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Letter Regarding Informing New Rules and Regulation of the Company by ylv27653

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Letter Regarding Informing New Rules and Regulation of the Company document sample

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									Appendix A – Informing Customs’ New Rules and Requirements

Dear Valued Vendor:

The 24-hour rule, which became effective December 1, 2002, mandates that U.S.
Customs receive early, detailed, accurate and complete cargo information 24 hours
before a U.S. bound ship, is loaded at a foreign origin port. Additionally, this information
must be filed electronically with the Customs Automated Manifest System (AMS) by all
ocean carriers and non-vessel operating common carriers (NVOCCs) or other
knowledgeable parties registered or licensed by the Federal Maritime Commission, 24
hours prior to loading of the vessel at the foreign port.

In order to minimize any delays in our supply chain, our vendor’s must revise their
shipping procedures to allow for timely information flow to our authorized Freight
Forwarder. Companies that do not comply with the new U.S. Customs 24 hour
regulation face the risk of their cargoes being left on the dock.

As an export vendor it is your responsibility to understand the new U.S. import
regulations, ensure early communication with Academy’s authorized freight forwarder to
confirm deadline for booking, submit complete freight information to Academy’s freight
forwarder on or before cargo booking deadline and to conduct cargo security checks
starting at Ex-Factory.

In addition to the implementation of the 24-hour rule, the U.S. Customs Service launched
a joint government-business initiative called Customs-Trade Partnership Against
Terrorism (C-TPAT) with the intent to increase cargo security while improving the flow of

Customs is asking importers to ensure the integrity of their security guidelines to trading
partners who extend services along the supply chain. Academy, Ltd. would like to
communicate the C-TPAT security recommendations to you and all other trading
partners in the supply chain.

   •   Physical Security – Are measures in place to protect the physical security of your
       company’s facilities?
   •   Personnel Security – Does your company conduct background/pre-employment
       screenings, provide security awareness training, established code of conduct
       regarding security violations?
   •   Access Control – Unauthorized access to facilities should be prohibited.
   •   Manifest Procedures – Does your company ensure shipping manifests are
       complete, legible and accurate?
   •   Conveyance Security – Conveyance integrity should be maintained to protect
       against the introduction of unauthorized personnel and material.

Academy, Ltd. relies on efficient and secure import operations and is committed to fully
comply with the Customs regulations and requests all of our import trading partners to
provide security measures starting at the origin points as a pre-requisite to be C-TPAT

Please sign below acknowledging receipt of this letter and confirmation of your
compliance to our requirements and return to Academy, Ltd.. Please feel free to contact
our Customs Compliance Department at 281-646-5719 or email
should you have any questions.


Kristi Holder
Customs Compliance Manager

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