Infection Prevention _ Control


Research Development Plan:
   Rural, Community and
  Regional Development

      School of Nursing
         March 18, 2010

 Key Messages about Research in
      the School of Nursing
• Rural, community, and regional development is
  only possible with healthy people in healthy
• Nursing is an applied discipline & our research
  often attempts to create change towards health
  in the broadest sense
• Research in the SON responds to community
• Capacity building is a research strength
• Research collaboration with other disciplines
  and other sectors is a strength
       Provincial and National
• Community Health Needs and Resources
  Assessments for health authorities
  – 4 large scale surveys (Western, Central, and
    Northern regions of the province) conducted to
    understand broad needs and priorities (e.g., clean
    water, transportation needs, support services to keep
    elderly at home, recreation needs, student needs, etc.)
• Registry of Asbestos Mine Workers
 (partnership with SafetyNet, UBC, Simon Fraser; funding
 from Worker’s health and Safety Commission)

      Provincial/national research
• Natural Resource Depletion and Health
  –    Impact of the cod moratorium on health of
       individuals, families and communities in NL and in
       Cape Breton
• Work-related Musculo-Skeletal Injuries
  among Crab Plant Workers in Central NL
  – Using participatory action research, worked with
    workers, plant owners, unions to investigate work
    patterns at the plant. Initiated change at the plant
    level to prevent injury, and serves as model for other
    crab plants

   Provincial/national research
• Development of an Age-Friendly
  Community Research Team
  – Working with community of Clarenville
  – Could serve as a template for other

    International development
• SON faculty have a track record of
  success in international projects (e.g.,
  Belize, Indonesia, Vietnam, Ethiopia,
  Burkina Faso, Haiti)
• Most projects include the following:
  – capacity building (education & training)
  – sustainability
  – community outreach
  – gender development

    Examples of international
• Training of Primary Health Care Workers
  in Rural Vietnam
• Poverty Reduction by Improving Health
  and Social Work (in collaboration with
• Health Services Delivery for Poor Rural
  Communities in Vietnam
  – Stigma of HIV/AIDS in a community in
    Vietnam: an action research project

  International projects (cont.)
• Nursing, Women’s Health and Community
  Outreach in Indonesia
  – Aim was to build a model of community health
    nursing that would be responsive to rural
  – 9 research projects conducted by 5 graduate
    students in the field
  – Award-winning video of the project

   International projects (cont.)
• Capacity building of health care workers and
  improving infection surveillance and control in:
   – Ethiopia (community assessment, surveillance,
    immunization rates – worked with the local university
    and public health association)
  – Burkina Faso and Haiti (WHO-sponsored initiative
    for polio eradication)
  – Haiti (project on hold at present – developing
    research capacity of local Haiti PHA, community
    assessments, surveillance, immunization rates)

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