Kitchen Ideas for a Narrow Kitchen

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The Reef Dive Resort at Mataking Island, Malaysia, is one of the newest dive spots
in the Celebes Sea, and islocated just 40 minutes from Semporna.
Luxurious accommodation is provided with on Mataking and the diving is enchanting.
The Alice Channel which is about 100 meters deep connects Mataking to Pulau
Sipadan which just an 80 minutes trip away.
At Mataking, you will have all the privacy, exclusivity and space you need whether
you are staying in one of the exclusive chalets or a deluxe room.
Whether it is a retreat for your body, soul & mind or exciting undersea exploration,
you will find Mataking the perfect choice.
Once back on land, after your day's diving, the night life can be exciting. There are
fire flies all over the place at night. Green and Hawksbill turtles come up to lay their
eggs in the sands of Mataking Island. During the day, bask on the snow white sandy
beach and enjoy the sight of the island's coconut crabs scurrying up the trees. You
can also take a walk while listening to the birds singing in the exotic gardens of the
If you prefer a bird's eye view of Mataking, climb up the King's Watchtower and enjoy
the breathtaking sight. If you are more adventurous, take a few friends and explore
the lushness of the tropical island vegetation or have some fun playing beach
volleyball & beach soccer, taking up some traditional handicrafts, cooking or dancing
lessons. You can also take the chance to re-enact Moses' miraculous crossing of the
Red sea by taking a stroll down the 1km sandbar that connects Mataking and
Mataking Kecil at low tide. The water literally splits in half and you don't even have to
wave your hands! Mother Nature does it all for you.
The Reef boasts 8 executive chalets and 24 deluxe rooms in traditional architecture
offering simply elegant and exquisite accommodation for up to 70 pax in a serene
and cozy set up. The air-conditioned rooms have attached sea view bathrooms and
balcony. You can also stay connected with those who are a world away from you as
internet services are available at Mataking. The resort also has satellite TV with more
than 30 channels for your viewing pleasure.
Please your palate at the spacious restaurant serving Asian and Continental Buffet
meals, or pamper yourself at the Jamu spa and jacuzzi.
The resort offers 3 boat dives a day, unlimited house reef diving and excursions to
the nearby islands including the well known islands of Sipadan and Mabul. Exotic
honeymoon and wedding arrangements can also come true on this romantic
Mataking has also been very popular with Japanese divers.


Reef Dive’s Best Features
At Mataking Island in Malaysia, be wowed by one of the latest diving site. It’s in the
Celebes Sea, more than a half an hour away from Semporna: the Reef Dive Resort.
You can also dive at the 100 meters deep Alice Channel which is more than an
hour’s worth of travel towards Palau Sipadan. It’s one of the best underwater
adventures an exploring diver can get.
But more than just the breathtaking diving places, the accommodations are one of
the best ever on Mataking. You can go ahead and relax in their sumptuous chalets
and other deluxe accommodations. They offer different kinds of rooms, all lavish,
exclusive, spacious and very private.

Mother Nature’s Offerings
There’s a lot of other things to enjoy and explore at Mataking other than its undersea
treasures. View the Hawksbill and Green turtles emerging from the sea to lay eggs
on the sandy beaches of Mataking Island, with fireflies lighting up the night. When the
sun rises, take a brisk walk on their beaches of snowy white sand and explore
nature, such as the exotic birds that fill the hotel’s exotic gardens with melody or the
coconut crabs that climb up the tall palm trees.
Take a trip up the King’s Watchtower which offers a magnificent view of the island
from above – a truly glorious experience for a photographer. When the tide is low,
walk through the 1km sandbar that connects Mataking and Mataking Kecil where the
water splits in half without you raising a staff ala-Moses of the Ten Commandments

Other Activities
Or try other recreational activities such as hiking through the thick tropical flora of the
island or even beach sports which includes beach soccer and volleyball. You can
also take lessons in traditional crafts making, native dancing and cooking. There is
always the right kind of adventure for you at Mataking.

The Reef’s Great Features
Another great resort, which features traditional architecture for all their 24 deluxe
rooms and 8 executive chalets, is The Reef. This sophisticatedly simple yet elegant
décor and rooming can accommodate up to 70 people quite comfortably. Catch the
glorious sight of the sea even from your air-conditioned rooms through their attached
sea view balconies and bathrooms.
This great getaway resort can still connect you with the world despite its distance
from the maddening crowd. Stay connected with their internet services and the
hotel’s 30 plus channels on their satellite TVs. International cuisine can be had at
their large and luxurious restaurant serving Buffet, Asian and Continental meals. Or
better yet, indulge yourself in a Jamu Spa and Jacuzzi treatments. Now you know
why Mataking is popular with the Japanese.

Other Services
Unlimited house excursion and reef diving packages to nearby islands, such as the
famous Sipadan and Mabul isles, are one of the best dive offerings of The Reef.
They also offer 3 boat dives a day if you prefer deep sea diving. For a unique
Mataking honeymoon and wedding, you can also make arrangements for an exotic
matrimonial ceremony with all the native or traditional trimmings you desire. Nothing
can be more romantic and heavenly for newly-weds or future couples.


2011 Honda Civic
Vehicle Overview
Honda's compact Civic is available in coupe and sedan body styles and is positioned
between the subcompact Fit hatchback and midsize Accord in Honda's lineup. The
Civic competes with the Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Elantra and Nissan Sentra. Five
distinct models are available: the Civic sedan and coupe, Civic Si sedan and coupe,
and the Civic Hybrid sedan, which is covered separately in the Research
section. In addition, approved Honda dealers in California, Utah, Oklahoma and New
York carry a Civic GX powered by natural gas.

(Skip to details on the: Civic Si)

New for 2011
There are no significant changes.

Honda says the Civic features an "expressive and futuristic design." Design touches
include a steeply raked windshield, minimal front and rear overhangs, and small gaps
between the tires and fenders. Exterior features include:
       Standard 15-inch wheels
       Optional 16-inch wheels
       Optional power moonroof
       Optional rear deck spoiler and chrome exhaust finisher
All Civics seat five, and the driver faces a two-tier instrument panel and a
tilt/telescoping steering wheel. There is a multifunction center console. Interior
features include:
       Standard power windows
       Optional navigation system with voice recognition
       Optional Bluetooth limited to navigation-equipped vehicles
       Optional USB audio interface for MP3 players and flash drives
       Optional leather interior
       Optional XM Satellite Radio
Under the Hood
Regular Civic coupes and sedans use a 1.8-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder. All models use
drive-by-wire throttle control. Mechanical features include:
       140 horsepower and 128 pounds-feet of torque
       Five-speed manual transmission
       Optional five-speed automatic
       MacPherson strut front suspension and a compact multilink double-wishbone
          rear suspension
As in previous years, the electronic stability system is not available on lower trim
levels, but it's standard on EX-L trims and above. Standard safety features include:
       Antilock brakes with electronic brake-force distribution
       Side-impact and side curtain airbags
       Active head restraints for front seats
Civic Si
Honda's performance-oriented Si model — offered as a sedan and coupe — features
a rear deck spoiler, cladding and Si badging that's different from the coupe's rear
spoiler and cladding. The engine cover also is black instead of silver. Features
       2.0-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder
       197 hp at 7,800 rpm and 139 pounds-feet of torque at 6,200 rpm
       Six-speed manual gearbox
       Limited-slip differential
       Deeply bolstered seats with red fabric stitching
       Alloy wheels with 17-inch tires
       USB audio interface for MP3 players and flash drives
       Navigation system with voice recognition available

Honda Civic 2011
Product Overview
The compact Honda Civic 2011 is created to compete with the Toyota Corolla,
Nissan Sentra and the Hyundai Electra. Its slightly smaller than Fit's subcompact
hatchback but bigger than the midsized Honda Accord. It's available in two body
styles: the coupe and the sedan. The Civic boasts of five models to choose from: the
Civic coupe, Civic sedan, Civic SI coupe and sedan and the Civic Hybrid sedan
which is exclusively presented in the Research page of Also, the natural
gas-powered Civic GX is now exclusively offered by approved Honda dealers of New
York, Utah, California and Oklahoma.

2011 Additions / Upgrades
No announced improvements for now

Exterior Features
According to Honda, Civic was designed to be futuristic and expressive. Some of its
main design features include minimal overhangs (front and rear), minute spaces
between the fenders and tires and a steeply raked windshield. It also offers an
upgrade for it's 15-inch wheels to 14-inch, along with optional additions of a power
moonroof, chrome exhaust finisher and rear deck spoiler.

Interior Features
Some of the great interior features of Civic include a two-tier dashboard panel for
instruments positioned in front of the driver, a telecoping/tilt steering wheel, a center
console with multiple functions, power windows and comfortable seating for five.
Optional features include a voice recognition navigation system with bluetooth
capabilities, USB audio interface for music storage players, gadgets and drives,
luxurious leather interior, and an XM satellite radio.

Engine Features
The standard engine for regular Civic sedans and coupes is the i-VTEC four-cylinder
(1.8 liter), while all models are installed with drive-by-wire throttle control. Their five-
speed manual transmission handles the 140 hp engine quite well. It also features
torque of 128 pounds-feet, compact mutilink for its double-wishbone rear suspension
and a MacPherson strut for its front suspension.

Safety Features
Presently, there are still no electronic stability systems for the lower models but it
remains as a standard for the models for all EX-L trims and higher. However,
standard Civic safety features always include side-curtain and side-impact airbags,
front seat head restraints and electronic brake-force distribution on all its anti-lock

Civic SI Summary
Considered as on of the most popular performance oriented among the SI model.
Both it's sedan and coupe class feature cladding, rear deck spoiler and the badging –
all SI exclusives. It also boasts of a black engine cover, instead of silver which is
featured in the regular coupe. It's i-VTEC four-cylinder 2.0 liter engine can reach up
to 197 horsepower at 7,800 rpm and torque at almost 140 pound-feet with 6,200
revolutions per minute (rpm). The engine also sports a six-speed manual gear box
and limited-slip differential. Other special features include red fabric stitching on the
interiors' deeply bolstered seats, a Navigation system with voice recognition, USB
audio interface for gadgets, flashdrives and music players and 17-inch tires on alloy


Kitchen Ideas for a Narrow Kitchen

I want to do this!                       Tranforming a cramped kitchen starts with letting in

       Narrow kitchens tend to suffer from poor lighting, badly placed accessories and
       limited counter space. If it is difficult for you to even move around in your kitchen--
       much less prepare a dinner there--you may have to break down walls and remodel.
       However, to transform your narrow kitchen into a room that's workable, use creative
       organization and decoration to open up the space.

       Let in Light
   2. The smaller the kitchen, the more windows it needs. If your kitchen already has a big
      window, you can let in more light by removing the existing blinds or curtains and
      installing mini blinds with narrow slats that let in more light. If you are not blessed with
      a large window, and you have the ability to make one, make the wall at the end of the
      kitchen a major light source. Arrange a table and chairs in the space to draw attention
      to the light.

       Organize Appliances
   3. Microwaves, toasters and coffee makers take up counter space and make a kitchen
      appear cluttered. Reordering kitchen appliances opens the counter space and
      creates a clean look. If you have a microwave, install it at the same level as the
      cabinetry. Place the dishwasher between the kitchen table and the sink, where it will
       be most accessible for cleaning and emptying. If possible, cut a few appliances from
       the kitchen counter altogether. For example, you can store a small six- or eight-cup
       French coffee press in the cupboard after you make your morning coffee instead of
       leaving a bulky electric drip coffee maker on the counter top all day.

       Breakfast Nook
   4. Designing a small area for eating at the end or side of the kitchen opens the space.
      Instead of placing a table in the center of the kitchen, or an island in the middle,
      adding a nook near the far window or door creates a friendly spot for gathering,
      eating, sharing and chatting. Adding banquette seating, an L-shaped cushioned
      bench around the table, replaces the need for extra chairs. A banquette with storage
      below also comes in useful for a kitchen with limited cabinetry.

       Color Scheme
   5. Choosing a color scheme unifies the space. A two-toned color scheme, like blue and
      white or black and white, will open up the narrow room because there are no
      distracting colors and objects to shrink the space. Neutral colors harmonize the room
      without making it drab. Tan, blue, pale green, beige, cream and pastels are suitable
      choices. Choosing a clear glass tile or similarly colored stove backsplash
      complements the color scheme and creates the illusion of depth and spaciousness.

Ideas for Expanding a Small Kitchen

I want to do this!                      Try to let in the light to open up a confined kitchen.

       One of the biggest problems of narrow kitchens, other than restrictive spaces for
       counters along with badly arranged accessories, is poor lighting. You might just
       consider remodeling and tearing down divisions just so you can move freely in your
       kitchen in order to prepare proper meals. If you do intend to fix-up your narrow
       kitchen to have enough breathable space to work, try using these creative ideas and
       organization tips:

       Let There be Light
       The more windows you have, the better especially if you have a small kitchen. For
       kitchens with big windows, remove those cumbersome curtains or those large blinds
       and install mini blinds instead to let more light in. If need be, put aside a bit of your
       budget so you can place a window at the end part of the kitchen. Set up a small table
       and chairs under that window for visitors to focus on the light source.

       Rearrange Appliances
       Small appliances can make your kitchen appear cluttered, therefore your microwave
       oven, coffee makers, toasters and food processors may need a bit of rearranging to
clear up your countertops. Try installing the microwave with a wall mount so it’s
aligned with the lower cabinets. If you can manage it, replace really bulky appliances
with smaller versions which you can hide away in a cupboard after using. An example
would be using a small French coffee press instead of large electric coffee maker.
Rearrange larger appliances, such as placing the dishwasher in between the sink and
the kitchen table, for easier cleaning and emptying.

Create a Dining Nook
Create a small part at one side or the end of the kitchen as a n eating space to open
up the area. It’s a better option than an island or a table in the center of the kitchen. A
small nook at the very end under that far window or besides the door allows a place
for sudden meet-ups, talks, sharing and eating. Consider banquet seating, which is
an L-shaped wall mounted cushioned bench behind the table, in place of extra chairs.
Make sure you place some storage space under the banquette for more cabinetry

Redesign Color Schemes
Color schemes are great space unifiers and expanders. Select two-toned color
schemes such as black and white or blue and white to give that illusion of space in a
small kitchen. Make sure there are no shocks of colors on other objects or appliances
that can shrink the view. Try neutral colors to harmonize the flow of the room but
don’t choose dull hues. Choices include pale greens, beiges, blues, creams and
pastels. Add more depth and space by choosing tile with complements for the color
scheme you’ve chosen for the kitchen or clear glass tile and install it for your stove