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					Information Technology

                         IT Briefing

                         February 2007
Information Technology

        IT Briefing February 15, 2007

   Remedy Update             Karen Jenkins
   GroupWise & Exchange      Karen Jenkins
   Oracle DST Update         Mark Parten
   Meeting Maker             Marcus Grier
   Web Hosting               Lee Clontz

Information Technology

         Daylight Savings Time (DST)

   MS 2000 systems require a patch
   MS Patch is $4,000 (site license)
   Healthcare has developed a patch internally
   We are obtaining a copy
   Will test and post on TechTools

Information Technology

                         Remedy &

                         Karen Jenkins
Information Technology

                    Remedy Update
  Initial Demonstrations & Training
     Today @ 2:00pm, NDB, 4th Floor Auditorium
     Friday @ 10:00am, B-School, W100
  User access to dev 2/19 – 2/23
  PLEASE provide written input and feedback to: by 2/23
     Any additional training / documentation needs
     Specific input to company based categorizations and
      templates (using an Excel Spreadsheet)
  Tentative go-live 3/5/07
     Existing ticket migration
     Governance portal
Information Technology

   GroupWise to Exchange and so on …
 Moving fast!!
     Consultants arrived 1/22
     Condensed discovery period
 Key Decisions
     Avaya Modular Messaging
     Third Resource Forrest for Exchange (with trust to HC
      and Emoryunivad domains)
     Utilize TBD archiving solution
     Migration to start mid May through ~end of June
 In Progress
     Finalized design components (Exchange, AD, Network,
      Storage, Backup)
     Communications planning – will use IT Website
     Finalized policy statements (quotas, archiving, etc.)
Information Technology

           GroupWise Users w/ Eagle
 Working to identify this list
 Once defined possible approaches:
     Have users migrate Eagle mail to GroupWise NOW
     Migrate GroupWise accounts with the bulk population –
      scheduling toward the end
     Migrate GroupWise and Eagle accounts after the “bulk”
      migration is complete
     Looking for alternative to minimize impact to user

Information Technology


Information Technology

                         Oracle DST

                         Mark Parten
Information Technology

                         Meeting Maker

                         Marcus Grier
Information Technology

              Meeting Maker Update
• Started looking at Upgrading around the
  beginning of November 2006

• Weighted Options
    – For Users: They would have learn a new client
      interface, which would probably change again with
      more and more people migrating to the new
      Exchange Email and Calendaring Solution
    – For Local Support: Pain of dealing with application
      installations and users support
    – For Administrators: Less resources to deal with
      current projects
Information Technology

              Meeting Maker Update
 Potentially Moving Away From Meeting
     Many departments have stressed interest for
      moving users off of MM
        Resources in Exchange 2007

        Currently piloting room resources and booking
         meetings in Exchange 2007
Information Technology

              Meeting Maker Update
• Solution for DST (Daylight Saving Time) with
  Meeting Maker 7.5.3

    – Upgrade to 8.6 unnecessary if majority of users or
      machines are located in the same Time Zone (Ex. All
      user are on Eastern Time Zone) and not booking
      meetings across multiple Time Zones

    – Meeting Maker Client & Server applications are both
      totally dependent on System OS Date & Time
       • Windows DST patches must be applied on all PCs
       • MAC Updates ?
Information Technology

              Meeting Maker Update
 TOPIC: Changing the Date Display for
  Meeting Maker

 The Meeting Maker Calendar displays the
  date and time according to how your
  computer is configured to display the date
  and time.
Information Technology

                Meeting Maker Update

   To change the Date format display for Windows:

   1. Open Control Panel on your computer (for example, Start >
   Control Panel)

   2. Select Regional Settings

   3. Select the Advanced tab, or select the Regional Options tab and
   then select the Customize button.

   4. Select DATE

   5. Select the correct date format, such as DD/MM/YYYY

   6. Click OK to save the changes

   7. Restart Meeting Maker Calendar
Information Technology

              Meeting Maker Update
 To change the Date format display for Mac OS X:

   1. Open System Preferences

   2. Select International

   3. Select the Formats tab

   4. Configure your Region, Date, and Time formats

   5. Exit System Preferences
Information Technology

                  Meeting Maker Update
   Is your Mac ready for Daylight Savings time?
   Office 2004 and OS 10.4
   Office X and Pre-Tiger OS
   Test for Update
   History on Change
   Daylight savings comes 3 weeks early this year on March 11th 2007 (US).
    Europe daylight savings comes into effect on Sunday, 25th March. The
    following updates need to be applied for the OS and Entourage.
   Office 11.3.3 (or newer)
   Apple Updates 10.4.5 and 10.4.6 (or newer)
      About the Mac OS X 10.4.5 Update: Updated the rules for time zones
         and Daylight Savings Time to conform to changes in the law for the
         United States, Australia, and other locations, for 2006 and later.
      About the Mac OS X 10.4.6 Update: Makes Mac OS X aware of United
         States Daylight Savings Time (DST) changes enacted by the Energy
         Policy Act of 2005.
Information Technology

                         Web Hosting

                         Lee Clontz
Information Technology

                 What’s Changing?
   Service Structure
   WebDAV changing to SFTP
   MySQL support
   PHP version change
   Java support planned
   Path changes
Information Technology

   Broader range of service offerings
   Bring technology offerings up-to-date
   Increased stability
   Better site isolation
   External vs Internal
     Using new location … secure.web
Information Technology

                   Tiers of Service
 Standard
 Advanced
 Enterprise
Information Technology

                      Tiers of Service
 Standard
     Suitable for most sites
          Basic support for scripting languages
          Supported by common tools
          500MB
          Free
Information Technology

                    Tiers of Service
 Advanced
     For dynamic sites
        Database connectivity
            Oracle (existing self-service and departmental
             services), MySQL
        Broader language support
            ColdFusion 7, Perl, Python, PHP 5, Java
        Dev server with SSH access
        1GB
        $180/yr
Information Technology

                    Tiers of Service
 Enterprise
     For sites requiring highest level of availability
        Database connectivity
            Oracle (existing webp service), MySQL
        Broader language support
            ColdFusion 7, Perl, Python, PHP 5, Java
        CVS access to production only
        2GB
        $450/yr

Information Technology

                 WebDAV -> SFTP
 Paths will change
 Same clients will be supported
       SouthRiver WebDrive
       Dreamweaver
       Contribute
       Tectia
 Improved Web interface
Information Technology

                    MySQL Scope
 MySQL will be supported for vendor
     New development will be supported only on
     No development in MySQL – for applications
Information Technology

                PHP Version 4 to 5
 Important to test scripts, as some changes
  which can impact older apps
Information Technology

                    Java Support
 Using JBOSS application server
 Will be enabled as requested
 Availability planned for June
Information Technology

                 The Migration: Us
 TechTalks to discuss migration plan and
  training on new tools
 We’ll move content to new server
 We’ll try to identify hard-coded paths that
  need to change
 We’ll provide tool to generate
  Dreamweaver site file
Information Technology

                The Migration: You
   Attend TechTalk
   Ask questions
   Test the service
   Test your sites
Information Technology

 Hardware receipt is delayed, expected
  arrival to the web team mid-March
 Late March: Server Testing Begins
 May: Content Migration and Testing
 June: Service is live
Information Technology

          Feedback & Communication
 WebTalk
 TechTalks
Information Technology



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