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									Coron, Palawan for 5 days at USD 348.00 per person
INCLUSIONS: Accommodation on twin sharing basis Roundtrip boat transfers Daily breakfast 2 dives per day starting day 02 - 04 Rental of equipment: tanks, weightbelts, local outrigger boat, flashlight Services of a dive-master

SINGLE SUPPLEMENT: USD 82.00PP AIRFARE MANILA - BUSUANGA - MANILA: USD 135.00PP DIVING: Wreck diving is the primary area of interest at Coron. The wreck sites are scattered around the coasts and the small islands clustered around the south side of Busuanga Island. Most if the wrecks are about 2 hours boat ride away from Coron Town. These wrecks are all Japanese W.W.II ships. DIVING SEASON is all year round but the best time is between October and may. Average visibility - 10 meters is normal

INTAS TRAVEL TEL (63.2) 851.9034; 851.9035 E-MAIL:; FAX: (63.2) 851.8773 WEBSITE:;;

IRAKO LOCATION: Southeast of Lusong Island ACCESS: 2 hrs west by banca CONDITIONS: Normally clam with some strong currents. VISIBILITY: 10m (33ft) to 20m (65ft) AVERAGE DEPTH: 35m (115ft) MAXIMUM DEPTH: (42m (138ft) Japanese refrigeration ship, displacement 9,570 tons, length about 200 meters. Probably the best wreck dive in the Philippines. The Irako is quite intact and because of the good visibility you know you are on a big shipwreck. Big groupers, schools of tuna and yellow fin, lion fish and scorpion fish live around this wreck. Two sea turtles live in the crumpled and folded metal of the superstructure. There is a beautiful deep penetration through the engine room for trained, experienced and properly equipped divers. Irako usually has the best visibility of all the wrecks in Coron Bay. Recommended certification level: Advanced Open Water Diver, Deep Diver Specialty, Wreck Diver Specialty. AKITSUSHIMA LOCATION: Between Lajo Island and Manglet Island, south of Concepcion village in Busuanga. ACCESS: 2½ hrs west by banca CONDITIONS: Normally clam but with some strong currents. Not a dive for novices. VISIBILITY: 10m (33ft) to 20m (65ft) AVERAGE DEPTH: 28m ( 92ft) MAXIMUM DEPTH 38m (125ft) Japanese Seaplane Tender. She is about 140 m long. The AKITSUSHIMA a real warship lies on her starboard side. She was hit amidships and had sank immediately. The flying boat disappeared. Impressive is the Crane who was lifting the seaplane in the water. This big metal construction is lying on sandy bottom and attracts shoals of giant Bat fishes and Barracudas. A fascinating dive where you can see giant groupers, shoals of barracudas, tunas and yellow fins. Due to metal hazards within, no swim through are allowed without wreck diver certification. Recommended certification level: Advanced Open water Diver. For penetration: PADI Wreck Diver specialty.

OLYMPIA -MARU LOCATION: Between the northern end of Lusong island and Tangat island. ACCESS: 2 hrs west by banca CONDITION: Normally calm with some current. VISIBILITY: 10m (33ft) to 20m (65ft) AVERAGE DEPTH: 19m (62ft) MAXIMUM DEPTH: 25m (80ft) Japanese freighter about 120 meter long, lying on its starboard side. This is a pretty dive. The port side hull has many large lettuce corals, hydroids, back corals, brown finger sponges with Alabaster Sea Cucumbers wrapped around them, white sponges and sea anemones with clownfish. The fish life includes shoals of small fusiliers, batfish, large groupers, Golden Rabbitfish, damselfish and pairs of Whitecheek Monocle Bream. ATTENTION !!, many scorpion fish around the wreck area. Keep your eyes open and be well buoyant !! The big cargo rooms and the engine room allows an easy penetration of this wreck. Recommended education level: Advance Diver, specialty Wreck diver

GUNTER’S CATHEDRAL LOCATION: A cave under Coron Island, Palawan directly connected to the sea. South end of Coron Island. ACCESS: 2 hrs south by banca. CONDITION: Normally calm with good visibility, but clumsy divers or changes in tides can stir up the silt inside the cave making it difficult to find the exit. VISIBILITY: 0m (0ft) to 20m (65ft) AVERAGE DEPTH: 8m (25ft) MAXIMUM DEPTH: 13.5m (44ft) Cathedral Cave is a beautiful dive spot. It starts at a hole in the bottom of the sea next to the sheer rock wall of Coron Island. You enter a man sized tunnel and if you take the time to look, you see the antenna of juvenile lobsters waving from holes in the tunnel above and out from under the rocks below and cowry shells clinging to the ceiling of the tunnel. Then you pass out of the tunnel and see a shaft of daylight penetrates the interior of a cave. The roof of the cave has collapsed sending down a full sized tree which sits as a skeleton on top of the sand mound in the middle of the cave. You follow the light and surface inside a big underground cathedral. You pass over the sand dune and continue ahead and left to another passage that leads to a chamber with an air pocket above ocean level. Back through the tunnel into the open sea and you dive among beautiful corals. A dive you should not miss! Recommended certification level: Advanced Open Water Diver, Cavern Diver Specialty.

CORON ISLAND - FISHING BOAT LOCATION: A few hundred meters southwest of the entrance cove to the freshwater Barracuda Lake, which is middway between Limaa Point and balolo Point on the northwest face of Coron Island. ACCESS: 45 min south-southeast by banca. CONDITIONS: Shallow and calm almost no current. VISIBILITY: 10m (33ft) to 25m (80ft) AVERAGE DEPTH: 4-8m (13-25ft) MAXIMUM DEPTH: 12m (40ft) There are several dive/snorkel sites here, with beautiful background of limestone rock formations, and sandy coves for picnics and sunbathing between dives. Most of the dives are shallow coral gardens, one around a limestone pinnacle which rises several meters above the water. Against the point are the remaining ribs and part of the hull of an ols wooden boat. This is an ideal site for photography, the wreck itself being inhabited by sponges, nudibranchs, sea stars, angelfish, butterflyfish, damselfish, shoals of fry and shoals of immature barracuda. It makes the perfect area for novices’ first dives and good for night dives. FIRST CLASS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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