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Letter Require Bank Statement document sample

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									(Sample bank letter)
                                       [Bank letterhead]
Consulate General of (City)
Visa Office
Address of Consulate
Anywhere, PA 00000

To Whom It May Concern,
This is to certify that the title of the following account(s) reflects:
[name and address of account holder]
as an account holder.

Account type          Account number Amount*            Date opened

*May express exact amount of “In excess of more than XXXXX US dollars”
The above mentioned balance(s) represents the accumulation of successive deposits.


The consulate will want either a bank statement or a bank letter to accompany the
Affidavit of Support. They will typically want an account # or at least the last 4 digits of
it. You will have to verify with your consulate of jurisdiction whether they require the
Letter or the Statement as this can vary. Most consulates will want to see between $1000
and $1500 for each month the student is attending the program (roughly between $4k and
$6k for a semester). These documents are usually requested to be orginals as opposed to
copies and should be NOTARIZED.

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