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					                            Innovative Environmental
                            Technology Support Programs
                            and New Technology
                             Region/ORD Science Summit

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Sally C. Gutierrez, Director
National Risk Management Research Laboratory                                                                                 October 2, 2007
Office of Research and Development
    Success Stories
    • X- Ray Fluorescence for Metal Detection in Soil/Wipes
    • Evaluation of Immunoassay Test for detection of
    • Use of copper mine tailings on Lake Superior Coast as
      Raw Material for Roof Shingles
    • Alternative Asbestos control method
    • Improved environmental efficiency for biofuels refining
    • Outdoor Wood-fired Hydronic Heaters Protocol
          Alternative Asbestos Removal Testing

Identical contaminated buildings before demolition: Left, asbestos removed by hand. Right, asbestos in place.

Building demolished with asbestos in place; controlled by foam,           Aerial view of sealed asbestos bundles disposed
being loaded into lined trucks. Alternative method cost is about          in controlled land fill.
half the cost of conventional asbestos removal.
      State Technical Support on
            Drinking Water
• National training workshops for
  state drinking water staff
• 2007 Workshop on Inorganic            U.S. EPA third annual

  Contaminant Issues (with             Workshop on Inorganic
                                        Contaminant Issues
    34 states represented
• Technical resource for states
• Technical reports available                     August 21- 23, 2007

• Verification of technologies has                 Cincinnati, Ohio

  assisted states in introducing new
  innovative technologies
                           Technical Assistance Sites
Copper or Lead Corrosion Concerns (46)   Iron Corrosion Concerns (4)
Wahington, DC       Dartmouth, MA        Cincinnati, OH      Stow, OH
Lansing, MI         EBMUD, CA            Reynoldsburg, OH    Waynesville, IL
Indianapolis, IN    New Bedford, MA
Greenville, SC      New Britain, CT
Raleigh-Durham, NC Madison, WI
Maui, HI            New Haven, CT
Fall River, MA      New York City, NY
Springfield, MA     Portland, ME         Arsenic Removal Concerns (11)
Newport, RI         Reading, MA          Arnaudville, LA      Hammond, IL
Lakehurst Acres, ME Rochester, NY        Beaver Creek, OH     Leroy, IL
Providence, RI      Salem-Beverly, NY    Coachella Valley, CA Licking Valley, OH
Portsmouth, RI      Salem, NH            Danvers, IL          McLean, IL
Ottawa, Canada      San Francisco, CA    Fountain City, IN    Waynesville, IL
Montreal, Canada    Butler County, OH    Fountain Valley, IL
New York, NY        Cincinnati, OH
Birmingham, AL      Manatee, FL
Champlain, IL       Portland, ME
Carlsbad, CA        Sarasota, FL
Camp Pendelton      WPAFB, OH
Ontario, Canada     Norfolk, MA          Nitrification Concerns (5)
Normal, IL          McEwen, TN           Danvers, IL          Normal, IL
San Clemente, CA    Colrein, OH          Hammond, IL          McLean, IL
Bremen, IN          Aberdeen, ND         Leroy, IL
             Commitment to Technology
    1) Establish a Senior Environmental
       Technology Officer

    2) Establish the Environmental
       Technology Council as a core
       Agency activity

    3) Establish a Regional Environmental
       Technology Advocacy Network

    4) Create an Environmental Technology
       Verification and Assessment Staff

    Important Elements of EPA Innovative Technology
    1. Identification of relevant environmental problem/s
    2. Well defined technology dimensions, needs and factors
         critical to its adoption
    3.   Analysis of the state-of-technology
    4.   Use programs in the “Tool Box”
    5.   Tracking adoption and environmental improvement
    6.   Information management and technology transfer

    Innovative Technology “Tool Box”

    • ORD/Agency in-house R & D and Demonstration
    • Cooperative Research and Development Agreements
    • Student competitions - P3
    • ORD Small Business Innovative Research
    • Environmental Technology Verification Program
    • Homeland Security Technology Testing Evaluation
     Program (TTEP)

    DRA’s top 5 duties for RETANS

    • Survey Region on technology needs
    • Resource to RA or DRA on calls or contacts they
      receive on new emerging technologies
    • Advocate for use of new technology within Region
    • Survey States within the Region on technology needs
    • Lead the prioritization of Regional technology needs

    RETAN View of Priorities (5/10 reporting)
    • Resource for RA or DRA on calls or contacts on new
      emerging technologies
    • Survey Region on technology needs
    • Contact on Regional technology inquiries
    • Lead prioritization of Regional technology needs
    • Characterize the problem to be addressed
    • Advocate for use of new technology in the Region
    • Lead an Action Team

               EPA Science Forum 2008
               Innovative Technology
           Key to Environmental and Economic Progress
     Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Washington, DC
                               May 20-22, 2008
     • Theme Areas
        –Energy, Climate, and the Environment
        –Water System Infrastructure and Security
     • Environmental Technology Showcase
       – Exhibition of Technologies that protect the