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									                                                Letter of Intent

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Re:     Letter of Intent for
        Located in

Dear Rob:

The purpose of this Letter of Intent is to set forth the general terms and conditions under which
                                             is interested in buying the above referenced property. This
is a non-binding letter of intent. The Buyer and Seller agree that the terms set forth below are not all
of the material terms that need to be agreed to by them. There are additional material terms that the
parties will negotiate as they complete the Purchase Agreement and Escrow Instructions. If the
terms below stated are acceptable, it is our intention to negotiate the remaining material terms and
complete a Purchase and Sale Agreement and Escrow instructions within fifteen (15) days of the date
this Letter of Intent is executed by both parties.

A.      Purchase Price:         $

B.      Earnest Deposit:        $

C.      Financing Contingencies: $
                                 (For all cash transactions write “none”)

D.      Due Diligence: Buyer shall have           days following the execution of a formal purchase
        agreement and escrow instructions and Buyer’s receipt of all books and records for the
        subject property to conduct its due diligence with respect to the acquisition of the property.
        The following items will be made available to Buyer provided that they are in the possession of
        the seller.
        A) Phase I Environmental Report
        B) Preliminary Title Report
        C) Alta Survey
        D) Full Copies of Leases and other related documents including REA’s
        E) Building Plans
        F) Tenant Financial Statements (if available)
        G) Building Guarantees and Contract Agreements (if any)

                                118 East 28th St ● Suite 808 ● New York, NY 10016
                                         212-972-7457 T 212-686-0078 F
E.        Close of Escrow: The closing of the transaction contemplated herein shall take place on or
          before       days from the expiration of the due-diligence period.

F.        Closing Costs: Seller and Buyer shall share all escrow and recording fees on an equal basis.
          Buyer shall pay for title insurance and any updates to environmental reports or surveys.
          Transfer tax will be allotted per local custom.

G.        Broker Representation: (if applicable)

                 Name of Brokerage Firm:

                 Name of Agent:

While this is not an offer to purchase, if you are in agreement with the general terms we have set
forth, please so indicate by signing a copy of this Letter of Intent and returning it.

Thank you for your consideration in this matter.




Printed Name:






Printed Name:



                                118 East 28th St ● Suite 808 ● New York, NY 10016
                                         212-972-7457 T 212-686-0078 F

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