The Texas Institute for Preclinical Studies incubator will by mikeholy




      The Texas A&M Institute for Preclinical Studies’ incubator will
   house early stage, emerging biomedical, pharmaceutical, or life
science technology companies. The tenants have the opportunity to
 collaborate with one of the country’s top research universities and
            will be a part of a growing entrepreneurial community.

    Additional incubator benefits include:

         • access to dedicated wet lab space and office space,

         • proximity to researchers and students of Texas A&M and
           other members of The Texas A&M University System,

         • access to meeting rooms,

         • access to client business services from the Research
           Valley Innovation Center,

  Incubator tenants should have capacity for growth and potential
     to provide economic benefit to Texas and the Research Valley,
   including the potential to create new jobs and opportunities for
     members of The Texas A&M University System, Texas A&M, its
       faculty, researchers, and students, as well as local businesses.

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