RotaDairon Skid Steer Soil Renovator

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RotaDairon Skid Steer Soil Renovator
    •   Hydraulic motor                                                                     •    Offset machine to cover left side of the skid steer loader
    •   Non-panning blades                                                                  •    Anti-ridging extendable rear roller
    •   Warranted unbreakable screening rods                                                •    Universal mounting plate
    •   Removable selection grate with high filtering capacity

Machine designed for seed bed preparation. Prior seeding or sodding any soil and able to do the
following operations in a single pass : ground tillage, burying of stones – clods and overgrowth -
grass + debris, blending of extra materials (net particles type “TURFGRIDS”, “NETLON” or
equivalent, compost, fertilizer, sand), grading, rolling and seeding (with the stainless steel seed-
box SM 42 or SM 60).

The effective work depth of ROTADAIRON attachment can easily be checked in the field. The
work depth influences directly the quality of burying and the size of stones which can be buried.
The effective work depth of a tilling machine can be determined by the distance from the
outside of the rotor tube to the protection skid of the chain case.

The “V” body of the ROTADAIRON blades (DAIRON patent) avoids the panning creation into the
ground and provides a better drainage, which is a must for parks or sporting fields. In addition the possibility of blockage on the front of the attachment
is greatly reduced. This is absolutely not possible with the conventional agricultural tiller blades. In order to prevent any copying and give a
manufacturing guarantee to the customer, each blade is stamped with the ROTADAIRON logo at DAIRON factory.
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 The screening rods separate big particles (stones, clods) from fine earth. They are really submitted to very hard working condition : about 30 tons of
stones buried per hour! These screening rods are made with special allied steel and are not considered as wear parts by DAIRON. These unbreakable and
unbendable rods are consequently guaranteed by the manufacturer.

                                                           RotaDairon Skid Steer Soil Renovators Specifications
                     PTO HP Required at .5
                                                        Work          Max Work Depth      Working Offset         Total        Rotor Outside   Rotor Tube     Blade
Model                mph (low num.); at 1
                                                        Width          (adjustable)       Right of Center       Weight          Diameter       Diameter    Thickness
                       mph (high num.)
STH 24                     6 GPM+                         24”               5 1/2”               --              210 lb              --           --          --
STH 36                       9 GPM+                       38”               5 1/2”              24”              575 lb              --           --          --
STH 36 B                     9 GPM+                       38”               5 1/2”               --              595 lb              --           --          --
RDH 40 A                     10 GPM+                      43”               5 1/2”               --              971 lb              --           --          --
RDH 40 B                     12 GPM+                      43”               5 1/2”              27”              975 lb              --           --          --
RDH 52 NIV                   14 GPM+                      53”               5 1/2”              30”             1100 lb             16”          3 ¼”         ¼”
RDH 60 NIV                   18 GPM+                      60”               5 1/2”           MAX 37”            1350 lb             16”          3 ¼”         ¼”

**Subject to Conditions; Specifications subject to change without notice.

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