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									   Hawthorne Street Fair Vendor Registration
VENDORS are needed for Hawthorne Day on Saturday, August 15, 2009, 11AM-6PM.
Live music on several stages, vendors, art, Kids at Heart children’s area. Sidewalk sales, free samples, and other
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special activities in front of businesses from 30 -50 (details at www.thinkhawthorne.com/happenings). Please link to
this site from your website or e-newsletter.
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Vendor areas will be on several closed side streets in the central areas, between 32 and 40 . Vendors will receive a 10-
by-10-foot space for the day. Vendors bring their own canopy, table, chairs.

Setup starts at 9 am and fairgoers begin to arrive around 11 am. Please let us know in advance if you plan to leave
before the end of the event, otherwise you are expected to keep your booth open until 6 PM.

No food items can be sold without special approval. Vendors are responsible for their own items and sales.

To sign up, fill out this form & enclose payment. A confirmation letter will be emailed. Locations assigned in the order
that payment & registration form are received. Vendors must sign liability waiver.

                                                  REGISTRATION INFORMATION

Organization Name ___________________________________________________________________


Address & zip:___________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: _______________________ E-mail:___________________________________________________________

Please describe items for sale: _____________________________________________________________________

Please describe set-up needs: _____________________________________________________________________

               Registration Fee: (check one)
              _____        $80 for off-Hawthorne businesses
              _____        $40 for Hawthorne businesses
              _____        $40 for non-profits

Make checks out to:            HBBA
Return this form and check to: P.O. Box 15271
                               Portland, OR 97293-1271
Questions or more information: 503-775-7633 or streetfair@thinkhawthorne.com

                                   RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT

                                                                                   (Vendor/tabler), hereby agrees that he/she is
an independent vendor or representative of a non-profit and is not and will not be an employee of the Hawthorne Street Fair
Committee, during the performance of this agreement.

The Hawthorne Blvd. Business Association (HBBA), the Hawthorne Street Fair Committee, and The City of Portland and their
agents and assigns assume no responsibility or liability for injury or damage. Vendors release, indemnify, and hold harmless
The Hawthorne Street Fair Committee, the HBBA, and The City of Portland and their agents and assigns from all loss, injury,
damage, or liability to persons or property sustained by reason of presence of the vendor at the Hawthorne Street Fair or any
portion thereof on Aug. 15, 2009.

I hereby acknowledge that I am eligible to participate in the 2009 Hawthorne Street Fair event and have read and agree to
comply with the established rules of this Fair. I further understand that the Committee may revoke such authorization at any
time for violation of these rules or other actions which do not conform to Board Policy.

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