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CONTENT                                                                   PAGE NO


Introduction                                                                   1 of 64
Definition                                                                     1 of 64
Categories of Staff and Terms of Appointment                                   2 of 64
    Division of Mosque Administrative Service
    Terms of Appointment
Recruitment of Staff to the Permanent Establishment                            3 of 64
    Age Limit
    Evidence of Age
    Medical Examination
    Employment before Medical Examination
    Procedure after Receiving a Medical Report
    Medical Examination of Service Officers or
    Discharged National Servicemen
Normal Recruitment Procedure                                                   8 of 64
    Normal Recruitment Procedure Flowchart
    Recruitment of Corporate Services Officers
    Application of Appointment
    Receipt of Applications
    Shortlisting of Job Applicants
    Approving Authorities for Shortlisting Criteria and
    Composition of Interview Panel
    Interview Panel and its Composition
    Seeking Approval for Permanent Appointments
    Screening of Selected Candidates: Permanent, Temporary, and Contract
    Screening of Selected Candidates: Casual Appointments
    Screening of Selected Candidates: National Servicemen
    Screening results from Internal Security Department,
    Criminal Records Office and Prime Minister’s Office (public Service Division)
    Appointment Action
Letters of Appointment, Medical Examination Form and Public Sector             14 of 64
    After the Medical Examination Form and
    Letter of Appointment are returned
    On Reporting for Duty
Recruitment – On Contract                                                      14 of 64
    Condition for Contract appointment
    Tiers of Contract
    Approving Authorities for Contract Appointments
    Terms of Contract Appointment
   Termination of Contract
   Termination of Contract Without Notice
   Contract Officers who obtain Singapore
   Permanent Resident status or Singapore Citizenship
   Change of Family Status
   Recovery of debt due to Mosque
   Renewal of Contract Appointment
   Appointing Contract Officer to the Permanent Establishment
Unpaid Volunteers                                                             21 of 64
Recruitment from Oversea                                                      21 of 64
Recruitment – Temporary                                                       21 of 64
   Conditions for Temporary Appointment
   Terms of Temporary Appointment
   Appointing Temporary Officers to the Permanent Establishment
   Provisional Offers of Appointment
   Terms of Temporary Appointment for
   Candidates offered Permanent Appointment Provisionally
   and Allowed to Start Work Pending Official Release of Final Year Results
   Guidelines on Appointment Grade/Salary for
   Temporary Appointments Pending Official Release of Results
Recruitment – Casual                                                          26 of 64
   Terms and conditions of casual employment
Date of Appointment                                                           28 of 64
Seniority                                                                     29 of 64

  Normal Recruitment Procedure – Summary of Action to be Taken                30 of 64
  Sample Letter Renewal of Contract                                           31 of 64
  Letter of Indemnity (Training)                                              32 of 64
  Letter of Indemnity (Lecture)                                               33 of 64
  Specimen Letter of Offer For Candidates
  (Permanent Appointment/Temporary Officers)                                  34 of 64

   Specimen Letter of Offer for All Candidates (Permanent Appointment)        36 of 64
   Sample Letter of Appointment –
   Casual Appointment for Daily – Rated Officers                              38 of 64
   Sample Letter of Appointment –
   Casual Appointment for Hourly – Rated Officers                             42 of 64
   Specimen 1 – Letter of Appointment                                         45 of 64
   Specimen 2 – Letter of Appointment                                         48 of 64
   Terms and Conditions of Part – Time Employment Scheme                      52 of 64
   Procedures for Medical Examination                                         54 of 64
   Specimen Letter to be Issued to Candidates
   (Medical Appointment Date)                                                 57 of 64
   Sample Contract of Appointment                                             58 of 64
   Salary Scheme of MSO, SO, and CSO                                          63 of 64

Introduction                                               1 of 8
Probation or Trial                                         1 of 8
    Work and Conduct during Probationary or Trial Period
Period of Probation                                        2 of 8
    Conditions to Consider Allowing
    Reduction of a Normal Period of Probation
Extension of Normal Period or Probation or Trial           2 of 8
    Long Absences
    Doubtful Suitability or Not Enough Progress
Notification of Extension                                  4 of 8
Confirmation                                               5 of 8
Confirmation During Normal or Extended Probation           5 of 8
Effective Date of Confirmation                             5 of 8
Alternative to Confirmation or Extension of
Probationary or trial period                               5 of 8

  Effective date of Confirmation                           8 of 8


Introduction                                               1 of 17
The Appraisal Philosophy                                   1 of 17
The Core Appraisal Principles                              2 of 17
The Key Appraisal Concepts                                 2 of 17
    Key Component of Appraisal System
    Appraisal Concepts
    Performance Assessment
    Target Setting
    Training Plans
    Improvement and Innovation
Administration of Appraisal System                         5 of 17
    Staff Appraisal Report
    Roles of Reporting and Countersigning Officers
Adverse Report                                             8 of 17
Mosque Staff Appraisal Process                             9 of 17

  Definition of Qualities                                  10 of 17
  Sample of Performance Appraisal Form (Open)              13 of 17
  Written Notification of Unsatisfactory Performance       17 of 17

Introduction                                                                 1 of 4
Promotion Philosophy and Principles                                          1 of 4
Promotion Criteria                                                           1 of 4
Frequency of Promotion of Exercise                                           2 of 4
Selection Panel                                                              2 of 4
Promotion Authority                                                          3 of 4
Appeals                                                                      3 of 4


Introduction                                                                 1 of 29
Starting Salary                                                              2 of 29
    Appointment (New) to Base Grade
    Appointment above Basic Grades
    Serving Temporary Officers Appointed to the Permanent Service
    Serving Temporary Officers Appointed to a Different Temporary Position
    Serving Permanent Officers Promoted to Another Grade
    Transfer of Serving Confirmed Officer
    Salary Adjust Input Framework for Officer Age 60 Years and Above
    Pay For National Service Reservist
Increment                                                                    10 of 29
    Normal Increment
    Bar Increment or Salary Bars
    Incremental Date (First Appointment)
    Non – Grant of Increments
    Other Appointment of Serving Permanent Officers
    Additional Increment
    Adjustment of Entry Point
    Officer Due to Cross a Salary Bar in His Salary Scale
    Efficiency Bar

  Payment          of      Annual      Variable      Component         (AVC)       and
  Non           -         Pensionable         Annual         Allowance         (NPAA)
  and Special Bonus (SB)                                                  17 of 29
  Scheme for Granting Increment Full – Time National Service (FTNS)       20 of 29
  Provision Under Which Recruits Appointed to
  Base Grades May Qualify for Increments                                  21 of 29
  Worked          Examples       on      Computation      of       Increments      For
  Working Experience and Time Spent on                                    22 of 29
  Directly Relevant Postgraduate Qualifications
  Flowchart on Crossing of Efficiency Bar                                 25 of 29
  Spreadsheet              and            Flowchart          for           Determining
  the Salary of an Officer Aged 60 Years or Above                         26 of 29

Introduction                                                         1 of 28
Leave Procedure                                                      3 of 28
    Leave Roster
    Application for Leave
Vacation Leave                                                       4 of 28
    Accumulated Leave
    Higher Leave Eligibility
    Encashment of Leave
    Commutation of Vacation Leave into Pay
    Shift Duty
Half-Day Leave                                                       6 of 28
Time Off on Eve of Major Festival                                    6 of 28
Illness During Vacation                                              6 of 28
Leave on Resignation                                                 7 of 28
Leave on Termination of Service                                      7 of 28
Leave on Retirement                                                  8 of 28
Leave on Death of Officer                                            8 of 28
Scholarships, Fellowships or Training Awards                         8 of 28
Unrecorded Leave                                                     9 of 28
Leave to Attend Approved Courses, Conferences and Seminars           9 of 28
    Conferences and Seminars
    Leave to Attend Exercises Conducted by a Recognized Organization
    Leave to Participate in the Singapore Volunteers Overseas Programme and
    Overseas Youth Programme
Leave For Reserve Service Liability Under Section 14 of the Enlistment
Act 1970                                                             10 of 28
    Time – off for Part Time National Service Duty – Mobilization
Full Pay Unrecorded Childcare Leave                                  11 of 28
Full Pay Marriage Leave                                              12 of 28
Full Pay Paternity Leave                                             12 of 28
Leave to Attend to Mosque Business                                   12 of 28
Pilgrimage Leave                                                     12 of 28
Half – Pay Leave                                                     13 of 28
No Pay Leave                                                         13 of 28
    No Pay Leave for Married Woman Officers After Childbirth
Ordinary Sick Leave                                                  17 of 28
    Non – Eligibility For Sick Leave
Extended Sick Leave                                                  18 of 28
Medical Board                                                        18 of 28
Injuries Arising Out of and In the Course of Work                    20 of 28
Maternity Leave                                                      20 of 28
Special Medical Leave for Tuberculosis, Leprosy or Mental Illness    21 of 28
Compassionate Leave                                                  22 of 28
Leave for Teachers                                                   23 of 28
    1979 Education Leave Scheme
  1979 Leave Scheme                                               24 of 28
  1979 Education Leave Scheme                                     26 of 28
  2004 Leave Scheme                                               27 of 28


  Introduction                                                    1 of 16
  Medical Benefit Schemes                                         1 of 16
  Definitions                                                     1 of 16
  Injuries Arising Out Of And In The Course Of Work               2 of 16
  Officer Whose Spouse Is Also Mosque Admin Officer               2 of 16
  Medical Benefit Eligibility Of Mosque Staff On No-Pay Leave     3 of 16
  Medical Certificate For Absence From Duty                       3 of 16
  Infectious Diseases                                             3 of 16
  Payment of Medical Bills                                        4 of 16
      Outpatient Treatment Claims
      Inpatient (Hospitalisation) Treatment Claims
      Manual Claims
  Dental Treatment                                                5 of 16

    Medisave-Cum-Subsidised Outpatient Scheme (MSO)               6 of 16
    List Of Approved Medical Institutions                         12 of 16
    Record Of Reimbursement For Dental Expenses                   13 of 16
    Specimen Manual Claim Form For Medical Expenses               14 of 16
    Specimen Claim Form For Dental Expenses                       15 of 16
    List Of Non-Subsidised Items Under Medical Benefits Schemes   16 of 16


  Introduction                                                    1 of 21
  Principles Governing Code Of Conduct                            1 of 21
  Officer Hours And Hours Of Work                                 1 of 21
      Attendance Register
      Time-Off On Eve On Major Festivals
  National Service Obligations                                    3 of 21
  Absence From Office Or Place Of Work Or From Singapore          4 of 21
  Clothing and Hair-Styles                                        4 of 21
  Secrecy Of Official Documents And Information                   4 of 21
  Broadcasts and Telecasts                                        4 of 21
  Participation In External Activities                            5 of 21
  Activities Outside The Officers Normal Job Scope                6 of 21
  Awards                                                          6 of 21
  Patents                                                         7 of 21
  Legal Proceedings                                               7 of 21
  Lending And Borrowing Of Money                                      8 of 21
  Financial Embarrassment                                             8 of 21
     Declaration Of Indebtedness
  Public Duties And Private Interests                                 9 of 21
     Prohibition On Soliciting Of Advertisements 10 of 21
  Discounts Or Special Gift Offers By Manufacturer/Retailers          11 of 21
  Outside Employment                                                  11 of 21
  Gifts And Entertainment                                             12 of 21
  Political Activities                                                14 of 21
  Certificate Of Service And Character                                15 of 21
  Valedictory Letter                                                  15 of 21
  Prevention Of Corruption                                            16 of 21

    Attendance Register Format                                        19 of 21
    Declaration Of Non-Indebtedness/Indebtedness                      20 of 21
    Definitions (Financial Embarrassment)                             21 of 21


  Introduction                                                        1 of 13
  Philosophy Of Training                                              1 of 13
  Key Training Policies                                               1 of 13
  Training Awards                                                     2 of 13
      Approving Authorities
      Full-Time General Management Programmes
          General Management Programmes Leading To A Masters Degree
          Advanced Management Programmes (AMP)
          Executive Development Programmes (EDP)
          Other Training Programme And Awards (Mosques)
  Administration Of Training Awards                                   4 of 13
      Funding Arrangements
      Selection Criteria
      Bonds/Minimum Service Periods
      Terms & Conditions
      Training Incentives Schemes

    ISD Clearance For Overseas Courses                                9 of 13
    CPID Clearance For Overseas Courses                               10 of 13
    Letter Of Acceptance For Local/Overseas Awards
    /Courses With/Without MSP                                         11 of 13
    Terms Of Training Awards                                          13 of 13

   Introduction                                                      1 of 25
   Resignation                                                       1 of 25
   Termination                                                       3 of 25
       Officers on Probation
       Officers Employed On A Temporary Month-To-Month Basis
       Officers Employed On A Contract Basis
   Dismissal                                                         4 of 24
   Bankruptcy                                                        4 of 24
   Vacation Of Office                                                5 of 24
   Injury Compensation                                               6 of 24
   Death During Service                                              6 of 24
   Retirement                                                        7 of 24
       Age Limit For Retirement
       Retirement Procedure For Officers Reaching Age 55 Years Old
       Retirement Procedure For Non-Pensionable Officers Reaching
       Their Retirement Ages
       Retirement Procedure Age 60 Years Old
       Retirement Procedure Between Ages 60 and 62 Years Old
       Retirement On Medical Grounds
   Management And Termination Of Service For
   Unsatisfactory Performers                                         10 of 24
       Performance Review Process
       Salary Increments and Variable Payments
       Action To Terminate

     Letter Of Condolence                                            13 of 24
     Age-Limits For Retirement Of Permanent
     Officers From The Mosque Administrative Office                  14 of 24
     Retirement Letter To Be Issued To Non-Pensionable Officers      15 of 24
     Retirement                                                      16 of 24
     Performance Review Process (Phrase 1)                           17 of 24
     Performance Review Process (Phrase 2)                           18 of 24
     Performance Review Process (Letter Of Review)                   19 of 24
     Letter Of Notification To Terminate Service                     20 of 24
     Letter Of Termination Of Service                                21 of 24
     Option And Reply Letters                                        22 of 24
     Reply To Option                                                 24 of 24


   Introduction                                                      1 of 12
   Central Provident Fund (CPF)                                      1 of 12
   Payment Of CPF Contributions                                      2 of 12
       Rates Of Contribution
       Late Payment
    Interest On CPF Contributions
    Nomination Payment
    Date of Birth
    Part-time/Casual Employees (Daily Rated)
  CPF Contribution and Allocation Rate                          7 of 12

    Death Gratuity For Dependants Of Non-Pensionable Officers   9 of 12
    Application For Refund Of CPF Contributions Paid In Error   10 of 12
    Application For Refund CPF Contributions                    11 of 12
    Indemnity                                                   12 of 12


  Principles                                                    1 of 2
  Operating Guidelines                                          1 of 2
  Types Of Records                                              1 of 2
  Custody Of Records                                            1 of 2
  Amendment Of Official Records                                 1 of 2
  Personal Files                                                1 of 2
  Confidential Dossiers                                         2 of 2
  Leave Applications                                            2 of 2
  Leave Record                                                  2 of 2
  Record Of Employee’s Earnings                                 2 of 2


  Introduction                                                  1 of 5
  Philosophy On Transport And Travel                            1 of 5
  Key Transport And Travel Policies                             1 of 5
  Official Journeys Within Singapore                            2 of 5
      General Provision
      Travel To And From Office
  Travel Within Singapore By Private Motor Vehicle              3 of 5
      General Provision
      Transport Allowance Rates
      Electronic Road Pricing
      Transport Claims
  Travel Within Singapore By Taxi                               4 of 5
      General Provision
  Official Journeys Outside Singapore                           4 of 5
      General Provision
  Claims For Overseas Travel                                    4 of 5
      General Provision
  Personal Accident Insurance For Official Travel               4 of 5
     Examples Of Entitlement To Transport                5 of 5


   Introduction                                          1 of 8
   Definition And Scope                                  1 of 8
       Staff Suggestion Scheme
       Work Improvement Teams (WITs)
   Acceptance Guidelines For Suggestions                 2 of 8
   Guidelines For Embarking On WITs                      3 of 8
   Targets                                               3 of 8
       Staff Suggestion Scheme
       Work Improvement Teams (WITs)
   Formal Structure                                      4 of 8
   Procedure For Submitting Suggestions                  4 of 8
   Wit Meetings And Activities                           5 of 8
   Evaluation, Feedback And Implementation Of
   Suggestions And Wits Projects                         5 of 8
   Awarding Of Suggestions                               6 of 8
   Feedback And Monitoring System                        6 of 8
   Recognition                                           7 of 8
   Promotion And Publicity                               7 of 8
   Integration With Work Improvement Teams (WITs)        8 of 8


   Introduction                                          1 of 1
   Appeals                                               1 of 1
       Appeals Board


S1: Contract of Service
S2: Promotion
S3: Pay & Allowance
S4: Leave
S5: Disciplinary
S6: Grievance
S7: Letters on Salary & Bonus
S8: Training Nomination, Bond and Surety
S9: Termination Letters
S10: Employee Exit Interview

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