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LESSON 2 - Control Systems

   Overview                      In this unit students learn about control systems. They will be able to identify
                                 control systems they come across in everyday life and be able to explain a little
                                 about how they work. They will learn about flowchart symbols and how to
                                 create a flowchart to control a ‘system’. The systems they control will start by
                                 being simple but they will have the opportunity to move onto systems of
                                 increasing complexity. They will understand how and why control systems are
                                 used and the impact they have on our everyday lives and the consequences for
   Context of this lesson        Introduce flowchart symbols. Create simple flowcharts to control simple
   Where this fits into the ‘Big systems (zebra lights & lighthouse lights/foghorn) in Flowol.
   MLO for this lesson. What Know: The symbols needed for a flowchart.
   will pupils                   Understand: Why a control system is used & basics of flowchart ‘language’.
   know/understand by the        Be able to: To identify flowchart symbols and their purpose.
   end of the lesson.
   Teacher input/activities. Teacher led activity:
   What the pupils should        Show students page 8 from the Flowol Tutorial
   undertake with approx         book and go through the names & purposes of
   timings                       the symbols.
   522                           Student activity
   622                           Students to access and complete the slide show
   722                           Lesson 2 Pupil Task 1.ppt.
   523                           Teacher led activity
   623                           Ask pupils to help you write on board a
                                 sequence for controlling a set of zebra lights.
                                 You need to get them to understand about
                                 Open up Flowol and explain interface, show
                                 tools. Create the flowchart to control the zebra
                                 Show how to access the mimics.

                                Student activity
                                Students to use Flowol to create the zebra
                                lights. Experiment with timing of flashes. Make
                                sure they save it and use Text tool to add labels.

                                Teacher led activity
                                Show pupils the same flowchart but now use it
                                with the lighthouse mimic.
                                Show pupils how to create a further flowchart to
                                control the foghorn.

                                Student activity
                                Students to create their own flowcharts for
                                lighthouse light & foghorn.

   Review/Summary At
   least 5 mins before end
   Extension work
   Homework                    Lesson 2 homework to describe a flowchart
                               sequence for one of the systems from
                               Homework 1.
   Materials required          Lesson 2 Pupil task 1.ppt
                               Lesson 2 Pupil task 1_answers.ppt
                               Lesson 2 Homework
                               Flowol 3 Tutorial