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									                             Fall 2010 Semester
                             UR Global Leadership Program
                             Workshops/Sessions/Lectures/Conferences on Campus
       Faculty/Office                        Topic                       Guest Speaker(s)
                             Greeks and Barbarians: The Reception
   Department of History                                                       Loriel Anderson
                                of Persia in Herodotus' Histories

                              The Philosophy Café "Heidegger and
     The Department of                                                  Led by Philosophy Graduate
                                 Authentic Being in the World"
   Philosophy and Classics                                                  Student, Jane Rose.

    School of Journalism      31st Annual James M. Minifie Lecture          Anna Maria Tremonti

                              What Actions Don’t Make: Estimating
                                                                          Dr. Karen Smid, from the
     The Department of        Moral Achievement in Pre-Millennial
                                                                         University of South Florida
       Anthropology                     Islamic Guinea

                                      the film screening of
                               "La Sawnddr akwa Mawtoowin: The
      Campion College
                                       Green Lake Story"

                                 Talking about school & Society
    Faculty of Education
                                        discussion series

Arts                         Coffee House                            Professors of Arts
Donor Relations Alumni
Relations                    Woodrow Lloyd Lecture                   Preston Manning, CC
 Faculty of Graduate Studies
     and Research and the
                                      International Night
      Graduate Student's
   Donor Relations Alumni                                             Dr. Mark A. Runco, International
                                       Steinecker Lecture
         Relations                                                     Expert on Play and Creativity

                                Trash Talkin’: New Directions in
   Department of English       Popular Culture and Contemporary
                               Focus on the U of R's roots going back
   Donor Relations Alumni                                              Dr. James Pitsula, Department of
                              100 years, to Regina College's founding
         Relations                                                                  History
                                              in 1911.
First Nations University of   Intercultural Leadership Program
Canada                        (ILP100 S01)                            Lecturer
First Nations University of   Intercultural Leadership Program
Canada                        (ILP100 S02)                            Lecturer

Others                        Sullivan Film- "Les Saisons"           N/A

Others                        Callay Unveiling                       N/A

Luther College                Alcohol and the Bible                  Discussion Group

School of Journalism          The Art of the interview               Sheila Coles

                              Responding to changing educational
                              environment: structional innovation in
SIDRU Seminar                 the regina public school               N/A

The Regina Urban Aboriginal   Community Coffee House: The Face of
Strategy                      Homelessness in Regina              N/A

                              Learning heritage language and
                              maintaining ethnic identity in the
Sociology & Social Studies    Canadian mosaic                        Dr. Henry Chow

Fine Arts                     The Playwrights Reading Series         Marjorie Chan
Centre For Continuing
Education                     Japan's Earliest Inhabitans            Dr. Phillip Charrier
Counselling Services          Coping with Stress Workshop            Counselling Services officer

Visual Arts                   Art for Lunch                          Chris Tougas

ESL                           Pumpkin Hollow Bus Tour                N/A
Counselling Services          Assertiveness Workshop                 Counselling Services officer

                                                                     Academic VP - George Maslany and
University of Regina          Academic Program Review                URSU President - Kyle Addison
                                  Cultural and Traditional Advisors
  Aboriginal Student Center                    Forum
                                                                        There will be a number of Guest
                                                                        Speakers who will be sharing their
                                                                        insights. Chaired by Vianne
                               Our Role in Education for Sustainable    Timmons, President of the
Education                      Development                              University of Regina.
International Language -                                                Meet and Greet & Discussion
Chinese Program                Golden Autumn Tea Party                  Group
                                The world premiere screening of his
                                new film, My Dinner with Generation
                                                                                  Brian Stockton
    Department of Media                         X!
    Production & Studies

                                  Climate Change in Latin America
   Department of Geology

                                                                            Anna Mudde, Philosophy
  Department of Philosophy       2010-2011 series of the Philosophy       Department, Campion College
        and Classics                           Café

                                A reading of Harvey Fierstein's short
                               one act play "On Tidy Endings" as well
 the 25th Anniversary of the   as readings from Larry Kramer's "The
 founding of AIDS Regina the   Normal Heart", Joanne McLeod's "The
  University of Regina Queer      Hope Slide" and Tony Kushner's
           Initiative                   "Angels in America".

                                                                         Kristy Bergman speaks about her
                                  A Year With the Roma in Central         experiences living in a village in
       Luther College                         Europe                    rural Hungary and getting to know
                                                                           some of the country's Roma
                                                                                (Gypsy) population.
                                                                        Maureen Tazzioli, President of
                                                                        ReZultsMatter; Jodi Michele
                                                                        Cooley, former actor from Los
Kinesiology & Health Studies   Building Organizational Excellence       Angeles

Luther College                 Relationships and the Bible              Discussion Group

UR International               Multi-Cultural Round Table Workshop        Several special speakers invited
ESL                            Halloween Haunted Tour
                                                                          Venerable Losang Samten, a
                               Tibetan Mandala Exhibition
                                                                          Tibetan Buddhist monk

                               International Human Rights Film
Social Work                    Festival:Movie Names: "Ghosts";            N/A
                               "Burma VJ"; "Under Rich Earth"

Centre For Continuing
Education                      History and Folklore of College Avenue Don Black

ESL                            "Taste of the Middle East"
Business Administration        37th Annual Business Dinner                TBA
                                Invisible Cities: Visiting Twenty-First    Michael Trussler, Department of
        Faculty of Arts
                                    Century New York and Berlin                        English

                                                                            Narcisse Blood, Ki'naksaapo'p, is
 The Department of Political     Indigenous Knowledges, Academic
                                                                           recognized as an Eminent Scholar
          Science                     Institutions and Learning
                                                                           by Red Crow Community College.

                               The Fine Arts Presentation Series for
The Faculty of Fine Arts                                                  Lecture by Dr. Carmen Robertson
                               the 2010-2011 academic year
Social Work                    Social Work Steak Night                    N/A

                               Film screening and discussion: Israel`s
                               Assault on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla an
Faculty of Arts                eyewitness report                       Kevin Neish

                                                                          Christine Ramsay: "'I Love
                                                                          Regina'... and its 'Infinite Horizons".
                               HRI Profiling Scholars Fall Symposium
                                                                          Ken Leyton-Brown: “The Practice
The Humanities Research
                                                                          of Execution in Canada”.
                                                                          Nicholas Ruddick: “Collaborative
                                                                          Interdisciplinary Research in the

                                                                          The film combines the work of 14
The feature film "I Heart
                               I Heart Regina                             directors and more than 200 cast
                                                                          and crew members.
The Law Foundation of
Saskatchewan and the Faculty Some reflection on the discourse of           Howard Sapers, Correctional
of Arts                      crime and punishment in Canada                Investigator of Canada
                                    The 2010-2011 series of the            Ann Ward, Philosophy Department,
     The Department of            Philosophy Café: "Oedipus and                          Campion
   Philosophy and Classics      Socrates: Philosophy and Poetry on                       College.
                                  the Quest for Self-Knowledge"
                                                                            Visiting Advisors from southern
                                                                           Saskatchewan First Nations share
                                                                           their personal insight and cultural
                                       Rediscovering the Path
                                                                           experiences, preserving Aboriginal
                                                                                      oral history.

Faculty of Arts                Breaking the Silence                    Abousfian Abdelrazik
                                                                          Ruth Dimara is coordinator of
                                                                              Indigenous Community
                                                                        Empowerment programs with the
     International Studies                                             Institute for Research, Analysis and
  Program, Lifelong Learning    International Development Forum on Development of Legal Aid. Jason
Centre, Saskatchewan Council Indigenous Stewardship, Health and            Mansawan is director of the
for International Cooperation, Governance in the Pacific: Perspectives         Manokwari Humeibou
      and Pacific Peoples'     from West Papua being held as follows Environment Foundation. Matheus
          Partnership                                                        Marisan is director of the
                                                                         Manokwari Community Health
                                                                                 Care Association.

                                Movie night of a slightly different kind
     Faculty of Education                                                     Tom Perlmutter, Head of the
                                                                               National Film Board (NFB)

   Donor Relations Alumni         The inaugural presentation of the
                                                                                   President Timmons
         Relations                 President's Community Award

         Centre for            Walking like a porcupine, talking like a
                                                                             Dr. Olga Lovick, Professor, First
 Continuing Education, First       raven: Figurative language in
                                                                              Nations University of Canada
 Nations University and the         Upper Tanana Athabascan
      Regina & District
                               the lecture in the Religious Studies
                                Ideas Lecture Series (RSIS): From
                                                                      Amir Hussain: professor in the
The Department of Religious Islamophobia to Misoislamia: Muslims,
                                                                    Department of Theological Studies
  Studies and Muslims for             Violence and Religion
                                                                     at Loyola Marymount University
     Peace and Justice

First Nations University of   Walking like a porcupine, talking like a
Canada                        raven: Figurative language in            Dr. Olga Lovick, Professor
                              Upper Tanana Athabascan

Luther College                Sex and the Bible                        Discussion Group

The Women's Center            Women Mentoring Program                  Tutor
        Date                   Location                 Time                Cost
 Friday, January 14,
                                                      3:30 p.m.
        2011                   AH.348

                        At Atlantis Coffee Co.,
                        1992 Hamilton Street.
   On Wednesday,
                                                      7:30 p.m.
  January 19, 2011

                        University Theatre Dr.                          Free Admission
  January 20, 2011                                    7:30 p.m.
                        Willian Riddell Centre

 Friday, January 21st           CL 305             1:30-2:30 p.m.

 Friday, January 28,
  2011 (time to be

                        La Bodega Restaurant -
November 22, 2010.
                          2228 Albert Street,
 January 24, 2011.                                 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
                         Upper Level Banquet
  March 14, 2011
                                                  Starts at 7:30 p.m.
Every Thursday           Chapters, Southland                                Free

February 9, 2011            Moose Jaw, SK

                         Riddell Centre Multi-
 February 17, 2011                                    5:00 p.m.
                            Purpose Room

   March 3, 2011          Luther Auditorium           7:30 p.m.

  11 and 12, 2011.
   March 30, 2011              TBA                  7:30 p.m.

Fall 2010 (Tues &                               10:00 a.m. - 11:15
Thurs)                    FNUC Regina                  a.m.              Tuition
Fall 2010 (Tues &                               10:00 a.m. - 11:15
Thurs)                    FNUC Regina                  a.m.              Tuition

                                                    1:00 p.m.
September 27, 2010     Riddell Centre 050                                 Free
                       Riddell Centre Food
                                                    2:30 p.m.
September 27, 2010         Court Area                                     Free
                                                    7:00 p.m.
September 27, 2010    Lazy Owl (upper floor)                              Free
                          Riddell Centre
                       128.2(Multi-purpose      Start at 7:00 p.m.
September 29, 2010            room)                                       Free

                                                   12:00 - 1:00
September 29, 2010   Educational building 341                             Free

September 29, 2010
                      German Club, 1727 St.
                           John Street        1 p.m - 5 p.m.
                        Archives & Special
September 29, 2010     Collections Reading
                      Room, First Floor, Dr.
                       John Archer Library    3:00 p.m.                   Free
                     Shu-Box Theatre. Riddell
October 4, 2010               Centre          8:00 p.m.                   Free

October 7, 2010        Contact CCE for info     Noon                      Free
October 7, 2010              RC 251             1:30pm - 3:30pm           Free

October 8, 2010         Riddell Centre 050      12:00 - 1:00              Free
                                                                     $10/ESL student
                                                                       and $15/UR
                       Meet & leave from        3:00 p.m. to 7:00     International
October 8, 2010       Language Institution      p.m.                    Student.
October 12, 2010            RC 251              2:30pm - 4:00pm           Free
                         Riddell Centre
October 12, 2010             room)              Starts at 11:30am         Free
                                CW 117
  Octuber 13, 2010                                      11:45 - 2:30         Free

                          Terrace Building, 10
                            Research Drive,
October 14, 2010           Innovation Place.         9:00 - 11:15 a.m        Free

October 15, 2010                 CK187               3:30PM - 5:30PM         Free
                                                                        FREE ADMISSION!
                         MacKenzie Art Gallery,
Friday, Oct. 15, 2010                                    7:30 p.m.
                         Shumiatcher Theatre.

                        Research Drive 2, second
 Tuesday October 19
                         floor (follow the signs).
                                                        12:15 p.m.

                        Aegean Coast Coffee and
Wednesday, October
                                 Tea                     7:30 p.m.
    20, 2010
                         1901 Hamilton Street

                         RC 176 (also known as
  Friday October 22                                      3:30 p.m.
                            the Blue Room)

Monday, October 25,      Luther College, Upper
                                               12:20 to 1:30 p.m.            Free
      2010                   Dining Room

                                                     All Day
October 25, 2010           Delta Regina Hotel        Conference          Cost attached

October 25, 2010         Lazy Owl (upper floor) 7:00pm                       Free
Thursday, October 28,
       2010 .                                         7:00 p.m. -9:00
                                                   Pizza will be
                       Contact ESL office for      around 4:30 p.m. -
October 29, 2010               info                5:00 p.m.
October 24th           Fifth Parallel Gallery in
                                                   Sunday afternoon
                          the Riddell Centre

 October 26, 27, 28,
                       Classrom Building 112 start at 7:30                    Free

                       CB113 - 2201 College
October 27, 2010             Avenue                6:30pm - 9:30pm          $49 +GST
                                                    6:30 p.m. - 9:00
 November 4, 2010
                        Multipurpose Room                 p.m.
 November 4, 2010          Delta Hotel               Start at 6 p.m.         30 + GST
Thursday, November                                     7:30 p.m.
                        Chapter's Bookstore                                   Free

 Friday November 5,
                               RIC 208                 1:30 p.m.               free

 Friday November 5,            RC 050
                                                        3:30 PM
 November 5, 2010             Lazy Owl                 6:30 p.m .              $20

                         Selam Restaurant
 November 7, 2010                                      7:00 p.m.
                       (upstairs lounge) 2115                           Suggested donation
                        Broad Street, Regina                                 $ 5 - 10

                               CL 130               3:00 p.m. - 5:00
 November 12, 2010

                        SCN (Saskatchewan
                            Network).                  9:00 p.m.
    November 12
November 16, 2010                                  7:30 p.m.
                       Classrom Building 110                         Free
                      Atlantis Coffee Co., 1992
   Wednesday,             Hamilton Street.
                                                   7:30 p.m.
November 17, 2010

                                                  11:45 to 2:30
Thursday, November
     18, 2010

November 18, 2010      Classrom Building 130       7:30 p.m.         Free

                     Lifelong Learning Centre -
                     College Avenue Campus
Friday, November 19, in Gallery Building Room      12:00 noon
         2010                   108

                                                              Free admission.
                       Nouveau Gallery                       Refreshments will
   Wednesday,                                begins at 5:30 be served. Everyone
             ) (2146                        is welcome, so
November 24, 2010                          p.m. (Doors open
                    Albert Street, Regina)                  please circulate this
                                             at 5:00 p.m.)

                          The Rotunda, 10
Novemeber 24, 2010                                 7:30 p.m.
                           Research Drive

                      Education Centre at the
Thursday, November       Food Bank, 425
                                              12:00 - 1:00 p.m.
     25, 2010            Winnipeg Street
 November 25 , 2010
                             CL 435               2:30 p.m.

Thursday, November Education Centre at the
                      Food Bank, 425           12:00 -1:00 p.m.
     25, 2010                                                     Free
                      Winnipeg Street

                                                  7:00 p.m.
November 29, 2010     Lazy Owl (upper floor)                      Free

Contact WC for info     Riddle Center 226                         Free

                       Everyone is welcome.

            For more information please call 585-4332.

Reception to follow. Underground parking Riddell Centre & Centre for
          Kinesiology. Free Parking in lot 15 `M` areas only

             Please call 585-5405 for more information

 Watch the Campion College website ( for
                       more information.

     Please call (306) 337.2448 for tickets or more information.

Reception to follow.
 Submissions must be received by January 31, 2011 via email or hard
                    copy: Trash Talkin’ Conference
                   Trash Talkin’Conference c/o ESA
 , Department of English
Credit Course

Credit Course

Everyone will be asked to show their ID for identification.

To register please contact Cora Sellers: For
more information and a poster visit:

The cost ncludes: Bus to pumpkin hollow, corn maze, pumpkin
carving, photo opportunities, hot chocolate and a cookie.

You may submit feedbacks to:
  First Nations share their personal insight and cultural experiences

Futher information or contact Elsa Johnston,
Communications and Marketing Manager (Research), at
Event includes: Chinese food tasting, meet new friends and learn
Chinese culture.

                     More info and a trailer here:

              Bring your lunch, coffee will be provided.

             For more information please call 585-4332.

For further information Wes Pearce - or 585

  Pizza lunch provided. Limited space so please let us know you are
             coming by emailing

Everyone will be asked to show their ID for identification.

                    It's specially designed for you!
this will include a pizza supper, bus, a haunted tour of the college
avenue campus. We will also visit the Dead at Dawn haunted House.

To register for the retreat, please call 781-7332.

Presented by the International Studies Program, with support from
the University of Regina, Faculty of Arts, Archer Library, Amnesty
International, the Regina Peace Making Vigil and the Saskatchewan
Council for International Cooperation.
Contact Business & Professional Development to register; call:
306.585.5853 or email:; visit website:

Leadership, networking, job hunting
This talk will look at the impact that Berlin and New York have had on
          Western cultural thought during the past 100 years.

For more information contact the Department of Political Science 585-
For more information: Robert Truszkowski Assistant Professor - Print
Media Dept. of Visual Arts University of Regina Ridell Centre 035.3
306.585.5574 p 306.585.5526 f
No Minors. Fee included full meal.

For more information please call 306 209 2205

For further information on all HRI events, please visit:

For more info, visit the website and the
Facebook Group I Heart Regina (the movie)
Free parking is available on campus in LOT 15. For more information
call 306 585 4226

             For more information please call 585-4332.

 The main goal of this initiative is to invite Advisors from different
areas of Saskatchewan to share their knowledge and perspective on
                        traditional teachings.

             For more information please call 757.4669.

                       Reserve your seat online
  ( ), on Facebook
      ( ), or by calling 1-800-267-7710.
    Visit ( ) for more information.

     Please call (306) 337.2448 for tickets or more information.
    Join us for lunch and our opening lecture of the 2010-2011
  Nourishing. Thoughts at the Food Bank Lecture Series. For more
                     information, call 585-5801.
               For further information please contact

Lunch is provided; attendees are encouraged to bring an item to
donate to the Food Bank. For more information, call 585-5801.

Everyone will be asked to show their ID for identification.
Female students only. Please contact 306-584-1255 for more

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