertains.
What are you talking about? ovaj Palin." (grandson translating: she doesn't know who Innovationis.) the world.
Tried to avoid She is a political time!                         here: she attention to. issues... grandmother really would like to see coverage in the media regarding Serbian
                                              Tried to avoid Doesn't deal my time! divides or unites - merely entertains.
                                                                it not worth with real
               it - not worth my sideshow actress, not worth- paying             Neither        My
               Her email would                Tried to avoid It - not a far. my time! to havepoor health in this country
                                                                it was worth last name
What are you talking about? be in line with what we've seen so funny Other                      the a sex scandal.
                  - trash, sensationalistic No more than why other news story. peoplerealin private? insane
Tried to avoid it isnot worth my time!                                           Neither           or news
                                                                any is it a news what dividesdo unites - merely entertains.
               it - interested, dumb
Tried to avoid notnot worth my time!                               - a worth that news
                                                                                 Other          Government revenue
                                              Tried to avoid it isnotshame my time! media frenzy feeds on sensations... and avoid reporting actual news
               it - not worth my time!        Tried             it - not worth my time!         economy,wars,etc
Tried to avoid priorities over following morons to avoid other prioritiesNeither divides or unites - merely entertains.
                                              A fair amount.It is not important, a cultural icon. - we're &beenam fascinated by our obsession with the not lives and reading
                                                                                 Divides the country his has Wealth
                                                                                                Art & Health only I criticized a lot for what she
A fair amount.There is no denying that manufactured or not, Sarah Palin, is does not affect Shedelivery. able to discuss caricatures. has done, or sex done,of others.
               I don't                        A fair factor..                    Divides the country - Immigration
                                                                                                Health, can only
Less than average. believe she is going to be a amount.We need every Democratic vote wewe'reget. able to discuss caricatures.
               any other news story.          something in He was a news story.bring heror unites bad about Darn.economy
                                                                any other that Neither divides down. Really, I about the
                                                                                 would          evaluating merely entertains.
No more than I was hoping there would be No more thanthe emails brilliant congressperson. Too-claims was.the testosterone poisoning.
               any other news transparency and to avoid Personal decisions like his are not-relevant to public office or popular discourse.
No more than It's important forstory.                           it - not but not Divides interest. lives of those who to discuss caricatures.
                                                                                 personal       the
                                              Tried accountability, worth my time! the country we're only able have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the lives of familie
                                              No figures' emails less news story.
                                                                any is important because more personal communications can reveal Israel/Palestine.
                                                                                 Other          climate change
A fair amount.I think the release of most publicmore than I amother interested in Weiner's sexual exploits than say, his views on views and attitudes that give us insight in
               I think                        No more kindany other interest, lives should remain private, unless they really effect job
                                                                  think people's story. the countryresistance tabloid stories.
                                                                                 Divides        Civil - we're in
Less than average. she is only a story because of athan I of tabloidnews sex and I'm not interested only able to discuss caricatures. performance.
               it - not worth more important issues in this same as PalinOther
Tried to avoid There are farmy time!                             world.
                                              Tried to avoid it - not worth my time!             defense spending
               I already know she's a twit. A fair amount.I love a train wreck. And... breathtaking bad judgement by a holier than thou lefty.
Less than average.                                                               Other          climate change
               it - not worth I read an       No more than any other politics as they wereor unites interesting.
                                                                the Just news story. divides not even think of anything I
Tried to avoid Not, becausemy time! article that outlined Not.emails and said usual. I can'tvery - merely entertains. want the American Media to cover. It does a poor jo
                                              Tried to avoid politician sex my been obscure unites - merely entertains. to follow
                                                                it - not worth scandals saying about Palin
                                                                                 Neither        sustainable business important
A fair amount.It is important to me because it confirmed what people havetime! divides ornews that is more & social entrepreneurship
               it doesn't qualify to me       A fair amount.It is somewhatNeither divides to care that much. figure and
                                                                                  important, I mean, he is -a public entertains.
                                                                                                   or unites clean
Tried to avoid It - not worth my time! personally as relevant, or within proximity for meinternationalmerely water crisistypically I would say what he does is his business bu
               I am not a fan
What are you talking about? of Palin.                           I didn't know anything the country - we're only able to discuss caricatures.
                                              What are you talking about? Divides aboutit.      Education
               it - not worth my time!        A fair paying attention would it was in my face my life. Quitenot
                                                                                 take            of (figuratively, literally, I fear. If heavens). Also, it's all too I can no an irony ba
Tried to avoid she is so ridiculous and scary that amount.Only because Otheryears off Sustainable farmingliterally, thankG.W.Bush can get elected,ridiculouslonger sit of h
               any other news expedition hopingthan average. old news.Neither divides or unites - merely entertains.
No more than It's just a fishingstory.                          I don't                         Education
                                              Less to find some care about a New York Congressman being a pervert.
               I didn't                                         any other newsCongressman.
Less than average. even know about it. No more than He was a U.S.Other             story.       Pollution
                                              Tried to someitof the politics.What he
                                                                   - important.Other              in
A fair amount.Interesting to see the process behindavoid Notnot worth my time! doesartshis private life has little effect on his job.
               any is a big voice for         Less now and I don't trust her.
                                                                I feel           Unites the country anything withregarding financial crisis andthat is one has gone to prison.
                                                                                                Constant updates government money or time how
No more than She other news story. conservativethan average. that as long as he did not toin important conversation about tough issues. it no his own business.
               it - not worth my time!        Tried characters notaworth my time! divides or unites - merely as much. Affecting local politics is a full time job without adding
                                                                it - in soap opera people are affect me about a soap opera -- and they affect me about as much. Affecting lo
                                                                                 Neither        African genocides.
Tried to avoid Who cares? These people are liketo avoid Who cares? These -- and they like characters inentertains.
               it - not worth my time!        Tried to avoid it - not worth my to follow country - we're only important.
                                                                                 Divides        the importance of less coverage. :)
Tried to avoid I don't care or understand the importance. I don't have time time! the and it doesn't seem able to discuss caricatures.
                                              Less than average. controversial, it divides he emails. EspeciallyWorks sort she has had a lot of negative attention
                                                                It was           Neither proved in lied andmerely of in this Progress Administration and failure of current govern
                                                                                                historical - engaged with Palin,
A fair amount.I think it's always interesting to see what a government official has to say or unitescoverage entertains. of conduct on government property. paid to he
               any other news story.          No I do than I've come news conclusion that any elected official who behaves If somehow she gains traction with fashion sh
                                                                any other to seriously as country - we're only able public office. in such
                                                                                 Divides        Government transparency
No more than It's not important to me becausemorenot take Ms. Palin thestory. the a viable candidate for anyto discuss irresponsible and stupid a large se
               it - not worth
Tried to avoid She is a joke my time!                           Yes because newsworthy! healthcare-reform entertains.
                                                                                 Neither divides or unites merely
                                              A lot - this is interesting and he is in the government and represent us the citizens who elected him.
               i was                          Tried about whatnot worth my time!
                                                                it - she more important topics that in the world
Less than average. mildly interested in keypointsto avoid so manywrote Other                    Peace matter to everyone
                                              No more Jones public official acting like that is important. Lying about it is important. Everything else was overkill.
                                                                any other news story.
                                                                                 Other          permaculture & other positive solutions
A fair amount.The undertaking -- spurred by Mother than A was impoortant -- whether-or-not she wrote anything revelatory is another matter.
               it - not worth my away.
Tried to avoid She won't just gotime!                                            make me giggle unites - merely
                                                                                                war in I think his wife is awesome.
                                              A fair amount.The headlines Neither divides orandAfghanistan entertains.
                                               generally.       It was           but far divides or unites - merely entertains.
                                                                                                major one.
A fair amount.I'm interested in data mining Less than average. a story, Neitherfrom a Effects of gulf oil leak and improvements or lack thereof being made to offshore dr
               any other news without         Less than average.was today's media at country if we're only least reduce coverage to that of scandals slide by with less cov
                                                                This             Divides the itsNon-partisan approaches tothat caricatures.
                                                                                                    Or - News organizations solving real politicians'
No more than She's a buffoon story. intellect, and I'd prefer that the media ignore her.worst.not that, atable to discusslet other problems.any minor presidential candidat
                  it not worth my time!           A fair amount.Sexting seems to be athe country - we're only able to discuss caricatures.
Tried to avoid In-my opinion, she has no credibility.                                                 Nuclear among Americans.
                                                                                      Divides growing trend safety coverups; investigative reporting!!!!!
Less than average.I'm tired of her!                                 any other news done divides I unites - of long for the days
                                                                                      Neither         U.S. economy
                                                  No more than I wish he hadn't story. that, butor also sortmerely entertains. when these things were allowed to stay private. O
                  it - not care my
Tried to avoid I could worthless.time!                              any other news story. divides or unites - merely poverty one
                                                                                      Neither         unemployment and like this
                                                  No more than I thought the story was humorous. sex scandals entertains. shouldn't influence politics.
                                                  A fair amount.There was operates. Ego, craziness, sanity, intelligence,informative nature, all its entertainment
                                                                                      Neither divides I unites ismerely entertains.
                                                                                                      news that reported for its
A fair amount.E-mails are an unfiltered look inside the way a person so much coverageorcouldn't- avoid following it.lack of intelligence not come through. value.
Less than average.                                her as a potential political candidate.divides or unitesin merelyoffice, but there are more important events and issues to read a
                  It's important for discrediting Less than average.                  Neither         Bahrain
                                                                    It should be highlighted because he is - public entertains.
                  She's                           and does not The scandal isDivides the His behavior is and development caricatures.
                                                                    any any news story. problems I've paid attention to discuss
                                                                                        to any        Urbanization juvenile to. unbecoming of office, but solve problems, not create th
Less than average. not a viable candidate No more than offer - we're only able andGovernment is intended towas neither illegal nor hypocri
                  She                             No more than corruption. Additionally thereThe future important things in the to congress to I need to hear about. The Wein
                                                                    any other news story.
                                                                                      Other             are more of energy and its impact on our like
Less than not held accountable for her acts of People need jobs and there are more important stories relatedmedia. I'dlivesthatsee more coverage about Wikile
                  Seems                           A domestic politics, and while I do was mostly somewhat the the part socialseemedand a non-story to me.missing or killed, its
                                                                                      Divides the them interesting for release itself caricatures. a white person is played in up if the
                                                                                                      victims of violence in to discuss media like
Less than average. to concern mostly U.S. fair amount.The Weiner episode followcountry - we're only ablecommunities of color. IfTwitter in particular Wake me it, espec
                  They                            No more           any other news story.
                                                                                      Other           the was appalling behavior. I the well-to-do and the average citizen
Less than average. revealed virtually nothing new. than It caught my attention because itwidening pay gap betweencontinued to pay attention because it's outcome was
                  any other news story.           Tried to avoid I doesn't matter! That divides or unites - merely entertains.wife as governor.the media every sending pics to. D
                                                                    it - some light Neither the actual scandles(shoudl be shoved in our face by
                                                                                      shed on         thing is wars from her short
No more than I don't care about her, but was hoping to have not worth my time! whole multiplebetween Anthony, his term and whatever women he wasday!!)
                                                                                      Unites the country impact of technology — and media fragmentation — on democracy.
                                                  A lot - this is interesting and newsworthy! The in important conversation about tough issues.
A fair my opinion she is not a newsworthy individual      It identifies lying politicians
                  important because it illustrates she is a puppet scandal highly influential howunites - merely entertains.
What are you talking about?                                         any and not stories are like a or corruption
                                                  No more than sex other news story. divides train wreck impacts poverty
                  any other should be             A irrelevant (although obviously others disagree). As well, Ihowfederal she is caricatures.
                                                                                      Divides the of transparency in the we've budget
                                                                                                       leadership and able to discuss and what she's so unwilling pretty apparent witho
No more than I think shenews story.politically fair's a telling case of failure country - we're onlythink who become, as a people, capable are to be clear on many
                  it - not worth my time!         anything I could possibly care about the country - we're only able to discuss caricatures. talked of overpopulation - work and
                                                                                       say no in the emails. other news story, the country & the
                                                                                                      2 topics
Tried to avoid I trusted news outlets to find A fair amount.I'm tempted toDivides more than any - financial state of but it was a story Iimpactsabout with people at US & glob
                  There                           No that than any other news story.
                                                                     not have surprising that thisScience. I heard a report me,morning that Americans generally trust science (in th
                                                                                      Other              other means. Just because was not another sexual episode of politician. That
Less than average. was nothing in the emails morewouldIt was not been found throughhappened. The story, forthis something CAN be obtained doesn'tamean it should b
                  it - not not important                            OK,               Divides the country -it's not only able toonly potential value was pointing out hypocrisy in response
                                                                                                        - but we're news. The discuss caricatures.
Tried to avoid Palin isworth my time! to me. Less than it was giggle-materialHow the actions of government and influence of business/powerful interest affect m
                  it - not worth my time!         Tried to avoid The we shouldDivides
                                                                    it - media's be focused on.       climate justice and its to discuss caricatures.
Tried to avoid There are a hell of a lot more important issuesnot worth my time! the country - we're only able relation to health
Tried to avoid The RELEASE of the emails No more than coverage news story. divides or unites - merely entertains. However, the intense only if the content justified ao
                  it - not worth my time!                           I don't live in NY, so Weiner has no particular thegovernments declining ability to hold the Chinese Communist
                                                                    any other         Neither         Western media and emails first,
                                                  was zero cause for coverage. Journalists should have read impact on me. and then run stories media spotlight was turned
                  The                             Less than average.made this a non-story unless Palin- runs forentertains.
Less than average.nearly three-year delay in their releaseGiven      has                              Corporate merely the Republican or control and receives it.
                                                                                      Neither divides or unites and Super-Rich influencenominationof politicians and government
                  The release of Palin's emails is important to was importantvalue to follow this because I wanted to see substantive analysis of years (YEARS!) to release
                                                                                      I to me         The effects of money It's quite Weiner held accountable. This business of men in
A lot - this is interesting and newsworthy! A fair amount.It me because Other transparency in politics,absurd that Alaska took healthcare
                  any emails needed scrutiny (tofair amount.Mixedthings the publicdivides or unites - merely entertains. no story,national no story and the media need not
No more than The other news story.                                                     on my should know), but transparency.
                                                                                                      Government in the end there's
                                                  A see if there were feelingsNeither part-I think it's moreifof a New York story than a there's issue. The broader picture of "wh
                                                  Less than average. smarter than I gave her credit for, (but not politics)
                                                                    I just            Other           Government
A fair amount.I like to see the reality for myself. Actually she is don't remember which story this is reading random emails.
                  it - not worth my created by the corporate media withbreak time! thenon-story; we're only ablethe discuss caricatures.
Tried to avoid she is a creaturetime!                               it - not worth my it was a
                                                                                      Divides         human rights around all pervs.
                                                  Tried to avoid give me a no substance country - those guys are to world
                  it - not worth my time!         Tried be president. Her correspondence as an crimes, financial important to his sexual practices being exposed. I care wha
                                                                    it - not worth my what
                                                                                      Other           war elected official he lies to
Tried to avoid She's a public figure who wants to to avoid I don't really caretime! he does sexually or how is crimes avoidpotential voters.
                  any other news it was           Tried to avoid I'm not to moralist about them. Disability Movement discuss caricatures.
                                                                    it - not a limit Divides the country - we're only able to
No more than Mostly,I thought story. significant that she wanted worth my time! tothese things.       The
Less than average.                                A fair                              Divides the country -and economic effective caricatures.
                                                                                                      wage we're only able to discuss
                  irrelevant. It's her personal email. amount.Pure gossip that destroyed the career of the mostdisparity progressive in this country. Tragic. Journalists just r
                                                  Tried to to have -used her position for personal gain. analysis of political very little Interview prominent sociologists work from
                                                                    it have           Divides         scholarly She seems to discuss caricatures.
A fair amount.While not monetary Palin is believed avoid Wenot worth my time! the country - we're only ableto haveeconomy. separation between her personalwho study
                  The                                               much bigger Otherme. While it is refreshing to see FOIA requests made byinfluential environmentally-minded
                                                  e-mails than Anthony Weiner's scandal is The Economy because a very dedicated and fellow journalists, as I understand
                                                                    any other news story.
Less than average.release of Sarah Palin's No moreis marginally important to                           important to me
                  any other news story.           Tried to beenitlaughed out my time!stupid. Oil, energy, and no there there. Celebrity should not be news
                                                                       - not worth of was
                                                                                      Other           Andrew there is is Pentagon.
No more than 20 years ago Sarah Palin would haveavoid Anthony Weinerthe limelight becauseBreitbartthe a garden slug. Giving credence to what Breitbart does proves
                  any particular story.           Tried to avoid I -the local political scene not or unites merely are still cleaning event. her. The idea He's gone.
                                                                    it not a conscious effort in Alaska where they entertains.
                                                                                      Neither         Jobs
No more than Thatother newsevent was important more formadeworth my time! divides to read or- acknowledge this media up afterHe messed up.that politicians feel free
                  it - not worth my has           A lot this is interesting and newsworthy! influence a- the mainstream media. I'll bet photos of necessarily websites do attrac
                                                                    I found the scandal very or Economy/JOBS!!! entertains.
                                                                                      Neither divides or unites merely
Tried to avoid I think her profiletime!been raised -far beyond her actual importance interesting inby salacious, voyeuristic sense, though not her on their as newsworthy as
                  any other news to hear          she spoke/wrote when she believed another piece of evidence anyone outside fascinating human naturelevels that we as
                                                                                      Neither that it Corporate influence to include
                                                                                                      wouldn't be read by over government at the state and federal study
No more than I was interested story. how A fair amount.I think it is relevant as divides or unites - merely entertains. in theher office. I was also excited to see typos. Am
                  it - not nothing time!          Tried to avoid It's not worth engages
                                                                    it - not real news.
                                                                                      Other           The continuing injustice of war
Tried to avoid Little toworth myof what she does is worth following, she my time! in antics that are not genuine news in my opinion.
                  it - not
Tried to avoid Not. worth my time!                                  it - not
                                                  Tried to avoid Not. worth my time!  Other           The corportism that is completly erroding our democracy!!!
                  Sarah Palin's self-serving media grabs are 1) Congress becomethe country -with Weiner'scorruptionfirebrand speaking to Republicans long Americans on
Tried to avoid 1)- It's Palin. my time!
                  it not worth                                        had recently Divides acquainted we're only able to discuss caricatures.
                                                                                                      systematic political about extending her 15 minutes of fame as and as she can an
                                                  A fair amount.Inot about news or the national picture. They are fearless,
                  any other news story.           No more than I lived in Queens prior to movingunites - Orleans, and,or tactics being used to push spending cuts to I don't I im
                                                                    any other compromising about to term asand entertains.the most part, Weiner is not a bad representative. w
                                                                                      Neither         budget issues Governor for
No more than It would be great if it revealed something unethical ornews story. divides orher New merely the scareVice Presidential candidacy. Other than that, sociallyca
                  Unless                          No more than any other important to mecare that she- hadof poor, or that poor, & middle class
                                                                     a fraud she is Neither
                                                                                      then I don't was unites merely Weiner doing were released.
                                                                                                      The true plight emails working
Less than average. they found something proving what What wasnews story. divides orthe outcry aboutentertains. theywhat he did vs the LACK of outcry over David Vi
                  until her candidacy is confirmed her actions are irrelaventdwell onthe country - we're only able to discuss caricatures.
What are you talking about?                                         I prefer         at best.        Suffering
                                                  Less than average. not to Divides the salacious Americans
                  it - persistent attention       No has long since other out new twist on a Public Infrastructure
                                                                    any worn news story.
Tried to avoid hernot worth my time! seeking more than it was an odd any news value. old story.       sad
                  Palin                           A fair amount.The large impact on divides politics during the how presidential election, but has been fairly irrelevant nationall
                                                                                     interest because unitesstories of last people
                                                                                                     Personal - lack of honesty impacts whether he can be trusted to perform the job
Less than average. is not a national political figure. She had astory is of Neithernational or Weiner'smerely entertains. are coping with the prolonged economic hardships
                  any other news story.           A lot - past interesting easygovernor was reasoned and the beginning. was be a preview him or negative) on the environ
                                                                    It was so and Neither divides or lying (from all business sectors) impacts (positive to trip up.
                                                                                     to tell that he corporate - merely entertains.
No more than It would be important to know if herthis isperformance as newsworthy! wasunitesfrom respectful. ThatI couldjust waiting forof future job performance.
                  it - not worth my time!                                           Divides the countrytrue reasons able to discuss caricatures.
                                                                                                     The we're only behind political decision-making.
Tried to avoid She is an opportunistic fool. A fair amount.He was effective as a Progressive-and it is a shame that he was also a fool to send around photos of himself in
                                                  Tried would have been news worthy.
                                                                    it - whaaa? Other                How the American Public is so
A fair amount.Had there been something there it to avoid Uh,not worth my time! Just the release wasn't interesting. easily manipulated.
                  it - not worth my time!                           Totally
                                                  nothing new was contained in in implications be warming. This will be the actions- our times are remebered for.
                                                                    I was           Other            global bothered.
Tried to avoid Once hearing headlines that Less than average. interested them, I couldn'tof the former Congressman'sonly thingnot the sordid details. I try avoid sensatio
Less than average.                                Less of her. She'sto pay attention to real news, not need additionalcivil
                                                                    I try           Other            Government sanctioned evidence to support that opinion.
                  I've always had a negative opinionthan average. an attention-seeking idiot. I don'tsalacious scandals. and human rights violations
                  I didn't read about it, don't know whatavoidis about. Hearing time! divides Palinreally merely entertains.toI do knowjust the what Shecrisishorrible role model f
What are you talking about?                                         it - not worth have sex scandals. Ithe exexutives responsible usually about financial is a they're making and
                                                                                    Neither          Why makes me so angry that
                                                  Tried to this All politicians my about Sarah or unites - don't care. I want for causing turn off. decisions have not been puni
                  It's the true record of her actions than average. If he           Other            positive solutions to our consensual activities, energy
A lot - this is interesting and newsworthy! Lessin government.abused his position, it matters. If he engaged in energy crisis, like windwho freakin' cares?
                  it - not worth my time!         Less than To read are about her isdivides or unites - merely entertains.
                                                                    There           Neither to national issues media. about her.
                                                                                                     Lies told being written
Tried to avoid I care very little about what Palin does. more importantcredit news overthat should be covered. The current wars are more important that a c
                                                  Less than esp. since
                                                                    Not important. bit of the mails where held back for to discuss caricatures. I think it was important because it kin
                                                                                     His work is more important than who he sleeps or has But
                                                                                                     Political accountability.
A fair amount.I did wonder whether it was worthwhile average. quite a Divides the country - we're only able"security" reasons. online sex with. And his work was good.
                  I'm not American - but it does sound interesting. about? Divides the country - we're onlyand alternative energy
What are you talking about?                                         I'm not
                                                  What are you talking American.                     Climate Change able to discuss caricatures.
                  it - — it's useless information.
Tried to avoid Notnot worth my time!                                it - — there my other important stories merely, energy and other major issues.
                                                  Tried to avoid Notnot worth are time! divides or unites -that we need to pay attention to, and this is simply not worth my time.
                                                                                    Neither          in-depth articles about health
                  Palin's                         Tried to avoid Similarworth my time! dividessensationalism good idea for news organizations little impact or consequence on
                                                                    it - not to Palin's emails, the Poverty it - merely entertains.
                                                                                    Neither             or that
Less than average. emails have little consequence or impact on anything. While I agree unites was asurrounding Weiner's scandal has to pursue the release of those e
No more than The other news story.                                                                   Building local sustainable communities
                                                  A fair amount.From what I Neither divides or unites - merely entertains.
Tried to avoid corresponde my attention which more than understand, Neitherbut completely sensationalized in gap.
                  it - not worth
                  She gets undue time!                              Pruriently interesting relevant. uniteswidening entertains.
                                                                    any other her story.             The ever merely disagreements, salacious-puritanical culture. A stupid unneces
                                                  No in fact is what makesnewsappear divides orBeyond- politicalwealth a twisted Palin is such an ignorant, blundering "politician
                  She's about?                    What are media circus. Nothing toguys His - merely entertains.
                                                                    Who cares how the see gets       poverty and economic other horny political scandals are
What are you talkingan idiot starring in the corporate you talking about? Neither divides or unitesand all of the alternatives that get no attention why we need more wome
Less than average.                                about her credentials
                                                                    His stubborness about resigning really - merely in our
                                                                                    Neither          Growing inequality entertains.
                  I already have a firm opinion Less than average. and biases. divides or unites turned me off. society and its harmful effects
                  it - not worth my time!         Tried to avoid The consequences of his country we're only able thediscuss caricatures. govern needs It resign). The detail
                                                                    it - promoter and dangerous Environmental due to to intense partisanship
                                                                                    Divides           to this country justice
Tried to avoid she is not important. She is a shameless self- not worth my time! the behavior- are important (an elected official unfit to she espouses. to would be best if th
                  any other news story.           Less than average.It is not be accountable to the public.not a member of his district.
                                                                                    Neither divides or I'm
                                                                                                     International affairs
No more than It is important because government officials shouldimportant to me becauseunites - merely entertains.
                  it - not worth my time!         No more than history. They mightfirst, but once it became apparent that he wasn't wanted by the processing leadership, it wa
                                                                    any other news at have made good - merely entertains.
                                                                                    Neither          Science
Tried to avoid There was no news value - they're ancient I was interested story. divides oraunites training data set for some natural language Democratic algorithms, but I
Less than average.                                 important, I would have read story. divides because it.merely else's private life is none of my business, emails. Sounded bo
                                                                    any I tried to ignore this oneThe about - in detailed economic time - who'
                                                                                    Neither             or budget But I didn't waste
                  If someone found somethingNo more than Wellother news a follow-up story unitessomeoneentertains. mytermssearching through her but he lied and hurt h
                  any other news
No more than not interested story.                                  just found it interesting
                                                                                    Neither divides or unites - a thoughtful way)
                                                  A lot - this is interesting and newsworthy! Faith (but inmerely entertains.
                  They                            Less than average. than some good comedy, this scandal was completely unimportant.
Less than average. would only be important if they revealed illegal activities.     Other            legal issues
                  Actually, I must                 this - this is interestingItand tointerest me The in important our government employees because I like her because I during
                                                                    It news. does me because it helps am fascinated with Sarah tough issues.
                                                                                    Unites the country economy.
What are you talking about? have missedA lot story in the is important newsworthy! because Ito keep conversation aboutPalin, notaccountable (what he is doinglike to l
                  it is important that her        Tried finally recognized as my time! the country -of behavior able for discuss caricatures. yadda. What IS interesting, is why d
                                                                    it - not worth the who thinksthe citizens issues: puplic school and colleges
                                                                                    Divides            rules we're only are to other people, yadda,
Tried to avoid It - not worth my time! emails wereto avoid Another politicianproperty of educational who paid for her service. Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and it is hea
                  The                             No banal content ("she mentioned divides or unitesof merely entertains. scandal based solely to consider how this contra
                                                                    any other news to follow this story in terms of howpizza for
                                                                                    Neither          Influence - money in a political
Less than average.highlighting of innocuous ormore than It was salutatorystory.her daughters!", "she wanted politics dinner") isplays out, andon the fact that Palin is the
                   She is not worthy of respectTried to avoid Once would the Wiener Photo Scandal is.something whichinequality in the Unitedlife without and I having known
Tried to avoid it - not worth my time!                              and I worth my time!
                                                                                    Other            The growing I do not hold any could have views as States.
                                                  in My opinion it - notagain rather not pay Her any mind socio-economic Iof the same lived My She does ever find Her to be
                  I do not                        No more of the is not important herthe country - we're private Itemails year 2011 the opinions she presented to the public. Th
                                                                    any other news story. opinions expressed in thelife. So differ caricatures. earn a fraction of in a Men in com
                                                                                    Divides          Gender his only .        to discuss from We still
Less than average. know much about the content than It emails or even ifto me because it isInequalityableis the long as he -conducted himself at work whatlegal and eth
                  any is a powerful figure        No more than When elected Other
                                                                    any other news story. official term as Governor of Alaska, which she chose to end before fulfilling, adds to th
                                                                                     officials,      LGBT issues
No more than She other news story. in American politics. Information about herespecially prominent and promising ones, reveal information that diminishes their effect
Less than average.                                Less she average. I deserving ofany more medialie. He Economic entertains.
                                                                                      politicians who unites -
                                                                                                     Road to compounded it by being stupid. I am glad
                  Any publicity is good publicity and than is not am so sickof Neither divides orattention.merely Recovery - What's Working? he resigned but I'd rather he ha
                  it - not have paid attention had there been Ianything of importance. But there wasn't.
Tried to avoid I wouldworth my time!                                  was curious about why someone in his position would risk
                                                                                    Neither          adoption reform
                                                  No more than any other news story. divides or unites - merely entertains. everything for some sort of sexual kick.
                  It didn't                       A fair amount.I generally         Other              activities.
Less than average. seem to involve any significant new revelations about her or herDependable economics news
                  it - not worth my time!         Tried to avoid found it
                                                                    I -life worth my time!
                                                                    it not          Other            How to reduce poverty
Tried to avoid I am not interested in Sarah Palin's personalam not interested in Anthony Weiner's personal life
                  Palin isn't relevant and shouldn'tmore than Important news story.all.
What are you talking about?                                         any other       Neither          Children + merely gaps they
                                                  No receive any media coverage at divides or unites -the hugeentertains. face in education, opportunity and even getting fed
                  it - not worth my time!                                  ran the Neither divides men do and their downfalls. It's disheartening bec of his liberal views. "Palin terro
                                                                    1. Itfascinatingnewsworthy! Fact-checking Republican lies on all issues, with associated headlines And I liked
                                                  A lot - this is it's
Tried to avoid she is so inarticulate and makes me sick interesting and what powerful or unites - merely entertains.
                  it - not worth my time!       No for office Important up to story. to reveal his lack of truthfulness us bad not in good and not a candidate for office.
                                                                 any do not want point,
                                                                                 Other           how technology is past when she is judgement; and bad
Tried to avoid She is not presently a candidatemore thanand Iother news athe media obsessing over her changingandboth fo rtheoffice however, media once again went
                  it - not worth my a real      No more than hugeany other wish story. divides or word - what the single topic would U but to me.
                                                                                 Neither         Don't know merely entertains.
Tried to avoid She's ridiculous, time! celebutant animal killer idiot. Inews I had some otherunites for her, but she just seems Dbe M Bwould like to see more stories on glo
                  Unless                        Tried to avoid disappointm achieved as a So much information had been redacted I don't feel like her emails was any value.
                                                                 What worth Divides
                                                                 it - interesting, who cares? US Representative was far more caricatures.
                                                                                                 global we're only able
Less than average. the news organizations find somethingnothe had my time! the country - climate change to discuss important to me but unfortunatelyhave underplaye
                  I figure                      No I don't think she's got a real shot dividespresidency anyway.
                                                                 any little news story. at the campaign finances entertains.
                                                                                 Neither           or unites - merely
Less than average. they're mostly inane and more than It's aother interesting b/c the dumbass sent his photos through twitter; otherwise just another run of the mill polit
                  Mildly                        No more than any hard newsitstory. tonews story. But merely entertains.has gotten so probably over-reported by the we can
                                                                   the woman behind the seewhy/howaffair go unnoticed but also a story large in by country and what
                                                                                     pass          or sad the economic divide
Less than average. interesting to try to better understandToo other to letNeither dividesthe unites -alas, probably too much time being spentthis the media on this.mainstre
                  yes                                            yes             Unites the country in important conversation about (in depth)
A lot - this is interesting and newsworthy! A lot - this is interesting and newsworthy! SF police & ineffectivene & overpaid tough issues.
                                                No more than Just other news story. abilities.
                                                                 any a normal juicy piece of news.
                                                                                 Neither         yes
A fair amount.It could influence her credibility and bring light to her professional divides or unites - merely entertains.
                   The release of time!         A fair amount.I would not call Anthony Weiner's thoughts important tois a its turn-off. myself following mankind.
                                                                                 Neither divides herunites - merely world and but I found
                                                                                                   or scandal as wisdom me,
Tried to avoid it - not worth myPalin's emails is not important to me because charadingChange around theentertains.realimplications to the fate of the story as it unfolded
                  it - not not someone          No more than any other news story. She quitor unites - merely but think of money from news coverage paying any political a
                                                                  influence on politics. divides her government troops and the that really someone worth
                                                                                 Neither         Bringing home our entertains.
Tried to avoid Palin isworth my time!who should have anyit was humorous, but not important. I can't help job in Alaska! Is hours of the Middle East.that got compared to th
Less than average.                                after the average.
                                                                   blather       Neither divides or unites - merely entertains. but vow to retain seat > resign. Plus, anything rela
                                                                                                 International > admit/apologize
                  Any real story would emergeLess thaninitialPredictable arc: deny > scandal escalatespolitics
                  it - not worth my time!       Tried to avoid I am interested inevents. Thewater-quality,only able to discuss caricatures.
                                                                 it - not worth my our the country reason Idestruction of regulation as religious ethos crash effect. It the peop
                                                                                 Divides           only we're read about her antics is because have car
Tried to avoid Sarah Palin is a circus act and in no way relevant to current time! Congressional representatives producing laws that will of the a positive effect on seems pr
                  Well,                         A fair amount.Unless he wasOther something illegal, doher emails were newsworthy and perhaps more was imposing my
                                                                                   doing         Infrastructure not care
Less than average. I do think it is important to hold the powerful accountable. Not all the contentsI of Spending about his private life and have no interest inreleased than
                  any gets news story.          A fair amount.I had to follow it (because I work in care only but to discuss caricatures.
                                                                                                 health we're
No more than She other a disproportionate amount of media attention. Divides the country - journalism)able I think those media pile-ons are gross and "a distraction" as
                  any other news story.          job.                            Divides the country negotiations,able to discuss caricatures. soldiers, health care, poverty and une
                                                                                                  but - we're did wars veterans and current
No more than I already think she is a wack A fair amount.It was blow out of proportion,debt what he onlywas wrong
                  it - not worth my time!        think she is taking other news story. the countryin middle easttrying discuss caricatures.
                                                                 any away "clout" from the Democratic party by
                                                                                 Divides         War -
Tried to avoid I don't value her opinion and No more than just another sleazy congressman....we're only able to to be "cute."
                  it - not worth my time!
Tried to avoid I don't trust Palin.                                              Divides the country - we're economy - discuss caricatures.
                                                A fair was completely ridiculous. jobs and the only able tothat's where we REALLY need to focus our efforts!
                  I don't                         national political candidate. I think to me in ofarts only continues discuss caricatures.
                                                                                 Divides the countryPalin only able to to promote was interested in which means she makes m
                                                                                                 the - we're
Less than average. believe she is a viableA fair amount.It was only important coveragerelation to calls for his resignation. Iher own interests, the reaction from his fellow
                  it - not worth my about       No more          any other news story. the country - we're only worrying about.
                                                                                 Divides         Poverty
Tried to avoid I don't care for ortime! Sarah Palin. than I think there were more important things to be able to discuss caricatures.
                  any other important because it did not really reveal livesnew or extremely controversial information. whole issue has been overblown.
No more than Is not that news story.                             any sex any of politicians isFood Safety.
                                                                                 Divides          not that interesting to to discuss
                                                No more than The other news story. the country - we're only able me, the caricatures.
                  it - not worth my time!
Tried to avoid I just did not care for it.                       any it was prominent person or I did pay some attention to
                                                                                 Neither         World news
                                                No more than Wellother news story. divides so unites - merely entertains. it, but just like any other story.
                                                A of amount.Not important.Neither divides or unites and inspired they don't contain any bombshells.
                                                                                    made a national issuemedia, stories
                                                                                                 local the - merely entertains.
A fair amount.Important since public records fairpublic officials should beWasn't available to community even ifvery little smart analysis or discussion.
                  I find better things to do.
What are you talking about?                                      there           Neither divides or unites - discuss.
                                                Less than average. are many more important topics to merely entertains.
                  it - a distraction time!      Tried to         it - not worth my time!
Tried to avoid It's not worth my from the real issues. avoid Same answer.Other                   decline in quality and safety of housing stock and affordable housing in America
                  it - just one my time!        Less than the Too picture in any way.divides it really was.
                                                                  big            Neither           or psychopaths that actually
Tried to avoid It's not worthpersons email. Not helping average.much coverage for whatTheunites - merely entertains. run the world.
                  it not worth my time!         Less than average. on the attention politics. - we're only of the discuss caricatures.
                                                                 I try not         future the the personal Side" of politicians
Tried to avoid Is-not important because I dont feel it bears weight to payDividesof to country"Other affairs able tostory in the war over seas.
                  I don't about?                Less I think she's in politics for fame the country -
                                                                 I felt            really and what Weiner only able to discuss important. I
What are you talking find Sarah Palin important. than it wasDividesgross publicity.we'redid, but it wasn't that caricatures. didn't think he should have to leave o
                  This is fiddling              Tried to avoid Ditto the comment on Palin emails. we're only able to discuss caricatures.
                                                                 it not worth my time! the country -
                                                                                 on real         education
What are you talking about? while Rome burns. The press -shold focus Divides problems for real people. E.g. the arab spring, global food issues, corporate control of po
                  it - not worth my time!                        any other issues that are really important
                                                                                 Divides         globan environmental to discuss
Tried to avoid she is a media made joke No more than avoids thenews story. the country - we're only able changes caricatures.
                  it is a worth my from         Tried to very Sex scandalsmy time! divides or need international news stories that deservedistraction
                                                                 it - not worth are always more salacious moreinitially reported, effect of no our attention!
                                                                                 Neither         the unites - than entertains.
Tried to avoid It - notdistraction time! the many otheravoid important local, regional, national and formerelystimulus and theand again, a new taxes from real news. The mo
                  I completely missed the story.
What are you talking about?                                      it - not worth my about the details, but it's a lessonto science issues as they relate to our communities
                                                                                 Divides         environmental health about social media that
                                                Tried to avoid I don't really caretime! the country - we're only ableanddiscuss caricatures. public figures would be smart to lea
                  From                          A fair's hillarious. Neither dividesrevelatory. Lackingentertains.
                                                                                                   or Fede - merely that,        money really goes
Less than average. the little I read about Palin's emails, there was nothing particularlyTheunites budget: where the story just seems to deepen the cult of palin
                  I don't about?                No more          any other news story. divides think thesemerely could go deeper. People talk about accountability as one of th
                                                                                 Neither         I or unites - end.
What are you talking want to give her any attention. than Kinda tragic way to have a political careerstoriesentertains.
                  any transparency in           Tried and a document scandals. this release seems useful. able to discuss caricatures.
                                                                 it - sex dumpDivides
                                                                                  like           Health care only
No more than I likeother news story.government, to avoid Eh,not worth my time! the country - we'rereform implementation
                  it - at worth my time!        Tried to avoid Without effort I heard
                                                                 it - not no details. It would bemeans of production don't I know it it has no impact on my life or my choices or b
                                                                                 Other             the substance of the
Tried to avoid Notnot all important. I only know the story exists -- worth my time! or read a waste of my time. I story. care and resulted in his resignation and that is the only
                  it - not worth publicity-seeking activities are notother news doing stupid things. we're only ablethediscussbecause he had lost his effectiveness to represen
Tried to avoid Sarah Palin'smy time!                             any newsworthy! Divides         human destruction in resigning caricatures.
                                                No more than He was caught story. the country - He was rightof to environment
                  any other
No more than it's not. news story.              A fair amount.his name!                          Mountain - merely entertains.
                                                                                 Neither divides or unitesTop Removal Coal Mining in Appalachia
                  any other her and don't       No more than It's important becausedivides current politician entertains.
                                                                 any other leadership he immigration
No more than I don't likenews story. want her to be in any sort of news story.role. is a or unites - merelymaking decisions, but we definitely over-emphasize it for enterta
               it - not worth over-reported on as it is. than It was waaaaay story. the country - we're has sunk to discuss caricatures.
Tried to avoid Sara Palin is my time!            No more                         Divides        compelling stories about the level of Us magazine.
                                                                 any other news over-reported. The news only able individuals in situations
               Palin's                           No low by now. of a thousand of divides like this
                                                                 any             Neither        environmental issues
Less than average. impact on Europe is verymore than one other news story.scandalsor unites - merely entertains.
                All the news reports about thisfair amount. it is ofthat there isn't anything or unites -avoid in these about it
Tried to avoid it - not worth my time!                                           Neither me but couldn't merely entertains.
                                                 A release conclude little interest to divides Iof significance hearing emails.
               it - not worth my time!            news - other than being a master at the country- -distracts reducing urgent contributed
                                                                 Too             Divides personal we're to from the the national decisions we keep solutions of MAJOR wha
                                                                                                Alternatives only able to discuss caricatures.
Tried to avoid She is not making any REALLess than average.much focus on thegetting attention (celebrity), has nnot policydebt! in any way to avoiding. Who cares prob
               it - not worth a time!
Tried to avoid sarah palin ismyjoke                              any other no difference in my life either effect entertains.
                                                                                 Neither        Cumulative merely
                                                 No more than he makes news story. divides or unites - way of state funding cutbacks
               I am not interested in political news. than It is not important to me, but people doing thingsentertains.make a difference locally
What are you talking about?                      No more                         Neither         the news - merely locally to
                                                                 any other news story. divides or unitesitself was really sensational and interesting.
               any other news story.             Less found out they had been reviewed and thing to -them redacted, I stoppped
                                                                 Too             with this kind of much of merely entertains.
                                                                                                health care
No more than I was at first interested, but when Ithan average.disgustedNeither divides or unites follow news stories about it. following.
               it - not think my time!           Less a big deal.There           Neither divides or unites
Tried to avoid I didn't worth it was newsworthy or than average. have been too many scandels - merely entertains.
               I think about?                    Tried to and This was just news about her. Istory, know and need to observe howhers released (and don't really being don
                                                                 it - not worth another divides unites - I don't entertains. emails of someone else becomes undone by
                                                                                 Neither        The economy there were any
What are you talking Sarah Palin is a waste of time,avoiddisregard any my time! scandalordidn'tand merelyhow the future will benefit the working class. What iscare).their o
               any other news story.             No more than If heIhad news much it wasExplorethe first place, all this probably in 2 minutes", and create a he would still be
                                                                 any didn't pay story.
                                                                                 Other            him in "The truth about the would have been
No more than Anything she has to say is very likely idiotic, so otherjust admittedattention. Anything really good was economy withheld.over and done and level of transpar
               I am                              Tried to avoid tried toworth it, and it found myself curious...
                                                                 it - not access, time!
                                                                                 Other          The lack of universal health care in the United States.
Less than average. currently living in Uganda with limited Internetavoid mybut stillwasn't paid-Internet-modem worthy
               it - not worth my time!           Less than average. it's a important came the ofhow sex-negative hearculture it and the environment
                                                                 I think         Neither and dislike this exercise,entertains.
                                                                                                 out unites - merely I'd our about is, and how vulturistically
Tried to avoid I have little interest in political theater. If anything really non-story, divides or intersection between pop culture via news/social media. prurient too many new
               any other news there               much there.                    Divides it seems that and only able to discuss caricatures.
                                                                                                energy there are news
No more than I had heard that story. wasn'tA fair amount.It's important because the country - we'reworld far too many politician sex scandals in the news.

Nr Of Answers                             Nr photo scandal - I paid attention....
                              Anthony Weiner'sOf Answers               Nr Of Answers
          16                                         43                            60
           5                                          8                            85
          46                                         36                            46
          38                                         57                             6
          70                                         49                           197
          22                                          4
         197                                        197

                                                                           My answers above explain
                                                                           These stories take up room and time that much more important but less gossip-driven stories co
                                                                           Really, I hadn't thought about it so deeply but now I will.
                                                                           Its just time and energy wasted on topics that are irrelevant.
                                                                           distracts the country
                                                                           Is symptomatic of our lack of a national character, a national intellect or anything else. I have little
                                                                           I think they're two very different cases. Weiner holds elected office (or did), whereas Palin's a loo
                                                                           its not important or entertaing
                                                                           Distracts from the real issues
                                                                           distructs, and dumbs down the population
                                                                           create the noise to cover real news
                                                                           They are so different it's tough to compare
more like "the OVER" coverage. The American Media is totally bankrupt. I want real news
Divides AND entertains. Unfortunately.
The important thing is how these topics are covered.
I wouldn't put these two topics in the same bucket.
It depends what part of the country we're in. However these issue being public allows people to d
n/a to my location
More important topics get buried in the commotion
Palin emails: Much ado about nothing. Weiner: Much ado about something, though I'm not sure
It's coverage for coverage's sake. There is a huge news hole to fill. The mentality is not, "let's giv
I don't think these conversations unite or divide anybody, and I don't think it's entertainment eithe
scandals have to be covered but don't need to be beaten to death. Once consequences have oc
Is part of the sensational coverage-- disasters, rock stars, etc. We need more coverage of impor
It diverts the public conversation away from information that is crucial to civic participation and se
Encourages stupidity
It diverts our attention from real news and makes north americans insular and out of touch.
It promotes the purposes of the media, which degrades the trust in the fourth estate, and discour
Palin is divisive, Weiner largely unknown, so his story falls more into the luridly entertaining camp
It's not even entertianing
Demeans us and demeans the media.
Distracts the country from important news stories that have real bearing on people's lives.
Your answers listed are too clear cut. Palin's record as governor matters. Weiner's "situation" ma
Plus uses time that should be spent on real news
Makes the country dumber.
serves as a distraction for the people that make up the masses , many of whom obviously get off
Gives us opportunities to have important conversations, but these do not necessarily unite the co
The country is already severely divided along party lines, so I don't think this has a huge impact t
Debases politics + news coverage
wastes time, goes for the shock value and takes valuable time away from coverage of other impo
I think these stories are different and I'm having trouble comparing them. There's a difference be
Divides, entertains, distracts, stupefies.
Distraction from real stories
It's really not all that newsworthy.
we look to silly stories like these to unite us in conversation because our society and schedules d
ngle topic it would be.....
 o influences it and who benefits.
holder view of the world, rather than a worker's view.
g but only in moderation. Not as the primary focus of the media.

not working — interviews with teachers, parents, students, etc.

arents. How can we help parents be the best they can be.

e are not broke

obbying power and influence over the government.

 ather our lack of care.

ctices, ways to use precious resources well.
 poverty, giving a voice to those who need it the most

erage in the media regarding Serbian and Albanian war and concentration camp survivors. Basically, she would like to see what the conflict amounted to from an outside perspective

nd Afghanistan, and the lives of families whose loved ones have died in those wars

rican Media to cover. It does a poor job of what it IS covering I don't want any more of anything.

and how no one has gone to prison.

nistration and failure of current government to create jobs

lack thereof being made to offshore drilling.
 re, not its entertainment value.

 f a white person is missing or killed, its all over the news. When someone dies in my neighborhood, it doesn't even make it in a local paper. We need to value the lives of all people, n
o and the average citizen
 by the media every day!!)
 mentation — on democracy.

 impacts of overpopulation - US & globally
Americans generally trust science (in this case the story was about climate change), but that they're just not exposed to the facts by news outlets.
 e of business/powerful interest affect me on a local, daily level.

ability to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for its human rights atrocities in China because of their [western media & government] greed for economic gain.
rol of politicians and government
 analysis of healthcare

 view prominent sociologists who study political economy. And how we can restore US jobs asap.

 state and federal levels

 r democracy!!!

sed to push spending cuts to socially important programs like social security, medicaid and the VA.
with the prolonged economic hardships.
 s (positive or negative) on the environment

ur times are remebered for.
hts violations
 the financial crisis have not been punished and still hold jobs that pay them outrageous salaries and bonuses.

 nd other major issues.

e United States.
still earn a fraction of what Men in comparable positions do . The ERA Never got to go all the way through . 2) LITERACY . Information Literacy , Wealth Inequality .

 tion, opportunity and even getting fed properly
 with associated headlines "Palin terrorism claims defy the facts." etc.
good and bad
ut would like to see more stories on global issues when there is not specific crisis such as Egypt, Syria, etc

large in this country and what we can do about it

s to the fate of mankind.
he Middle East.

t soldiers, health care, poverty and unemployment

ALLY need to focus our efforts!

k and affordable housing in America

 no new taxes
 they relate to our communities

e talk about accountability as one of the things government lacks and needs. But then, we get up in arms about scandals and soon forget about it. Do we really care that much about
 the working class. What is being done now to save the working class.
minutes", and create a level of transparency that is unprecedented among the rich and powerful.

e environment

ortant but less gossip-driven stories could have.

nal intellect or anything else. I have little regard for this country. We are 37th in life expectancy, we let our poor people suffer horribly, we are turrning this country into a third-world type
ed office (or did), whereas Palin's a loose cannon.
 tally bankrupt. I want real news

 e issue being public allows people to discuss and also poke fun at them.

 about something, though I'm not sure how big a something it was.
 ole to fill. The mentality is not, "let's give them what they need." Rather, it's "let's give them what we think they want. After all, it's what we've been giving them for years, and they neve
  nd I don't think it's entertainment either. These conversations need to take place. And not for the sake of unity or entertainment but because a civil society needs to hold the powerful
 o death. Once consequences have occurred then is ok to drop. Its only hidden or protected scandals that meric continued coverage.
 etc. We need more coverage of important issues. Less sensationalizm.
 at is crucial to civic participation and self-governance.

mericans insular and out of touch.
 e trust in the fourth estate, and discourages serious political discusion.
  more into the luridly entertaining camp.

e real bearing on people's lives.
vernor matters. Weiner's "situation" matters only if there was an abuse of the position and of people.

 sses , many of whom obviously get off on gossip , maybe this is so because of the fact that some people probably have there own sexual issues and hangups that they find particular
ut these do not necessarily unite the country.
 o I don't think this has a huge impact there. But I do think it has a really negative impact on the country in that it diverts attention from other real issues.

 ime away from coverage of other important and pressing news events.
 mparing them. There's a difference between reporters seeing what was in the emails vs. blowing up a huge scandal over an issue. Also, I think the issue is less about whether we sh

n because our society and schedules do not allow for salon-like discussion of issues
ounted to from an outside perspective.
e need to value the lives of all people, not just celebritys and people with wealth. Stories should highlight root issues and help people get involved to make change.

 greed for economic gain.
, Wealth Inequality .
it. Do we really care that much about accountability? Or is it all show? Weiner could very well end up on cable and we'd forgive him. Why did we care so much in the first place?
ning this country into a third-world type economy
 n giving them for years, and they never complain." That's the hampster wheel spinning out of control.
civil society needs to hold the powerful accountable and a democratic society promotes transparency, regardless of who is on the hook, republican or democrat.

s and hangups that they find particularly vexxing and talking about someone in the public eye and their much more exaggeratted version makes their own life more bearable or easy

the issue is less about whether we should cover these issues at all, but more how much should we cover them and how should we do so.
d to make change.
e care so much in the first place?
can or democrat.

s their own life more bearable or easy to not think about . The real danger though in this case is that what all of us really need is for our politician's to be taking care of business
n's to be taking care of business

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